tagInterracial LoveA Crime Saga Ch. 03

A Crime Saga Ch. 03


Stacy rode off in the back of the squad van, preoccupied with the task at hand. She didn’t even notice the other squad members gawking at her body. She was right, the skirt was too short. The skirt didn’t even cover her ass, revealing everything. Stacy kept crossing her legs, trying to hide any view of her shaven pussy. She didn’t know why she decided against wearing a thong, but now she thought it would have been a good idea. Stacy was a nervous wreck because not only was this her first assignment, but she was unarmed and up against the most notorious drug dealer in the Happy District. She realized for the first time everyone in the van except for the sergeant was black. In fact, most of the squad was black. She wondered why she got transferred to vice. The cold draft gave her goose bumps all over her body, her nipples sticking out from her bra. She felt very uncomfortable.

Her eyes darted around the van, trying not to reveal her anxiety. Her gaze came upon a tremendous bulge in one of the team member’s pants. She quickly removed her eyes and brought it upon another black man’s pants. To her surprise he too had a huge package bulging out of his pants. She noticed that all of them were packing big members and they were all staring at her body. An image of a big black cock flashed in her mind.

Suddenly, the van stopped. The sergeant came to the back of the van.

“Alright, man your positions.”

Everyone got out of the van and began their stakeout. Two undercover squad members were assigned to each destination. The closest they could get was one block away from the Pleasure Hotel. That was where the bust was to be made. Stacy walked down the street crowded with hookers and pimps. Every prostitute stood on six inch stilettos and mini-skirts that showed the bottom of their asses. Some wore fishnet garters to accentuate their slender long legs and sheer tube tops that hugged their big tits. Others didn’t even bother wearing a top; they just wore a small fur coat that barely covered their tits. But Stacy’s outfit outdid them all. Her lacey bra was see-through and her mini-skirt was shorter than theirs. All the hookers stared at her, watching her stumble on her stilettos. She never really perfected walking on heels. She was really nervous now, hoping someone would abort the mission. As she approached the Pleasure Hotel, she saw a young blonde squatting, sucking thick black meat right down her gullet. Stacy was taken aback by this. And there was at least still another good five thick inches just sticking out of her mouth. Stacy just stood there watching; she was awe-struck. She could tell the young blonde was having trouble with swallowing down that thick black cock because there were strings of saliva around her lips and choking noises came from her throat. But the prostitute kept trying; the look on her face expressed both surprise and determination from so much black cock she had taken down her throat, and so much more to go. The black man just stood there grinning down at her, occasionally thrusting more of his cock down her throat. He liked making her choke on his cock; seeing her expand her throat to accommodate his thick shaft and hearing her make gagging noises because she was so helpless. Stacy noticed the black man’s physique; he was very buff and very dark. But his black cock was even darker; it was pure muscle. Another image of big black cock flashed in her mind, this time she imagined herself sucking on it. The black man turned to her and smirked, shaking her out of her dream state. A hand grabbed her ass and she gasped, quickly turning around to see three giant black men standing before her.

“You want some of that?”

“What? Um… yes. I mean no! I mean I want to buy some drugs.”

“Damn, she’s going to jeopardize the mission,” said one of the team members over the radio.

“You’re a pretty one; hmm… you don’t look like no whore.” Brock said.

“I’m a… I’m new.”

“Is that right? Then you haven’t had the chance to try out some black meat!” Tyrone hollered while grabbing the bulge in his pants.

“Uh… well, I’m just here for the drugs.” Stacy was losing it.

“Why don’t you come up to the hotel, we’ll discuss it there.” Brock put his arm around Stacy and escorted her inside the hotel.

“We just lost visual contact.”

“We still have her on radio?”


“I don’t like this. Tell her once she sees the drugs get the hell out of there.” The sergeant paced back and forth inside the van.

Brock, Tyrone, and Jamal walked right next to Stacy as they went up the stairs. She felt weak being pinned between these giant black men. They escorted her into a run-down room, the smell of semen jarring her senses. The room reeked of cum. She felt even more frightened. In the room there were three chairs, a small table, and a bed. Everything seemed matted with dry sperm, the floor, the table, even the bed sheets. The three black men sat down on the chairs.

“So, you wanna deal?” Brock asked.

“Uh, yes.” Stacy said trembling.

“How do I know you’re not a cop?”

“Uh, I’m not, trust me.” Stacy was scared. She didn’t know what to do so she tugged on her bra, hoping to distract them from asking her anymore questions.

“If you wanna deal, you gotta strip.”

“What? I just want to buy some drugs, that’s all.”

“You don’t even have any cash on you, bitch.”

They were right. The clothes she wore were so thin and so tight anyone could tell she wasn’t carrying anything at all. It seemed everyone on vice forgot about that one minor detail. They didn’t expect this to happen.

“Um… let me go get it. I’m just going to go to the…” Before Stacy could finish, Jamal grabs her from behind, ripping off her bra and the wire along with it.

“We just lost radio contact.”

“God Damn it! We have to move in!” Shouted the sergeant.

“No! If we go in now we won’t get anything! Stand down sergeant!” Commanded Lieutenant Fisk over the comm.

“We’re gonna have us some nice tight white pussy.”

“No! Please! I’m a cop. You can still get out of this! Police have surrounded the block, give up now and I promise I’ll put in a good word for you.” Stacy was scared for her life.

“Shiet, I knew she was cop. Now we gets to fuck up a bitch cop!” Growled Jamal, fondling her soft ample tits.

Brock stood up, dropping his pants, revealing his humongous black cock to Stacy for the first time. Her eyes grew and her jaw dropped. She was in utter shock. In front of her stood Brock holding the most grotesque looking thing she had ever seen. It hung down the length of his thighs, twitching maniacally. The shaft was unbelievably thick, and hard. It must have been at least fifteen inches long and ten inches thick, Stacy thought. Its skin was jet black, with coarse blisters covered all over the thick black meat. Veins pulsed along the length of his great big shaft; one particularly huge vein ran jagged down his tremendous cock. It topped off with an engorged cock head, dark in purple and severely scarred. Stacy noticed a huge sack behind the pulsating rod, which added to her astonishment. She wondered how much sperm awaited her. Stacy never had any sperm inside of her, so she didn’t know what to expect, nor did she have any idea what was in store for her. But she knew she was going to find out soon enough.

Tyrone and Jamal took off their pants as well, while Stacy just stood there watching. She was too scared to do anything, but she was also anxious to see the size of their cocks. Her mind was lost in a dream state; she had completely forgotten she was an officer of the law, and that the men in front of her were hostile. Tyrone and Jamal both sported ten inches of thick hard cock to Stacy’s amazement. Her beautiful white skin glowed in front of these three intimidating black brutes. Her breasts, full and firm, were exposed to them; she didn’t even make an effort to cover her beautiful round breasts. Her pointy nipples jutted out, shriveled from the excitement. She watched as those phallic organs began to rise, enormous shafts extending out of their muscular bodies. The scent of three black cocks besieged her senses, causing her to stumble. Tyrone bent her over the bed; Stacy offering no resistance. With her hands on the bed, Stacy instinctively spread her legs, her skirt riding up to reveal her nice round ass. She looked behind her, staring at the three hideous looking monsters, then stared down at the hideous monstrosities that hung from their bodies. They grinned back at her, knowing well that she’s scared and willing to do anything. They were going to fuck her in every hole; they were going to ravage her whole body. Stacy knew what was going to happen, no help was coming from the outside. She was going to be violated.

Tyrone was positioned right behind her so he was the first to try her out. He held the base of his shaft and started rubbing her pussy lips with his cock head. Stacy’s pussy instantly began lubricating itself, her juices secreting out onto his engorged cock head. Her pussy lips parted easily, as if trying to invite Tyrone’s cock in. Her lips parted as well, sighing from the touch and to invite a cock in her mouth. Jamal got on the bed and placed his cock in front of her face. His cock head touched her lips, and she involuntarily kissed it. Brock just stood there watching them work, knowing she’ll need to be loosened before taking him. Tyrone slipped in his cock head causing her to open her mouth, letting out a moan. Her moan was short lived as Jamal’s cock head entered her mouth. Stacy had to open her mouth wide to accommodate Jamal’s oversized cock head. His cock head felt uncomfortable in her mouth as she was not used to the size.

Both Tyrone and Jamal began pushing in simultaneously. Stacy’s body started to arch but was pushed down by Tyrone. Jamal grabbed her head with both hands as he slid more cock into her mouth. Stacy’s wet tongue made it easy for him to push in. She tried tightening her lips around the shaft to maybe prevent him for forcing anymore black cock into her mouth. She placed her hands on his legs to stop him from thrusting in. The oversized cock head was now hitting the back of her throat. At the same time Tyrone pushed in his thick black meat into her tight wet pussy. It was a real tight fit because she never had such a big cock inside her before.

They both started thrusting into her good. She was taking in a good amount of cock, but there was still more cock left. Her juices were lubing the thick black shaft in her pussy and her saliva coating the rock-hard meat down her throat. Tyrone lunged forward, his hands reaching forward to grab her nice big tits. He held onto them firmly and really started fucking her with his entire cock. Thrust after thrust he slammed into her to the hilt, his balls slapping her clit. He squeezed her breasts hard, fucking her even faster. Tyrone wanted to get a look at her pink ass hole so he grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them, revealing a tight pink puckered anus. On the other end Jamal was busy sliding his rigid shaft in and out her mouth. She was gagging and trying to make him stop, but he didn’t care. With one hand he pulled on her blonde hair and with the other he reached under and squeezed her tits. He forced his entire cock down her throat, the cock head tickling her gullet.

Stacy endured this for quite a while. She had completely forgotten where she was and why she was here. She thought about her teammates and wondered why they haven’t come to rescue her. Her thoughts were interrupted by the increased thrusts of their powerful black cocks. Much to her disbelief she felt the cocks grow even bigger; she knew was going to experience a man’s cum for the first time.

They fucked her deep. Their cocks grew larger and their thrusts increased faster. The fucking got more intense; they kept most of their cock inside her as they pulled out just enough to slam back into her completely. Tyrone tightened his grip on her ass and Jamal tightened his on her tits and with a final thrust, they erupted inside her. Stacy felt hot cum splatter the insides of her pussy and a hot stream of cum shooting down her gullet.

Initially Stacy was disappointed that she didn’t get to taste it but then got worried the cocks inside her wouldn’t stop cumming. They just kept their big black cocks in place while unloading into her; Stacy’s lips were firmly kissing the base of Jamal’s shaft and her clit feeling Tyrone’s cum boiling up from his heavy balls. She didn’t get disappointed after all as semen kept shooting out his oversized cock head; the cum almost overflowing out her mouth. She tightened her lips to prevent any cum from leaking. Stacy began swallowing his cum down; her throat muscles milking his black meat for more semen. Her pussy was completely saturated with Tyrone’s cum. Stacy suddenly became an expert at cocksucking as she licked Jamal’s cock clean.

Stacy was brought back to her senses as Tyrone plunged his big black cock into her ass. With one lunge his was in her ass balls deep. Stacy was shocked as she grimaced in pain. He just held it in there for a while before pulling out.

“Ow…” muttered Stacy weakly.

“Just loosening you up for the boss,” grunted Tyrone.

Meanwhile in the squad van:

“Damn it! I’m going in!” Sergeant Dittel shouted.

“You’re not going anywhere, Dittel.” Fisk commanded.

“Like hell I’m not!”

“Leroy, Elroy, relieve Dittel of his command.”

“This is bullshit! Fuck you Fisk!”

Dittel bolted out the van door and charged toward the Pleasure Hotel with his gun in hand. The pimps and thugs and hookers on the street all turned to watch Dittel run. He quickly disappeared into the building.

“He’s gone.”

“Let him go.”

The sergeant dashed up the stairs not quite knowing where Stacy was, but could hear the noises of grunts and moans. He feared the worst. Dittel noticed an open door and ran down the hallway. He found what he was looking for but not exactly. In the room was Stacy bent over the bed with a brute of a man plunging his tremendous black cock into her ass. She moaned helplessly. The other two black men were having their way with her.

“Freeze! Police!”

Out of nowhere the door behind Dittel swung open and a bat came falling down across Dittel’s back. He fell to the floor, unconscious.

“No! Please! Help!” Stacy cried out faintly.

The mysterious man who clubbed Dittel reached down to pick up the sergeant’s pistol, and aimed it at his head. He pulls the trigger. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a radio, “Man down, Man down I said.”

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