tagLoving WivesA Cruise to Discovery Ch. 02

A Cruise to Discovery Ch. 02


Day Four: The Second Island

We were up a little early so we could get ready and right out to breakfast. The food was great and I was hungry. Back at our cabin, we got our things together for our excursion. That was the day for swimming with the turtles, playing on the beach, and of course rum punch. On the islands, rum was cheap and such an easy quick way to make the tourists happy. We made our way through the security station and out to the bus to take us to our turtle adventure. It was such a relief not to find THEM there. I didn't even want to mention their names. We boarded the bus and went to the dock where the boat was waiting for us.

It took us way up the coast line to a spot in the ocean very much like everywhere else we could see. By the time they had issued each of us life vests, masks, and snorkels, I could easily see the turtles swimming all around the boat. They just happened to have waterproof cameras for sale, of course. So, I bought one all loaded and ready to go. They lowered the ramp at the back of the boat so we could walk off hand in hand into our adventure. It was a beautiful day. There were a few different kinds of turtles in different sizes. They swam all around us as the guides fed them. I am sure they were conditioned to be there every day to get food. We had a great time. I used the whole roll of film and got several shots of Barb with the turtles. Remember cameras and rolls of film? Back on the boat, it was rum punches all round as we moved on to the beach party part of the day. We swam in the clear blue warm water. We rode the big banana behind a power boat. We ate a little food had more rum punches. Well actually Barb had several while I had a couple. I guess she was trying to block out all that other business and just enjoy the moment together.

Later, in the afternoon, we got off the boat and took the bus back to the pier terminal. As we were moving through the terminal toward the exit to the ships, there was Barry and Jean. She was finishing loading the tobacco into his pipe from her baggie out of her day bag and handing it to him with his lighter. She did absolutely everything for him. He did almost nothing for himself. They went through the port security station and walked along with us toward the ramp back onto the ship. As we were walking, Barry suggested we all dine together that evening. It was the first of the three formal dinning events of the cruise. And of course, he added we could meet them at their suite when we were ready, so we could all go together. Now, I figured either camera guy hadn't told him what happened after they left the upper deck, or he wasn't planning on anything more happening, or he was about to learn a thing or two. But before I could conjure up a reply or say anything, Barb said, "Great! We'll meet you there around 6:30." I was still thinking and it was all done; bam just like that.

We took it easy back in our cabin until it was time to get ready for dinner. Barb had purchased new dresses for these dinners. She hadn't let me see them. It was quite the humorous mess with packing, the airport, the hotel in Orlando, unpacking in the small cabin. It had been like the bride on the wedding day thing. So finally, there she was in this stunning light gold dress with a swooping low front between two small sleeves at either shoulder. It showed a lot of cleavage while remaining quite appropriate but conservatively daring. With her new sandals and pearl earrings and necklace, she was gorgeous. I asked about the top of her dress staying up. She said the strapless bra she was wearing gave her the extra support needed to keep it secure. I had spent the month of November in the gym so I would once again fit comfortably into my best suit as I hadn't been t interested in buying a new one. I had three shirts in different colors with matching ties which complimented the suit. That night, in honor of her gold dress, I wore the cream colored shirt with the cream and gold tie. We were ready. We looked great together and we were off.

At their suite, they invited us in again instead of just being ready and leaving. They welcomed us with big hellos and smiles. Jean handed each of us a glass of champaign. Barry commented on how wonderful we looked together. I already had a sinking feeling in my stomach. Then, here it came. Barry said there was just one thing which would of course make Barb's outfit so much nicer. The top of that bra was slightly visible at the neckline of her dress. The whole outfit would look so much sharper if she just wasn't wearing that bra. Of course, the first thing Barb did was move over to a mirror and look. She said she had been afraid it would show and did it really look that bad. Jean spoke right up. Oh yes, I'm afraid he's right as she reached over to unzip the top of Barb's dress at the back. Jean unsnapped Barb's bra and pushed the shoulders down her arms a little so she could reach around and pull the bra free of her tits. Barb just stood there. So, Jean dropped the bra on the table and began caressing Barb's tits and rolling her nipples between her fingers. Barb just leaned back into her. I swear her eyes rolled up into her head. Jean was humming into her ear and said ever so softly, "You know, I'm not wearing a bra or any panties either. It is so much fun to be naughty at dinner like that. Wouldn't you like to try that too?" I'm not sure Barb even replied. Jean pulled the top of the dress up over Barb's tits and rezipped it. She then kneeled down behind Barb and lifted the hem of her dress up so she could reach Barb's panties and pull them down. Barb stepped out of them by moving one foot and then the other. This gave both Barry and me a great view of her bushy cunt. Jean leaned in and gave Barb a kiss on the cheek of her plump ass before dropping the hem back down. Before anyone else could think of another thing which just had to be done, I took Barb's hand and pulled her out the door into the corridor. Off to dinner we went.

The ride down in the elevator and the walk to the dinning area at the back of the ship was filled with comments about what each couple had done that day on shore. As we walked, I noticed the neckline of barb's dress was a little lower displaying more tit than before. Even though there was no areola showing, her unconfined breasts had moved more to each side leaving much more of the valley between her tits on display. We got the dinning area and were assigned a table for dinner. As the waiter led us to the table, there was a little fancy footwork. All of a sudden Jean was by me and Barry was ushering Barb to the other side of the table. The waiter sat Jean down with me next to her. We were looking across at Barry at the end of the table with Barb in the middle seat on that side. A couple from Iowa, Wayne and Bonnie, was seated across from each other at the other end of the table. There were introductions and idle chatter as the menus came and each dinner ordered. Every time Barry was say something to the other couple or Barb, his gaze would drop right into the front of her dress. Sitting down, the dress had a little more slack in the material of the front because it wasn't hanging. That slack made a little more space between the neckline and her tit flesh. I guessed he could just about see her whole breasts. With the slack front, I couldn't tell if her nipples were stiff or not. As dinner went on, Barry kept saying things to Wayne. When Wayne would turn toward him to reply, Barry's gaze would drop into Barb's tits. It took Wayne a lot longer to catch on than his wife Bonnie. As soon as Wayne finally caught on, the conversation between the two men picked up with poor Wayne sometimes making nonsense replies to Barry's statements. He wasn't able to get his focus off Barb's tits until after Bonnie had kicked him under the table. That got his attention.

All along, Jean had kept making comments to me to draw my attention away from what was going on over there and more toward her own tits which were entirely on display to me. Sitting like Barb in the center seat, she was turned toward me and away from Bonnie. She was wearing one of those wrap over dresses where one side of the top crosses over the other. With both sides being cut low in the first place, the whole front gapped wide open toward me. I also noticed the front of her dress must have been hiked up a tad when she had sat down so the slit now came almost all the way to her pussy. As dinner went on, the slit parted more and more until I was able to see her puffy cunt lips when she moved her napkin out of the way. She seemed to be timing that with the comings and goings of the waiters.

Barry had ordered a bottle of wine when we first sat down for dinner. He ordered two more throughout the meal always keeping Barb's glass full and letting Jean or I have whatever we chose to serve ourselves. As dinner progressed, he started leaning more and more toward Wayne as he talked with him, often putting his arm behind Barb on the back of her chair for support.

With dinner done and the plates off the table, desert was ordered and of course a "superb simply divine" bottle of desert wine. Barry told Barb to drink up the rest of that dinner wine so she could try this really great wine with her desert. After the deserts were served and the waiters gone, Barry leaned toward Wayne to say something. Again his arm was behind Barb. But, this time Barb got an odd look on her face. Barry had unzipped her dress a few inches letting the neckline loose. As Barry kept talking without any change in his speech, his hand went from behind her up onto her right shoulder. As if stroking her shoulder, he pushed the shoulder and sleeve of her dress down her arm a bit. It was enough that the front of her dress hung forward no longer even close to her tits. Now, almost all of Barb's tits were visible to us. I'm sure Barry and Wayne could see both her full round tits and nipples. By now, the conversations had revealed Barb was my wife and Jean Barry's. Barry made a comment or two to Wayne who just sat there speechless starring at Barb's tits. Wayne didn't care whose wife she was. She had great tits and they were his for starring at. Suddenly, Bonnie stood up telling Wayne she had eaten so much on the cruise; she didn't need desert that night. She was leaving. Not being entirely stupid, Wayne stood up to go with her. She stomped off in a huff while he wandered along behind like a lost calf looking for its momma. I think he even said, "Momma, wait up."

This had Jean rolling in laughter. Barb quietly sat there looking down at her desert, her left hand in her lap and her right hand holding her fork. Jean told me to watch this as she moved her napkin again. With her right hand she was eating desert. Her left hand was pushing two fingers into her pussy. I swear I could hear the squishing of her wetness as her fingers worked in and out of her slit. When I looked up, Barry had put Barb's left arm up on the table by her plate and was reaching up under it with his left hand. I believe he planned on grabbing her tit and playing with it. Barb slapped his hand down. Then, both of his hands went to the shoulders of her dress to push them down. He was obviously trying to expose her tits to that whole side of the dinning room. Barb moved her chair over toward Wayne's empty chair reaching over her right shoulder to zip her dress back up. She stood up saying the desert just wasn't that good but the wine had been great as she started walking toward the exit.

Jean was quickly by her side as they walked out together. In the corridor, Jean invited us back to their suite to help finish off that bottle of champaign they had left cooling on our way to dinner. Barb thought that sounded great and she needed to pick up her underwear she left there anyway. I obviously didn't have anything figured out or a thing to say about it.

Back in their suite, Barry took off his coat, tie, and shoes inviting me to do the same as Jean poured the flutes of champaign. After everyone had a couple of sips, Barry turned on some soft music. Jean asked me to dance with her. Without waiting for a reply she took me into her arms, pulled me close and started swaying. Barry asked Barb to dance too. Jean moved her arms around my neck leaving the front of her dress hanging open for me to see her tits all I wanted. She asked me if I liked seeing them. Of course I did. I'm a guy aren't I? Her hand opened the buttons on my shirt so she could rub her hand over my hairy chest. As she was playing with my nipples, she said I could do the same to her if I wanted. I moved my hand into her dress reaching her stiff nipple and pulling on it. I looked over to see what they were doing.

Barry was dancing with Barb her head on his shoulder. His hand was stroking over her bare back. Each time it went by, it pushed her zipper down exposing a little more of her back to his stroking. Soon, it was open clear to the bottom of the zipper at the small of her back. I had been switching between Jean's tits. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders, pulled it down my arms and off. Then, she shrugged her shoulders dropping her dress down to her waist. Now she was rubbing her naked tits into my hairy chest. As we danced, her dress fell to the floor. She simply danced right out of it. Barry had turned Barb so she could watch. He moved back enough to keep her head on his shoulder but allow him to pull her sleeves down her arms and drop her dress to the floor too. There we were two couples dancing with both women nude except for their stockings.

I still had one hand on Jean's tits. She pulled my other hand to her pussy. With Barb watching us, she didn't do anything while Barry's hands wandered all over her tits and hairy cunt. With my hands busy, Jean busied herself with opening my suit pants. Once open, she pushed my pants and briefs down to my feet. Quickly kneeling down, she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth while she freed my legs. Barry was holding one arm around Barb from behind stroking her tits and pulling her nipples while they watched us. His other hand was dropping his pants. Having already taken his shoes off and not worn underwear, he too was nude.

He turned barb around to face him so he could kiss her as his fingers pulled and twisted her nipples. I could hear her moaning into his mouth as he wrapped her hand around his cock. He reached around her and grabbed her ass with both hands so he could pull her hairy cunt in to rub against his cock. Barb was rubbing the head of his dick up and down through the thick hair along her wet slit. He bent forward to suck and bite her tits.

While I had been watching all this, Jean had been sucking my cock like it was the last one she would ever get. She was the best at that I had ever had. Fortunately, I had drunk enough alcohol, I hadn't come already. I was glad to be able to continue experiencing this wonderful wet mouth. Her right hand had gone from caressing my balls to rubbing her fingers over my asshole. I know it is hypocritical because I like to do it too but I didn't want it done to me. I pulled Jean up and leaned her over the small hardwood table in the middle of the room. She took that opportunity to pick up their camera and begin videoing Barb and Barry. I could see the screen on the back and the green flashing light.

By now Barry had bent Barb over the back of the couch. He was pulling her tits with one hand and ramming his fingers into her cunt from behind. He was standing to one side so Jean could get a good view of it all on camera. He must have taken something during dinner as his cock was firmer and darker red than I had ever seen it.

I shoved three of my fingers into Jean's cunt. I was ramming my fingers into her but I wanted my cock in her again. Hesitating to fuck her outright, I pulled her to the end of the table so I could shove my cock back into her mouth like I had up on the nude deck.

I saw Barry move in between Barb's open thighs and shove his bare cock into her cunt. He went all the way in on the first thrust. She was so wet. He began thrusting his cock into her again and again pulling himself into her by his hands pulling back on her tits. She braced herself on the couch back on her forearms moaning and wailing away.

Here I was fingering Jean's cunt and he was fucking Barb. So I pulled my fingers out and shoved my cock up her cunt. She was casually filming away. After ramming her several good hard thrusts, I took two of my gooey fingers and shoved them into her ass. As I shoved my fingers in and out of her ass and rammed her cunt with my cock she said, "Oh yeah baby. Do me like that." That was the exact same phrase she had used every time I had gone into her asshole. It dawned on me; this was her signal to him I was in her ass. It was like me giving him permission to use Barb's ass because what could I say? I was in Jean's ass. I realized Jean's cunt wasn't just wet, it was sloppy loose. She had been fucked a lot by something or someone much larger than Barry or I.

Sure enough, after hearing Jean's comment, he pulled his cock out of Barb's cunt and was trying to push it into her asshole. He must not have been quite stiff enough as he was having trouble getting in. Barb reached back with both hands and held her ass open to make it easier for him to get it in. Maybe he had told her to. I hadn't heard it. In all the years we were married, I had only got to try anal sex with Barb twice. Both times ended quickly and abruptly and here she was helping him to do it to her. Well fuck that!

I could have just fucked Jean's ass. I was certainly hard enough, she was definitely loose enough, and she would have been more than willing. Hell, that was probably their plan all along. But, that isn't what happened. Using my ass gooey hand, I grabbed Jean's hair at the back of her head, pulled her head back and slammed her forehead into the hardwood table she was leaning on. The camera dropped onto the table and her wet cunt slipped off my cock as her body crumpled. I used my hair hold to guide her unconscious body to the floor. Barry was so focused on tying to push his cock up Barb's ass he didn't even notice. I used the three steps across the room to build up my momentum like a punter. I caught him right in the groin with my full body weight behind the kick. I lifted him up a couple inches. He fell forward and off to Barb's left side over the back of the couch. He dropped down onto the floor all folded up clutching his balls.

I grabbed Barb by the hair and pushed her onto a nearby chair. I snatched their digital camera off the table, opened the bottom and removed the memory card. I know these cameras also have internal memory but I wasn't willing to take the time to fuck with their camera right now. So, I stepped over to the open sliding glass door and threw their camera as hard as I could out the doorway over the balcony railing. I watched it tumble through the air out past all of the balconies below and splash into the ocean. All that softball had been good for something. I flipped open the top of their camera bag on the counter by the television and took all of the memory cards inside. I shoved the memory cards into my pants pocket as I pulled my pants back on. I put my arms back in my shirt and buttoned it up as I went back over to Barry.

He was still laying there all curled up holding his nuts. I grabbed the shaggy grey hair at the back of his bald head and pulled his ear up close to my mouth so he would be sure to hear me clearly. I told him if he ever touched Barb or spoke to Barb or him or his friends ever contacted us again, I was going to tie him up so he could watch me cut Jean up into small parts until she died. Then, I was going to start on him. I bet him I could keep him alive for days. He would be astonished to see what I had learned in Viet Nam. Then, I raised my right fist high into the air and brought it down as hard as I could into his right temple. I dropped his unconscious head onto the floor.

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