tagLoving WivesA Cuckold Beginning

A Cuckold Beginning

byken b©

(I hope everyone enjoys this very true story. I have written most of it but my wife has inserted her comments in a few places)

Let me give you a little background before I start this story. My wife, Sheree, is a very attractive redhead. She is five six and is in excellent shape. Although she likes sex, she is pretty traditional and isn't into porno or anything kinky. She is an accountant and is usually pretty focused on work and doesn't flirt or flaunt her feminine side and dresses pretty conservatively.

I have a very active imagination and I like to try anything sexual at least once. I had this fantasy about having some sort of sexual adventure with some long time friends of ours but my wife had always said, "No way, not a chance."

Our friends, Jack and Iris, put in a new hot tub last year and I was constantly trying to convince my wife to go naked with me in their hot tub. My friends' wife is a very attractive brunette who works out a lot and has great legs...I thought at least I could see her naked. Finally my wife said yes, just to shut me up I guess. She said she would do this for me just once and she would even consider masturbating me in front of them if that were my big fantasy (It is). We had a nice light-hearted dinner with our friends and I noticed my wife drinking enough wine to be really relaxed. Jack and Iris suggested we try the hot tub with them and we agreed. My friends and I quickly took our clothes off and jumped in. My wife was a little slower so we all watched, as she got undressed.

My wife has well-shaped, wide breasts of medium size and a flat waist. She is a true redhead and her pubic hair is very thick and bright red running between her legs up almost towards her belly button in a big red thick patch. I noticed Jack was eyeing her intently. I am sure he had never seen red pubic hair before. We relaxed in the tub and I enjoyed looking at my friend's wife. She had small breasts with dark nipples and the most perfect firm round ass. As for Jack, he looked very muscular without clothes on with no hint of any gut.

After awhile, Jack put Iris on his lap with a little bit of giggling. Then my wife whispered to me that if she was going to do this we might as well do it now and she had me sit up on the edge of the hot tub and started stroking my cock. My friends didn't do anything except watch. (I had already told them what I thought would happen and they were all for it) With me being a little nervous I didn't get erect right away but I gradually got a raging erection and could feel myself getting ready to come. Then our friends swam over. I didn't know what Sheree would do since she had said she didn't want to do anything with them. I noticed Jack had a full erection, his cock curving upward and bobbing through the water. I was surprised at how arousing it was for me to see another man obviously being turned on by my wife .I was shocked when my wife reached down and gently touched Jack's erection. It certainly got Jack's attention.

I slowly moved away from Sheree and motioned Iris over to me. I was amused to see that my wife continued to play with Jack's very erect penis which looked to be about 6 inches long, curved upward and very hard. Iris then knelt between my legs, opened her red lips and slowly sucked me into her mouth. The feeling was indescribable. As I played with her dark nipples and watched her nipples get very hard and extended she took more of me into her mouth. What talent, she was much better than my wife I had to admit. As I achieved my full 7 plus inches of erection she grasped the root of my cock with her hand and started jacking me off as she continued to suck me. There was no doubt what she wanted...for me to come in her mouth. My eyes were closed as I could feel the peak coming.

Then I was amazed to hear my wife loudly crying," Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me". I looked up and she was leaning over the side of the hot tub and Jack was behind her buried up to hilt, and was pumping away. It was so arousing to me to see part of his penis emerge and then bury himself inside my wife again. Under her urging he was pounding her harder and harder, his abdomen slapping against her ass and her breasts bouncing from side to side. My conservative wife, Sheree, was being fucked by another man and seemed to be loving it. I watched his muscles contract and then his body tensed, and he moaned as he came inside my loving wife. That was all it took and I exploded in Iris's mouth. I was surprised how exciting it was to see my wife with another man. I had never considered it would be such a turn-on. When my wife finally turned around I could see drops of their mutual secretions glistening on her red hair.

My wife writes: As my husband already said, I had not intended to do much of anything in the hot tub as I was basically just humoring him. But when his friend swam over, he looked so cute with his penis so erect and bobbing in the water that I was flattered and I just grabbed it. But as I grabbed it, I also realized what a great body he had and thought, you know, I haven't been physical with another man in 10 years and I was curious about what it would be like.

My wife continues to write: We kissed a little and it felt so interesting to be with another man. His cock was different from my husband's so I wanted to feel what it would be like inside me I asked him if he wanted to go inside me and he wasted no time in turning me around and pressing himself against me. Well, when he pushed inside me it felt so good-; the novelty of it got me very turned on. He was so muscular that I really got into him doing me hard, which I had never experienced before. But he came pretty quickly and we all settled back in the hot tub again. I kept playing with him under the water because I really wanted an orgasm. He started to get erect again and I sat down on his lap and felt him slide inside me again. I moved up and down on him and looked over at my husband because I wanted him to know exactly what I was doing. I reached down and rubbed my clit and had the most intense orgasm I had had in years.

It was obvious my wife was still turned on as she slid down on my friend's cock and started riding him again. She looked at me as if to say, "Well, look at what you got us into" and then I could tell she was close to orgasm as she got a look on her face that I recognized and soon her thighs were jerking up and down and she had a big orgasm. While this was going on Iris and I were doing what they used to call in high school, heavy petting. I had several fingers inside her and she seemed to be wiggling three directions at once. After that we got out of the hot tub because between the wine and hot water and sex we were pretty wasted. I was amazed that my wife had done what she done but figured it was a one-time thing. But I was wrong, as you will see in future stories.

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