tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Courtesan and an Assassin

A Courtesan and an Assassin


Chapter One: A courtesan and an Assassin --- The Assassin

I saw her across the church at midnight mass. She had the most striking eyes, an intelligent face, short dark hair, full breasts, and a perfect behind. She looked directly at me and smiled - a private smile that made me stop singing.

"Who is she?" I asked some random church-goer.

'Alysha" he replied and added "she leaves in the morning for the planet of Marrakesh where she is to wed the future king".

I felt as though someone had stabbed my heart. I had only just seen her, how could someone take her away so soon. Life was too cruel to deny me the opportunity to meet and know this divine creature. I knew I had to see her, speak with her, stroke her hair, and hear her heartbeat just so she could know I existed, even if it was for the first and last time.

As we were leaving the church at the end of the service I asked my now friendly church-goer where she lived. He hesitated before replying that she lived in the convent across from the main square.

I rushed out from the service and walked through the snow towards the square. The sentinels were out on patrol; large bird-like beasts twice the size of a man with razor sharp talons and huge curved beaks that could cut a man in two. They ignored me as I pretended to make my way to the hotel across the square.

The Convent of Elite Courtesans was just next to the hotel, surrounded by a high fence and patrolled by fierce looking spliced dog-cat like creatures. Maybe I could combine work with pleasure for once as my target was the Rector of the Convent - a man who wielded unprecedented influence through quadrant 88 - with his network of elite courtesans that he either married to planet rulers or by providing services on a more ad hoc basis. He was ruthless and didn't hesitate to use his power to enhance his own wealth and status. Not that I cared -- he was just a target to me.

I went to my hotel room which was on the 5th floor overlooking the convent, opened the window and fired a grappling hook onto the roof of the building. It held firm. I strapped on my collection of weapons and gradually heaved myself up to the roof of the convent. The door leading down the stairs was open as my informant said it would be. I went down two flights, and entered a long corridor which was dimly lit leading to the Rector's quarters. Two splicers stood guard. They blinked once when they saw me emerge from the shadows, but the cyanide darts had already left my gun when they started to move. They fell stone dead in front of the door.

I reached into my bag and took out an old looking key which fitted perfectly in the lock. The door opened silently and I went in turned right down a small corridor opened the door to what I knew was the bedroom firing 4 darts into the bed at the obese man lying there. He opened his eyes, twitched once, and then froze in surprise as the venom coursed through his veins, shutting of his respiratory tract. Two seconds later he was dead.

I collected the darts. I dragged the two dead splicers into the apartment leaving a holographic image of them outside the door. Anyone glancing towards the door wouldn't notice anything in the dim light. It was 2am. I had several hours before the Rector was discovered. Did I break for the first time my rule about mixing business with pleasure? I was unsure of myself; a new feeling that I wore slightly awkwardly. The image of Alysha who was leaving for the Planet Marrakesh forced its way into my head. There was only one answer - I had to see her.

I went to the Rector's desk and looked through his files until I found the room roster for the elite courtesans. Alysha was on the third floor in a corner room. I memorized the route and left immediately.

Chapter 2: A courtesan and an Assassin - The Courtesan

It took me 5 minutes to find her room. Nobody was about so I picked the lock and went in, locking the door behind me.

It was a large room with a king size bed, an open fire which was still smoldering and a bay window overlooking the square. Alysha lay on the bed wearing a silk pair of shorts, and nothing else. Her eyes were shut and her breathing was slow and deep. I moved across to the window and shut the curtains. I could now only see her outline, but it was even more beautiful than I had imagined it to be.

I hesitated. I didn't know what to do next. What was I doing here? I should be packing up and finding a shuttle off the planet before the city got ransacked in the hunt for the Rector's assassin. "Idiot" I whispered to myself "putting your life at risk for a pretty face". But it was more than that; it was what was behind the pretty face and body that intrigued me - something in the way the eyes showed an intelligence and love of life beyond your average 'body slave'.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I was ready to knock her out if she started to scream, but she didn't move or make a noise. She smiled the same smile she had given me only 2 hours earlier in the church.

"I thought you might come" she said. "The smile I gave you is taught only in the final year of our training - and it is very subtle; it communicates so many things in only one expression; love, unbridled passion, dominance, submissiveness, mystery, sex without limits and sheer ecstasy." she continued. "I had never tried it outside the convent before, and wasn't certain if it had worked, especially as you didn't seem to be someone who would drop everything for a pretty face".

I opened my mouth, but no words would come out. She had been listening to my whispering and she had predicted my every move. I felt like a puppet in the circus or a lab rat.

"But as you did make the effort to find me, and you risked your life to get in here it would only be polite of me to make it worth your while. And you are sort of cute and have a good body. And tomorrow I go to be the bride of the future King of Planet Marrakesh - He's 55 and fat so I don't know when I'll have the chance to satisfy myself properly again" she said. "How long do we have?"

"One hour" I replied


She slid off the bed threw two logs onto the fire then came towards me. She smelt very slightly of jasmine and her skin was so smooth and silky. She stood up on her toes and kissed me lightly on the lips. She started to undo my shirt, and belt all the while kissing me more urgently and harder, forcing her tongue into my acquiescing mouth. I started to respond searching out her tongue with mine and feeling a bolt of electricity when I found it. Surely nothing in the world could feel this good.

She undid my trousers and pulled down my boxer shorts. Her lips moved down my body closer and closer to my already erect dick. She kissed the end and then opened her mouth and took it all in right down her throat. I gasped with shock and pleasure at the suddenness of the movement. I thought I was going to explode as she began to move up and down with my dick deep in her throat. I moaned with pleasure

"Christ Alysha - don't stop" I cried.

I put a hand on her head to feel her silky hair and the rhythm of her bobbing motion as she swallowed my cock once more. Just when I thought I couldn't hold it any longer she moved off my dick and started licking my balls, putting one of them in her mouth and sending me into a whole new level of ecstasy. Her lips then moved back onto my engorged cock, which had never seemed so large or hard ever before, and thrust it deep into her throat. I exploded and came in multiple spasms which I never thought would stop as my whole body shuddered and bucked with my dick still deep in her throat. She swallowed every drop and then delicately kissed the end of my dick before moving back up my body and finding my lips. I kissed her deeply, tasting the sweet smell of my semen on her breath.

She moaned as I touched her breast. I stroked it gently, finding the nipple, which I circled around. It started to get erect. I began kissing her neck, while moving her to the floor in front of the fire, and then moved my lips to her left breast, continuing to circle her right nipple with my fingers.

She closed her eyes and let out a soft murmur of pleasure. I moved down to her tummy kissing her navel lifting her behind as I slipped off her shorts. She was hairless underneath with beautiful lips which were glistening in the firelight. I ran my tongue gently down her wet pussy. Once, twice, three times. Then moved back to the top of her pussy where her clitoris was hard and waiting. I circled it with my tongue feeling it come alive beneath me. I slipped first one finger into her pussy then two, moving in rhythm to the motion of her hips. My little finger moved towards the entrance of her arse which twitched with pleasure as it rested there.

I started to lick more urgently her pussy as her hips started to move faster. My little finger was now buried in her tight arse, whilst I had two fingers going in and out of her wet pussy. She started to groan. My cock was beginning to harden again seeing this divine beauty surrender herself to me and her own pleasure. I stopped. Removed my fingers and my tongue. She opened her mouth as if to complain then gasped as I put my now hard cock deep into her. I began to thrust at a steady rhythm whilst kissing her deeply, and stroking her breasts and then tightly grabbing her perfect arse. I slowed down, and looked into her now open eyes.

"I want your arse" I said

She smiled. Then lifted me off and then rolled over on her stomach showing me her perfectly formed behind. I nearly came just looking at it. I took each cheek in a hand and started stroking them. I kissed each one and felt how smooth and beautiful they were before moving my tongue to her perfect button hole. I kept my hand on her wet pussy and clitoris whilst I thrust my tongue into her arse. It began to twitch with pleasure and she thrust back forcing my tongue deeper inside.

I moved over her poised with my swollen head at the entrance to her now ready arse. I entered slowly but it went in easily as she thrust back forcing it all the way in deep deep inside. God it was tight, but it felt like I was going to die it was so good. I started rocking back and forth as I continued to thrust my fingers into her now sopping pussy. I could feel my dick through the thin membrane of her pussy whilst thrusting back and forth. Alysha leant over to a little chest next to the fire and took out a black vibrator. She turned it on then thrust it into her pussy, nearly forcing my dick out of her arse. I couldn't last any longer. The sensation of the tight arse and vibrator sent me into a new never reached level of ecstasy. Alysha started bucking beneath me abandoning any sense of rhythm, just wanting me to thrust deeper and more urgently into her. She began to spasm and buck as she came, moaning out loud and whimpering with pleasure. "Fuck Alysha. Fuck Fuck Fuck" I cried out thinking I could never feel such pleasure ever again, as I unloaded my come deep inside her.

We stayed like that for what felt like hours but was probably only a minute holding each other tightly, looking into each other's eyes, knowing that we would be lucky to ever experience anything as mind blowing as that again in our lives.

I withdrew from her. Put on my clothes. Kissed her on her lips. And left. I had a shuttle to find.

Chapter Three: A courtesan and an Assassin -- Araka-san

"Elite Courtesan Alysha of the planet Hallenberg - sector 1454" said the inspector "you are suspected of harboring the assassin of The Rector the night of the 24th December. What do you say?"

"I am a trained elite courtesan. I was only acting as my training requires when finding a man in my room. I thought it might be some final surprise test before I leave to wed Prince Karna of the planet Marrakesh". She replied walking towards the bay window in her bedroom.

"We are required by the rules of the convent to serve all men's needs within these walls, or we are summarily dismissed. You included inspector or aren't you allowed to indulge whilst on a case?" She said whilst smiling cheekily and turning from the window and reclining back on the bed.

She was wearing just a thin dressing grown over her firm full body and she knew he couldn't take his eyes off her pert breasts. She could still feel The Assassin inside her and shivered at the thought of his touch. She was used to men, many men, but the stallions or training instructors in the convent seemed mechanical compared to the "Assassin" as she now knew him. He knew just where to touch her and when and how - Christ she had to stop this - she wasn't some young nymphomaniac who lost her head over a hard cock.

The inspector turned away and went towards the door and started talking with one of the guards in a whisper. He walked back to the bed.

"Alright" he said. "You can leave for the Planet Marrakesh after the funeral for the Rector tomorrow. I do think, however, this Assassin might try and contact you again. We have never known him take such a risk before - he usually leaves no trace - but to go out of his way for carnal pleasure is totally out of character. You will be put under discrete surveillance from now on and if you ever hear from him, you will contact me immediately. Won't you?"

She didn't answer. She just nodded slightly.

As he was leaving the room the inspector turned and said " He kills without mercy and he might be regretting his brief tryst, and might try to erase that mistake by erasing you. "

She knew that he was just trying to scare her, but she still had goose bumps from the vague feeling that there might be some truth in what he said.

As soon as he left the room, she locked the door and called out.

"Araka-san, come out."

A floating sphere shaped object the size of a large dinner plate came out from under the bed, no thicker than a couple of books.

"Yes, my mistress" he said

Araka-san was the ultimate in sentient droids from the A1 laboratories on Planet Hannover. He was military class and fitted out for covert operations. He had been assigned to Alysha by her handler before she entered the Convent. Alysha was not only an elite courtesan, but also a covert spy in a mission against the forces of The Providence. A mission she wasn't yet fully briefed on.

She lay back on the bed looking at the white ceiling above her bed.

"Play me the film of last night Araka-san".

"As my mistress wishes. Where would you like me to begin?"

"When he's looking at me lying on the bed, thinking I am asleep"

She slipped off her dressing gowns as the high-def film began showing the Assassin staring lustfully down on her right where she lay. She touched her pussy. Good, it was already wet. This wouldn't take long. She had to pack and then dress for a funeral.

On screen, she was now taking the Assassin's hard cock deep in her mouth...

Chapter 4: A Courtesan and an Assassin --The Shuttle

Another New Year's eve another garbage chute. Shit I had to find better escape routes. I was on board the off-planet shuttle Drusilla on the way to Planet Marrakesh. Evading the security forces of the Convent of Courtesans and the planet had been tricky, but not too challenging: three days lying low in the more seedy parts of the space-port, playing a low-life drunk, sleeping in the local whore house, where I tipped well and no questions were asked.

I had finally found passage aboard the Drusilla after falling in with the ships cook - Leo. He was big, black and gullible. He fell for my story about needing to leave the planet quickly and quietly avoiding an irate husband who had discovered me with his wife. The fact that this husband was also head of the planet's security forces only added to the urgency of the situation.

I had been two days on board the Drusilla and was getting fed-up with the frequent need to hide in the garbage chute.

"Back in the chute" said Leo "another security patrol is coming past".

What was it with all these security patrols on a normal off-planet shuttle? I had asked Leo to find out more but all he had discovered was an important passenger was on-board and everyone was tense after the assassination of the Rector. I was bored and needed to work out how I was going to get off the ship when we docked the next day. Maybe I could get off with this VIP's entourage and skip onto another shuttle to my home planet of Franconia. Anyway, anything had to be better than staying with Leo - the conversation was seriously limited.

I waited until I heard the footfalls of the security patrol disappear, opened the hatch to the garbage shoot, and got out.

"I'm just going for a wander around" I told Leo. I might not be back before we dock, so here are the credits we agreed on, and some more to ensure your silence."

"Oh yes, if I do hear that you have mentioned me, even to your mother, I will come back and kill you - and it will not be short and painless."

Leo blinked in surprise having never heard me issue a threat like that before and suddenly noticing that I was moving differently, like a predator ready to kill. He backed away taking the credits, nodding silently.

I left the kitchens, carrying my rucksack on my shoulder and headed up one of the ship's many service lifts. The kitchen was on the 4th lower deck, and I guessed that the VIP and his entourage would be on level 1. The elevator stopped. The doors opened, but I didn't get out. I used a small mirror to check the passage but they were empty.

I walked up the passage way towards the front of the ship. Nobody was about. To the right and left along the passage were what looked like doors to sleeping quarters. I heard heavy footsteps coming towards me. Smelling of rubbish, I didn't think I could pass as one of the ships guests or crew. I had to hide, quickly. The first, second and third doors I tried were locked. The last one on the right was open. I walked straight in, shutting the door behind me. A young 20 year old maid was making the bed in the centre of the room. I put a hand around her mouth to stifle the scream coming from her mouth. She looked terrified with her eyes popping out on storks.

"Don't make a noise. I won't hurt you if you don't scream or try and escape. "

I ripped off her apron and used it to tie her to the chair. She didn't say a word.

"Who's the VIP on this shuttle" I asked.

"Answer me truthfully, and I won't hurt you" I insisted

"The VIP is Elite Courtesan Alysha from the Convent of Courtesans. She is to marry the future King of Marrakesh next weekend."

My stomach did a back flip. What the fuck. I never thought I would see her or even cross her path again.

An image of Alysha's tight, perfectly shaped arse slipped into my head and I felt my groin stir. Christ I didn't need this. I was a professional and had a job to do.

Before I could stop myself I asked the maid where Alysha's quarters were.

"You're in them - she has three adjoining rooms which she shares with her three understudies from the convent."

"When will they be back?"

"In about 30 minutes, after they have finished dinner with Captain Henning."

I took a little bottle out of my rucksack. Measured out two drops in a small pipette and forced them into the maid's mouth - she fell straight into a deep sleep. I untied her, and shoved her under the bed. She should stay like that for 36 hours if I got the dosage right.

I went into the bathroom, showered and changed into a spare set of clothes I had in my bag. The others I just chucked into a plastic bag and shoved under the bed next to the still sleeping maid.

Five minutes before they should be back I slipped into the cupboard and waited. The only view I had was of the bed, through the slats in the cupboard doors.

The cabin door opened.

"God, I hate those formal dinners." a voice said which could only be Alysha's. "Nearly as dull as a bunch of insurance sales men."

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