tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 07

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 07

byDecayed Angel©

I needed to talk to Carla, things were simply going too fast, what had been a simple, interesting diversion had grown into something huge. We had gone from some "after hours" voyeuristic masturbation, to sex scenes involving other workers in the middle of the work day. Carla opened herself and the company up to potential sexual harassment lawsuits, with involving Angie, a subordinate. I was right in the middle of it too.

The sad thing about it all was, beyond our shared escapades, I really knew nothing about her. I mean we worked in two different divisions in the company, so I didn't really have a clue about what she did at work and we never really talked outside of making arrangements to watch each other have sex. I had heard her talking on the phone with a boyfriend while she let me watch her masturbate that first time and then I saw her at her cubicle with another guy that wasn't her boyfriend. Beyond that I had no idea about her personal life, hell, she could have been married to another guy, I couldn't have known.

On the off chance that she might be in working over the weekend, I drove into work on a Sunday and headed up to our floor. Stepping out of the elevator I noted that the lights weren't on over the open cubicle areas, but that didn't necessarily mean she wasn't there. Often, if only a few people were at work, we'd leave the bright overhead lights off and just use the task lighting at the cubicles.

I quietly walked the long corridor that wrapped around the perimeter of the cubicle maze, listening for Carla, or anyone for that matter. There didn't seem to be anyone there and when I reached my area and entered the maze( , ) I confirmed that at least in my small corner, no one was working.

Sitting down at my desk, I removed the trim covering to the peek hole into Carla's cubicle and looked, but she wasn't there. Without really looking around, I replaced the trim and decided to write her an email. Since it was company email, subject to review by pretty much anyone with security clearance, I would have to be careful how I worded it.

Waiting for my computer to boot up, I ran though what I wanted to say, carefully translating it into "office code" so if anyone else read the email, it would sound like typical office correspondence. I decided to make the email short, so when my computer finally got started and I entered the company's email system. I wrote just a few short sentences, basically saying that we needed to talk before scheduling any more meetings. Yeah, I had tried that before, but I didn't dare go into much more detail in company email.

I finished up and then entered her email address and hit send. I then looked around my desk and straightened up a few things, and since I really didn't have that much to do the next day, I turned back to my computer to shut it down. Strangely, I had received an email. Hoping Carla was perhaps checking her email from home or something, I looked closer. The email was from the system, indicating a problem in an email I sent and upon opening it, it indicated that the address I sent Carla's email to was "unknown."

"How strange," I thought, as I opened the email I had sent and checked the address. Yes, it was correct, so I copied what I wrote, opened a new email message, pasted the message in and then carefully typed in Carla's email address again. As a check, I then entered my email address in the blind copy line and hit send.

I immediately received my blind copy, so then I waited for a moment or two to be sure Carla's copy got through. After a couple of minutes I decided that this time the email worked and moved to shut down the machine when suddenly I received an email. Yes, once again I got the system message about an "unknown" address.

"What the hell?" I murmured. Angie! Yes, of course. I quickly typed up an email, asking Angie if she had any problems contacting Carla. I then looked up Angie's address and hit send. In just over two minutes I received an email, another system email, this time saying that Angie's email address was "unknown."

Damn, I began to feel uneasy about everything, but all I could do was get my stuff together and head back home. I didn't have Carla's or Angie's home phone numbers and though I could have looked them up in the phone book, ( I ) wasn't really sure I should call them. Hopefully, I could get it all figured out at work on Monday.

I spent a fitful night, worrying and wondering what might have happened with Carla and Angie. Remembering the sight of Carla's tongue plunging back and forth into Angie's pussy, or just the incredible, sensual beauty of Carla slowly, delicately running her finger from her wet opening, up her slit to the knob of her clit, I couldn't help but get an erection, in spite of my concern.

Sometime during the night I did drift to sleep because the next thing I remember is waking to a blaring radio. I quickly got ready for work and headed into the office, still worrying about Carla and Angie. As soon as I arrived, I headed straight to my cubicle and pulled aside the trim at our peek hole. Carla's work area appeared completely empty.

I stood up to walk over to her area and confirm everything had been cleared out, but ran into Ralph.

"Marcus, you hear about Carla and Angie, fucking incredible."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Both fired, got caught having sex in the office, can you believe it? Better yet, it was during work hours. Hell Marcus, Carla and Angie are having sex during work and you're over here falling asleep."

"Fired? When did it happen?"

"Sometime late Friday, they even had security escort them out."

"Did you see it?" I asked.

"No, I left early like you. Morgan called me, he saw it all. Real embarrassing I hear, Carla had a towel over her head when she left."

I moved back into my cubicle and fell into my chair. "Damn."

"You know, I bet it was that time I asked Angie to lunch, you remember."

I shook my head, still dazed.

"Yeah, I asked you first, but you couldn't go, so I saw Angie just standing there in Carla's cubicle. I asked her, but she just shook her head... it seemed so strange. I'll bet it was then. You know I would never take Carla or Angie for dykes."

Holding my head in my hands all I could say was, "Ralph, just leave, would you please just leave for a while?"

"Whatever you say... hey you game for lunch today?"

"I don't know Ralph, I don't know." I had to think, I just had to think.

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