tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 05

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 05

byDecayed Angel©

It was my turn, I knew it. In some way it excited me,but, I kept asking myself, "Have I gone too far with this?" Initially it had been some relatively harmless fun on the weekend, when the building was nearly empty. Even when Carla brought in her lover, it all happened on a Sunday, so even if she got caught, she could possibly explain it away. She could have simply said the two of them had been working, took a break and got carried away.

But now, Carla had actually masturbated to orgasm at work, in the middle of a work day, with a lot of people in the surrounding cubicles. I'd seen it, hell, I watched it from the first dip of her finger into her wet opening, through the incredible clit teasing, to a full out orgasm. It was so beautiful, so exciting to watch and honestly, so incredibly fucking crazy.

Carla had waited patiently for me, as I worked through Monday and Tuesday afraid even too look toward the corner of my cubicle from where she'd watch me. By Wednesday I had hoped that she had perhaps dropped it, figuring it was simply too dangerous. I mean, for a woman, you simply rearrange a couple folds of skirt and basically all evidence is concealed, but for a guy, damn... it's a bit more complicated.

Between the zippers, the underwear, and the obvious bulge of the erection, and if the session carried on long enough, then there was the cum... I mean, cleaning it up, keeping it from staining your pants, or shirt, or the bit of ooze that leaves the embarrassing spot on your pants, or the tiny drop on your shoe you don't notice for an hour or so. Carla could easily cover herself up in the time it took for someone to move down the short corridor between cubicles. I, on the other hand, had no chance if getting things together in that time.

By midday on Wednesday, it looked like she had dropped it all and I began to relax some. Thinking we might share a peek on another weekend, I didn't think a whole lot about it, I mean, surely we'd be back working overtime in the next few months and could play around then. I finished out the day on Wednesday convinced the escalation of this "thing" had stopped.

I kept busy throughout the morning on Thursday, so busy that I didn't notice when Angie, Carla's assistant showed up at my cubicle. One moment I was typing away and then next, I nearly fell out of my chair, startled when she whispered to me.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Carla wanted me to remind you about today's luncheon meeting."

"Yeah, I planned to go with Ralph."

"Well, actually she thought it might be a good time to ah... well... ah... I mean, I didn't plan to go, so I could be lookout for you."

"You mean she wanted..." I paused at mid-thought, "Yes, that could work," I finished my thought silently. I looked back at Angie and replied, "Tell her, yes, I'll give it a go when most of the people clear out for the meeting."

"She heard you I imagine and to tell the truth, most of the people are going now."

I stood up and sure enough, I watched as several people hurried from their cubicles and offices toward the elevators. "I guess you're right. You said Carla was ready."

"I'm ready," I heard Carla whisper through the small opening at the corner of our cubicles.

Turing to face the corner and give Carla the best view, I quickly unzipped and eased my still flaccid cock out of my pants. Quickly grabbing a couple paper napkins from my desk for cleanup, I reached down and took hold of myself with the thumb and middle finger of my right hand. I then reached my left hand up to my shirt, unbuttoned a button and reached in to find my nipple.

Between the manipulations on my cock and the circling of my fingertip over my nipple, I quickly became erect and then cupped my hand and slid it up and down over my full length. Though it was not as comfortable( , ) jacking off through a zipper hole, I could feel the waves of pleasure rolling down my shaft and I quickened my pace. Getting closer and closer, I thought I heard Carla moan. Fuck, that turned me on and yeah, it was nearly there, my hands sliding over the glans and then down the long shaft, feeling so good...

"Hey, I thought we were going to the luncheon together," a voice called out from nearby.

I immediately looked over to Angie, but she had apparently moved to get a glimpse of me and didn't see Ralph coming back to get me. Fuck! I stood up so I could look over the cubicle and talk to Ralph, hopefully keeping him from coming around the side panel of my cubicle. I noticed Angie move a bit, blocking his way.

"Sorry Ralph, I meant to tell you, I can't go," I said, looking at him eye to eye above the top of the cubicle as my hard cock dangled freely over my desk, the pre-cum dripping on some of my papers.

"Okay man, but it's a free lunch, they don't come often."

"Yeah, maybe they'll have another one and we'll make that one."

"Okay, it's your loss. Hey Angie, you're not going either?"

"No, just too much happening here," she said, and I'd swear I could hear Carla giggling at Angie's response.

"See ya later then," Ralph said, looking back at me. He then turned and headed toward the elevators.

I collapsed into my chair and let out a long sigh. I started to zip up my pants when my phone rang.

"What are you doing, you didn't finish?"

"Carla, we nearly got caught."

"Yeah, God that turned me on, you should see how wet I am."

"It turned you on?" I asked.

"Just look."

I leaned forward and glanced through the tiny opening. Carla had her skirt pulled up over her hips and her beautiful, glistening pussy was fully exposed. Looking over a sight like that I did the only thing that seemed natural, I reached back for my cock.

Easing back down into my chair I continued, turned on by that view of Carla's pussy and also by the idea of Angie watching me. I watched myself as the head of my cock appeared and disappeared into my fist. Yeah, I felt it, the pressure in my balls, the deep sensations traveling the length of my shaft and yes... yes, I was coming...

"You didn't miss a thing man, the luncheon's cancelled," I heard Ralph's voice come from across the office area.

Shit! I slid forward in my chair trying to catch all the spurting cum in small paper napkins. Angie quickly disappeared as Ralph turned the corner of the cubicle.

"Man, what's wrong with you?"

There I was, pulled tight against my desk, both hands dabbing wildly trying to clean up the cum that had splashed all over my pants.

"I don't know Ralph, something I ate maybe."

"You need any help?"

"No, no, just give me a minute, I'll be okay."

"Better be quick, here comes your boss. Hey Mac, how are you doing?"

"I'm good Ralph, is your buddy there?"

"Yeah, but he's... well indisposed at the moment."

"I got a meeting going and I need him in there. Marcus you okay?"

"Yeah Mac, I answered, just give me a few minutes."

"Okay, but I need you in there."

"Yeah, yeah, as soon as I can."

"Okay," he said.

In a moment I whispered, "Is he gone Ralph."

"Yeah, back in his office."

"Ralph, give me a minute here would you?"

"Yeah sure buddy."

"I mean alone Ralph."

"Oh, okay. Sorry, if you need anything..."

"I'll let you know."

When Ralph left, I pushed back from the desk and frantically tried to clean up. I noticed a couple of extra tissues come floating over the cubicle, a gift from Carla, I guessed. I also could smell Carla's perfume as if she were spraying it into the air.

Finally with the help of Carla's extra tissues I got myself cleaned up enough to head over to Mac's meeting. Hopefully they would be using an overhead and the room would be dark.

I stood up and headed toward Mac's office, but Carla met me at the end of the cubicles. Grabbing my by the hand she pulled me aside and whispered, "God that was incredible! Watching you come while hearing all those people coming back, and all that come, I could see it even after Ralph got there. I smelled it too, that's why I sprayed my perfume."

"Look Carla..."

"Yes, yes I know what you're gonna say."

"Carla we've got to stop..."

"...we can't stop," her version echoing mine.

I stared at her, "Can't stop?"

"Wasn't it exciting?"

"Yes, but..."

"I mean you should see Angie, she practically ran to the ladies room. I'll bet she's masturbating right now."

"But I nearly got caught," I said.

She moaned and said dreamily, "Yes..."

"Look, we've got to talk about this, but I have a meeting to go to," I said, turning toward Mac's office.

"Marcus," she said seductively.


I watched her squat down and run her index finger over the top of my shoe, scooping up a big gob of white cum and moving it to her mouth. She slowly sucked the finger while with the other hand, she took a tissue and wiped the remaining residue from my shoe.

Backing away I watched as she licked and sucked my cum from her finger. I finally turned and headed into the, thankfully, dark room of my boss' meeting, trying hard to erase that last image of Carla from my mind.

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