tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Crazy Halloween Party

A Crazy Halloween Party


It's good to live in a college town; especially this one.

You see, around here trick-or-treating isn't just saved for the kids. Everyone does it. It's almost a town tradition. It's great fun, what with everyone on the streets in costume — it's almost like Mardi Gras, except that my town isn't even half the size of New Orleans. The drunken debauchery during Halloween after the parents have put their kids to bed, though — I'm betting it's way better around here than at Mardi Gras. After about 11pm on October 31st, the street party around here gets ... let's call it adult-oriented.

I had been eagerly participating in our neighborhood Halloween night party every year since I'd turned 18 three years ago. I love it — I'm a horny guy, and I don't have much success with women most of the time. Not to say I'm ugly, but I'm just not very charming. Luckily for me, at the nighttime Halloween block party, guys didn't have to be charming — they just needed to have candy.

As I said, it was basically like Mardi Gras. Just replace those bead necklaces with handfuls of candy, replace the colorful costumes of Mardi Gras parades with ghoulish, less-expensive Halloween stuff and there you have it.

I had my eye on one woman this year. Danni, a blonde, married housewife with what I imagined had to be natural D or DD tits, long legs, a bouncy ass, and the cutest little face. She wasn't much of a slut, from what I had heard, but she was definitely willing to get crazy for candy the one day of the year. I had met her a few times but never on the streets during the party before.

I had been walking along with my orange jack-o-lantern bucket full of individually-wrapped peanut butter cups for about an hour. I hadn't seen much. Just a great ass and some breast flashing. Nothing to speak of, really, and I hadn't even given out any of my candy yet. And then I saw Danni on the other side of the street, walking. The most appetizing parts of her were jiggling.

She had dressed herself up like Elvira, with a black wig and makeup and all. The dress didn't fit her, though. Hints of her large, pink areolas showed on both sides, as did the bottom of her ass, if you were lucky enough to see her from behind. You could just barely make out wisps of her blond pussy hair showing under the extremely high hem of her dress, both from the front and the back. Her little sack was half full of candy, and she was looking around for someone with more.

"Danni," I called out to her. She grinned, and I walked over to her, not bothering to look both ways before I crossed the street. I told you our town wasn't very big.

"Do you have some candy for me?" she asked, kind of jutting out her tits at me.

"That depends on you," I said. "What are you willing to do to get a handful of candy?"

"What if I show you my tits?" she asked. My heart leaped into my throat. This was actually going to happen for me. I couldn't believe it, until I realized the only reason I had a chance to see anything on Danni was the bucket of candy in my left hand. "I don't know...I mean, I'd love to see your tits, Danni, but I don't know..."

She kind of scowled. "Damn it...I want candy."

"OK," I said, kind of chuckling, doing my best to act uninterested when in fact I could barely breathe. "How about you show me your tits and ass for a handful of candy?"

"BOTH?" she exclaimed with semi-angry shout. "You're such a little pervert ... Fine. Geez." and she pulled open her dress.

Her breasts were almost upturned, but very natural. Her large pink nipples topped her buttermilk tits, and her nipples were wet with either some kind of glisteny lube, or some lucky candy-holders saliva. She rolled her eyes as I stared, my camouflage army pants (I had dressed like a soldier) immediately tenting with an impressive 8" cock.

:"Worth your candy?" she sighed. As she held her dress open, letting me stare at her beautiful breasts, I could see the streetlights making her diamond wedding ring glitter.

"Very much so, Danni. Now ass. And you gotta bend way over to show it to me, too."

"Fine." She bent slowly, her thighs apart just enough, and then lifted the hem of her skirt. She had such a soft, supple ass. Round and firm, the thong tan line on her hips leading between her round ass cheeks revealing that she, indeed, was a good girl who didn't even sunbathe naked. Between the bottom of her ass cheeks, I could see the blonde, soft hair covering her meaty MILF pussy lips that I so badly wanted.

"Happy?" she asked me.

"Hell yeah. But before you straighten back up, wanna earn more candy?" I asked in response.

"Ummm...OK" she said.

"I hate to beat around the bush," I chuckled at the double entendre "but I would love to fuck you. How about I give you all my candy for a 30 second preview of that pussy? I'll just preview your pussy for 30 seconds and then we'll stop."

"Really? All of your candy?" She asked. She was looking back at me, still bent over, as I nodded.

"Yes, Danni. All of it."

"Oh shit...fine. Whatever. 30 seconds only, and you are gonna time it."

I just grinned. First, I set my watch for the agreed upon 30 seconds. I then undid my pants slowly, pulling my hard cock out of my boxers, and gently slipped the throbbing heard of my cock under her soft, round ass, the head slipping through the blonde pussy hair. As soon as my cock touched her, her entire body tensed up.

She had agreed, though, and even though I knew she didn't want it, I couldn't stop myself. I mean, she was letting me, wasn't she? So I rubbed harder. Her meaty lips were opening gently around the head of my cock as I slid it up and down now. I heard her sigh softly. "Time almost up?" she asked, her voice full of anxiety and embarrassment.

"No. 20 more seconds." I then let the head slip inside her. She didn't say a word. I pressed forward, and she just whimpered softly, but allowed me my prize for giving her so much candy. I watched her round, soft ass cheeks quiver as I slid my thick, throbbing meat into her womanhood slowly, inch by inch.

She was so warm and wet. The first time I pulled my cock out — not fully, as the head remained inside — my cock was glistening. I kept pumping slow and deep, and she remained silent.

I was already starting to lose it. I had wanted her so bad for so long, and now I was "previewing" her pussy. I never thought I'd be inside her, but now I could sink in and pull out and grind as I pleased, and did I ever take advantage. Sinking in fully and grinding, my balls tickled by her blonde hair. Pounding fast, making her moan...pumping slow, massaging her insides, my cock coated with her cream. Occassionally reaching under her and massaging her large, bared tits. They were soft, heavy, and beautiful.

When the alarm on my watch beeped, I lost my concentration. I sank in fully, and shot hot, thick ropes of cum deep into Danni's pussy. She arched her back and tried to pull away, but I was too strong for her, and I kept shooting deep inside her, my load emptying into her in exchange for all of my Halloween candy.

When I was done, I pulled out, and she stood up. I expected to get hit across the face for taking advantage of her in such a way, but no slap was forthcoming. She straightened up, cum oozing down her thigh. She arranged her skimpy dress, took my bucket full of candy from me, and kissed my cheek. "See you next year?"

She can sure bet on it.

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