tagInterracial LoveA Crime Saga Ch. 05

A Crime Saga Ch. 05


Tuesday Morning, Department of Justice:

“Please state your name for the record.”

“Candace Camille.”

“What is your occupation Ms. Camille?”

“I work for the mayor as his secretary.”

“Could you please tell the court the reason you are here today?”

“…I was gang raped by five black men, whom work for the mayor.”

“Now, how do you know they work for the mayor?

“I heard them say, “This is what you get for snooping around Mr. Vance’s office.”

“These are very serious accusations Ms. Camille.”

“It’s the truth!”

“Can you give us a physical description of yourself?”

“Objection!” Lena interrupted.

“Your Honor, I am trying to provide motive for these actions if they are indeed true.”

“Objection sustained. Answer the question Ms. Camille.”

“I am 5'7" tall and have long black hair down to my waist. My eyes are brown and my measurements are 34C/24/34.

“You are a very attractive young woman indeed. Do you remember what you were wearing?”

Candace was wearing a tight fitting blouse that contoured her 34C breasts, showing off plenty of cleavage, and a short mini-skirt. “I was wearing a white blouse and a black mini-skirt.”

“Similar to the outfit you’re wearing now?

“Uh… yes.”

“Tell me, do you always dress like that?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Could you describe in detail the events that took place that night?”

“Well, it started about a week ago when a check came in for Mr. Vance for ten thousand dollars, it was a personal check. I checked the computer records for recent donations or charities but I couldn’t find any. So I decided to go inside to Mr. Vance’s office to file a record when Mr. Vance came in. He looked furious. He asked me what I was doing in his office. I told him about a check that came and he took it from me, and then told me to step outside. Later that night he told me to go 555 Center St. in the Happy District to check on the status of an abandoned building that was under construction. After work I decided to go the building before I went home. At that time it was about eight in the evening. As I walked inside to take a look at the place, five black men stepped out from the shadows and asked what I was doing in there territory. I told them it must be a mistake and that I work for the mayor. There was one dim light shining from outside and a mattress on the floor in the middle of the room. They surrounded me and took my briefcase and pushed me down on the mattress.”

“Why didn’t you run?”

“There were five of them, and they were all huge. I was intimidated.”

“Their presence overwhelmed you?”


“Go on.”

“They asked me if I ever… sucked black cock before. I told them no. They said I was in for a rough night. That’s when I heard one of them say that they were going to teach me not to snoop around Mr. Vance’s office.”

“Then what happened?”

“They stepped closer to me. I watched them reach inside their pants and pull out their… black cocks. I was shocked at how big they were, and scared what they were going to do to me. Then one of them grabbed the back of my head and then forced his black cock into my mouth. The rest of them started tearing my clothes, and fondling my body. The one with his cock in my mouth kept pushing in deeper down my throat; I was terrified of choking on it, I had to use both my hands to stroke him while I sucked him off. I didn’t know what else to do.”

“What were you thinking at the time?”

“I was just thinking in order to get out of here alive I had to get them off. I was frightened; hands were groping and entering every part of my body. Someone behind me pulled me up by the hips and spread my legs. That’s when I felt him put it in me. He was so thick I had to spread my legs even farther. I was afraid he would split me in two. He fucked me so hard his cock was the only thing holding me up. I don’t think my heels even touched the floor.”

“And then what?”

“Well, the other three were cheering them on, and fondling me; they had their way with me. I felt the cock in my mouth grow bigger and move faster; he pushed his cock all the way down my throat, and I started to gag. Then I felt his hot thick cum flooding my throat. He just held my head still while he came. After he pulled out my mouth was filled with his cum, so I swallowed it. The man behind me quickened his pace and I felt him grow, too. Then he grabbed me by my hair, turned me around and put it in my mouth. He pumped for a while before cumming down my throat, too.”

“Did it end there?”

“No, the other three soon joined in. I was lowered atop of one man while another forced me to suck him off. That’s when I felt the third man’s cock head pressing against the entrance of my ass. They triple teamed me! I can’t believe it… I had all my holes filled with big black cock. I felt so swollen. I felt completely stuffed.”

“How long did this go for?”

”Hours. They took turns sodomizing me and raping me repeatedly. They had their way with me till morning. I don’t even remember going home.”

“Did you go see a doctor?”

“Yes. The doctor said that the ordeal took a lot out of me and that it will take me weeks to heal. The doctor also said both my holes were severely stretched out and there is bruised and swollen tissue.”

“Did the doctor retain any evidence?”

“No, that’s because they made me swallow all their semen.”

“As you know Ms. Camille, my go ahead to prosecute our fine mayor will cause political turmoil for the city. Did you at any point feel pleasure from this?”

“I was raped!”

“I believe you, Ms. Camille. But making a jury believe you is a completely different story. No more questions now Your Honor.”

“Ms. Jew, your witness.”

“Ms. Camille, you know that this is a preliminary hearing. Could you tell me how you felt after this ordeal?”

“I felt violated.”

”And did the doctor say that your bruised and swollen tissue was a result of physical and sexual abuse?”

”Yes, he did.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you have anything to add Mr. Harden?”

“One more thing Your Honor, I just received a message from Vice Squad and they have come forward with information about this case. It seems there was a mistake or mere coincidence that Ms. Camille happened to appear at the abandoned where house that night. The five men she is referring to are undercover vice members who were on a sting operation. They were suppose to meet up with a woman of Ms. Camille’s description who also happened to be carrying a briefcase, a briefcase which was suppose to carry drugs. The woman had previously called for the five men as part of a drug deal. This is just one big misunderstanding.”

“Objection! Your Honor! This is absurd!”

“I have all the paperwork right here, my assistant just handed it to me.”

“Let me see those, counselor. Hmm… you’re right, they are indeed police officers and this case is indeed dismissed.”

”Your Honor this is a mistake!”

“I am not about to prosecute five police officers Ms. Jew, you are to proceed to the next case! Do you understand me?”

”…yes Your Honor.”

Meanwhile at Club Deep:

The place was a mess. Shattered glass and spilled drinks littered the floor, and eight dead bodies rested in pools of blood. The area was roped off by police; a dozen officers stood watch over the scene of the event.

Detective Omar Jones and Kim Valentine conducted the investigation. Omar dressed smartly in a sleek sport coat, like how a detective should look. Kim wore a crimson red low cut halter under a slim fit leather jacket.

They talked to various patrons of the club before interrogating Brock.

“Tell us your version of what happened,” said Kim.

Brock looked at Kim’s big breasts and her high heel stilettos before answering her.

“These young punks come in and interrupt my establishment. I tried to be hospitable, but all they wanted was to cause trouble. They even killed two of my body guards. I had to protect the innocent people of my establishment, it’s my reputation.”

“Other witnesses said there was a woman with them, where is she now?”

“There are a lot of women here; you’re going to have to be more specific.”

“I’ll take it from here, Kim. Why don’t you go see if the witnesses saw anything else.” Omar interrupted.

Kim looked at Omar disapprovingly before walking away. Both Brock and Omar stared at her nice round ass as she moved.

“I take it you haven’t hit that ass yet. You join me, I’ll make you rich beyond your imagination, and all the tits and ass you’ll ever need. We black people must stick together.”

Without saying a word both men went up the stairs. Brock hit a switch and secret door opened, revealing a room full of high tech equipment, monitors, a ton of black men and three white women.

There were at least thirty black guys with their cocks hanging out over the three beautiful women. The ladies were sprawled out in various positions, all three blacked out and matted with cum. Their hair, faces, tits, were all covered in semen. The three women were gangfucked nonstop relentlessly overnight. It was a no holes barred gangbang. They were being triple teamed the entire time.

“Let me introduce: Rosy, the beautiful dark haired singer. She is a… regular performer at our club. Rosy has the most amazing ass; her bubble butt can take it in really deep. The blonde laying next to her is Gina Gail, she is an aspiring actress, in fact, she just made her first movie right here in this room, with Rosy and DJ P as special guests. Gina sucks a mean cock; she took me down her throat twice. And the orange blonde is Cristina Kosta, a Latin beauty with an attitude. She was the least willing to give it up, but after a few of our brothers were through with her, she was willing to do anything.”

Omar moved up to examine the ladies. A huge bulge grew out from the middle of his pants instantly. He liked what he saw.

Rosy laid on her side with her eyes closed, her purple top bunched up above her breasts, and breathing heavily. Cum oozed out of her mouth, and more cum covered her face, breasts, and the rest of her body.

Omar looked closely at her gaping holes; he could see deep inside her gaping ass hole and the cum in her ass. Her pussy lips were spread out and loose. He admired her big round butt for a moment before moving on to the next victim.

Gina Gail was spread out across the table, her head hanging over the edge upside down. Her face and blonde hair was completely plastered with cum, obvious from the face fucking she endured overnight. Omar was going to have to try this for himself. She just lay there, her heaving breasts looked tender and sore, apparently from the rough hands of the black men squeezing them and holding on to them as they fucked her mouth. Her legs were spread apart and held down by her high heels. Her pink pussy looked the tightest, and she was shaven bare.

Cristina Kosta was bent over the table the entire night, her hands cuffed behind her back. They fucked her the most and the hardest, partly because she was with the gang but mostly because she was a Latina. A Latina who never experienced black cock before. Cristina’s ass was red from the spanking, her cunt and anal hole oozed cum, and her sphincter was thoroughly reamed.

The three girls took in big black cock simultaneously inside all their holes the whole night. They were taking in over thirty inches of black meat inside them the whole time.

Rosy, Gina, and Cristina got tag-teamed, double-teamed, and triple-teamed at will. The black guys gangfucked the women until they shot out all their semen or the women gave up fighting back and fell unconscious.

Even then, some of them wanted to fuck the women when they didn’t resist. They just used them as a cum-bucket. The black guys liked fucking Rosy in the ass because her ass was so big and round. Gina sucked cock the best as the guys continuously plunged their black boner deep into her throat. She had such a hard time swallowing upside down that a lot of her saliva and the sperm dripped down her face. Cristina took it hard from both ends, mainly because she was having such a hard time; she struggled until she passed out.

Besides having cum in her holes and on her face and hair, Cristina had cum on her flower printed bikini and cutoff jeans.

The three girls were on the receiving end of a brutal fucking, but since this was Cristina’s first time, it was the toughest.

Omar reached down his trousers and pulled out his big black cock. It was thick, hard, pointing straight forward, full of veins, and definitely black. He was going to fuck them with his slacks on.

He went around Rosy and stood behind her bubble butt. His cock was aimed right at her ass hole. Without any consideration, he shove his rock-hard shaft into her already reamed out ass hole. The raw feeling Rosy felt in her ass became a burning sensation around her sphincter, as the big black invader violated her rectum.

He slid his entire length in and out of her hole, just keeping the knob of his cock head inside. The anal reaming woke Rosy from her unconscious state.

“Uh…ah….oh….my….gawd, your cock is so big.”

Omar pounded Rosy’s ass hard and deep for a long time, then he finally pulls out and walks around to Rosy’s face. He aims his cock at her lips, and proceeded to sink his big black cock down her throat. He pumps her mouth a long while before unloading his first powerful charge of semen. Omar roared.

With his cock still raging hard, he pulls out of Rosy’s mouth and steps toward Gina’s mouth. Gina was still passed out and didn’t know what was going on. She woke up with a cock in her mouth. Omar’s big heavy black balls slapped Gina in the face. Omar fucked her throat like he fucked Rosy’s ass. Gina immediately gagged on his big black cock.

“Ungh! Ungh! Mmrph, ccrrkk!” Gina’s throat was stuffed deep with Omar’s cock. Omar was merciless in fucking Gina’s mouth. He grabbed and squeezed and twisted Gina’s ample breasts.

“Mmrph, mmrph! Ccrrkk!”

Rosy watched Gina take Omar’s thick black meat down her throat; the look of shock came over Rosy’s face while the thought of relief entered her mind. She didn’t know the sight of a huge black cock pounding roughly into a young woman’s throat was so intimidating. Omar held Gina’s head tight as he shot his second thick load of cum, this time down Gina’s throat.

Gina swallowed, and swallowed. Spurts of cum just kept coming out of Omar’s cock head. Omar’s loud grunts accompanied his rough thrusts.

Gina deepthroated Omar’s thick shaft while he jerked and jolted his cum down her throat. His balls rested against Gina’s face. He held his cock there for a moment before pulling out his still rock-hard shaft.

Omar almost felt liberated. But his large cock still wanted more. Cristina’s body lay there beautifully, her full breasts filling her bikini perfectly. Her round ass was taut and spread apart, revealing a dilated pink ass hole and cum-filled pussy.

Cristina’s butt hole was well reamed by the gang of thugs, but her sphincter began slowly contracting back to its original state. Now it was going to endure another stretching by Omar’s thick black meat. Omar drove his cock all the way in Cristina’s ass hole, his balls smacking against her cunt. Cristina became wide-eyed and alert as she opened her mouth to let out a scream of pain. She felt every ridge, every vein, every pulse, and every inch of his cock in quaking in her ass.

Cristina continued to scream as Brock approached her face, cock in hand.

“Time to wash your mouth, Ms. Kosta.” Cristina’s mouth and screams were gagged by Brock’s massive tool. Cristina was stuffed from both ends, with Omar fucking her in the ass and Brock fucking her throat. She was on the receiving end of two big black cocks.

Omar plunged his black shaft forcefully into Cristina’s butt hole. He pumped and grunted like a vicious animal attacking its prey.

Brock gave Cristina’s throat a thorough stretching as well. Cristina’s throat felt raw from the friction of his thick black meat thrusting away at her.

At the same time the two burly black men growled and shot large wads of semen inside Cristina. Their engorged cocks erupted as several more loads of cum shot in her. Cristina’s ass felt full with cum, and her throat quickly overflowed as well. Cristina choked and gagged on the cock and cum, but she managed to swallow all of it.

Rosy and Gina watched on as Omar and Brock unloaded on Cristina. They felt a tingling sensation around their orifices. The rest of the gang started approaching the ladies with their big black cocks hanging in front of them. They were ready for another go at it.

Back at the Precinct:

Charlotte was busy writing up her reports that she needed to hand in to Captain Grey. It was a relatively calm day with not much commotion going on anywhere. There was not much to do at all. In fact, the place was unusually dead. So dead that Roman decided to take the day off.

The only evidence in the attempted murder case of the mayor was taken by the DEA. And the shoot out inside Happy District was being investigated by Detectives Jones and Valentine. The shooting of Sergeant Dittel was being investigated by Vice. This was one of those rare days that no one called in about a situation.

Charlotte felt so relaxed to the state of boredom. She didn’t want to just sit here and write her report. She wished someone would call.

Charlotte wondered how Stacy was doing. Stacy would have to see a psychiatrist when she gets out of the hospital. That might be hard on her, Charlotte thought.

On the other side of the Precinct:

Lieutenant Mario Fisk was sitting at his desk reading the most popular comic book, Futuristic V. Under his desk, however, was his personal assistant hard at work sucking and stroking his huge rod. Jessica certainly thought it was huge. For the past few months Jessica had been working here she had been quickly broken down by the aggressive men of Vice. On paper Jessica was a secretary who handled the paperwork for the squad, but at the office she was used and passed around at their disposal. Apparently Stacy wasn’t the only one at Vice who gotten stares from the scary black men.

Jessica had already sucked every black cock on the squad, more times than once. She swallowed on every occasion, and this would be no exception. No matter how many times she sucked big black cock, she couldn’t get use to the size. Every time she saw a black cock she was shocked at how tremendous the organ jutted from his masculine being.

Big black cock crossed Jessica’s lips constantly. She had seen so many on a regular basis. She said those words every time she sucked on them.

Jessica was kneeling under the desk, both hands on Fisk’s organ, and her lips wrapped around the big knob of his shaft. The enormous pole protruded from his chiseled body, the black cock head well fitted in Jessica’s mouth. She looked down from his shaft to the base where her hands held it, and she saw and felt how thick the cock was.

Jessica wore a tight white button down blouse, a black skirt with slits on the sides and high heels to finish the outfit. Her dark brown hair reached the middle of her back, which became wavy near the end of the length. She acquired delicate features and had a beautiful complexion. She looked even more beautiful with a black cock extending out of her mouth.

She sucked the bulbous cock head, tongued the underside of it, and twirled her tongue all over it. She didn’t mind having the cock head in her mouth, it fitted nicely even though it was big. But she knew Fisk, like everyone else on the squad, would eventually force her head down his shaft. At that time he would cum in her throat, and those heavy black balls housed a lot of cum.


Ana Rosa Torres was late to class. She just moved up just over a month ago for college and she still needed getting used to the area. She tied up her curly dark raven hair into a ponytail as she limped to her first class. She limped because she hurt her ankle from falling off a bicycle not to long ago. She felt rushed and embarrassed to be late to her first class.

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