tagInterracial LoveA Cuckold at Crystal Lake

A Cuckold at Crystal Lake


I sat on the balcony of my house boat, The Aqua Pirate, overlooking Crystal Lake and idly thumbed through the Local Tattler newspaper when a personal advert caught my eye.

"Wanted - White male Bull to help an Asian married couple," There was a mobile number to contact.

I was intrigued to say the least and wondered if they lived far out from where I was at Crystal Lake.

I leaned back in my chair and sipped my coffee, thoughtfully and wondered whether I should contact them.

It was a lovely summer morning. The sun was pleasantly burning down on the world and a kingfisher was catching his breakfast in the calm waters. Suddenly his morning fishing was abruptly disturbed by a large pelican. He swiftly flew in and landed on the balcony rail. Any wildlife in the immediate vicinity quickly star burst out away from him as quickly as they were able. A startled duck sped across the water quacking her protest and leaving a v of bubbled water in her wake.

"Hey Percy," I greeted the big bird and threw him some pilchards I had left over from breakfast and had saved for him.

Percy had befriended me when I was refurbishing and decorating the Aqua Pirate. He began to visit and waddle after me as I went about my tasks. This developed into a friendship and now I usually had a treat for him when he called in on me. He caught the small fish expertly in his large beak and quickly wolfed each of them down.

I looked at the advert again and read it out loud to Percy and then said, "What do you think Percy? Should I call?" I paused and listened for his answer. Of course, he was just beady-eyeing me silently to see if there was more fish for him.

I pretended he had answered, "Mmhmm. I think so too. Nothing to lose and potentially it could bloom into a beautiful arrangement. I think I might just text them."

I texted a reply, "Hi, I'm white, big and Dominant. I may be able to help. Text back if you are interested."

Within a few minutes, I had a text back and we exchanged yahoo messenger for pics. I opened up my lap top on the table and fired it up to correspond more with this couple. The picture they sent of themselves were complimentary as expected.

The wife was called Rani and was a stunning Indian beauty with long black hair and dressed in a traditional blue and green sari down to the floor. It covered her feet. She was slim, about 5'6" tall and appeared big breasted but it was hard to tell in her clothing. She had flawless beige skin and big expressive brown eyes. On her head and neck she wore matching traditional beaded and jewelled accessories.

He was named Sachin and was also dressed in a traditional white and burgundy Indian man's outfit. He wore a white Sherwani embroidered in an intricate burgundy pattern with matching burgundy dhoti pants and Khussa Indian Shoes. He was about 5'8" and of a slim, lanky build. Both made a handsome couple.

They had had an arranged marriage and been together for 3 years. They had no children yet but planned to have some in a couple of years when they were financially stable.

I sent them back a picture of me working on my boat house dressed in a tight white vest, tight pale blue wrangler jeans and tan coloured work boots with the laces untied. A lady friend had taken it on my camera and was the only recent one I had of myself. It certainly showed off my short dark brown hair, tanned healthy white skin, short growth goatee beard, muscular build, tattoos and 6 ft. tall muscular frame.

They seemed to like what they saw and the typed conversation soon came down to the fact Sachin was a submissive male and although his wife loved him dearly, he felt he was smaller than average in the penis department and that he was not satisfying his wife as he should. He also had a fantasy of his wife being fucked by another bigger man.

Although of Indian descent both had adopted some of the western culture mixed in with their traditional Indian heritage.

We decided to Skype then and I spoke to both of them using the web cam on the internet.

They both came into view in the camera.

"So you want me to fuck your wife?" I asked, brutally to the point and on purpose to see their reaction.

Sachin, "Yes."

"Rani, do you want me to fuck you?" I wanted to establish her consent.

She looked at her husband and then at me, "Yes." It was almost an embarrassed whisper.

"You both know, I am a Dominant male. I will be your Bull and you will obey all I say. Is that clear?" My voice was authoritive.

Sachin, "Yes, we understand."

"Tell your wife to undress for me now and Sachin... you help her," I commanded. I waited for their reaction. Their actions now, would depend on whether I agreed to this arrangement.

Sachin and Rani knew it was a test. They moved the camera back and I settled back to enjoy the impromptu strip.

Rani shyly stood in front of the camera and Sachin helped her. It turned me on that a husband was undressing his wife for me, a total stranger, to gawp and letch at her body.

He stood behind her so as not to obscure my view and unbuttoned her white blouse to reveal a lacy white bra and then removed her pumps and black trousers. She was wearing matching white panties.

He unhooked her bra and stroked the straps down her arms to remove it. He breasts spilled out for me. They were magnificent! Then Sachin knelt behind her, reached up to her panties waist band and slowly pulled them down.

Soon she was standing there naked to be inspected. Her long black hair fell down her shoulders and could easily be wrapped around my fists, it was just right for pulling and reigning her in.

She had expressive brown eyes and her olive skin was exquisite. It would be an amazing contrast next to my paler, sun tanned complexion.

She had full, wholesome, breasts just as I had thought and would be perfect for sucking on. Her nipples were dark and sexy and she had a neat waist and flat tummy.

She had shapely long legs and a very hairy black bush.

I made her turn slowly for the camera. Her bottom was nicely rounded. She would be a very nice fuck toy indeed. I felt myself harden thinking about it.

"Sachin, I approve of your wife but I want her cunt shaved for me. No body hair below her neck ever and you both call me Sir in future." I deliberately emphasised the obscene c word to see their reaction. Sachin did not react. Rani's eyes just widened a little.

Sachin, "Yes Sir," I detected a hint of excitement in his voice.

"When we Skype in future, you will present your wife to me naked and prepared." I told him in a matter of fact way.

Sachin, "Yes Sir," He was excited, as he stood up to replace the chair he had moved, I could see the bulge of his erection in his trousers.

"Each time you wish my service, you will ask me respectfully and why." I directed them.

Sachin, "Yes Sir."


Rani, "Yes Sir."


Sachin, "Sir, will you fuck my wife Sir? She needs a big masterful cock. Mine is too small to satisfy her"

Rani, "Sir, please fuck me. My husband is too small to satisfy me as a woman. I need you Sir"

I nodded, satisfied with their servitude, "Yes I will. Prepare your wife Sachin as I have asked and then bring her to my address in 2 hours." I told them.

Sachin and Rani both answered, "Yes Sir,"

I gave them the details and directions.

"Now sit your wife in the chair facing the camera. Bring her heels to her ass and let her knees fall open to present her pussy to me." I watched as Sachin obeyed my instructions. I could see the tell-tale signs of her arousal, her moist lips, gaping a little and swollen. Her dark pubic hair made this Asian woman darkly artistic and her fleshy labia was quite erotic.

"Good Girl," I praised her. "Now hold your pussy open for me Rani. Sachin stand behind your wife in the chair and fondle her tits for me.

The couple did as I asked. I clicked the record switch on for my computer to capture this display. I wanted to treasure the moment.

"Does it turn you both on knowing I am staring at your wife's cunt and tits?" I deliberately spoke obscenely to them and was rewarded by their reaction.

Sachin kneaded her titties harder and Rani's pussy flooded with more moisture.

"Yes Sir," they both answered.

"Masturbate for me till you cum Rani, show me your desire. Think of me touching you in front of your husband. Think of me circling, that sexy little clit of yours. Show me what a slut you are."

Rani moaned and began to perform beautifully for me.

Her hand reached down to her hairy mound and caressed her pubic hair. I was totally mesmerised. Her finger reached the top of her slit and she pushed down against her swollen clitoris. Her whole body twitched and she bit her lip.

She was so turned on. She slipped her hand back and forth against her pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips. Her sex was on fire as she thought of a stranger watching her in this aroused state. It thrilled her causing tremors and her hips began to thrust up and down. She pushed her hand down and in one motion slipped two of her fingers inside of herself. She paused a moment as her vaginal walls adjusted to the invasion. She massaged inside with a few slides and twists, moving in and out.

She withdrew her fingers and moved upwards, rubbing her lubricated fingers against her intimate lips and clitoris. She began concentrating on her breathing, keeping it regular and quiet. She was a little conscious of being watched by me, a stranger and me hearing her vocals far sooner than she was ready for.

She felt Sachin's hands play sensuously with her nipples while she worked her pussy. She moaned and thrust her tits into his hands arching up. Sachin sensed her need and began massaging her chest a little harder, while Rani's right hand worked quickly on her swollen, sensitive clitoris.

She felt an orgasm building even though, she had barely begun to perform. She thought of me, this commanding white man watching her aroused Asian pussy.

She listened for Sachin to say something, to admonish her perhaps for being so slutty in front of this watching stranger, but none came. She couldn't hear anything beyond her own soft caresses and sweet masturbating noises.

Rani tried to be quiet, but she could feel herself cumming before the first wave hit her. Her pussy was burning hot and her hand was soaked. Her stomach clenched and she jerked on the seat as her orgasm rolled over her again and again.

She managed not to cry out but her stifled moans did emerge as sexy little whimpers. Her fingers continued to roll on her sensitive clitoris and slide up and down her wet and creamy slit.

Sachin and I watched this beautiful coffee-coloured woman, reach her climax. Her beauty was astounding right then. We heard the chair creak as she stretched and spasmed and arched her back. She opened her eyes but not really seeing. The fireworks were still exploding in her own lusty pleasure filled world.

Her hand was still rubbing her pussy hard but she started to slow down. Her fingers and palm were now a little sticky as she eased the pressure up on her clit. She was still coming down from the orgasm when she finally pulled her hand away to show her sated pussy to the camera and me.

Rani came hard and she knew she had made a few soft noises and blushed as the conscious world returned. The thought that two men had just watched her made her feel naughtily pleasant.

She reached down farther and pressed her fingers hard into her slit, scooping up the moisture. She raised her fingers to the camera to show me her special cream and caused me to moan when she proceeded to lick them clean.

God, I needed to fuck this woman.

I complimented them both for pleasing me and reminded Sachin of his obligation to shave his wife's pussy for me and our meeting in two hours' time.

I ended the call and put the kettle on. I wondered if the couple would lose their nerve or if they would attend The Aqua Pirate as instructed.

I decided to shower. Only time would tell.


Sachin was a successful businessman, and married to his wonderful wife. They were both very much in love, and had always been very close, but somehow there was always something missing.

He was a little embarrassed about his penis being slightly smaller than the average guy but in truth, he had never had any complaints and had always made up for it with the magic of his hands or tongue. His wife had been a virgin before their wedding night so when he first seeded the idea of another man entering into their marriage, she was shocked at that idea but gradually her want to please him and the curiosity of being with another man had gradually bought her round. She began to ask questions and he naturally fed her interest.

Like many men, he had a fantasy of watching his sexy shy wife fuck another man. He knew most people would think of that type of guy as weak, but most who knew him, considered him anything but. He was not a wimp. He was very much a man's man. He was masculine and a strong contender in the business arena. In sex however, he was more submissive and circumstance unfortunately had found him to be more the lead in the bedroom and in his marriage.

He wanted to explore this submissive side. It was his fantasy. He had always been extremely turned on by that thought of his wife being a bad girl and him either watching or even being told about it afterwards.

Sachin began to introduce fantasy whisperings to his wife in their love making. He told her how he would love to watch a big cock sliding in and out of her pussy and how he would love to look into her eyes as she licked and sucked it.

When he talked to her like that, she would always get extremely wet, sucking and fucking Sachin quite wildly. Rani eventually admitted that the idea turned her on, but she would never consider it.

If she did, she said it would have to be with someone she found attractive and who would turn her on too, but that it was a moot point anyway. It would never happen.

They both liked sex, but Rani's inexperience and Sachin's natural want to be submissive began to take its toll.

Over time, their sex life had become staid and boring. Sachin eventually began to lose interest in his wife sexually and their regular missionary style fuck all went rather stale.

Being submissive sexually is what turned Rani on the most, but on occasion, because they had tried to be creative, teasing Sachin and taking control would also turn her on.

They both knew they needed to do something, they both wanted to rekindle the flame between them and give their sex life the boost it needed.

Then, one day on the train, Rani was reading a story about a couple who had done just that. This couple had advertised for a third person to enter their marriage and it seemed to be a wonderful arrangement.

The wife had become the submissive pet of another man, while teasing her husband, and making him love her cheating ways. It had worked for them and they all had the best sex ever.

Rani thought about it and wondered if it would work for her and her husband. She discussed it with Sachin after arriving home and they both decided to take the plunge. They placed an advert in the local Tattler newspaper for a White Bull Male. Neither wanted an Indian man to become involved in case they saw him in their tight knit Asian community. That would be just too embarrassing!

Rani had always found white men attractive and they decided, rather than a sophisticated business man type, she would like the opposite to her husband -- a white man who was sporty and enjoyed the outdoors, maybe with tattoos and who may perhaps ride a motorbike. Rani giggled when her husband teased her about finding out about her bad boy fantasy.

The advert was placed and less than a week later, here Sachin was about to soap up his wife's pussy to shave and prepare for another man. She was sitting on a chair in the bathroom, legs spread and bush thrust at him ready.

He used scissors and his trimmer on her bush first, cutting everything down to around 3 millimetres. Sachin had spread her legs wide so he could fit the trimmer along her outer lips. He held his other hand over her inner lips and clit, since he didn't want to nick her.

Her skin was delicate and her folds reminded him of petals from a flower. It took a few minutes, for him to cut down all the long hairs.

Sachin looked at Rani's face, she had gotten very quiet whilst watching him shave her. She was clearly turned on by him tugging her pubes, positioning her legs to spread her open and then the vibrations of the trimmer.

So was he - he was as hard as a rock but he kept his attention on the task at hand. He continued and trimmed the few hairs on her perineum.

He then picked up the soap and rubbed his hands in the bowl of warm water to lather up. Shaving a pussy was so erotic.

Rani's pretty pussy was spread wide in front of him. She eagerly awaited his touch. He soaped all over the area, from the top of her pubic bone, down the sides of her outer lips and over her perineum.

He cupped her pussy and soaped her longer than was really necessary, while he thought of the white bull, playing with her as he watched.

Nervously, he applied the razor and ran it over the pubic hair from the right side of her mons to the left, applying just the right amount of pressure. It worked perfectly, leaving the skin on the fleshy mound completely bare!

Rani exhaled a shaky breath. She was completely turned on by this new, sensual experience.

More confident now, Sachin shaved off the rest of the hair on her muff, revealing the smooth olive skin below. He rinsed off the razor. Now it was time for the real challenge. He had her spread her legs again, and kept her inner lips safe with his left hand. He ran the razor along her left outer lip, going to her leg pit area. The process removed all the hair from her delicate flesh. It was an incredible turn-on and the visual results were wonderful.

Next were the hairs near the end of her outer lips. He asked Rani to hold her hand over her inner lips, giving him a free hand to hold her outer labia taut. He was able to easily run the razor over them now and eliminate the last few hairs.

Slade, the man he was doing this for, would obviously want her pussy as bare as possible. Moving to her right outer lip, Sachin saw that her clitoris wasn't so shy now! It was swollen and sticking out from its little protective hood.

He proceeded to work on her right labia and leg pit area using the same technique as before.

The area around the bottom of her pussy was a little harder to get to. Sachin asked Rani to turn over, and straddle the chair, with her legs spread as much as possible and to lean forward a little.

She did and the sight of her spread pussy from behind with only a few wisps of hair on the bottom, was mind-blowing!

He quickly shaved off the remaining hairs from the bottom of her lips and her perineum. His wife's pussy looked amazing in its bald, smooth state.

Next were the hairs around her asshole. He soaped around her cute brown rosette and asked her to hold her cheeks wide while he deftly removed the last of her hair.

He wet the towel and dabbed away the remains of the soap from her newly shaved area.

They went over to the mirror to inspect her newly revealed sexiness.

"I may take this up as a living -- Pube Barber!" Sachin joked.

They giggled as they admired the result of his new found skill.

Sachin knelt down and ran his tongue over the baby-soft skin of her pussy, along her outer lips, and kissed her pussy. She was breathing heavy and it was clear they had better stop.

This pussy was for their Bull today and neither dared ruin their first meeting.


They arrived at The Aqua Pirate at the arranged time and parked their car outside. Both were smartly but casually dressed. They looked round curious, and walked down the jetty to the door and rang the bell.

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