tagBDSMA Crucifixion of Pleasure

A Crucifixion of Pleasure


The ashes of her cigarette trickled to the floor between my legs. I could smell the smoke and noticed a hint of menthol, but I was unable to look up, due to my predicament. Rope bound my outstretched arms to a t-shaped metal floor rig. It was, at this point, bent forward, and I was on my knees with my feet tightly bound to the base. My black hair hung before my face, but I could see her. Her heels to her navel was in my vision, and as my eyes traced the red and black leather that hugged her tightly, I couldn't help but smile.

"Are you smiling, my pet?" Her voice was smoky in every sense of the word. Even more than usually since I saw more of the grey haze fall softly onto the floor. It was like watching a pillar of marble crash into the sea.

"No, Mistress." I lied, hoping to encourage her.

It worked.

She walked behind me and all I could do was watch the smoke dispel as the hasty snap on my back was felt throughout my body.

"Ah! Fuck." Another abrupt sensation of pain followed the curse. I bit my lip hard to avoid cussing again. It was a nasty habit.

"Mm!" She chuckled, and I heard the echo of her heels tap further away on the floor behind me. She must have thrown her cigarette in a glass of water, because there was a small hiss. Although the sound was quiet, it still made me jump a bit. I heard footfalls, and the tails of her whip kiss the floor softly. She must have been leaning over me, because I could feel the smoke from her mouth tickle my new wounds. My breathing was hard and low. She brushed against the back of my neck with her fingers. She always surprised me with her touch. She could deliver the heaviest punishments, only to be so gentle moments later.

"Lying? Profanity? What am I to do with a woman like you, Amelia?" I heard tumblers of a lock and was almost too excited for what was to come.

"Whatever you want." Her hands ran across my shoulders like a silk gown, as she grabbed my hair and pulled back slowly, bending the flexible rod I was tied to back like a pipe cleaner. I felt a gasp escape me as the tug tingled my scalp with resistance. The lock clicked again, and the rod was in place, with me bent over it. I looked up at her form. She wore a jet-black leather jacket, and a maroon corset that matched the shade of red on her legs, which were no longer visible. My body was exposed to her. I was vulnerable to my core. One of the scariest parts about being a submissive is how badly you crave that vulnerability. But in truth, I was not so much vulnerable as I was giving every ounce of myself to her. I trusted her. That grin on her face got me; the smirk of confidence lined with red lipstick. Her long red hair spilled over my cheeks as she leaned towards me. I saw her grin even through her green eyes.

"I know."

Fuck, I wanted her.

She bent her legs and hovered inches away, right behind my head. It always seemed strange how girls in heels could sit on the air like that. A sort of squat that was always very hot when strippers did it. Of course, they were usually mostly naked. I felt her fingers run through my hair, and over my ears. The sensation was electrifying. But before I could enjoy it too much, of course, her touch was gone. I gave a short sigh and fidgeted a bit against my restraints.

"Lara, please." I heard the familiar rip sound of her unraveling a roll of duct tape. A few moments passed and, before I could beg her again, the room went dark as she placed a blindfold over my eyes. I felt some small pressure on my head and heard music through the pair of headphones that were placed over my ears. The work of Nocturne by Frédéric Chopin rang though my ears. It was one of my favorites, and Lara knew it. I would never hear the song the same way again after that session. As a trill of the piano keys filled my eardrums, I felt something on my left nipple, and then my right. Something dangling from the tape hung over my ribcage.

I gasped as a similar something touched my clitoris and felt the tape cling to my skin. A warm hand brushed my thigh and trailed higher. The tone of the music in my ear had changed as a different song was playing. Something darker. Heavy cords were hit as she placed something inside of me slowly. I tried to hold back a moan, but considering I couldn't hear myself, I probably didn't. Without warning, each point that she had touched was beginning to pulsate. It started leisurely, and I bit my lip at the sensation. Gradually the vibrations amplified, and every inch of my nervous system felt intensifying pleasure. It was as if someone flung four stones into a motionless lake. The ripples moved over my skin suddenly, and I whimpered under the energy of it. With all of my other senses dulled, the hedonistic desire for the vibrations grew inside of me. I felt my heart pound in my chest and ears under the simple tones of the piano.

Bliss filled my mind, and the darkness before me seemed to splash with light. I felt sweat run over my skin. My breathing became impossible to control and I tried to find words. Anything, but I knew they all became illegible mutterings, even though I couldn't hear them. My backed arched even more against the metal below me. I had almost reached my limit, and just as I did, lips were pressed against mine, and the vibrations decelerated into nothingness. My breathing was still hard as she undid my bindings. I fell blind into her awaiting arms. I was lifted and felt myself being carried. I could still feel a dying rhythmic pounding in my nether region, but the instruments were all removed when I was too lost to pay attention. I curled into a helpless ball and my head rested against her chest, which now felt bare. I felt fabric beneath me, and the pressure of my own weight on a bed.

When she finally lifted the blindfold, her smile was the first thing I saw. I placed a hand at her cheek and pulled her in once more. The sensuality of her lips sent a flutter through my lungs. I felt her heart against my ribs, and my own had finally slowed to its pace.

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