tagLoving WivesA Cream Pie Surprise

A Cream Pie Surprise


I met Amanda some years ago when both were at the University. After a while we fell in love and got married. None was a virgin when we married but I did not matter for none was really curious about each others private lives from before we met.

After a few years of marriage, actually, some months ago, we both decided that each one should have his/her own night out. So every two weeks we would go out on the same night but to different places.

The truth of the matter is that after a while I began to use my free nights to fuck a lady I recently met. That is, until she spilled her beans and my wife found out.

She came home like a storm. God, was she furious!!! I denied everything, but she just didn't believe me. First she wanted to throw me out of the house and divorce me. After much pleading, she told me that she would not throw me out, but that didn't mean that I was forgiven. She also told me that I deserved that she do the same thing to me to see if I liked it or not.

The funny thing is that her threat, which really worried me a lot because I know how she is, also excited me in a weird way. I must confess that her threat really scared me but, somehow, also made me very horny. One part of me didn't want it to happen, but now I admit that other hidden part of me was really wanting and expecting it. Anyway, that big fight put an end to our separate nights to hang around, or so I thought.

About a month ago, after I had forgotten all about her threat, she casually told me that she wanted to go to the movies with one of her girlfriends, and, of course I said yes. It caught my eye, nevertheless, the fact that she was wearing a miniskirt and a light blouse and the movie theater is quite cold. But she told me that she would wear a jacket which she kept in her car. She also told me to behave and wait for her for she wanted to give me a little surprise when she got home. And what a surprise it was!!!

I didn't realize how piss off Amanda was. She later confessed that she really thought that what she did that night would cause our divorce, but she really wanted to get back at me. What she never considered was that that night's events would bring a surprising and radical turn of events in our relationship.

Well, Amanda returned about 11 pm and I was waiting for her in the living room, ready to get my surprise. And what a surprise it was! I noticed that she was disheveled; her make up was run over and she had a slight smell of wine and sex. Before I could say anything she said: "Baby, I was not at the movies. I was not with my girlfriend. I was being royally fucked, just like you did to that bitch." "Remember that I told you I would get back at you?" "If you don't believe me, look" and she raised her skirt to show me her shaved pussy which was literarily dripping with what seemed to be cum.

I got extremely angry at her. I was so hurt, angry and agitated that I could barely speak. I really felt like killing her! We began a shouting match and I just wanted to burst out of the house. The funny thing is that at the same time, being so angry, I also felt the same weird feeling of excitement that I felt when she threatened me with fucking some one else to get back at me a few months before.

As she moved to our bedroom, I followed her, I angrily told her that I didn't believe her and dared her to show me her pussy. She sat down on the bed and told me not to threaten her for I was getting just what I deserved and what was good for the goose was good for the gander. I insisted in checking her pussy to see if she was really telling me the truth or just trying to make mad and jealous, which I was.

She laid down on the bed, pulled up her skirt, opened up her legs, and there it was her shaven pussy looking loose and filled with what undeniably was cum. Angry as I was, I also became extremely excited and could not hide the raging hard on I got. So instead of arguing any more I just jump on her and began to kiss her roughly on her mouth and began to maul her tits as I had never done before.

Did you kiss him in the mouth? "Yes" she said still with a defiant look in her eyes. Did you sucked his cock? "Yes" - she said again, still angry and defiant - "and he also licked my pussy". This time I kissed her harder and stuck my tongue in her mouth. I felt this perverse feeling of pure sexual excitement just by kissing her mouth knowing that she had been sucking some stranger's cock a few hours before.

I took one of her tits in my mouth and sucked it and licked it hard almost biting it, while roughly mauling the other. Then, just as rough, opened her legs and looking at her cunt asked her to swear that she was telling me the truth. "Yes, I got fucked and I loved it." She said, "And if you don't believe, me just take a close look You know how semen looks like.

I was angry, but the feelings of lust were overwhelming me. I opened up her cunt, and it looked to me more desirable than ever. I looked at Amanda's face, and her expression was a distorted mixture of defiance, anger, fear and, above all, lust. I felt her just like a totally sexual animal. She later told me that I looked like a sex madman. I kissed her again very roughly and suddenly dived into her cum filled pussy and began to suck and lick it like if there were no tomorrow. I never imagined that I would be licking and tasting others guy cum, but there I was. Our anger and fear had turned into pure unadulterated lust.

As I was licking Amanda's pussy I was making her tell me again and again that some guy had just fucked her. I didn't want any names, I didn't care who he was. I just let myself go into the indescribable feeling of licking my wife's recently fucked pussy. Just to know that some cock was some time before where my mouth and tongue were now was more than enough to keep me as horny as I had never been in my life.

After licking my wife's pussy as much and as deep as I could, I got on top of her sweaty, sex smelling body and penetrated her pussy with a swift, single stroke. My cock easily slipped in her open, wet cunt, the other's guy cum acting as lubricant. I really enjoyed the silky feeling of the guy's come in her wet and loose hole. At that moment my perception of my wife Amanda and my feelings towards her were of just pure sexual lust to a pure sexual being. I never wanted and lusted her - or any other woman for that matter - as much as I lusted her at that very moment. I cannot describe the feeling of a mixture of very strong sexual desire combined with feelings of jealousy and a need to possess her after the other guy did it maybe just to assure that even when she gave herself to some one else she was -- above all -- still mine.

We both came in a long, strong, thunderous mutual orgasm that left both completely drained. We immediately fell asleep.

The next day neither of us dared talking. We didn't even look at each others eyes. We got up and silently got dressed and left four our respective jobs. When we got home neither spoke again until we got to bed. Then and there we embraced and asked each other for forgiveness. I admitted that I had the affair I had previously denied and she told me that she shouldn't have gone to bed with "that guy" (I told her not to tell me who he was as I didn't want to know). She also told me that she did it because she was really mad at me, but that she would not do it again. We ended up making tender passionate love.

It's been some weeks since we made up and things are slowly going back to normal, except for one thing that I've been keeping to myself: I think all the time about that night and how I really enjoyed liking and fucking my wife's pussy after she came home with her cunt full of cum.

I don't know how to tell Amanda but I would really like her to come home some other night with her pussy well fucked and full of cum for me to eat, fuck and enjoy. When I go down on her, which is really a lot nowadays, I just think that some stranger cock came inside her and makes me extremely horny. Still, I don't think she would go for it. Any suggestions?

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Have had it! Loved her for it!

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