tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA+ Credit Ch. 02

A+ Credit Ch. 02


It was 6:55 AM. Sarah could smell the coffee in the teacher's lounge boiling. She was the first in this morning. Sitting and fidgeting she checked the clock again. In an hour and five minutes she would start class. Four hours after that she would have lunch and planning time. Two and a half hours after lunch she would be getting out of school. Within fifteen to thirty minutes after that she would be across town at a hotel checking in. The time would be around 3:30 PM. She would eat a light dinner at a place across the street from the hotel at 4:30, like an old person. Then at 5:00 she would shower and get ready. Then at 6:00 it would be time. She fidgeted in anticipation, reviewing the contents of the black bag packed in her trunk and what they had cost her.

-An assorted variety of condoms in different sizes: $40

-A prepaid "burner" phone: $60

-A little black dress: $170

-Lingerie: $50

-Morning after pills: $50

-Pepper spray: $12

The price of the hotel she was staying at was $60 per night, but if she booked for three nights in a row it would only be $150. By her calculations it would take two "Johns" just to break even, and she wouldn't be ahead by much money until she hit three. She had scheduled one for that night, another two for Saturday, and a fourth for Sunday, but there were still guys wanting to book her last minute. She mentally went back over her inventory and routing.

It was 6:56 AM.


It was lunch time but Sarah wasn't hungry. She picked pensively over her cafeteria portions.

What if he's a cop? I'd lose everything.

What if he's a serial killer?

What if he says no when I tell him to use a condom?

What if someone I know spots me there?

Most of those fears were irrational. Sarah had followed an online guide for screening her customers before agreeing to see them, and had use the site's private message function to contact "references", which were verified working girls who had seen the customers before. They had confirmed that they had seen the men she had picked out for her first weekend.

She glanced at the digital clock over the door. It was 12:23 PM. She needed to finish eating before her next class. She picked pensively over her cafeteria portions.

What if he's a cop?


It was 2:59 PM. She watched the minutes count down with her last class, who were literally squirming in their seats. Then she saw the clock turn, and after a few long, painful seconds of delay the bell finally rang. The class immediately jumped to their feet and rushed to leave. Normally she would have stopped them for leaving before she dismissed them, but today her heart just wasn't in it.


Sarah glanced at the time as she put her blinker on. 3:17 PM. She was ahead of schedule. Switching her attention to the building ahead, she turned into the lot and parked by the hotel. It wasn't particularly impressive, and it looked like the kind of seedy motel that a hooker would meet Johns in, but it was in her budget.

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

She get out of the car and headed toward the lobby. Walking in, she took note of the continental breakfast offered between 8 and 9 AM, at least according to the sign. Seemed pretty half assed. She turned to the clerk behind the counter, a bored looking young woman who looked up from her magazine as Sarah approached.

"Hi. How can I help you?"

At least she sounds professional.

"Hi, are you still offering the discounted rate for booking a room for three days?"

"We sure are."

"I'd like to go ahead and book through Sunday night then."

"Alrighty then. I just need to see your ID and run your card."

"Um... is it alright if I pay in cash?"

The young clerk's expression changed.

"Oh. Yeah, sure. You just have to pay upfront."

"Of course."

Sarah slid the bills, already set aside in her wallet, across the counter under her ID. The clerk rang her up and sat for a few minutes typing in her information.

"So what brings you to town?"

"Oh, uh, business."

As she said this she realized how flat that must have fallen: anybody traveling on company dime would be paying with card and probably checking into a nicer hotel. To say that she was traveling on business just for a weekend, and to check into a seedy motel while paying in cash...

"I see. Well enjoy your stay Sarah."

The young clerk smiled at her. Embarrassed, Sarah collected her ID. The clerk didn't seem particularly unfriendly, and smiled her way. As she headed out to leave, the girl called out to her.

"Um, miss?"


"If you need... something, there's a 24 hour pharmacy just down the street."

"Oh. Well. Thank you."

Sarah's mind put together the implication quickly. The clerk had her pegged exactly on what she was here to do. The implication that she was going to need condoms or a morning after pill stung. What stung more was the reality that she had bought those items from that very store two nights prior.

Ego bruised, she went to the car to get her little black bag.


The time was 4PM on the dot as she laid her outfit out on the bed.

This is crazy.

You can still leave.

Surely you can tutor for enough money.

She pushed down the involuntary wave of existential panic as she examined her outfit for the night. A slinky little black dress, a pair of "fuck me" heels she hadn't worn since Vegas, and the lacy lingerie that showed more than it covered. She was definitely going to wait until after she had eaten dinner and showered to put this outfit on.


She looked around the 24 hour diner she was sitting in. Over in the corner a group of teens with reddened eyes and a slight odor chowed down on pancakes. An older couple a few booths down were eating dinner. A tired looking guy was drinking coffee. The faint smell of old smoke told Sarah that this used to be a smoking establishment. Something about the sort of grainy white light in the place coupled with the tinted windows made it feel less than real. It was like some sort of diner in limbo. Sarah checked her watch. 4:17. The waitress came and took her order, then was gone. She was just another face in the diner that would come and go with another shift. That shift was another day in another work schedule. The world turned around and around.


4:52 and she knew that she needed to stop stalling. Making certain to lock and latch the door Sarah headed for the bathroom. Stripping off her button up shirt and jeans, she looked at herself in the mirror. White lingerie. She definitely knew that she hadn't been a saint in college, but there was the deep and heavy realization that in changing her outfit after she got out was transitioning from metaphorical Madonna to literal Whore. Death, burial, and rebirth all inside of a cheap motel room. Sarah watched her body as she stripped out of her white lingerie. This is what men were coming to pay her for. Her Johns were coming to use her body to their satisfaction for an hour or so, and then leave. She cupped c-cup breasts and ran a finger over her hairless pubic mound. She had waxed it just for this weekend.

Satisfied with her body, she turned on the shower and got in, letting the water wash away the dirt and grime of the morning to make room for the dirt and grime of the evening.


Do I want to look like a whore or no?

It was an odd sentiment. By strict tautology she would look like a whore no matter how much makeup she wore, but that was beside the point: if she really caked on the makeup it would run during sex, but if she didn't she might make a poor impression. She was going to have to fix it after each John though no matter what she did. Sighing, she proceeded to go full whore with her level of makeup.

It was 5:15.


At 5:31 she was sitting on the fence between panicking, bolting, and staying.

I could still totally split.

Technically she could.

I'd be another six-hundred in the hole though.

This was also true.

I could teach community college, summer school, and grade standardized tests to pay this off.

It would have taken years.

I could just find a rich guy and fuck his brains out until he marries me.

Sarah didn't know any rich guys.

I could get a sugar daddy like Libby!

She already knew she didn't want a sugar daddy. Not for what they were paying.

Damn it, I'm literally selling my ass in a cheap hotel to pay off my gambling problem!

This was literally true.

I should call Libby, she can help me figure out how to get through this.

She couldn't, but Sarah wasn't omniscient and couldn't possibly have known that.

That's what I'll do, I'll call Libby!

Sarah pulled out her phone and dialed her friend. She heard the dial tone. There was the ring to establish that it was connected. Then the first ring. A second. A third. A fourth. It was on the fourth that she got an answer.

"H-hello..." Libby sounded out of breath.

"Hey Libby. What's up?" Sarah asked, trying to sound chipper

"Oh, uh," the brunette panted, "just r-relaxing."

Sarah could hear a rhythmic noise in the background somewhere.

"Well that's cool."


"So do you wanna grab dinner tonight?"


Sarah heard muffled murmuring.

"I'm a little tied up right now, but I might be able to meet at 9:30 if you want to eat really late."

Sarah frowned. That meant the choice to see her John or not see her John fell entirely on her shoulders. Whatever she did, she couldn't pass the buck on it.

"Okay, that sounds fine."



"Oops. I mean you pick the place."

"Okay. I'll text you and let you know."

"Cya then!"

Sarah paused before hanging up. She heard her friend's heavy breathing and the background noise picked up suddenly. Then Libby hung up.

It was 5:37


You're a hottie. You're going to blow this guy's mind. He'll enjoy it so much that he'll offer to pay off your bills and rescue you from the downward spiral of horrible things going on in your life.

Sarah knew it was an idle fantasy, but she entertained it regardless.

He'll totally pull a "Pretty Woman" on you. He'll be better looking than Richard Gere.

She didn't actually know what her client looked like. She knew his name, that he regularly saw working girls, and that he worked in accounting, but that was all.

Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin when her burner phone started to ring. She took a deep breath, steeled her nerves, and plastered on her best smile hoping it would carry to her voice. She picked it up and answered.

"Well hello..."

"Hi. I'm calling to tell you that you can lower your monthly interest rate on your credit card."

"Oh! Which one?"

"Well which ones do you have?"

"This is a scammer isn't it?"

"This is not a scam. We offer premium refinancing options for-"

Sarah let out a choked scream as she hurled the disposable phone at the wall. Fortunately she missed and hit the soft chair instead.

It was 5:48.


It was 5:55 on the dot when her phone rang again. Her heart went still when she answered.


"Hi. Is this... Saffron?"

Sarah had picked Saffron because it was the most expensive spice in the grocery store. She knew hookers went by names like Cinnamon and Sugar, so it made sense to her to go by Saffron. She felt stupid answering to that name over the phone.

"Yeah baby, this is Saffron. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, well, I'm at the parking lot..."


She didn't know whether to be relieved or upset.

"Oh, I'll come find you and bring you up."

"Alright. I'm by the blue Prius."



Sarah hung up and took a deep breath, then headed for the door. She took another deep breath as she unlocked it, unbolted the latch, and peeked through the peephole to make sure that nobody was waiting to grab her outside. Another deep breath, her best smile, and she opened the door.

The room faced West, and she had to squint as she looked down at the parking lot for a blue Prius. She spotted it, and a figure standing by it was waving at her. Sarah, that is to say Saffron, waved back. He headed for the stairs.

Welp. This is happening.

Sarah gulped.

The accountant appeared at the top of the stairs looking as out of breath as Sarah felt. She gave him her most winning smile, the one she normally reserved for the kid who was obviously trying but who couldn't quite understand fractions.

"Hi there... Saffron."

"Hey there yourself... John."

She had assumed that he was using a cute pseudonym when he first told her his name. John Johnson. He hadn't been. It was his actual name.

"You look... great."

The man looked her up and down, and Sarah realized that she was basically posing in the door frame in her heels and slinky dress. Part of her froze in shame, and another part of her took over.

"Thank you very much for the compliment John. Do you want to come in and make yourself comfortable?"


The man walked by, and Sarah wondered whether she was taller than him without heels or if the shoes just barely put her close enough. Shutting the door behind him, she locked and latched it. Sarah turned around to find the John named John sitting on the bed. She moved forward, and then hung, pausing.

"Do you prefer that I get a little more comfortable in the bathroom first, or...?"

"Actually, if it's all the same, I'd like to watch you get more comfortable if you don't mind."

"Oh. Okay."

He wants a strip tease?

Sarah found herself giving her most lascivious smile as she slid her hands over her little black dress. It was like someone else was talking and moving for her and she was just listening and watching.

"Well, I definitely need to slip this off. It's so... inhibiting."


He watched, hypnotized, and she cocked her hips and slowly ran her hands up her body. She adjusted the dress on her shoulder, noting his anticipation, and switched back to playing with the edge of her skirt. Looking at him mischievously she started to flash him, then hesitated as she slipped the edge of the dress down her shoulder. His eyes took in her curves as she dropped the dress down her shoulder but held it to her chest as she pulled her arm out from it. She let it almost fall to show her lingerie, then pulled it back up as she loosed the other shoulder from the dress. Air tasted her skin like it was hungry for her. Slowly she turned as she dropped the dress down her form, exposing the back of the lacy bra she wore as she turned and bent over. Her John had an excellent view of her g-string clad ass as she dropped the dress to the ground and stepped her heeled feet out of it. Turning, Sarah found her hands on her hips as she faced the John named John. He looked ready to pop.

"Well I'm so very comfortable now!"

The bulge in her customer's pants told her that whatever she was doing was effective. She eyed him as he took her in.

"Can I help you get.. more comfortable?"

"Of course you can John!"

Saffron said, her voice bubbly. Sarah watched herself walk over in those slut-heels as though it were an out of body experience. She smiled as she leaned in and put her breasts in the accountant's face.

"These are just so bound up, can you help me with that?"

Needing no further prompting the man reached up and cupped her breasts through the bra. His hands continued moving as he kneaded them, then he slid his hand along the fabric and reached around for the clasp in the back. Sarah started to reach back to help him as he fumbled for a moment, but the bra came loose. Air kissed her firm breasts and caressed her nipples, and her John's hands followed suit. She felt the smoothness of his fingers rubbing against her skin and catch on her erect nipples. All smiles like a Cheshire Cat, Saffron ground on his lap like a stripper as he explored her. Sarah noted a bead of sweat rolling down the back of her neck as adrenaline pumped through her. Hands cupped and pulled at her breasts as she teased his body with hers.

Then John reached down and unzipped his pants, and Sarah was back in her body and panicking. His hand cupped the back of her neck.

Oh god. I'm going to have to suck his dick.

Her stomach turned as she got down on her knees. John dropped his pants, and she saw the pink head rise up to greet her as he did. A hand cupped her breast as another urged her forward. Sarah's stomach fluttered, and Saffron leaned forward and kissed the fleshy serpent as it greeted her, then smiled up at the John.

"For me?" Saffron gasped. "You shouldn't have!"

Then she wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock and started. Sarah idly noted John's hand slowly slide down from her neck and cup her other c-cup tit as Saffron and John both got into it. Swirling her tongue Saffron sucked his head loudly and looked up with a smile as she started stroking his shaft. Her teeth grazed his skin.

"N-no teeth please."

"Oh, okay."

Saffron opened her mouth wider and slid the head to the center of her mouth, taking part of the shaft in and shaping her tongue to the contours of the man's cock. She sucked loudly, attacking every curve and edge of it she could with her tongue, the surface of her mouth, and raw suction. The hands on her breasts grew firmer as she continued her attack, now bobbing her head up and down. She felt the cock slide down deeper and deeper each time. Sarah remembered her gag reflex as she felt it hit the back of her throat. Rising, she took a deep breath through her nose and pushed down. She pushed past the point where she started to choke as the shaft punched the back of her throat. She felt it slide down into her as she pushed her lips to the hilt of her John's manhood. Responding to a tugging on her breasts, she rose as she inhaled through her nose. She kept the tip in her mouth.

"I definitely need to lie down while you do this."


John stripped off his shirt and she helped him kick out of his pants. Saffron cooed in disappointment as his cock left her mouth. Following him up onto the bed, she found herself straddling his legs as she bent down to suck his cock. Hands grasped her breasts and pulled her forward.

I'm glad I do yoga, because this is fucking murder on my back.

She smiled sluttishly, servicing John to his satisfaction. Finding a rhythm she continued what she was doing. In this position she couldn't fill her lungs as fully, so her bobbing up and down had to be shorter and faster. Her hair fell down into her eyes, and her John pulled it up with a hand as she continued. Grateful, she smacked her tongue against his cock. One hand cradled his balls as her other played with the length of shaft that she wasn't applying oral suction to. She felt his manhood tighten in her hands as she let it hit the back of her through again.

Hands gripped her head, and Sarah started to panic as she felt something hot and wet gushing into her throat. It took her a second to realize that it was his cum. Panic set in as Sarah started to choke on it. Unable to extricate herself she felt her eyes start to tear up and she gagged. Then something took over and she swallowed it down before drowning in it. She felt more drops tumble down her throat as John's member softened. Sarah fought back tears as the deathgrip on her head loosened. The cock popped out of her mouth and she rested her head on his thigh. Sarah breathed deeply and heavily in relief. It was over.

"Oh wow, that was amazing. And it's only..." he glanced at his watch, "six twenty two. After you help me get hard again I can't wait to try out that tight little kitty of yours..."

Oh crap. It's not over. MSOG: multiple shots on goal. An hour is an hour. Shit.

Sarah cursed her entrepreneurial tendencies as she hesitantly licked John's cock. It didn't immediately spring back to life, so she leaned in and kissed it. Still not rising from the grave. She took the soft head in her mouth and sucked it. Leaning down she licked the man's balls, and tasted salt sweat on him. Working her jaw muscles she alternated between licking, sucking, and kissing. After a few minutes his hands continued exploring her body, and the rhythm of her labors was joined by the broken tugging on her nipples. Eventually she felt it start to twitch, and after a short while it rose to greet her like an old friend.

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