tagLoving WivesA Cream-Pie Vacation

A Cream-Pie Vacation


My husband's brother had just broken up with his long-standing girlfriend and to cheer him up, we took him along on our vacation. We had booked a mobile home on a north Louisiana bayou to spend some time alone and get in some lazy days just loving and fishing.

Being on vacation always makes me horny... maybe it's having time to relax, get some sun and just feel good for a few days. For the first three days, I managed to get my husband to make love to me, but it was constrained by his brother's presence just past the thin plywood of the walls. I was more frustrated after those three days than before and was starting to regret having invited Rich.

On the fourth morning, I awoke really early and decided to get up. We'd made hurried love the night before and Bob, my hubby, had come almost immediately ... leaving me totally frustrated!

I am an old-school girl about personal hygiene and still use a douche. I sat on the commode and inserted the tip of the douche nozzle between my pussy lips and started slowly squeezing the rubber bulb. The flood of warm water quickly filled me with the sensation of an orgasm and I wished that the nozzle were much larger so I could pretend that it was a real cock -- a big one -- that was spurting its load inside me.

Just thinking about it revived my frustration and I felt my cheeks warm with the flame of my arousal. I sensed that I was going to do something shameful about my excitement as I realized that the tension was making me grumpy and knew I needed release, even if I had to bring it to myself! I needed to be fucked for a long time! Fucked while I thrashed my body about, moaned as I pleased and screamed without concern of being overheard!

The warm water swirled through my sensual soul and fired my hunger to a raging passion. My fingers found a pleasant toy nudging its nose from my folds and tingles of sexual electricity jolted through my pussy as I got carried away by my excitement! Fingers, douche nozzle and clitty all reacted with the nozzle working even deeper, seemingly on its own, and I rubbed my clit and labia with the nozzle and my fingers... ramming it in and out -- a poor imitation of a driving prick.

My whole body was engulfed in the flame of arousal and reaching the place I wanted, when the door opened!

Through eyes blurred with the nearness of the peak I needed, and deserved, I saw Rich, my brother-in-law, standing in the open door, mouth hanging open, looking at me!

He stood in the open doorway, naked, and I was thrashing naked on the commode just inches away from him... scant inches that became even shorten as his thick meat suddenly surged to life and presented its now oozing head right at mouth level to me! The wetness between my legs suddenly increased ten-fold and my fingers lost their grip on the douche. It dropped, ignored, with a clatter on the floor, leaving my pussy gaping open and screaming to be filled and stretched!

I had no conscious thought as I reached out. My fingers closed around the hardening meat that more than filled my hand. It was significantly larger than my husband's and I had no thought of right or wrong ... only that I needed to be fucked! This was the first time I had felt another naked prick in the twenty years that my husband and I had been married. The thrill almost made me pass out; I felt that I was in another world. The only thing that existed was the rapidly growing cock in my hand, its hardness re-igniting the searing sensations in my pussy, its newness and size igniting new ones. This strange, new cock was long and thick with a large knob forming the helmeted head that had started oozing its warm liquid over my hand!

My pussy was on fire as he slid his now fully hard meat through my fingers that were no longer able to reach completely around his meat. I took it in both hands, one above the other and could not cover the full length. It was too much for my hands or my head to hold! I had to be fucked, to feel that 9-inch shaft all the way up inside me, slamming into my body until it hit bottom!

My voice barely got out of my throat as I whispered, not a desire, not a request, but a command, "FUCK ME!"

He gave me no oral answer, just picked me up and laid my ass on the bath mat. With my legs splayed wide open his hard cock slid along my thigh and swung across my sopping pussy. I grabbed his cock and steered it into my pussy. My wetness bathed him in all the help he needed to enter my spasming and needy hole! My body was shaking with the need to be fucked and fucked right now!

"Fuck me! Fuck me, now!" was all I could whisper as he propped himself up and pulled my naked legs up to rest on his shoulders. My cunt ... yes, it was now a CUNT, no longer a pussy... was fully exposed to him and I could hear the squishy sounds as he teased my depths with that fat head that was bigger than any cock I had ever dreamed could exist! I could only whimper as his cock was pressed into the first part of my now very needy cunt.

I managed not to cry out, continuing to whisper as I begged him to fuck me. His body flexed once and that heavenly pole slid between my pussy lips and plunged fully inside, filling me as I had never before been filled. My body convulsed in a small orgasm as that meaty head speared into my cervix, and then Rich's meaty cock was buried to the hilt in my throbbing cunt. Hard, deep strokes racked me time and again as my body rocked with the power of him. Every thrust seemed to be deeper than the one before and my breasts were swinging first up toward my chin, then down toward my waist with each stroke. It was exquisite! Each thrust made me writhe with both pleasure and the pain of his entry into my womb as his hard cock drove deep into my cunt! I had no control left over my body; I was twisting and gyrating in jerky motions as my convulsing pussy twitched and rippled around his cock. The ecstasy I had been looking for was waiting on the next thrust into my convulsing pussy. I came! I was aware of only the explosions inside me as once, twice and then a third time, my body exploded and lurched with the powerful intensity of my climaxes. Shattering orgasms followed each other, exploding through my body in a way that I had never imagined possible!

His cock continued to pound into me, I felt it swell inside to an even larger size. I could feel it expand and my cunt convulsed as I realized that he was going to cum inside of me! I came yet again! As the rush of his creamy sperm jetted into my cunt, my body convulsed into another nerve shattering orgasm!

Finally he collapsed on top of me, my spongy breasts flattening on my chest under his weight. I could still feel the final pulses of his cock as his jism continued to pump inside my spasming cunt. We lay there for a moment, both of us trying to catch our breath, still joined by a rapidly deflating prick.

It had been the wildest fuck of my life and the most mind-blowing orgasm possible in the world!

Rich pulled out of me and gave me a hand to stand... my legs were very shaky and I could hear my husband moving in the bedroom next door. Rich slipped into the hall and the door clicked closed just as the other doorknob turned and my husband slipped into the bathroom, naked and supporting a morning woody. I saw his eyes light up as he saw my nakedness. Before I could dodge him, he turned me so my back was to him and bent me over the sink. I had to grab on to steady myself.

The only thought in my head was that I was dirty and needed to clean up. I had to be clean for a man to want to touch me, I had been taught that all my life. But I was no match for him. Hardly able to think straight after the numerous orgasms I had just experienced, I was like putty in his hands. He had taken my by surprise and I was trapped with his brother's spew oozing out of my slit and dripping down on the bathroom floor. I could feel the heat radiating from his cock as it rubbed back and forth along the hairy slit of my suddenly re-awakened and burning pussy!

Suddenly, I was lost in rapture! To be shafted by a second man so soon after having been so well-fucked by his brother made my body tingle and my brain overdose with delight!

The tip of my husband's cock brushed against me and I shuddered as the thick cream flowing from my cunt, the mixture of my juices and his brother's, made both of us sopping wet! The itch of desire grew stronger and my pussy felt it was being consumed by flames... the flames of pure lust!

I wanted to be impaled on his cock! I rotated my hips to coat him fully with the wetness now flowing from my cunt lips.

"It really feels good, Honey!" my husband groaned as my swollen cunt-lips quivered around his now fully swollen cock! Little did he know that I was smearing another man's spew all over his cock! ... and his brother's at that!

He jerked forward and the head of his cock parted my cunt-lips and slipped inside to my juiciness. I felt his head slide easily through my folds, well lubricated by his brother's sperm! He wasn't as big as Rich, but there was enough of him to make me want him to fuck me as hard as he could. I wanted to make it last, but my husband was too horny, too anxious to fill me with his sperm.

His dick was lodged all the way into my burning cunt and my passion swept through me in a torrent, gasping in my delight! He was panting as his prick pushed out on the walls of my streaming cunt. Even hanging onto the sink, he had to keep me from collapsing onto the floor. He kept me against him, impaled on his hard pole while the muscles deep inside me shook with spasms and closed around him.

My cunt was jolted by the force of his explosion as he started to unload his spew deep inside me. I shuddered and exploded into an orgasm of my own as I felt him empty himself inside my now overflowing cunt. Sweat was dripping from our upper bodies as I was filled to overflowing and sticky wetness dripped from us as he continued to slam his meat into my cunt.

Soon he had little left to shoot and his prick began to recede from my twitching, grasping hole. Finally we collapsed and his now flaccid cock dropped from my steaming, flowing cunt. Immediately, wetness trickled down my inner thighs. Out of breath, I realized that I had just experienced the greatest amount of pleasure ever from making love, realizing that two men had taken me, one after the other had filled me with his spend!

I tried to pull myself up and get into the shower, fearful that my husband would realize that there was more leaking down my thighs than he had deposited; when he grabbed me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom in all my filthiness!

As he spread my weakened legs, I tried to tell him that I needed to be clean for him, "Please, let me take a shower before we go again!"

"Ann, screw your douche and screw your shower! And screw trying to keep quiet! We both know that someone else might hear, but he knows that we are married and what we do is our business!" And he held my legs apart and buried his face is my steaming cunt!

My heart had just started to lurch up into my throat at what he was about to do, but it didn't have time to make it! My mind exploded into a tremendous orgasm as his lips wrapped themselves around my dripping cunt, my cunt that was filled with not only his cum, but also his brother's spew! I just thought I had experienced the world's most mind-blowing orgasm as Bob's tongue pressed inside my cunt and started licking it's way through two full loads of cum! Without thought, my legs locked around his head and my hands pressed his face deeper into me! All I wanted was to feel the orgasm I was experiencing and the one that was building behind it!

I have no idea of how long we struggled to stay on the bed with Bob's head between my legs. I have no idea how many orgasms I had, I only know it was after noon when Bob released me from his grasp ... both his arms had been locked around my thighs. His face was covered in bits of moisture, mixed sweat and sexual fluids, from his eyebrows to his chin. That was the first time I had been treated to oral sex... I had always been told that it was too dirty for humans to perform, and that only animals engaged in that kind of behavior. That session with my husband showed me how wrong that story had been! I couldn't wait for another session of oral!

And I suddenly realized that I had been unfaithful to my husband!

I wanted to crawl under the bed and kill myself! I loved this man more than I could describe. Sex with him had been more than fantastic since before our marriage and I was guilty of sharing my body with his brother! Confused and starting to spiral down, I reached for the sheet to cover myself, when Bob reached up and snatched it away from me, leaving me sprawled on the bed naked. He ran his hands up the inside of my thighs and tweaked my cunt-lips with his fingertips. The sensation washed over me, replacing the feelings of guilt with the sudden heat of more wanting. I could not believe my body! I still wanted another orgasm!

Bob crawled up beside me, his lips finding and sucking each nipple in turn, just stoking the fires already lit inside my belly. He ran a finger through my rapidly moistening slit, and sucked it into his mouth. With a grin at my blushing face, he hollered out to Rich, "Damn, but she tastes good after both of us have fucked her!"

My mind was spinning rapidly... How did he know, ... What was going on? Had they planned it?

Rich opened the not completely closed hallway door and just stood in the doorway as I struggled to cover my nakedness with the sheet Bob would not let me have. He grinned at me and asked if I was fully satisfied, too sore, or ready for another round?

Bob waved Rich over to join us on the bed, and spread me out, fully exposed to them both. As he lowered his face to mine, he said, "I love you and I love my brother. I know that you have felt neglected, and I know that you would never look anywhere else for the love that we have. That said, what happens here, stays here. You and I talked about your fantasy years ago, Rich & I planned it, I KNOW you enjoyed it. The next step is up to you... it is your choice."

I hid the feelings burning inside as I tried to pay them back a little for tricking me the way they did. At first, tears welled up in my eyes and Bob's face took a stricken look as he saw them. Little did he know the thoughts and feelings that swirled through my brain! I shoved Bob back to the side, trying to look angry, as I locked my legs aground his head and pulled his face to my cunt as I reached for Rich and pulled his face to my 38C+'s! I said without thinking, " You two don't know what you've started! LET'S FUCK!!"

The rest of that short stay on the banks of Cypress Bayou was out of this world, as I indulged in almost constant fucking. My husband never cared that I often came to him with his brother's cum dripping down my thighs, or did he? I think he liked it best when I woke him up sitting on his face with a cunt, brim-full of fraternal spew. I was fucked at least twice a day by his brother and eaten and fucked by Bob each and every time Rich finished!

That was my idea of a vacation! But how can we top it next time?

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