tagInterracial LoveA Crime Saga - Prologue

A Crime Saga - Prologue


These events take place prior to Chapter 1.

The clock struck eight. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning and Roman’s alarm went off. He let it ring for a little while before turning it off. He looked around his room. It was filled with collectibles and trophies and display items neatly placed on his shelves. On his table were his computer and a laptop which he did his work on. He walked over and printed out his report, and then he hopped in the shower.

After he got out of the bathroom he put on athletic shorts, trousers, a button-down shirt, his boots and sport coat, and then his overcoat. He put on his belt and fitted his gun holster and knife. Then he grabbed his wallet and keys and his report and went out the door.

Roman Law works for the Special Investigations Department, and he had graduated the top of his class. He was the youngest detective on the force. He was promoted after he closed the ‘Jon Doe’ case. He apprehended ‘Jon Doe’ single-handedly, and after that he gained the respect of his peers.

Special Investigations Department: The department was a busy place, with people walking in and out constantly. The place was well kept even with all the bustle, though. Roman walked in, quickly setting his overcoat on his chair and sat at his desk. Charlotte Hall, Kim Valentine, and his partner, Omar Jones, were already at their desks busy with their work.

Charlotte looked over at Roman, “Hi.”

“Hey,” he replied. Then he looks over to Kim and Omar. He greeted them as well.

“The mayor’s going to have the ceremony in front of city hall on Friday, you know that right?” Omar said.

“I haven’t forgotten. I bought a suit just for the occasion.”

“Mr. Fancy now aren’t you,” chuckled Kim.

“Just doing my job,” said Roman smiling. Everyone laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Captain Grey said as he walked in. Captain Grey had been with the department for five years. He formed a good kinship with his detectives. He was relatively fit for his late forties.

“Oh nothing, we were just making fun of Roman that’s all.”

“Well keep going, he likes the attention.” Everyone smiled and laughed again. In the left wing of the precinct housed vice squad territory. They are mainly responsible for drug related crimes. The department was run by Lieutenant Mario Fisk, a notorious man with a badge. He had an infamous reputation for being cruel and unusual, but he gets the job done. A sinister presence accompanied him. Most of the squad were black, mostly because they have to go undercover in predominantly black neighborhoods. Sergeant Edward Dittel was one of the few people on the squad who were white. He was currently interrogating a prostitute who was caught loitering outside the Happy District.

“Name and Age.”

“Felecia Jansen, twenty years old.”

“Just what do you think you were doing standing around dressed like that?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong officer, and you know it.”

“I’m not going to arrest you, but I’m going to write you up.” He hands her a ticket.

“A thousand dollars! For what?”

“Loitering. There is no statute in the law that says we can’t fine you any amount we want.”

“You bastard! How am I supposed to pay for this?”

“How you pay for it is none of my business.”

“Then what the hell am I doing here?”

“Look lady, I don’t care what you do with your body but this is my city. You might be protected in the Happy District but not here. I don’t want to see hookers outside of my neighborhood do you understand me?”

“Can I get out of here now?”

The door opens and two black undercover squad members enter. “We’ll take of this Dittel. You got business upstairs.”

Sergeant Dittel leaves the room shutting the door behind him.

“Now what?” Asks Felecia, looking at them with disgust.

“Brock sends his regards,” says one of the officers. They were both dressed in hooded sweatshirts and baggy jeans. They looked more like thugs than cops.

The other cop leans on the table, “Looks like you’ve been trying to make some extra cash on the side. Brock won’t be too happy about that. Oh yeah, he said your late on your payment. You’re gonna be in big trouble, girl.”

Felecia sat there with her arms crossed under her nice soft breasts. She was wearing a tight pink nylon blouse that hugged her body nicely, and the material was practically see-through so everything was visible. The two cops eyed her big tits and her pointy nipples through her shirt. She started feeling uncomfortable so she shifted in her seat and crossed her legs. She sneered at them, “Thanks to you guys, I have a thousand dollar fine to pay on top of everything.”

“Tell you what, take care of us, and we’ll take care of you.”

“Excuse me? How dare you!”

Both of them reached down their jeans and pulled out their cocks. Their cocks were very big, very black, and very ugly. They were both sporting raging hard-ons, as if they haven’t used them in a long time. Their entire shafts were layered with thick veins, bulging out of the skin. One of them had cracked skin and red sores covering his shaft. The other had purple blotches on his otherwise jet-black cock head. Their big black cocks were hideous looking, but nevertheless they were thick.

Felecia stared at their ugly mugs then their ugly cocks. “Ew, gross.”

The two black men circled around the table. Felecia looked good. She looked very good, to them. Her long dark hair flowed straight down her lower back. She wore dark purple lipstick that highlighted her full lips and light purple mascara for eye shadow. The two cops eyed her body greedily while stroking their thick shafts. Her legs looked beautiful in fishnet stockings, and her high heels accentuated her long legs. The thug-looking cops stood curiously close to her. She started to feel really uncomfortable now. Their cocks were rocking right next to her face. She couldn’t help but stare at their big black cocks.

“So, what will it be?” Chuckled the cop waving his rock-hard shaft.

“Hey Leroy, you scaring her.” Chuckled the other.

Indeed Felecia was scared. She was trembling noticeably and kept fidgeting in her seat. Her arms covered her body as she looked at them with fear. The cops were intimidating and their cocks even more intimidating. Her only option now was to decide on which cock to suck. Felecia hoped that that would be all she would have to do, because under her tight leather mini-skirt was her bare pussy.

“If I suck your cocks you’ll take care of the fine?” Felecia pleaded.

“Hmm… what you think Elroy?”

“Well that would depend, girl. Why don’t suck first, and find out later.”

Felecia hesitated, then reluctantly; she leaned to her right and then moved her hand to hold his cock. The warmth of her touch made the shaft jump, the cock head brushing her lips. She was surprised by its thickness as her hand couldn’t even wrap around it. The black shaft was heavy, pulsing, and way too thick for her to handle. Twelve inches of black meat was staring back at her; she didn’t know what to do with it. Her other hand subconsciously held his balls. She was surprised by the size of his balls, as well. They were heavy, and obviously full of sperm. Felecia began to stroke the base of his cock while massaging his balls.

Leroy and Elroy stood there; their massive physiques totally eclipsed her. They were the meanest duo on the squad. Everybody knew them as the ‘Road Warriors’ because they were no nonsense cops and completely badass.

Leroy reached for her soft tits, mashing them with his rough callused hands. Felecia felt overwhelmed by their hulking presence; they made her feel obligated to appease them. She parted her lips and took in Elroy’s cock head. Her tongue licked the underside of the head, then around. She felt the purple blotches under her tongue; it was rough and bumpy. It tasted putrid to her, and the smell was foul. Nevertheless, she gave him one of her patented blowjobs.

Felecia continued licking the head of Elroy’s shaft while Leroy played with her full round breasts. Leroy squeezed and tweaked her nipples, but he was getting impatient with her. He reached down inside her skirt and started rubbing her clit. Felecia, without taking her mouth off his Elroy’s cock, instinctively spread her legs apart for easier access. It was Elroy’s turn to fondle her breasts. Her outfit was really turning them on because their cocks were bursting hard. The tight pink nylon sheet for a blouse was especially arousing to the two black men.

They took turns kneading her tits, mashing them and squeezing her nipples. Felecia spread her legs even more, her pussy wet from her own juices. She was stroking Elroy’s cock and sucking the head but was reluctant to venture further; she had never sucked a cock so big before. Her other hand wrapped around Leroy’s cock and began stroking his shaft.

Elroy’s cock head grew even larger in Felecia’ mouth because she had to open her mouth bigger to accommodate his already oversized cock head. The cock head seemed to keep growing, as if it was going to blow. His shaft thickened as well, Felecia’s grip grew wider apart. Leroy was swinging his cock with one hand, and roughly grabbing Felecia’s tits with the other. He wasn’t pleased with her feeble attempt at stroking him. Felecia knew she wasn’t getting the job done; she couldn’t handle two big black cocks.

Back at the Special Investigations Department: A stunningly beautiful Asian woman in a short black business suit and mini-skirt walked in. She had long dark hair and sexy curves. She had a badge on her jacket that read FBI. Everyone eyed her as she walked in. Omar paid special attention to her… legs. She walked straight into Captain Grey’s office.

“Captain Grey?”


“I am FBI agent Jennifer Lu. We spoke earlier on the phone.”

“Yes, that’s right. So what can I help you with?”

“The FBI is working on a special case. A case in which we need the help of local police. But before I disclose any information, I would like to take a look at your detectives’ profiles.”

Captain Grey pulled out a folder containing the profiles of his detectives.

“This is Detective Roman Law. Graduated top of his class. He’s the best I’ve got.”

“Five-nine, one hundred ninety pounds, military background, expert martial arts and weapons training. Well, he sounds perfect. Is he trustworthy?”

“I trust him with my life.”

“Very well, bring him in.”

The captain opens his office door and peeks out, “Roman, in my office.”

“This is FBI agent Jennifer Lu.”

“Hello Detective Law.”


“What you tell me you can tell him.”

“Okay. As I said the FBI is working on a special case.” She pulls out a folder. “This is a serial rapist/murderer who goes by the name of Trey. The FBI has been chasing him across the country. According to our psychoanalysts what seems to fuel him is his hatred for white people. He did write a note once saying he’s paying them back for slavery. He’s killed ten white men so far and raped fourteen white women. All in different states. He seems to know when we’re just around the corner, enough for him to escape. So this time we are hoping for a more low key approach, with your help of course.”


“We estimate two days before he takes off again. Also, I contacted Sergeant Dittel to come up with any information that might help you. Good luck.”

Jennifer hands Roman the folder and leaves the room.

Roman turns to Grey. “So what do you think?” Grey asks.

“About her or the case?”


“Not bad, to both.”

Meanwhile in vice squad’s interrogation room: Felecia’s throat was stuffed with Elroy’s black cock, strings of saliva and precum was hanging from her chin and around her lips, the black shaft and her purple lips both glossy from it. Some had dripped onto her pink nylon top. Elroy grabbed her head with both hands as he forcefully thrusted his cock into her mouth. He was mercilessly fucking her mouth now; gagging noises could be heard from her throat. She was holding Elroy’s balls with one hand and Leroy’s shaft with the other. Felecia wasn’t stroking Leroy’s shaft though, she was more like holding on for dear life.

“Fuck this, I’m taking her ass.”

Felecia’s eyes lit up; she was shocked to hear Leroy say that. She had tried to make these men cum by sucking them off so that she wouldn’t have to feel their giant cocks inside her. She was terrified of big black cocks, and the thought of having one inside her frightened her beyond belief.

Leroy had had enough of this. His cock was so hard from looking at her big soft tits under that pink nylon material and her lazy attempt at stroking him. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her off the chair, her ass positioned right in front of his thick twelve inch cock. Leroy stared at her butt for a moment, and then looked down at her long beautiful legs in those fishnets. Leroy’s cock jumped wildly, the cock head rubbing her tight leather mini. Her ass looked so good in that mini-skirt, round and smooth. His big black cock pulsed so much he could fuck her through her leather skirt. Leroy put his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard once before pulling the tight skirt over her butt, exposing her bare ass.

Her butt was soft, tiny peach fuzz covering her cheeks. Leroy looked at her ass, and then he put his hands on her cheeks and roared.

The whole time Elroy was fucking Felecia’s throat. It was amazing to see so much cock stuffed into her throat. Elroy was plunging all twelve inches of his cock in and out of her mouth. Her throat was really tight on his shaft.

Felecia was bent over the chair, her hands placed on the seat. Her legs were spread with her ass exposed to Leroy and her throat was stuffed with Elroy’s cock. Elroy reached under to grab her big soft tits, squeezing them while he fucked her mouth. She just let them do whatever they wanted with her. Felecia knew how to work her throat muscles, stroking Elroy’s shaft and cock head. Even though she was good at giving head, the thickness of his big black cock needed getting used to. The size of his cock and the rough treatment he was giving her mouth made it hard for her to breathe. His forceful thrusts made it difficult to get used to his rock-hard shaft. Never mind that she had never taken twelve inches of black meat down her throat. Nevertheless, she tried her best to suck him off.

From behind Leroy aimed his monstrous cock at her wet pussy. He was going to make sure she received the fucking of her life. With a single stroke, he launched his entire rock-hard shaft into her pussy. Felecia managed a moan from the depths of her clogged throat. Leroy flexed his cock inside her pussy, the underside of his cock head pulsing at her spot causing her pussy to spasm. Another moan came from her throat, the hum exciting Elroy’s cock to grow even bigger. Elroy’s oversized cock head was really giving Felecia trouble. Her throat muscles were so tightly wrapped around his cock she could feel her throat contouring the veins that outline his thick shaft and the ridges of the bulging cock head. Felecia managed to slide her tongue out underneath Elroy’s shaft and lick the base and his heavy balls.

Leroy kept his cock inside her for a little while, his balls resting against her clit. Felecia felt really full having Leroy’s thick black meat inside her. Then Leroy pulled out, and aimed his cock at her ass hole.

She felt his huge cock head pushing against her sphincter. Felecia tightened her butt hole but couldn’t stop the massive intruder. Her anal hole started giving way and opening up for the bulbous cock head. Her anal sphincter was weakening. She felt the powerful tool thicken more as he was going to violate her ass hole. She was about to receive a hardcore ass-reaming. A low moan and a muffled shriek came out of Felecia’s throat as she felt the oversized cock head enter her butt.

“Ah fuck, her ass is tight.”

He started pushing his cock in her tight ass. Leroy could feel her ass stretching around his thick shaft. He gave her a rough fucking with the first four inches of his shaft. Felecia whimpered from the anal assault. On top of that, Felecia could feel the cock in her throat thicken even more; she struggled to stretch her throat any further.

Soon Leroy slid his entire shaft into her ass hole. The two pulled out completely before slamming their cocks back in to the hilt. This motion went on until she was about to faint. Then they both came at the same time. Hot sticky cum filled her throat and ass as her entire body shivered. Felecia swallowed as much as she could, the rest pouring out her mouth and down her chin.

Five minutes later, “Take this to Brock, and he might forget about the money.” Elroy said.

He took out a package of white powder and left it on the table. The two cops left the room and Felecia sitting there with cum stains on her beautiful pink nylon blouse.

Back at the Special Investigations Department: Sergeant Dittel entered the office. “Detective Law? I’m Sergeant Dittel, nice to finally meet you. I hear a lot of good things about you.”

“Thank you.”

“So what have you got for us?” Captain Grey ordered.

“I spoke to the FBI agent and she told me you guys were looking for a man named Trey. I talked to my informant and he says he knows a guy who knows a guy who owns a boat docked at the wharf who knows Trey and that’s where you’ll find him.”

“Is that reliable?” Roman asked.

“You bet.”

“Alright, we’ll go suit up. We’ll raid the wharf tonight.” Captain Grey said.

Twenty-two hundred hours: Grey and Law looked behind binoculars, Grey turning to Law: “I see three. Looks like their carrying SMGs.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

Roman stealthily moved across the dock, his magnum in one hand and his combat knife in the other. Both weapons were his prized trophies from the military. He was awarded highest grade for combat experience. His movements became like a wolf, stalking his prey. Roman noticed two of them were carrying guns, and third was sitting down sniffing coke up his nose. With blinding quickness, he swiftly sneaks up to one of them and stabs his knife into the thug’s arm, making the thug drop the gun. Roman quickly spins him around and punches his jaw out. The other thug finally realizes what happens and tries to pull the trigger but Roman shoots him in the arm, disarming him. The rest of the police charge the boat. Trey had no where to go. They had him arrested.


Roman Law: Our hero of the story. Expert in martial arts and weapons training. Military background. Youngest detective on the force. Roman is of Asian ethnicity.

Charlotte Hall: A natural blonde with curvy features. Charlotte and Kim both joined the police department at the same time. They were friends before they made detectives. After an argument about work ethics, they both chose not to remain friends.

Kim Valentine: Kim is a brunette with a secret past. Her work ethics are questionable, and no one is quite sure how she made detective. Some say she manipulated her way to the top.

Omar Jones: Omar is one of the oldest members working as detective. He’s almost reaching his forties and he’s still packing a lot of muscle. His previous partner was killed.

Brock: Meanest drug dealer in Center District. Owns most of the property and prostitutes. Runs Club Deep, the hottest place in town.

Stacy Kelly: Newest member on vice squad. Inexperienced and naïve, but willing to get the job done. She has golden blonde hair and a slender body.

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