tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 02

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 02

byDecayed Angel©

I had anticipated a surprise from Carla, but not something so quickly. Within a week of my little voyeuristic experience, watching her on a phone sex call and getting caught in the process I found a note on my desk from her. Not entirely sure what to expect, I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the note, noticing what appeared to be a photograph fall face down onto my desk.

A bit nervous at what might be on the photograph I decided to read her note before looking at the picture. I unfolded the single page and glanced over her handwriting. It was very neat, with easy flowing curves, looking like she took her time writing it. Looking closer, I began to read:


What a surprise last Sunday. I could turn you in for jacking off at your cubicle, but then, of course you could do the same for me. I am not sure exactly what to say now, but, after my initial shock, I was quite turned on that you watched, especially when I saw how it inspired you.

Anyway Mister, the coin has turned. I plan to be up here on Sunday and will look for you to be here also, so when I decide to peek back through that peep hole of yours I'll get to watch your performance. I wasn't sure if you had someone to talk to on the phone to get worked up, so I sent along a picture of me doing what you watched me doing last Sunday. Maybe the picture will help you remember watching me.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. Mmm... I'm wet just thinking about it.



PS: Thanks again for not mentioning anything to my boyfriend. He's not real adventurous and would not be happy with my telephone or any other play.

I carefully folded the note and slipped it back into the envelope. Only then did I pick up the photograph and take a look. Yes, it was Carla, but in the picture she was completely naked. Her legs were open in a position similar to the one she was in when I watched her masturbate on Sunday. Wanting to take in everything, I stared at the photo. Her breasts sagged a bit, but the nipples turned slightly upward, making them appear a bit larger than she had seemed wearing her clothes.

Her short blond hair left her beautiful, supple neck completely exposed and I imagined running my tongue down the neck to her breasts. Glancing downward, I saw the dark patch of hair that showed her natural hair color (a dark brunette). The hair was thick and curly, but looked very soft. I wondered what it might feel like on my chin.

Her clit was exposed, poking out between her lips, which she held open with one hand while she had what looked like three fingers shoved deep into her pussy. I noticed a bit of light sparkle on her knuckle, wet from her juices. Judging by how hard my cock was already, I knew this would be ample inspiration on Sunday.

I had the inspiration, but I wasn't sure exactly how I might respond knowing I was being watched by a stranger. Yeah, I knew Carla, but that was just at work, anything else and she was basically a complete stranger to me. Feeling a bit self conscious, I noticed my cock shrinking. I hope this didn't happen on Sunday.

Carla acted pretty normal the rest of the week, only talking to me a few times. She said nothing about the note in our conversations, but whenever we passed each other in the hall she gave me a look that would get my cock to moving and me to squirming to hide the tent in my pants. Finally, late in the afternoon on Friday, she came to my desk and asked, "Are you working this Sunday?"

"I've pretty much caught up on my project, but I do need to work something out, so I'll definitely be in."

"I guess I'll see you then," she said, with a heavy emphasis on the "see."

After an incredibly long Saturday, I finally found myself driving into the office for another Sunday work day. Of course, this was not just any Sunday, so I was up extra early and in just a few minutes I walked into the building and rode the elevator up to my floor.

In spite of my arriving early, I noticed the top of Carla's head as I walked over to my cubicle( , ) so when I sat down I coughed loudly and then reached to the loose piece of trim at the corner of my cubicle, moving it out of the way. I opened a drawer and found the photograph of Carla.

Looking at her naked, as she masturbated, immediately brought back memories of last Sunday and almost immediately my cock got hard. I wore only a loose fitting pair of gym shorts and my jockey underwear so I would quickly undress and dress. Standing up, I pulled off my shorts and underwear and sat back down.

Positioning myself so I knew Carla had a good view of the action, I made a ring with the index finger and thumb of my right hand and slid it back and forth just over the head, letting the sensations run through my cock to my balls. Once I began hearing the wet, clicking sound of the pre-cum at the tip of my cock, I took my entire fist, wrapped it around the shaft and stroked toward the head, milking the pre-cum into a pool. A droplet then ran down over my fingers and I heard what sounded like a moan from the other side of the cubicles.

Looking back at the picture I then began stroking my cock in earnest, moving my hand faster and faster, lifting my hips from the chair to give my hand free reign over the entire length of me. I slipped my left hand into my shirt and ran it over my hard nipple, teasing and then pinching it.

A pressure then began building in my balls as waves of pleasure moved down my cock when, yes... yes, it was there. I came, with my cum shooting up onto my stomach in a small arch, pooling there. Changing the grip on my cock, I then stroked just the shaft, leaving the overly sensitive head alone, while I spurted two more times. Slowing my motion, if finished by milking the last droplets from my cock, letting the cum ooze into the warm pool on my stomach.

I waited a few minutes like that, making sure Carla got a good view before taking some napkins and cleaning up. I then pulled on my shorts and tossed the cum filled paper into the trash.

Then wondering what Carla was doing, I leaned forward and peeked through the small crack. She was gone!

"Ah, I told you it was my turn today," I heard her say from behind me. I turned to see her fully clothed and smiling. "I must admit, it was a nice performance. That's the first time I ever really watched someone like that. I mean, I walked in on my brothers a few times, but I never watched a complete performance like that."

"I'm glad you liked it, your performance last week was a wonderful inspiration. What is next on our agenda?"

"I'll need to think on that, but keep next Sunday open on your calendar. I've got to run now, see you tomorrow."

"Good bye, have a nice day."

I watched her walk to the elevators, wondering what might be in store for next Sunday.

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