tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation

A Cubicle Conversation

byDecayed Angel©

I was way behind on our latest project, so once again I had to drag myself up to the office on a beautiful Sunday morning. It gets so depressing to see the sunrise in your rear view mirror, as you drive to work and it gets worse as you park your car and walk in the cool morning air to your building entrance. You then disappear into the frigid core of the building riding the elevator up, up, up to some floor that looks like any other floor. Stepping out of the elevator, you walk past a few open offices with the glimpses of a view mocking you as you then step into cubicle hell.

It is bad enough during the week, but on Sunday, the tiny passageways between desk areas seem to close in on you until you seem to be traversing the deep, frozen, bowels of some ancient catacomb. Fortunately, no one else is working, so you do not have to adjust yourself to tuning out forty different conversations all going on at the same time.

This particular Sunday started out no differently and not long after I booted up my computer, I put on my headphones, found some jazz on my Ipod and then got to work. With no phone calls and no other distractions I was getting a lot of work done, so around lunch time I decided to take a break. I pulled off my headphones and was about to stand up and stretch when I heard someone talking on the phone.

Immediately realized it was Carla, a fairly attractive woman, say in her mid-forties, with a short, somewhat frazzled hairstyle. I was about to say something to her when I realized she didn't know I was here. Not wanting to startle her, I sat quietly for a moment trying to figure out how to let her know I was here without giving her a heart attack. It was then that I began focusing on her phone conversation.

"...no, I swear, I'm not wearing any," she said, giggling slightly.

That got my attention, so I quietly slid my chair up to the very edge of my cubicle. Carla's cube was situated diagonally adjacent to mine, so we shared a corner. Luckily, when the crews installed the cubicles, they left the corner trim off of Carla's, so all I had to do was carefully remove the trim on my cubicle and I could peek through the connection and see into her cubicle.

"I promise. Yeah, I'm sitting here, with my feet propped up on the desk."

The view I was able to get through the connection was very limited, but Carla just happened to be sitting in just the perfect position so I could see her completely. Just as she had mentioned to whomever she was talking to, she was sitting in her chair, her feet, crossed at the ankles, were propped up on the desktop. Though she was facing where I was watching from, the lights in my cubicle were off, so there was no chance of her seeing me from her brightly lit area.

Peeking through the crack, I watched as she continued her conversation. She was listening intently to whatever the person on the phone was talking about, but as she listened, she was slowly pulling her skirt up, first exposing her, nearly knee-hi boots, then exposing her thighs.

"So you want me to pull my dress up and then open my legs. But I told you, I'm not wearing any panties. If I do what you tell my... my pussy will be exposed."

Damn, I watched as the dress exposed her nicely shaved thighs and as she opened her legs I could see the dark patch of hair. The dress wasn't pulled up far enough to get a real good view, but I could feel my cock harden from just the quick glimpse I already had.

"You want my pussy exposed? But whatever for?" she asked teasingly.

Leaning her head to the side and holding her phone pinched between her head and shoulder, she used both hands to adjust her dress up around her hips. She then spread her legs wide, giving me a perfect view. Besides learning that Carla was not a natural blond, I could see she had a beautiful pussy. I could see a hint of her pinkish inner lips curving out beyond the pale, flesh tone of the outer lips. As she began running her fingers lightly over the length of her slit, she opened up some, exposing more of the inner pink.

"Oh, you want me to touch myself, you want me to touch my pussy? Okay, I will," she said, burrowing two of her fingers into herself. "Oh my, it's wet. Yes, my pussy is so wet."

Fuck, I'm not sure what she was doing to whoever she was talking to on the phone, but she was beginning to drive me crazy. I quietly unzipped my pants and eased my cock out, hooking the elastic of my underwear beneath my balls. It felt so good to release myself from the confines of my pants.

"Touch my clit? But if I touch my clit too much I might come," Carla said into the phone. "You want me to come?

"You do want me to come? But only if you come with me," she continued while her fingers circled her clit. She then moved them down her slit and pushed them deep into her pussy.

"Yes, they're in my pussy now.

"Yes, it's wet, so wet.

"Your cock, oh God I want your cock in me, right now. Yeah, give me your cock, yeah."

Her hand was moving faster, moving he wet up from her cunt to her clit and circling around it. The tiny pink nub glistened in her juices, sparkling as her fingers moved over it.

She groaned and then said, "Are you? You're coming... yes, just a second, yes... yes, I'm coming... yes now, now. I'm coming now."

Damn, I wanted to come with her, but wasn't there yet. I stroked my cock, sliding my hand over the head all the way down the shaft and back up again.

'You made a mess?

"You better clean yourself up and then call me back," I heard Carla say, "I've got to go clean up a bit too. Bye."

She got up and headed out of her cubicle. Figuring she was headed to the restroom, I kept stroking my cock, remembering her, legs spread wide open, begging for a cock. Ah, I felt the pleasure wash through me and I leaned forward, spurting my sticky white cum into the trash can.

I was reaching for a paper towel when I heard a voice behind me say, "Next time let me know you're here and we can do a duet for my friend."

Turning my head, I caught a quick glimpse of Carla's sly smile as she turned and headed down the hall toward the restroom. I finished cleaning myself up and waited for her return, but after a few minutes, I heard two voices from that direction. Spying over the top of my cubicle, I saw Carla walking up the corridor with a man.

Seeing me, she paused at my cubicle and said, "John, this is Marcus. Marcus, this is my boyfriend John. Can you believe it, he came up here without even calling me, just to surprise me."

I reached out my hand and said, "Nice to meet you John. Carla, I'm gonna head on out now, have a nice rest of the weekend."

"You too," she said, mouthing the words "Thank you," to me as her boyfriend was walking towards her cube.

I grabbed my things and headed to the elevators, wondering what other surprising secrets Carla might have to explore.

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