tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Creative Challenge Ch. 24

A Creative Challenge Ch. 24


I was very proud of Amy.

Even though I knew she had been hoping to seduce Buckingham while they were both modelling for me, she had coped very well with the sudden change of plan when Marlee turned up unannounced. I thought the way she respected their relationship and Buckingham's concern for his job at the resort showed great sensitivity, especially when she was in no doubt that he was as hot for her as she was for him. I was sure that had she wanted to, she could have charmed both Marlee and her man into letting her fuck them both at the same time. Instead, she channelled his lust towards his fiancée, and Marlee's towards him, managing to enlist her in our undertaking at the same time.

When she convinced Marlee to strip and swap places with her, she introduced a whole new dimension to the tableaux that I had been setting up. I had been concentrating on the visual and emotional contrasts between the dark powerful maleness of Buckingham and the pale elegant femaleness of Amy. They say opposites attract, but they don't easily meld together, and no matter how closely I pressed these two beautiful nude bodies together they remained distinctly separate, like oil and vinegar in a salad dressing.

But when Marlee curled up inside Buckingham's cocooning arms and legs, they became one, each an extension of the other, their shadows blending so that I could no longer easily tell where one body ended and the other began. That is how I drew them, dissolving together into one multi-limbed shape, just glimpses of sheen on curved flesh hinting at the boundaries of the individuals' shapes .

Marlee was as comfortable with Buckingham's cock resting against her ass as Amy would have liked to have been – and would have been had she not relinquished her place to the other woman. Marlee also seemed to understand and appreciate the effort that Amy had made in sacrificing the opportunity to take advantage of her man, because she looked up at her, nodded, and silently mouthed "Thank you".

Amy came and stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders while I drew the two spooning Jamaican lovers. There was an easy familiarity about the way they touched and held each other that you couldn't fake, and it made them easier to draw because they were not coy or shy and they had no awkwardness with each other.

"I'm a good girl, really," Amy whispered in my ear.

"I know that," I whispered back. "And I'm glad you chose to remember it."

For the next pose, I put Amy back into the scene, with her and Marlee entwining themselves in a full body embrace, their heads on each others shoulders, their legs twisted together, Marlee's thigh pressed high into Amy's groin. I had them both lean back against Buckingham who wrapped his arms round both of the women. This made a very interesting ménage a trios, and put the embrace of the two women in a different context. I drew this pose as big as I could so that their combined bodies filled the page and spilled over the edges.

Then I put Buckingham in the middle on his back with his arms outstretched, Marlee to the left of him and Amy to the right lying on their sides with their heads on his shoulder, and their free arms across his chest. I was hoping to depict a very gentle and relaxed relationship between the three different people, and it would have been fine if the central figure didn't have a club you could break rocks with sticking straight up in the air from his groin. Buckingham's hard-on had not subsided for a second since it had first appeared when it was up against Amy's asscrack, but we had all been ignoring it and in the other poses it was not so visible as it was now. Both the girls could not help but look at his cock as they laid down, then looked at each other and started to giggle, which in turn set Buckingham off laughing too.

"I hope that's just because of me," said Marlee, tongue in cheek.

"Of course, baby. You know I don't like white women," said Buckingham, still laughing.

Marlee gave his cock a quick slap, knocking it down but not hurting it enough to stop it from springing upright again.

"You're a lying sonofabitch, Desmond," she said.

"One of you three needs to do something about that," I said, gesturing at what, from where I was sitting, looked like a rubber covered steel truncheon, "or we won't be getting any more work done this afternoon."

I saw Amy start to reach out for it, almost without thinking, then stopped herself, hesitating. With an 'after you' gesture, Amy deferred to the other girl's prior claim.

Marlee accepted the responsibility to fix the problem and wrapped her right hand around the base of his cock, then slowly slid her fist up and down its shaft. Buckingham closed his eyes with a sigh. Amy watched, wide-eyed, leaning up on her elbow to get a closer look at what Marlee was doing. Marlee also leaned up on her elbow and increased the speed of her hand movements, going right to the top now, squeezing and spreading the drops of lubricant oozing from its tip. Amy was breathing heavily, and her own free hand was now down and busy in her own groin.

"If you don't sit on that thing soon, I will," said Amy quietly to Marlee, looking her straight in the eye to make sure that the other girl took it as a joke and didn't take offence.

Marlee's hand didn't break its rhythm at all while she absorbed what Amy had said and decided how to respond. The response surprised me as much as it did Amy.

"You can. If you want."

"I meant YOU should sit on it," said Amy.

"I know that's what you meant," said Marlee, without withdrawing her offer.

Now it was Amy's turn to figure out if the other person was joking or not. She made up her mind very quickly that Marlee really was giving her permission to fuck her fiance, then she leaned over Buckingham's torso, put her arm round Marlee's neck and kissed her on the lips. At the same time, she swung her leg over his abdomen and under Marlee's masturbating arm, positioning herself for impalement. With her lips locked on Marlee's, and leaning on her shoulder for support, she slowly lowered herself onto him, every inch downwards shortening Marlee's hand stroke, eventually forcing her to let go and take her hand out of the way, as the black and white pubic bones came together. Amy's mouth fell away from Marlee's as she exhaled with a groaning sigh.

I had tried never to let myself get attached to any illusions that Amy was exclusively mine. I knew that her feelings for me – whatever they were – would not necessarily be damaged by a sexual adventure with someone else, which I had always accepted was ultimately inevitable. It didn't make it any easier to watch, though. I had seen her make love with Tracey several times and I had felt some chunky lumps of jealousy then, but that was never quite the same threat as watching her have sex with another man. I had never before watched another cock slide in and out of her pussy, I had never heard her orgasm build, or listened to her unique little grunting sounds, or seen the familiar contortions in her face and the flush rise in her cheeks when she was fucking a man without being one of the active participants in the process. It was disturbingly painful.

Rather than dwell on my own vulnerability, I drew quickly, forgetting about the subtleties of form and tone, just whipping the shapes and the rhythms of the key lines down onto the page, grabbing key details like the angle of her wrist on his knee or the scrunch of his closed eyes, trying to capture the moment when she threw her head back and pushed herself down onto him as far as she could, and the moment when she dropped her head towards her knees and almost vibrated her ass up and down over the very tip of his cock, tearing out each page of the pad and flinging it aside as I captured some new aspect of what would have been, under other circumstances, a fascinating and enjoyable spectacle.

Marlee was very close to Amy and her man, touching both of them at once without making any connection with either of them, and at the height of the action she turned towards me and our eyes met for just a second or two. We did not speak silent volumes, but there was a momentary recognition, a link of fearfulness and regret that shuttled between us which we both felt and which dulled the undeniable excitement that both of us were also experiencing.

The show was over very quickly, and explosively. When Amy rolled off Buckingham, and then just flopped back over his thighs, her legs splayed, her throat exposed, and her tits facing the ceiling, the two of them looked like they were posing for an 'after the orgy' photo. I told them to stay where they were and asked Marlee to join them by falling on the bed and just letting her legs and arms stay where they fell, like she was either drunk or unconscious. If two of the bodies hadn't happened to be female, the final scene could have been out of a Mathew Brady post-battle Civil War photograph.

All three of them seemed comfortable so I took more time drawing this group than all of the others, but it was worth it. The result had an intriguing post-coital languor about it that was not wholly invented by me.

This last drawing was all any of us had any more enthusiasm for, so we decided to call it a day. Marlee was particularly interested in looking at the collected results of the session, and she helped me spread the sheets of paper out on the floor at the bottom of the bed so that we could all see them. Amy, who had actually dozed off with real post-orgasmic fatigue during the last drawing, stretched herself awake and handed Buckingham his shorts, coming to stand beside me with her arm around my waist. This little togetherness gesture pleased me, and I put my arm round her shoulders and we both gave each other a reassuring squeeze.

"Unfortunately, these are the best ones," said Marlee, with a smile, pointing to the four quick sketches of Amy and her man in the middle of their brief passionate union. She was right, although I was quite pleased with the more formal first and last drawings which were less sexually charged, but visually very interesting. Together, the whole group of drawings made an interesting series, a documentation of a brief sexual journey.

Although we had agreed to pay in pounds sterling, I didn't actually have any British currency, so our two extra models were just as happy to be paid in the equivalent amount of local money rather than wait till later. It looked like a big wad of notes, and it was, but that was only because there are more than a hundred Jamaican dollars to the pound. Still, one hundred pounds worth of local dollars was a worthwhile amount of cash to this young couple, and they were very pleased to have earned it.

Buckingham's pager beeped, he checked it, and with a wave at us all, he started for the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" asked Marlee.

He stopped, as if that was a silly question, gesturing at his pager. She crooked her finger at him to get his ass back over to where she was standing with her arms outstretched expectantly, which he sheepishly did. As he went to hug his fiancée, Amy held out her free arm as well, hanging on to me with the other one, and suddenly all four of us were in a naked group hug. It sounds like a hippy commune type of moment, and that's a bit like how it felt to me, which made me a little uncomfortable. The other three were too young to have experienced much that resembled a hippy scene, so they shared each others' hugs with less embarrassment.

"I hope we haven't compromised either of you this afternoon," I said to our model guests, "I mean with the resort, and your jobs."

"There's always gossip in this place, but It will be OK as long as we don't tell anyone what happened," said Marlee with a smile. "Having sex with guests is a big no-no, and having that rule makes it easier for us to say 'no' without offending anyone. We've always said 'no' before, but after I read in the papers what you two did, I wanted to see for myself how good you are. This was the first time anything like this has happened with either of us."

She looked at Buckingham, who was pretending to look at his pager.

"At least it was for me, and I sure hope it was the first time it's happened to my man here," she said pointedly. Buckingham smiled sweetly and reassuringly at her, then he turned to Amy and kissed the back of her hand.

"Same time tomorrow, then, miss?" he asked hopefully.

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