tagLoving WivesA Cream Pie From Cynthia

A Cream Pie From Cynthia


Cynthia slipped out of her slinky black dress and stood in front of me in her lingerie in our bedroom.

"'I'm all yours, honey" she smiled. "Tonight I had sex with a man I met at the club, and I brought home a surprise for you, my love." She said with a wink.

My dick was very hard and got harder still as she began to play with her tits in that sexy black bra. I didn't mind if she fucked other people as long as she came home and showed me a good time afterwards.

She climbed on top of me and seductively lowered her chest to my face. I flicked at her nipples through the delicate fabric of her bra. And then kissed her gorgeous, long white neck. Grabbing her hips, I pulled myself down under her pussy. I could see that her pussy was soaking through her panties. I leaned closer to smell the intoxicating aroma of her pussy. It smelled especially heady and mysterious. Pulling her panties aside I was shocked to see a few drops of semen emerging from her love hole.

"He came inside you?" I asked.

"Yeah, usually at the club everyone practices safe sex. But this guy especially turned me on and I wanted to really feel him inside me. I had to feel his come shooting deep into me, the thrill of it. I guess I was feeling especially fertile and feminine tonight. I also wanted to bring you home a treat. So I asked him to fuck me without a condom, and he was happy to oblige."

"He fucked me hard and fast", she continued, "and then he came like a madman – it felt like he shot for ages. He filled me with great jets of sticky sweet semen and made me feel like a woman. I was so turned on by the thought of what a slutty wife I was being and the thought that you love me enough that I could come home and have you eat me out, enjoying the fruits of my slutty night of sex with a stranger. Would you do that for me, my love?"

My head was swimming with the delirium of lust. I savagely threw her down on the bed and together we pulled off her panties. I gave her a deep kiss on the mouth and then undid her bra to suck for a second on her tits. And then I prepared myself for a grand lustful feast on my slutty wife's beautiful come-filled pussy.

I pulled her back on top of me, positioning her semen-scented hole right above my eager tongue.

I hadn't yet touched her pussy, but she moaned, "Oh fuck I love you so much. You're such an incredible husband to let me fulfill my needs as a woman. This really helps keep our marriage exciting after all these years." She smiled down at me with a look of love in her eyes.

I stuck my tongue out and lapped at her engorged lips and flicked gently at her clitoris. And then I dove into her come-filled pussy, lapping hungrily at the semen as it slid down her love canal. He really did shoot a lot as his come and her juices continued to slide down her and into my willing mouth. I swished it around in my mouth, marveling at the combined flavor of her sweet pussy and his bitter, salty semen. I love these sort of complicated flavors and combined with the dirty lustful thought of my slutty wife fucking another man and loving it, this was a powerful turn-on.

She was moaning loudly and bucking her hips now as I feasted on the product of her night of uninhibited sex. She started to talk dirty, "Oh that's right, clean up every drop, oh yes, lick that come from my pussy. Do you like the taste of our juices? Do you like the taste of his come in your mouth? Oh, fuck yeah, there's more where that came from baby. I'll go out and fuck a dozen men and bring you the fruit of our love. Oh god this is so dirty and it makes me so hot."

She began to scream out an orgasm and her nails dug into my leg as she shook wildly. Satisfied that I'd cleaned her up nicely and in the blissful stupor of post-orgasmic pleasure, she threw herself down onto the bed.

Spreading her legs and grabbing my arm, she commanded, "Oh fuck me. Fuck my pussy, I need to feel your hard cock inside of me, love. Fuck me hard and fast and reckless. Fill me with your semen, Make me feel like a woman,"

I obliged, plunging my rock hard cock deep into her pussy and fucking her like a man possessed. As my rhythm grew harder and faster I approached orgasm and so did she. She began to shake again as I shot huge blasts of come deep into her pussy. Finally spent, I collapsed onto the bed and gave her a long deep kiss on the mouth.

"Oh honey I love you so much. No other man makes me feel as hot as you do. If you wake up in the night would you wake me by licking my pussy clean and fuck me again?"

"I will," I said, and indeed I did.

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