tagNovels and NovellasA Cowboy's Delight Ch. 01

A Cowboy's Delight Ch. 01


It was a warm, sunny day at Meadow Creek Farms and Christopher found himself repairing some fencing around the horse pasture. He felt his muscles straining as he wrapped barbed wire around the heavy fence posts. Christopher had been working all day long on repairing this pasture -- a tree had fallen on the fencing, leaving it in complete disarray. A few of the horses had managed to gallop up to the mountain pastures. They hadn't escaped, but they needed to be rounded up before the business trip party would be staying at the farm. They're just another bunch of workaholic wannabe cowboys that I have to deal with.

Christopher looked up at the sky and realized it had begun to get dark. He wiped his hands on his jeans and headed towards the main house for some dinner. Upon arriving at the house, he saw a BMW parked out front and wondered who it belonged to -- no one in these parts drove a useless city car.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay here a week early. My bosses wanted to make sure that everything was up to their standards before their arrival." Christopher heard a feminine voice coming from the kitchen.

"It's not a problem, Sugar...ah there's my son Christopher now, he can show you up to your room after supper," Christopher heard his mother Wendy say.

Great, now I'll have to deal with this yuppie while rounding up the horses for this trip. Could this day get any worse, he thought. Then, when Christopher rounded the corner, he saw her for the first time. She was perfect -- short with long, brown, curly hair and big brown doe eyes. Although she was very petite, she had a great set of tits and an ass to die for. He couldn't help but get a little turned on when he saw what she was wearing either -- heels, hoes, and a tight white blouse that he could see a lacy bra through. Christopher could only imagine what he wanted to do to her... he felt his dick start to harden and had to quickly sit down to hide it.

"Hi, I'm Lacey!" she beamed up at him with a slight southern twang in her voice. "I'm an intern at Richards, Damien, and Malcolm Law Offices, aka the official test girl for their outdoors trips."

"Christopher, it's nice to meet you ma'am," he replied, biting into a piece of homemade fried chicken. He passed the mint julep pitcher around the table. Both he and Lacey filled their cups many times, each getting a little drunker with every sip. Christopher noticed the redness that was spreading across Lacey's exposed cleavage. It just invited him in, tempting him to caress her, to grope that juicy ass, and suck those perky tits.

"I think I'm about ready to head up to bed. Would you mind showing me the way?" she asked him. Christopher nodded his agreement, grabbed Lacey's bags, and led her up the stairs to one of the guest rooms.

She plopped down on the four post bed and called a thank you at his retreating back. Not forgetting his manners, Christopher went to get Lacey a set of fresh towels. When he returned, he knocked on the door. Christopher didn't hear an answer, so he assumed that the hot little intern had fallen asleep and decided to bring her towels in and lay them on her trunk. He walked in and she was sprawled on her bed in only a lacy white bra and lacy white thong, her thigh highs still in place and her heels on. Christopher's eyes took every inch of her in -- her flat stomach, her amazing curves, and a darker, heart shaped shadow that he could see through her thong. Lacey's legs were spread and he could see a hole in her panties; she was wearing a crotchless thong. Her fingers were thrust deep into her hot little pussy, going in and out as the fingers on her other hand rubbed her swollen little nub of a clit.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, ma'am," he apologized, averting his eyes so as not to embarrass her further.

"It's ok; I should have locked the door. And you don't have to call me ma'am, it makes me feel old, just call me Lacey," she said. "Thanks for the towels; I've been craving a shower after my long drive today."

"You're welcome, ma'....Lacey." Christopher replied, sneaking a peek in her direction. He had heard the clicking of her heels but hadn't realized that she had moved to be within a couple of feet of him. She was so close, he could smell her sex.

"What's the matter? Have you never seen a woman play with herself before?" Lacey teased, looking up into his brown eyes. "Oh, someone looks happy." Christopher saw Lacey glance down at his hardened cock. "Does someone want to come out and play too?" she asked, running her hand across the crotch of his jeans.

"Mmmm," he moaned, feeling her hand rub up and down his shaft through his jeans. Lacey took a step closer and started to kiss Christopher's neck. She pulled him down a little bit (he was pretty tall) so that she could nibble on his ear lobe. Before he knew it, Christopher felt Lacey unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off his muscular arms. She started kissing his exposed torso, making a winding path to the top of his jeans. He couldn't stand anymore, this was too much. Christopher walked over to the bed and sat down as Lacey started unbuttoning his pants, exposing his erect, eight inch cock to the warm summer air. She kneeled in front of him, kissing the inner parts of his toned thighs, working her way up to his shaft. Lacey then took Christopher's head into her mouth. He felt her swirling her tongue around the tip, taking more and more of his dick into her warm, wet mouth with each bob of her head. She worked her way down to his balls, taking one into her mouth, sucking and licking, then doing the same to the other. As Lacey sucked on Christopher's balls, she pumped her hand up and down his cock. The fingers of her other hand explored his asshole, circling the outside of it. He groaned and couldn't help but thrust towards her, so Lacey stuck on finger into Christopher's asshole and started fucking him with it. Christopher's dick throbbed; he was so hard that he felt like his cock was going to rip open if he didn't cum soon.

Christopher reached around behind Lacey's back and unhooked her bra, exposing her perky breasts. When Christopher pinched her nipples, Lacey started to moan. The vibrations around his balls only made Christopher's need to cum that much more imminent.

He stood Lacey up, walked her over to the desk, and knelt down in between her spread legs.

"Is someone dripping for me now?" he taunted, leaning forward and running his fingers up and down her exposed slit. Lacey began to grown as Christopher inserted two fingers into her hot, tight, soaking wet cunt. He started sucking on her clit and felt Lacey vulgarly start to pump her pussy against his face and fingers. Christopher couldn't take it anymore -- he needed to be inside her. Right. Now.

Christopher stood up and plunged his dick into Lacey's awaiting pussy. She was the hottest, tightest, and wettest pussy that he had ever felt. He watched his dick plunge in and out of her cunt and felt it clenching around him. Lacey was moaning now, which only turned Christopher on more because he knew that he was the one pleasuring her. He reached his hand forward and pulled her hair. She arched back, exposing her bouncing tits to the mirror that was hanging on the wall in front of them. He watched her expression in the mirror go to complete enjoyment as she came again. Christopher decided that it was his turn now -- he started fucking Lacey as hard and fast as he could. He watched his cum soaked cock plunge in and out of her perfect little pussy. It only made him harder that she was still wearing that crotchless white thong, thigh highs, and those tall, black heels. He gave the intern a good, cowboy fucking.

Lacey moaned and came again. Christopher felt his balls start to clench and realized it was almost time for the release. He pulled out of Lacey's awesome cunt and thrust her head down towards his cock. Christopher plunged far into Lacey's mouth and released his hot load into the back of her throat. She groaned around his dick while he came. When he was done, Christopher stood Lacey up and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. His tongue eagerly explored her mouth as he felt her hands run through his curly brown hair.

"That was amazing, ma'am, can I get you anything else?" he asked, looking into her big, brown, doe eyes.

"No. Thank you. That was exactly what I needed. I think I'm going to turn in now, so I'm all fresh. I suppose the real work begins tomorrow," Lacey replied with a sleepy smile.

"Why yes it does. Get some rest. I'll take you for a real ride tomorrow," Christopher smiled back, releasing Lacey from their embrace and heading towards the door. "Goodnight, ma'am."

"Oh, hey, Christopher, one more thing," Lacey called after him.


"Just call me Lacey," she said.

"You're going to have to keep reminding me, I can't help it. Southern gentleman raising and all," he laughed. "Goodnight Lacey, I'll see you in the morning.

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