tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 03

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 03

byDecayed Angel©

Well, after another busy week at work I once again found myself working on the weekend, which after the last few Sundays, was not a bad thing. Considering my recent escapades watching and being watched, by Carla, I was really looking forward to working this Sunday. Though the week Carla had been hinting at something special, so I made sure I got to work early and got ready for whatever Carla bought to the table, or I should say cubicle.

Once again, I dressed appropriately, with some shorts that were easy to take off and put back on. It was usually quite dead on Sundays (with the exception of our peeking sessions), but there was always the chance some might come through the office, so we had to be prepared for a quick cleanup.

After about thirty minutes or so, I heard the bell announcing the arrival of the elevator to my floor, so I figured Carla had made it. I sat quietly, waiting as patiently as I could. Oddly, she was not alone, I could hear her talking to someone while she walked down the long passageway between the cubicles.

Wondering if perhaps she had forgotten or simply ran into a co-worker whose decision to work this Sunday would ruin Carla's and my cubicle rendezvous, I listened to see if I could pick up any of the conversation.

"...no one will be up here. And if they are, my cubicle is way in the back. They won't know a thing," I heard Carla say.

"But if we get caught you'll be in a lot of trouble," I heard a male voice say.

"You just let me worry about that," she replied as she stepped into her cubicle.

Watching through the small opening at the intersection of our cubicles, I saw Carla and her boyfriend John. Wondering if I should really be eavesdropping on them, I kept peeking through the opening.

Carla immediately pulled John all the way into the cubicle and then kneeled in front of him, unzipping his pants. I could see she had positioned herself to give me the best possible view of her, as she slipped John's cock into her mouth.

"But what if some one sees us?" John pleaded.

"Shh... just en...," Carla mumbled with his dick still in her mouth.

I immediately slipped my shorts and underwear to the floor and began stroking my erection as Carla continued sliding her mouth up and down over the head of John's cock, slurping loudly. By now he was no longer worried about getting caught, he was too busy pumping his hips back and forth, driving his cock into Carla's mouth.

I could see she knew what she was doing, sliding one hand up and down his shaft while twisting it in a somewhat circular motion, while her mouth moved over his head and partway down the shaft. She was simultaneously able to excite his cock and control how deep into her mouth he shoved himself.

Well, John was no marathon man for sure, and long before I was anywhere close to coming, I watched him arch his back and come. Carla was great, letting just enough of his cum to dribble back out onto his cock so I could watch her slurp it back up as she finished him off. When she finished she looked directly at the joint between cubicles and licked her fingers for me.

Though I was flogging away, I still wasn't close to finishing so it was a relief to see Carla sit in a chair and scoot up near the cubicle. With a whisper, she let John know it was her turn and then she hiked up her skirt, exposing that beautiful pussy I had peeked at before.

I had seen Carla working that incredible pussy, but seeing John's tongue move up and down the slit and seeing the pink lips blossom in their sparkling glory was an incredible sight. I now slowed my pumping as I felt myself getting close to coming.

John dipped his tongue deep into her pussy and I imagined what she might taste like. Just the thought of tasting her drove me over the edge and I spurted cum into the wad of paper I placed in the trash can between my legs. After the first few spurts, the cum dribbled over my fingers and down the shaft of my cock.

I kept watching, as John moved his tongue to Carla's clit and then slipped two fingers into her wet cunt. She began lifting her hips, pushing up onto his face, moaning loudly until she came. John pulled his head back but left his fingers inside her and I imagined what it must feel like to feel the walls of her cunt pulsing on my fingers.

Figuring they were finished, I cleaned up and pulled on my shorts. In just a few minutes I had covered all traces of my solo exercise with the possible exception of the smell of my cum that seemed to hang in the air. I could always explain that the cleaning lady had used some Comet in cleaning my desk and that what the smell was.

I heard some moaning coming from Carla's cubicle and peeked back through the opening. John was seated in the chair and Carla had straddled him, moving up and down over his cock. She had positioned herself so I had the perfect view of all the wet action and I was ready to begin stroking myself again when I heard the elevator bell. Carla and John were a bit too distracted to hear anything at the moment, so I got up and moved toward the elevator.

Shit, it was Michael, Carla's supervisor! "Hey Mike," I said loudly, "you know I thought I saw an important fax come in for you."

"Hey Marcus," he replied. "What did you do with it?"

"Well it was still coming out of the machine when I saw it. We might want to check on it," I replied, standing directly in front of him so that he would either have to move to walk around me or turn and head to the fax machine. Fortunately he headed toward the fax. I followed closely behind him.

"There's no fax here for me," he said after going through a large stack of documents.

"Are you sure?" I asked, taking the documents from him and flipping through them very slowly. "Hmm... I guess it wasn't for you. I'm sorry, I could have sworn I saw something for you in there."

As we walked back toward the cubicles I asked him loudly, "So Mike, what brings you in on a Sunday?"

"I forgot to sign a few documents. Is Carla here?"

"Carla," I said loudly, "I don't know, I just got here myself. I went and checked the faxes and then I saw you get off the elevator."

Just then Carla walked out into the corridor and said, "Hey Mike, yeah I'm here. I stopped by to finish up a bit of work. After that, John and I were going out to eat. Hey Marcus, I didn't know you were here," She continued, smiling at me.

"Yeah, I just got here myself, just a little while ago."

"Mike, do you need anything from me? If not, I think John and I'll head out to eat."

"Well, those papers I needed to sign?"

"On your desk and ready to go," she answered efficiently.

"Oh, okay. Well enjoy your lunch," Michael said.

"I'll talk to you on Monday," Carla said to me as she took John's hand and led him toward the elevator. I headed back to my cubicle, sat down at my desk and sighed. Wow, these Sundays were getting more and more interesting.

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