A Crime Saga Ch. 05


She had transferred from another college and was about to graduate, but she needed a job to pay for her upcoming expenses. She wanted to take up modeling, and had heard of a great opportunity to work with a real model.

The guest model in class today was Lisa Gleave. She was 5’7” tall, and 115lbs. She possessed long blonde hair, light green eyes and a beautiful lithe body. Her measurements were 34C/24/34. Lisa had modeled for various fashion designers, but lately was not really getting any work, so she signed on for this.

This job required being nude in front of class, and Lisa was fine with it since she had done nude previously. Ana opened the door just as Lisa dropped her clothes on the floor. Ana felt really embarrassed now. She quickly sat down and remained quiet.

“Class, this is our very special guest, the beautiful Lisa Gleave. She has posed for numerous magazines and clothing designers. We are very fortunate to have her here today.”

Ana was taken aback by the big black burly professor. He looked like a bouncer with an oddly shaped bald head. He was hulking. Even Lisa was a little intimidated the first time she saw him.

Lisa had the most gorgeous, round, firm, luscious breasts the professor had ever seen. She had dainty nipples sticking out, very small, soft, yet firm at the same time. Since the entire class consisted of females, they all noticed the big black man’s excitement rising from his pants. The professor’s impressive bulge grew as he stared at Lisa’s wonderful body. Ana Rosa just stared at his crotch. She had never seen anything so alive. Lisa felt real uncomfortable with this hulking black man standing next to her. Even the she was a model, she felt self conscious from his bulge brushing up against her every time he passed by.

After class the professor made a phone call, “I think we have found our new models.”

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