tagErotic CouplingsA Crash Course In Losing Virginity Ch. 05

A Crash Course In Losing Virginity Ch. 05


Well usually, when I'm waiting for a break or a weekend or something to arrive, it seems like it takes forever. But Brandon's spring break wasn't like that. Between me doing all of my schoolwork and him working, his spring break came surprisingly fast.

This meant that I had 10 days of him all to myself! Needless to say, I was ecstatic. It is also needless to say that my parents were not going to find out.

Now the actual pretending like he wasn't there for 10 days was interesting in itself, but I'm not going to get into that.

In addition to the fact that it didn't seem like I had to wait that long for his break, the break itself didn't seem to last that long. Of course, I was still going to school with Brandon sleeping and living in Guerin (with me stopping by at every spare moment) so I guess it's not like I really had the time off to see him, but oh well. Even though the break went by fast, there were many memorable moments.

The memorable moments all circled around the new ways we'd tried to have sex. The first few days that Brandon was staying in Guerin, there was an old lady renting the room next to us. Of course, the rule was that I couldn't stay with Brandon so there couldn't be any sex late at night because (hello!) there should have been no one around at that time for him to have sex with. So I just stayed in my room, right?

Nah, I still stayed with Brandon in Guerin for all 10 days. However, that meant that we had to make our sex a little more creative at night time so that no one else could complain they heard any bed-squeaking noises.

The first day that he was there, I still had school. Once I was done with my classes, he arrived. I spent a little time finishing up my homework, and then we went out for dinner. After dinner, I made sure I had everything I would need for my morning classes the next day and we both headed back to Guerin. That's when the fun started.

The only problem (as I said) was that we had to be quiet because of the fact that it was getting near the end of visiting hours.

During the time I had spent doing my homework, I had left my laptop on the bed next to Brandon (with the limited space in the room, when we weren't using the bed, it became another sort of table). Since I hadn't been on the laptop for a few hours, I needed to check if any of my professors had e-mailed me (I was waiting for a few e-mails). I didn't want to move the laptop to the desk (Lazy? Me? Nah!) so I just bent over at the waist and started to check my e-mail. The next thing I knew, Brandon was behind me, grinding his pelvis against mine. "Ooh, a skirt...you know I like that," he said.

"Yep," I did know that he liked skirts. In fact, I had worn a skirt (the only one I owned) because I knew that skirts turned him on.

As I moved the mouse with my touchpad, I saw that I had no e-mails. I also heard the familiar clinking sound of a belt being unbuckled. Moving the laptop back onto the chair, I turned around to see what Brandon was doing. "Nope, come on, climb back on the bed."

Wanting to see what he had in mind, I did. I laid down on the bed and watched him as he slid his pants to the floor and lowered his boxers along with them. I could see his cock standing erect the moment he pulled his boxers low enough to expose it. His cock stood out straight as he pulled off his shirt. I just stared at him. I'd missed being able to look at him, touch him, feel him inside of me. I couldn't wait to feel the sensations again.

I was laying on my back when he climbed onto the bed. Brandon laid down on top of me which rested his cock right on top of my pussy. Even through my skirt and thong, I could feel his hard cock pulsing. I liked the feel of his cock against my pussy, even through the layers of clothing, so I ground my hips against his. I wrapped my arms around him as he leaned down to kiss me.

The kiss started out innocent enough. Brandon started by lightly kissing me. That was where the innocent part stopped. Once he had pulled his head away from mine just the slightest bit, I snaked my tongue out and licked his lips. I knew that this drove him crazy (and of course made him horny) so it was the perfect thing to do to heat things up. Brandon retaliated with his own tongue. He slowly inserted it into my mouth, licking its way around my own tongue. For a little while, our tongues dueled, fueling the passion coursing through our bodies. Once we finally came up for breath, Brandon pulled his body off of me. Because of the fact that we hadn't seen each other for around a month, that was all the arousal we needed before we went at it like rabbits.

We both knew that we wanted to have sex. The only question was how we were gonna have sex very quietly since it was getting late.

"So how do you want to do this?" he asked me.

"Well, doggy's a quiet one," now I'm not usually one to suggest things or bring up new sexual techniques, but I wanted sex and I didn't want to wait around for him to think something up.


I quickly took my clothes off and positioned myself on my hands and knees on the bed. "Come on," I said, urging Brandon to get behind me. Brandon positioned himself behind me, making me lower my body a little so that he could actually rest on top of me. Reaching under both of our bodies, I grasped Brandon's cock. I could feel it pulsing in my hand as I guided it into my wet pussy. Once I had the head in, I could feel Brandon move his hips to push it in deeper. It took a little while, but we got a rhythm going. Brandon pounded his cock into me, deeper and deeper. It felt so good to be having sex again after so long that I became what Brandon liked to call a "slip and slide." I actually had to angle my body downwards so that he wouldn't slip out because of how wet I was.

Not too long after we started, I could feel his cock swelling in me. I turned my head around to see Brandon's face. When I did this, he lightly planted a kiss on my lips and continued pumping. As Brandon neared his orgasm, he pistoned his cock harder and harder into my pussy. After not having sex for nearly a month, it felt so good that it was all I could do not to cum. The reason I was trying not to cum was because I wanted to cum at the same time that he did. I could feel his hands start to shake on the bed on both sides of me and knew that he was getting close. As his thrusts increased to be even faster and harder than before, I knew that he was only seconds away from cumming. I ground my hips back against his thrusting pelvis for the last few seconds of our coupling. At that moment, I felt my pussy contract, signaling the start of my orgasm. It was my pussy's vice-like grip on his cock that caused the start of Brandon's own orgasm. As I rode out the waves of my orgasm, I could feel Brandon's cock pulse inside of me as it shot its cum deep into my pussy. As he continued cumming, I could feel it start to drip out of me. You see, Brandon is one of those guys who (I swear) cums buckets of cum. Even though it can sometimes be a problem because there's a lot to wipe up, I like it because I feel like I'm being filled up by him.

Once we had both come down from the throes of passion, Brandon rolled off of me. "That was good..." he sighed, as he closed his eyes and laid his head back on the pillow.

Putting my head down next to his, I said, "Yep....goodnight." "Goodnight" was what we usually said when we were done with sex and were tired and had that kind of sleepy feeling. We usually didn't mean it because we almost never went to sleep after sex. However, this time, we were both asleep in seconds.

The next day, we got another neighbor. That is, in addition to the old lady on the one side of the room we were in, we got a middle-aged man on the other side. This made it even harder to have sex, when we wanted, as passionately as we wanted. That also made for even more creative solutions to the whole problem of where and how to have sex.

I didn't have to worry about anything during the day cause I had classes. I stopped by between classes to see Brandon and we did some stuff then, but at that point, there was no problem because it was during visiting hours. That night, I had to finish a term paper for one of my classes, so I knew that it was going to be late by the time I got around to doing anything with Brandon. It was around 2 am to be exact (my class was at 2:30 p.m.) when I finally finished my paper. The whole time I was working on it, I could hear the old lady and the man in the rooms next to us milling around. I don't know if they were pacing or what, but they both were moving around a lot, so they obviously were still awake. And then another thing I kept hearing was someone walking up and down the halls of our floor and the floor above us. Aka the security guards. I didn't want to get caught being there, so I figured to hell with the sex that night, we'd both just go take a shower and then go to bed.

At the time when we actually snuck our way over to the shower (which was like in this little bathroom with a toilet and sink where you could lock the door to the whole room) we had no intentions of doing anything but taking a shower. Boy did that change. The only thing was the fact that it was like a one-person shower. And for all intents and purposes, there should never have been two people in there at once (think small). So there had to be dead silence, cause, come on, no one talks to themselves in the shower (singing's another story). I originally thought the no-talking part would have been relatively easy, and it probably would have been had we just taken a shower.

Well anyway, we got in the shower, and we both shaved ourselves. I won't really go into that, but I shave my pussy and he shaves his pubic hairs so that when we have sex, we glide more smoothly along one another. So we shaved and then I reached outside of the shower to get the soap. We always left my bucket of shower stuff outside the shower because of the fact that the shower wasn't all that big. It was one of those showers that is like where it's also a tub and stuff, so there was plenty of room for us, just not room for us AND our shower equipment.

When I reached out to get my bottle of soap, I had my back to Brandon. Brandon came up behind me and pressed his cock against my ass. Turning back to look at him, I could see that he had a sly grin on his face.

I then squeezed some of my soap on my shower puff (which I call my "poofy") and began to soap up Brandon. I scrubbed his whole body from his neck to his feet, making sure to pay special attention to his cock and balls. While I did his back, I still had one of my hands wrapped around the front of his body massaging his cock gently. It didn't take much, and that little bit of touching got a rise out of him. Once he had rinsed off, he soaped me up, paying special attention to my nipples and pussy. Before he soaped up my nipples, he licked each one in turn, taking it into his mouth and sucking on it, before lightly flicking it a few times with his tongue. When he got to my pussy, he moved his hands in a signal to spread my legs (remember, we had to be super-quiet). Once I had spread my legs, he proceeded to lightly lick my clit. He then moved his tongue so that he could stick it into my pussy. After a few seconds of that, he stopped and continued soaping me up. I then rinsed off and we both washed our hair. Then the fun started.

That was when the not talking started becoming a problem. Even a whisper would have been heard in the building (because of the echoing), so we really really had to be quiet. To ask him if he wanted to have sex (in a non-speaking way), I pointed to his cock and then to my pussy. He didn't get it. Looking back on it, I don't think I would have gotten the point either. I then took his cock and guided it to my pussy.

We did manage to get it in after a little while. However, because Brandon's like 5 inches taller than me, it put his cock higher than the entrance to my pussy, so Brandon was bending his knees to be able to keep his cock in me. What made the whole ordeal even more interesting was that although we had talked about standing sex a lot, this was the first time we had ever actually tried it. Because of that, we really didn't know how to go about not killing our legs and still managing stand-up sex. What I immediately noticed was that there were tiny ledges on the end of the shower (the shower was like a tub which had the normal faucet and then the shower faucet). So I managed to plant my feet (carefully so I didn't slip and break a leg) on those ledges. I made a come-here motion to get Brandon to come over by me.

With me standing on the ledges, I was at a perfect height for Brandon to enter me. For balance, I wrapped my arms around Brandon's neck and rested some of my weight on him. I had to bend my knees a little, but we did manage to get the hang of it. We couldn't really do it too fast, for fear of slipping and breaking our necks, so we went at it slowly and leisurely. Brandon continually thrust up into me, sending sparks through my entire body. In that position, I could feel every muscle and detail in his cock as it rubbed against the walls of my pussy. For most of the time, we made out, our tongues fighting to get down each other's throat. The fact that we were making out speeded up our lovemaking and also aroused us more.

Right about at the point where I thought my legs were about to give out (from trying to stand [not slip] on the ledges and stand with my knees bent and still enjoy the sex), my orgasm hit me. It had been building for awhile, slowly, not quickly like it usually did. Because of the time it had taken to get me up to my orgasm, it hit with a force. My pussy clamped down on his cock, trying to milk the cum out of him. It felt as if I had lightning bolts shooting through my body for what seemed like quite a long time. The whole time I was in my glory, Brandon kept pistoning his cock in and out of me. Not long after I'd cum, I heard him try to whisper (it came out louder than he'd hoped) "fuck!" as he slammed his cock deep into me. I could feel the cum rushing out of his cock and into my pussy. He came with such a force that I could actually feel when his shots of cum hit my pussy walls. Brandon's cock pulsed in me a few more times before he finally stepped back, letting his cock fall from my pussy.

I shakily stepped down from the ledge. My legs felt as if they were about to give out, or at least fall off. One of the two. We ended up making it back to the room without getting caught. Needless to say, we quickly went to bed.

After that day, there was the weekend, and then I went right back to my classes. One of the days when I had class, I came back to Guerin after all of my classes and sat down at my laptop. I needed to find this one file that I had saved in a hurry. And, of course, I couldn't remember what folder I had saved it in. After looking for awhile, I finally thought about maybe looking in my folder of porn movies, thinking that maybe that was the folder I had had open at the time.

And Brandon had been watching what I was doing, since he had already been here for awhile and had pretty much run out of things to do. The way I had my porn folder set up was as thumbnails, so you could see what the movie was about before you watched it (even though they were only like less than 30 secs each so its not like you would have wasted time watching them to find out what they were).

I don't remember exactly what he said, but he asked me if I liked anything specific in terms of the type of porn that I watched. Well that led us to talking about the one time (not too long ago) when he had e-mailed me a list of video links of ones that he watched. I still had that list, and I remembered that there had been a cumshot video as one of the ones he had a link to. When we talked about what was on his list, I noticed that he hadn't mentioned that video. So I brought it up.

It's not that I thought he was hiding it or anything, I just thought that it might be cool to be cummed on. The way I "brought it up" was that I opened that movie and we watched it. In the movie, the guy pulled out of the girl just as he was going to cum and then he came on her pussy. Once I had subtly gotten the point across that I wanted that to happen, we got started. Since we had been watching the videos, we were already on our way to being horny. A little more making out was all it took to make us full-blown horny.

Once we'd put the laptop away, I climbed back on the bed and laid down next to Brandon. Turning to face him, I planted my lips on his, giving him a warm kiss. He returned the kiss, a little more passionately, and snaked a hand down to my pussy. I knew he could feel the heat of my pussy through my jeans, as I could feel the bulge of his passion. Brandon started undoing the button and zipper of my jeans. By the time he had my jeans pulled off, I had my hand insinuated nicely into the fly of his boxers. He still had everything on, but he wore his clothes so loose that I didn't have to really take anything off to get access.

Brandon's fingers buried themselves deep in my pussy. He switched between fingering me and playing with my clit, using my own juices to lubricate his fingers. As I continued to play with his cock, I could feel it start to twitch. We both knew that when his cock started to twitch, he was really turned on and (usually) that led to sex. So he took his fingers out of my pussy and shrugged off his jeans and boxers. He yanked off his shirt while I tugged at getting my clothes off.

Once we were both naked, Brandon climbed on top of me. He held his body above mine, not allowing any parts of him to touch me. Slowly, he lowered his head and kissed me. When his lips touched mine, he began to lower his hips so that his cock grazed my skin. By slight movements of his hips, he made it so that he was lightly rubbing his cock against my pussy while we made out. But that wasn't enough for me.

On the one pass of his cock up the slit of my pussy, I tried thrusting my hips to try to get his cock to slip inside of me. That didn't work too well as he lifted his body away from mine. He always liked to tease me, but today was not a day I was in the mood to be teased. "Come on baby, just fuck me..." I sighed, wanting to feel his hard cock in me.

"With pleasure," he grinned, burying himself to the balls in my warm wet pussy. Brandon lowered his head to my neck where he proceeded to lick, suck, and nibble the tender flesh. At the same time, he began to slowly work his cock in and out of me. He then raised his head off of my neck and really started to fuck me.

I could feel his cock hitting all the right places inside my pussy. I started to thrust my hips in time with his, trying to get the maximum stimulation possible out of our coupling. With every down-thrust, I could feel his pubic bone making contact with my clit. Shivers shot through my body as Brandon continued to fuck me harder and harder. I could clearly hear the slap of his balls against my ass as he fucked me. Soon, the friction became too much for me to handle. "Come on baby, fuck me hard," I urged him as I felt my orgasm building. I could feel that I was close when he raised his head and kissed me. After the light kiss, he lowered his head again to my neck. That instant his mouth latched onto my neck, my orgasm hit me. My pussy started to contract over and over and over. I swear my orgasm felt like it was minutes long, even though I'm sure it was just a few seconds. Once I came down from my orgasmic high, I relaxed my grip on Brandon and resumed pumping my hips along with his.

His orgasm followed mine quite quickly. I could tell he was getting close by how fast he was breathing. His strokes were also becoming less rhythmic and more erratic as the pleasure increased for him. I could feel his cock start to swell and pulse inside of me as his orgasm became more and more imminent. "Where do you want it babe?" he asked me, questioning as whether or not I wanted him to cum on me.

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