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A Cruel Trick


After I decided to polish this old story up for the April Fools contest, I decided to submit a quick one first, which involved absurd attempt at a prank ("Not the Call He was Expecting"). This one is longer, definitely more realistic, and somber, but the criteria of the contest didn't say funny or happy -- just involving a deception, which there is more than enough of in this tale. Again, this is work of fiction and not a moral statement on how couple should act. And, honestly, people's actions in real life can often be less plausible than most stories on this site. Hope you enjoy and appreciate all criticism -- even the ones I do not agree with.

"I'm serious," Kevin said sternly, "You go to this thing with him, Amy, and our marriage is over."

His wife of seven years, who looked absolutely stunning in her black dress that accented her slender five-foot-seven-figure and 34C breasts, glared with her hands on her hips, "Me going to a charity gala is going to end our marriage?"

Kevin met Amy in college and they married shortly after he graduated with his accounting degree. He worked to support both of them so she could finish her English degree. For six years, he considered them to have a very happy marriage. Lots of communication, lots of fun, and lots of great sex. Unfortunately, just over a year prior, Amy's position, which she loved, was eliminated due to the recession. The company found her a new one, which was a lot more stressful, and that she clearly hated.

The fun was the first to go; all Amy wanted to do was vent or distress from her day. After four months, Kevin noticed it was taking a strain on their relationship, so he sat her down and told her she needed to leave work at work -- like he did -- for the sake of their marriage. As a result, Amy stopped venting, but also stopped discussing anything really important in her life -- so the communication was also gone. Their discussions seemed forced; more like roommates than a married couple. Of course, lack of the first two led to a steady decline of sex. Kevin couldn't remember the last time they even French kissed, and it had been two months since they had sex. He knew before he was tipped off that there was another man in the picture.

It had been a week since he confronted her about it. For months, Amy had been going for lunch, having drinks, and even going to movies with a Jackie. Kevin was starting to suspect there was something going on before June, a wife of his coworker, told him about seeing Amy holding hands with a man at the coffee house where she worked. Amy played dumb, like she didn't know Kevin was assuming Jackie was a she, and it did make a big difference. Her big argument was that she knew June worked there, so why would she take a man she was having an affair with somewhere they'd be sure to be caught? Kevin answering her rhetorical question ended up with him spending two days in the guest bedroom -- which before this mess started was going to be converted to a nursery.

"You cheating sure will," Kevin said, "and believe me, that's what's going to happen if you go tonight."

"You think that little of me?"

"Fuck, I love you more than anything," Kevin said, "That's why I'm begging you not to go. It's him I don't trust, not you. You keep saying nothing's happening, and I believe you, except it's nothing has happened yet... He's been working your way into your heart and it's obvious there's less room there for me."

"How many times do I have to say it," Amy said flustered, "Work is so fucking stressful that sex is the last thing on my mind. And you complained about it last time..."

"I want intimacy, not sex... That has disappeared and I know why," Kevin said angrily, "These tickets are, what, five hundred dollars a pop? Only reason a guy would ever spend that money on a female that he wasn't related to is to woo her. You're taking a cab, so obviously you plan to drink..."

"I plan to have a good time. Something we haven't had for a while," Amy snapped.

"And it's my fault. If I didn't ask you last week to make sure you're free tonight, you wouldn't have even told me about this gala," Kevin said.

"Well, you finally decide to plan something," Amy said, "Not my fault it was too late -- we're fucking married, you couldn't plan something for another day? It was just dinner reservations."

Kevin shook his head. "Fine, it's my fault your entire social life with your 'just friends' guy is booked up before I ever have a chance to plan anything anymore. And, no, if you leave, mark my words, something will happen tonight and we will no longer be married. Please, Amy, I love you. If you love me still, don't go."

"Don't guilt me," Amy said with narrowed eyes as she pointed at him with a perfectly manicured finger, "You know how I feel about you. I'm going to have a really good time tonight with my friend and coming home to my husband. Unless, of course, you're going to act like a jealous teenager and leave me...Bye."

Kevin had a hard time falling to sleep in the spare bedroom. He just had a sick feeling in his stomach, hoping to hell that he was wrong. However, his instinct and common sense told him that he was right. All those wonderful years together, and this is where they were at in their lives? He'd never guessed Amy would ever forget what day it was -- that in itself was a big red flag how far apart they've gotten the last six months.

It was nine in the morning, when Kevin woke up. He climbed out of bed cautiously; not knowing when Amy got home if she got home at all. He heard her stirring in their bedroom, right across the hall. With the door open, he could see his empty side of the bed, but not his wife. He climbed out of bed and went into the master bedroom.

She sounded half-asleep and was tossing and turning about to wake up -- probably nursing a big hangover. Kevin noticed she just dumped her black dress in the middle of the floor -- which definitely meant she was really drunk. It was her favorite and most expensive dress, which he bought her for their fifth anniversary. He picked the dress up to hang it up for her, when he noticed her black lace panties underneath. He noticed something with the crotch, from how they were lying on the floor.

With a trembling hand, he picked them up by the waistband, swore out loud, and dropped them immediately. At that moment, the heartbreak was stronger than the anger, as his eyes teared up.

His curse was loud enough that Amy sat up with a startled look. She looked confused for a second, then looked down at the panties and up at Kevin with wide eyes.

"Oh my god, please, Kev," Amy pleaded, "Believe me it's not what it looks like. I was just really mad and stupid..."

Kevin didn't hear another word she said, just knew "sorry" wasn't one of them, as he quickly grabbed some clothes. He got dressed in the hall, grabbed his car keys and planned to find a place to do some serious drinking and not look back.


The officer banging his keys on the cell door was like chainsaws drilling into Kevin's brain through his ears.

"Wakowsky, you're free to go," he said opening the door.

It was the morning or afternoon after Kevin found the panties. He wasn't sure, and still wasn't sure what all happened the night before. He picked up his things from the clerk and dreaded seeing Amy. He was partly happy, partly ashamed when it was Roger, his brother-in-law who was a criminal attorney. He'd always gotten along really good with Amy's older brother, who was about five years older than him -- in his mid thirties.

"Shit, Kevin...you smell almost as bad as you look," Roger said wrinkling his nose looking at dried vomit on the younger man's jeans.

"She knows..."


"Good," Kevin said, squinting his eyes as they headed outside.

"Look, Amy told me what happened," Roger started after they got into his truck, "Believe me, you are damn lucky things weren't worse for you. Told them I was your lawyer, and explained the situation. They decided to let you off with a warning. Trying to pick up a hooker and getting into car with her that drunk? You're damn lucky that plains clothes officer stopped you. Wanting to drive drunk isn't illegal, but if you have started that car..."

"So what do I owe my lawyer?" Kevin joked, "I guess I'll need a real one soon enough."

"What the fuck were you thinking, a hooker?"

Kevin shook his head. "I don't know... I can't remember that. I just remember being so angry for what she did I wanted to get even. I was going to find a woman as hot as Amy and have sex that night. I guess, I'm not one-night-stand material for women that attractive unless I pay."

"Yeah, that drunk and smelling like puke... I wonder why..." Roger sighed and shook his head. "Look... Amy wanted to wait and tell you in person, but you need to know everything before you see her..."

"If she's going to deny what she did. Sorry, I know it's your sister, but her panties were still wet with his semen..."

Please, Kev... I don't know how you and Amy got this bad, but please listen to me," Roger said emphasizing with his one hand off the steering wheel, "What she did was incredibly fucking stupid, and I tore a strip out of her for it, but she didn't have sex with the guy. She was angry and drunk; so to teach you a lesson, she got Jackie to jerk off into your panties, and then she put them there for you to find."

"What? You bought that bullshit?" Kevin said. Roger was a successful attorney and one of the smartest people Kevin ever met -- which was intimidating when he first dated Amy.

"It's true... Amy swears that she realized it was a mistake, tried to hide them with her dress, and was going to wash them first thing in the morning. But you found them before she woke up." Roger took a breath. "I think when they were really loaded, it seemed like a joke to them... Teach you a lesson about being jealous of Jackie for no reason."

"For no reason? The only thing we've done together outside the house for month is get groceries because every spare moment she's with him. And last night of all nights..."

"She remembered now... feels like crap. Look, I'm not saying she didn't fucked up big time -- she did, but she didn't fuck up bad enough for you to go screw around on her." Roger turned and had a stern look. "Like I said, you are damn lucky. If you succeeded, I would've left your ass in jail..."

"She's cheating whether she admits it or not," Kevin argued.

"I met Jackie last night, after you disappeared," Roger said, "She's not cheating on you... Kev, the guy's gay... I mean really gay. She thinks of him like a girl friend... She claims she never told you because she was worried you'd get all homophobic. Be mad for her playing a cruel trick, but she didn't cheat."

"I still disagree," Kevin said sharply.

Roger walked in the house with Kevin. Amy was sitting on the couch, wearing leggings and an old metal band shirt. Her hair was a mess, and no make up. It was obvious she'd been crying a lot.

"Sis, already told him everything," Roger said sternly at Amy, "Remember, most of this is your damn fault. If Jessie pulled what you did, I would've done a helluva lot worse." He nodded at Kevin and walked out.

"It just was so ridiculous, you thinking I was having sex with Jackie," Amy said softly, not looking her husband in the face, "I was so drunk, I forget all of it, but just some time in the night, we just decided to let you think the worst. I didn't even see him do it. We cabbed to his place, got the driver to wait. I removed my panties and Jackie went up, came back five minutes later with them in a Ziploc...

"I swear, after I got ready for bed, I knew how mean that would be and was fully planning on not going through with it... Was too drunk, so just threw my dress over them, but then you yelled and I saw the look in your eye..."

Kevin remained standing, waited for her to finish and then said, "Do you want to still be married to me?"

"How can you ask that?" Amy said as tears ran down her eyes, "You want to leave me over a stupid joke..."

Kevin closed his eyes and breathed. He didn't want to yell, but was sure that it would come to that before this discussion was through. "Amy, you wanted me to feel the pain -- and it was pain -- of finding proof you fucked another man without actually doing it. And you never answered my question."

"Look, with everything at work... I was excited for a night out and never clued in on the date," Amy said, "It was more of a tradition than an official thing."

"Me taking you out to the same restaurant on the same day that I proposed to you for the last seven years was more of a tradition than an official thing?" Kevin shook his head. "I'm so frustrated that you aren't getting this. I'm not ending our marriage yet, but I am packing a bag and staying at a friends. When you know the answer to that question, then we can talk. Until then, leave me be."

As he walked by her to their bedroom, she stood up, wiped her eyes and began yelling, "I answered your damn question, but you want your pity party because I'm too stressed for sex at the moment. You're seriously doing this? Maybe I should say what you said to me? You leave and our marriage is over."

Kevin kept his cool, packed some things and didn't look at her when he walked by. Before leaving he said, "When you left that night, I thought our marriage was already over for you. Maybe before that."

Kevin took a cab to get car from the car impound, and then drove to cheap motel on the far side of town. He didn't want to be anywhere near her at that moment. Saying he was staying with a friend was his half-attempt to get her worried or not worried. He didn't know which, just as he didn't know how to handle everything. He knew that he still loved Amy - what she did wouldn't have upset so much if he didn't. Right now, he just didn't think she loved him back.

He didn't really tell his family or friends anything; mostly he didn't want pity and also not reveal he lost his wife to her homosexual guy friend. Amy didn't make any attempt to reach him, and he didn't attempt to reach her. This was one of the times Kevin was glad that he never bought into the whole social media thing. For the following week, he just wanted to do his job; though from time to time he did dwell on the fact that she didn't even care enough to say she was sorry.

On Thursday night, he received a text from Roger, who he didn't know had his number, "Kev. This is Roger. Amy needs to see you in person."

He replied, "Why to serve papers? I can meet her somewhere? Why isn't she asking?"

The response was, "No. No. She is scared you won't return her message. You go home. No meeting in public."

Kevin shook his head. "Fine. Tell her I'll be there in 30 min."

"You tell her. She's still your wife."

Kevin sighed and phoned Amy's cell.

"Hello Kevin..." said a quiet voice.

"Hi Amy, Roger said you wanted to talk. I'm coming over and will be there in thirty minutes."

Kevin knocked before opening the door.

"In the kitchen," Amy called out in a flat voice.

She didn't look like she's showered in a few days, wearing a dirty sleep shirt and shorts. No make-up and an almost empty bottle of wine in front of her. "I've been on sick leave all week, best decision I've made in months."

"Okay..." Kevin said sitting down across from her. She gestured to the wine; he shook his head.

"After you left, I was mad and upset, so I went to see..." Amy started.

"Jackie?" Kevin said.

"Roger and Jessie... but I deserved that," Amy said, "I was so sure you were over-reacting, and being unreasonable... Jessie told me to shut up and read something." Amy unlocked her phone and slid it to Kevin.

Kevin looked and it was an online article titled, "Are You Having an Emotional Affair?"

"You were right," Amy said as her eyes watered, "Stuff I confided in you, I confided in him instead. I made him my emotional support, and who I hung out with for fun. When you gave me the warning, I never even kissed him on the lips, but I cheated on you for months with him and didn't think I was doing anything wrong."

Kevin didn't know what to say. He just handed back her phone.

She wiped her eyes and continued, "Roger never told me why you were picked up. I assumed it was drunk in public... I still insisted that stupid prank wasn't as bad as you were making it out to be, then he told me..."

She began crying. "It hurt so bad that you wanted to have sex with someone other than me so bad you were willing to pay for it... and I made you think I did that with Jackie. How did I become so horrible a person to do that to you?"

"Do you want to still be married to me?" Kevin said.

Amy wiped her eyes. "I never did what I did to end our marriage. You didn't like complaining about work at home, so I found someone else to complain to. He tells me it's important to vent, unlike you, so eventually I'm venting about everything to him about my life."

"You still aren't answering the question."

"Please, I'm explaining my answer and my actions... Jackie seemed like a great guy; I enjoyed being around him and didn't feel so stressed. I understand now, that time should've been with you. You always were who hanging around and doing things with made me forget my problems. I lied to myself. I wasn't tired; whenever you tried to start something sexually, I didn't feel emotionally connected to you enough to want to have sex with you. I figured as long as I didn't want to have sex with anyone one else -- and I didn't and still don't -- it was no big deal."

Kevin sighed and nodded. "So the answer is no."

"The answer is I don't know," Amy said, "I don't know if you want to still be married to me. I don't know if we can get our emotional connection back. I know, you weren't perfect, but majority of this is my fault. I know that I didn't realize until I came home from Roger's to an empty house that I never said I'm sorry to you. Such a stupid thing, you had to know how sorry I felt, but it's not the same. That's the least I should've done for being such a bitch, and I never did that.

"I'm sorry for not putting you first. I'm sorry for not taking into account your feelings and needs. I'm sorry I forgot the anniversary of what was the second happiest day of my life -- the first is the day we married. I'm sorry I hurt you more than I ever thought I could do to another person and all to deceive myself I was doing nothing wrong. I love you, and I'm sorry but I don't know if we will be good ever again after how bad I messed up..."

"If I'm hearing right, I need to start finding a permanent place to live," Kevin said.

"If you think that's what's best for you. I'll support you," Amy said wiping her nose.

Kevin noticed how dirty her hands were under the fingernails and she really smelled. This was not like Amy at all. "Have you been like this all week?"

"Haven't felt like doing much since realizing how bad I fucked up my life." Amy took a swig straight from the wine bottle. "Roger checked on me this morning and said I needed to either fix it or end it before I really fucked up my life."

"This is because you've been upset about us? When the last two months you seemed like you didn't give a fuck about our marriage or me?"

"I cared about us," Amy wailed, "I just never thought we were in real trouble. I was so stupid... I can't believe how fucking stupid..."

Kevin got up and considered trying to hug her, but instead patted her shoulder. "So, you do want to remain married to me..." Kevin said, "Sorry I said I needed a permanent place to live. I just wanted you to say out loud that you still want to be my wife."

"If I can..." Amy touched his hand and looked at him, and her lip quivered, then she looked quickly away.

"Amy, what aren't you telling me?" He took his hand off her shoulder and went back to his chair, but he reached and touched her hand. "I'm willing to try and get back where we were. But, you need to tell me everything and I do have some other conditions..."

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