tagLoving WivesA Cruise for Kira Ch. 02

A Cruise for Kira Ch. 02


A cruise for Kira 2 - Kira's adventures ch 8

Kyrhan has been overstressed. His wife Kira has talked him into a short cruise aboard the Star of India among the French Islands in the Pacific Ocean with her husband Dan. They met a young Aussie couple, Mary and John, who have been drawn into their sexual games.

- - -

Kira stretched on her berth and opened languidly her eyes. She was not on the Star or India, once more. The previous evening, she had found the energy to help Mary aboard the small dinghy and row to the other boat, the Pride of Albion. Kira and Mary were so completely exhausted that they just shared a quickie and a few kisses on the lips before drifting into sleep. The night had been refreshing and Kira felt ultimately alive ready for another day of pleasure with the elfish Mary. Kyrhan had managed the previous evening magnificently. When Mary had been seduced, he had told Dan to fuck their new friend. She had warmed up with a less demanding cock than his own. Afterward, she had been game for a double team with Kyrhan in her cunt and Dan in her arse hole. She had stretched nicely without any unnecessary pain and Kyrhan had been able to allow John on board in her mouth. Mary seemed to have enjoyed the triple penetration that is for some women the ultimate sexual performance.

Kyrhan and Dan had used condoms. In these times of HIV disease, you are never too careful especially if you get involved in group activities, although, afterwards, Mary had told them that they had been tested negative just before sailing away.

Mary stretched along Kira. She was awakening slowly. It was for the better as Kira wanted to engineer a surprise for their men who had stayed aboard the Pearl of India. She bent delicately and kissed Mary's left nipple while her free hand kneaded the other one. Mary let out a moan of delight and opened her eyes.

- Kira, you are again horny?

- With some one as fresh as you, always, my dear!

Mary smiled and offered her open mouth to Kira. They kissed passionately and deeply enjoyed the next minutes, trying to give as much pleasure as possible to one another. Kira was now using Mary's body like a seasoned musician used his own violin, drawing out screams of pleasure, bliss or delight with just a touch of his or her fingers. After an half hour, Mary gradually calmed down.

- Mary, what about preparing a surprise for our three lazy men?

- You are the boss. Command and I will obey like a good seafarer!

When they climbed aboard, the other ship, they were a pair of girls to be seen. Mary had dyed her hair to the same black as Kira. It was not a permanent coloring and a simple shower would restore her blond mane. Both girls were naked and both cunts were shaven bald. It was usual for Kira but completely new for Mary who had never even thought of shaving herself. Mary had her hands tied behind her back with strings found on the boat and she was led by Kira on a yoke passed around her throat.

Kira attached the end of the yoke to an eye on the bridge and went down to wake up the men. Soon after, they gathered on the bridge, taking seats to have their breakfasts. Kira made Mary climb on a seat to show her off.

- I would like just a minute of your attention, guys! We have here a freshly shaved lass, ready to be fucked by your big cocks. How much am I offered for her first public fucking of today?

- What are you offering, exactly?

- The winner will choose the hole he will reserve for his personal use today. Auction starts at fifty dollars! And I will need it in cash!

- Sixty!

The auction ended at two hundred dollars, not that they did not want to make higher bids but it was all the cash that Kyrhan had in his wallet.

- Congratulations, Kyrhan. You have won her for today. What hole do you want for you, today?

- I had her cunt yesterday so I choose her arsehole, this time.

- You are too big, you will ruin her definitively!

John clearly wanted desperately to protect his wife. How lovely!

- She will not be injured, I promise. I will take great care to stretch her slowly. But you will have to watch me buggering your wife for maybe an hour!

- Holy cow! Is she OK with it?

- You will just see. Hey, Mary, step down and present your yoke to your Master for today!

Mary stepped down cautiously and took the end of the rope in her open palm and offered it to Kyrhan with a wide smile.

- Master, my ass hole is yours for today to stretch it at your convenience, use it as often as you want and only you, today, my Master!

- Perfect, slave. Kira, lube her and do it seriously if you do not want to take her place.

- Aye Aye, Master!

Kira was sure that Kyrhan knew perfectly how to tame properly a virgin ass hole. After all, it was him who had taken her own anal cherry years ago. Kyrhan on his side wanted nothing but that Mary enjoyed what he was about to do to her. Kira lubed her copiously. Kyrhan approached and inserted a finger in her butt hole. Mary relaxed completely and the finger disappeared inside with an obscene sound. Kyrhan felt obliged to comment with a lewd tone.

- Oh, Mary. I don't think you are a virgin there, am I wrong?

- No, Master. My husband John used me that way several times, and. . .

- And? Did he push in other things?

- Y. . . Yes, carrots, asparagus, a small cucumber

- I see, he is a veggie, isn't he? Nothing else?

- Uhh, once a wood pin, a pen and, for sure his fingers.

- OK. When I will have finished with you, you will be able to forget carrots and pins for children. You will accommodate quite easily beets, dispensers of whipped cream, and if I force you somewhat, a baseball bat or slim wine bottles. Just another league for you!

- A baseball bat or a wine bottle? Oh my God!

Mary was very frightened by the imminence of a terrible pain but she feared even more to disappoint not him but her friend Kira. She relaxed her sphincter a bit more to offer Kyrhan an easy entry.

- I'm ready, Master. Whenever you want. . .

Kira grabbed Mary's bottom cheeks in her hands and opened them as wide as she could. Her rosebud was fully visible. Kyrhan traced it repeatedly with the tip of his middle finger. He pushed in his index slowly one knuckle after the other. He paused a minute when his finger could not get any deeper. As he had done when he had deflowered Kira, he savored the moment and her absolute willingness.

When he decided to proceed further, Kyrhan began to move his finger into Mary's puckered hole. He had felt her sphincter was completely relaxed and he decided to jump on the opportunity. He began to knead the rim of her anus slowly with the tip of his thumb. She discovered that such a gentle massaging was extremely pleasant and she arched her back and moaned deeply.

When her anus felt loose to his invading thumb, he eased it out slowly. When it exited her sphincter, leaving it somewhat open, she could not suppress a groan of disappointment. He smiled slightly, turned his hand and presented at the offered entrance his joined index and middle fingers. Kira had lubed Mary's bottom so profusely that there was more than enough lubricant there. Mary screamed when she felt the big fingers slowly easing their way into her. As soon as they had passed her sphincter with little resistance, he pushed them in to the hilt.

Mary was now accustomed to having something big in her butt hole. Kira on her side was reliving in her head the different steps of the taking of her "last virginity" as Kyrhan had named it. At the beginning, she had terribly feared Kyrhan's entrance but his loving and careful ministrations had convinced her to scream to him to bugger her at last. . .

Now he was trying to enter her with three fingers. It was more painful although he had creamed her again profusely. Despite of her moans, he was pushing in slowly with no mercy. He knew that the first shove of his erect cock into her butt hole would be painful but there was no way around it and he had warned her of the inevitable pain. It was better to take the time to ream her properly.

Like he remembered Kira had done, Mary's moans became anguished sobs and small screams when he tried to push in his three fingers to the hilt. She must feel that she was to be stretched much wider than by a puny carrot. So far, Mary had not asked him to withdraw his fingers. It was a good sign for what was still to come but she had not been a real virgin. In Kyrhan's mind, the fact that Kira was furiously licking Mary's clit and pushing her own fingers into her slit helped a lot to dampen the ache she should be experimenting.

Kyrhan let his fingers deep in Mary's ass for another couple of minutes in order to let her accustom herself to be so widely dilated. His cock was very hard, ready to force an entry if necessary. He could just hope that there would be no damage. . . He began to piston her in and out slowly, first by a quarter of an inch then deeper and deeper. She was now screaming at each intrusion as Kira had done but her screams were not carrying pain, now, but a touch of delight that increased slowly.

Kyrhan freed his cock as he presented himself behind Mary who was now moving her hips in reverse to his movements. She desperately tried to keep his fingers in when he pulled them out and she pushed back when he was pushing in to increase her penetration. When he took out his fingers completely, she screamed again in frustration this time. He whispered to her ear to be heard only by her:

- Now is the time of the real thing, pet. I will make you another woman for my harem.

- No! I don't want to leave John!

- Nobody has asked you that but I really would like to fertilize your next eggs.

- Yes, Master but my husband. . .

- I am sure you will find a way, cunt.

He lubed once more the tip of his cock and presented it to her anal opening. He pushed in slowly. Kira was at his side to watch him entering Mary triumphantly.

- Master, you are so big. . . You are going to rip me open.

- Quiet, pet, it will fit perfectly. Just relax. . .

He grabbed her hips, pulling her inexorably towards him. Kyrhan pushed the tip of his cock against her puckered hole, impaling her very slowly but relentlessly. The tip went in but he continued to push in just somewhat slower his shaft. She began to resume screaming, but she did not plea him to stop. She had decided she wanted to be totally his.

Kira was communing with both of them. She felt the same thing that Mary felt and that herself had felt that fateful day when Kyrhan had fucked her now totally relaxed butt hole. She had totally surrendered to him and let her new love for such a caring man overflow her heart. It had been at that moment that Kyrhan had taken the upper role in their group. Being so royally fucked in the ass by someone as well endowed as Kyrhan was a mind blowing experience for any woman who would always keep that moment in her heart.

Kira may have been somewhat jealous as she did not want Kyrhan to follow strictly the same scenario he had with her. Mary was on her belly, the simplest way to be buggered but Kira had another idea. She made her take her knees with her arms and turn around Kyrhan's cock with him still deeply embedded in her ass hole. Kira then placed Mary's knees on Kyrhan's shoulders. Now Mary was on her back, her weight was impaling her still further on his cock but the most important thing was that her cunt was uplifted, totally available to Kira's tongue. Now Mary would remember both of them in her sweetest dreams. That way, she would associate her pleasure with the images of her two lovers.

- Yes, Master, again. . . Oh it's so goodƒKira! Please Master... Just do it harderƒ Yes, I am cumming. . . you are filling my bowels with your precious cum, I feel it. . . Ohhhh, Kira. . . Ohhh, Master! Deeper!

Kyrhan erupted deep inside her. Both remained silent for a few minutes. Kira did not want to break the spell and withdrew silently.

Afterwards, they fell into a routine. Kyrhan remained in his berth every night with one of the men and one of the girls, never the same while the other couple spent the night on the smaller boat. Kyrhan's health was improving rapidly. After a week of that kind of rest, he bet that he would force both women to beg for mercy. John who had seen him only diminished by his tiredness bet one hundred dollars but Dan declined. After three hours of alternate assaults, Mary declared that her cunt, mouth and ass were far too sore to continue. Kira tried to accommodate her husband's assaults without the help of her friend but she had to admit her complete defeat one hour later.

Their vacations were now coming to their end. It was time to settle all the accounts.

Mary was in tears when she kissed Kira and Dan for the last time, promising she would come to visit them unless they went themselves to Cairns.

- Remember, you should discover the great coral bareer and our seafaring crocodiles.

Mary went even more tearful when she had to say goodbye to Kyrhan who had to take her in his arms to soothe her.

- Hush, baby, don't cry. We will meet again!

- Yes, Master. I should be ovulating in a fortnight. If you still want to knock me up, it will be the perfect moment.

- Great! Kira will be in France then. Consider yourself already pregnant! But what about your husband?

- He will just leave on a business trip to new Zealand. . . I will fuck him just before he leaves and explain him that I had been impregnated then.

- Good. I was sure that a girl as clever as you would find a solution.

- Thank you, Master!

- Before we part, I have taken the habit of giving my girlfriends Indian sounding names. I have just chosen yours. You will answer to the name of Preety, pretty with an Indian accent.

- I will blindly obey my Master whenever he calls me Preety.

Kira and both her husbands set sail to Bora Bora island. Kyrhan was now in much better physical shape that he had ever been.

- Pet, if my calculations are correct, you should ovulate in the coming days. I fear that I will once more preempt your breeding from our poor Dan!

- So you want once more to cheat him of the privilege you had yourself given him!

- I'm afraid of it. I'm terribly ashamed about it but I'm sure you will find suitable words to soothe him.

- Yes I do : You are a cheating bastard!

- I think the description may be somewhat true from Dan's point of view.

- But this time you have failed!

- I beg your pardon. I got lost somewhere!

- Simple. I was very upset by you being unattainable in the government headquarters even before I flew back to India. My period was deeply affected. I should have ovulated soon after my arrival and I was pretty sure that you would exercise your marital rights immediately.

- That was what I had intended.

- When I told you were a devious cheater! I was three weeks late. Finally, I ovulated during the first days on board when you were sleeping in your berth. Dan fucked me several times then. I had taken a few pregnancy tests with me. The tests become positive a week after conception. They are, now!

- There is no chance it is from me?

- Impossible. You fucked several times Mary but you just finger or ass fucked me since then.

- You cheated on me! You perfectly knew that your period had changed!

- Sure but you never told me that you wanted to give me another pair of twins.

- I thought it was obvious!

- Bad luck but you will have to wait one full year for that. What about breeding our young Australian friend? I would bet that she will not be adverse to it and don't forget Leena.

- You are right. It will be soon three months since she has delivered the son of my friend from Colombo!

- Oh! You are a sadist : he is as dark as a moonless night! Now every one will know she cheated on her husband.

- She could have pretended they have adopted the baby but she told her husband everything.

- He wants to divorce her now?

- Not at all! There lies the fun.

Two weeks later, Kyrhan, Dan and Kira were on the same plane bound to Paris airport. They traveled on first class, a courtesy of Kyrhan to Dan. In return she would use the seat next to him. The fasten your seat belt had just been switched off that Kyrhan stood up and took Kira's hand to lead her to the toilets. He entered with her in the cubicle and the flight attendant appeared not to have noticed. They remained half an hour inside and Kyrhan used successively her cunt then her back passage. Kyrhan left the first to his seat for a small nap.

Kira emerged from the toilet room as soon as she had freshened up. She went to the bar for a glass of Champagne. Dan came to discuss with her. They chatted for another half an hour. It was Kira who proposed him to accompany her back to the toilets. Kyrhan was snoring quietly. They fucked quietly. Kira went vocal at a moment but the flight attendant acted as if she had heard nothing from their activities. The two men used Kira's back passage again during the flight, Kyrhan twice and Dan just once.

Kyrhan left them at the Orly airport and continued his flight to Heathrow. Leena was waiting for him at the exit. She was beaming with joy. She was wearing a richly embroidered saree as she was always now.

- You are superb, Leena! And your saree is a marvel. Did you buy it in Mumbai.

- In fact I bought it here in Birmingham but I don't know where it comes from.

- How is your baby?

- Fine. I have found a very good nanny that takes care of everything. I have told her that I may be unavailable for a few days. I have arranged with the University and with the Indian couple to which I am attached

- The man is still inviting friends regularly to fuck you in the cellar.

- Especially when I am heavily pregnant and the wife Dalyah is now joinng the fun, kneading my breasts when I am fucked.

- Great. I feared that you would have problems with Peter.

- About the color of the skin of my new baby? He has been surprised, as you can imagine. So I confided to him everything, even that none of our children were really his. He was relieved when I told him that the first had been sired by your friend Dan he has met once since and the other ones by Indian, Bengali or Sri Lankan business men you have selected for me.

- He was not angry against me?

- In fact he seems quite proud that is wife is regularly mounted by superior Indian men. He has even moved his things to another bedroom to allow me to receive them more freely, day and night. When I told him you would do the job yourself this time, he has planned a dinner at the Ritz for the three of us this evening and he will take a room in a hotel nearby so you can use me as you want.

- Very thoughtful from him but how does he cope with the visits of Indian men. From what you emailed me, you have several a week.

- Usually one every day, occasionally two but during a congress on societal difficulties in the Indian community, I received a group of six congress members.

- Separately or together?

- Together!

- So it was a gang bang!

- Apart that we were among internationally known specialists.

- It must have been terribly shameful for you!

- Not at all. They were close friends of old. Our acquaintance just took a more personal twist. John was chatting quietly with my visitors while I was fucked silly in the adjoining room by two or three of their colleagues. The door was open and my suitors just left the room when they were tired to be replaced by fresh troops. They fucked me continuously until the early hours of the morning.

- Did your husband participate?

- Uhhh. In fact he had developed a taste for sloppy seconds. He becomes very aroused when he sees me fucked by Indian men. He presented me quite casually to a few I had never met. When they leave, he usually licks me clean before fucking me like a bull.

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