tagLoving WivesA Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 03

A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 03


This is the third part of the story that I had started some time ago. I had written it, but then I thought it was a bit surreal for me, so I just let it sit for a long time. Then, after reading Karenkay's brilliant "White Slaves of Eban" stories that she is currently publishing, I have changed my mind. I'm so taken with them, that I decided more content in this genre would be welcome by the readers. My own story bears some remarkable similarities, but that said, it is at the end of the day its own story.

I always see my stories as an extension of the "Around Her Finger" movement. I focus on relationships where women are the head of the household, and the husband happily submits. Often they go much farther and involve cuckolding, etc., and this one is right along those lines.


We walked into the party not knowing what to expect. We hadn't seen Ron for three weeks, but he had called Kelli and told us both to show up at a party at a private home in the suburbs. When we arrived at the very upscale home, there were about thirty white couples that looked just about like us. There were no signs of Ron anywhere.

My first suspicion that something unusual was happening was when I saw the other cuckold couple that used to work out at my gym. They were the ones I had seen in the video when Ron first seduced me into cuckoldry six months ago. He was standing beside his wife holding a drink, looking as nervous as just about every other man at the party. The women seemed less nervous, as if they had been clued into what was happening.

After downing a few drinks to take the edge off, we engaged in small talk with a few of the couples at the party. I noticed that the two women to whom we were speaking did not have wedding rings on their fingers. I looked down at Kelli and saw that she was also not wearing hers. This was strange as even after the cuckolding had started, she had continued to wear the ring. Then I noticed another detail that I was surprised had escaped me. The women, all three including Kelli, were wearing long, thin silver chains that disappeared down the front of their dresses and into their cleavage. I started to ask Kelli what it all meant when we were interrupted by the arrival of our hosts.

The front door opened and in walked four black men, Ron among them. The other three men were similarly striking in their physical appearance, all tall with well defined muscles and sharp, chiseled features. Also with them was a black woman, young and very beautiful. She had straight hair pulled into pigtails, and wore a very short leather skirt and a white blouse tied above her stomach.

When the men arrived, the women all lit up. One by one, every woman in the room pulled their silver chains out of their dresses, on the chains hung their wedding and engagement rings. They each walked up to one of the four men, presumably their Bull, kissed them, and hung their chain around his neck. I watched Kelli do this to Ron. Her eyes seemed lost in his as she lifted the chain to place it around her neck. Ron had about ten chain hung over his neck. The woman all formed a circle, kneeling around their Bull after they had adorned him with their ring. I felt my cock stiffen inside the CB6000.

My trance was interrupted by the sound of the black woman's voice. "All right, cucks. The real men have arrived. I need all of you to follow me down to the basement. Your wives are in better hands than yours, I promise."

She started down some wide stairs and all the men followed in line behind her. We walked through a beautiful home bar with a pool table, darts, etc. We were escorted into a door on the other side of this area. This was a large, almost empty and unfinished room. One wall had lockers. From the beams in the ceiling hung steel cables with loops at the bottom, about six to seven feet off the ground. There seemed to be as many cables as there were men. There were also drains on the floor and a couple of hoses coming out of the walls.

We were told to each pick a locker, take off our own clothes, and put on what we would find inside the locker. We all stood silently stripping, taking note that each of us wore a chastity device of one sort or another. Inside the lockers were a set of collars. There was one clearly intended to go around the neck, and there were two each for, presumably, the wrists. We all did our best with the request to comply quickly, and called on each other to snap and lock the leather bands around our necks and wrists.

The black woman walked amongst us and tapped about half of us to join her in the middle of the room. You will all be the first to get prepped. The rest of you will be the first to do the prepping. As I was to be among those to be prepped, I was strung by both wrists to one of the chains hanging from the ceiling. My feet were still on the ground, but there was no room to move around at all.

"My name is Keisha," announced the black woman. "I am your instructor for the evening; you will do everything I tell you without question. If you do not, you will be sent home, but your wife will remain as the house slut for no less than two weeks with no contact with you whatsoever. I promise you I am very serious. I do not intend to take any crap from any white cucks."

She walked to the group that was not tied up and started passing out cans of shaving cream and razors. "The first thing we are going to need to do is get you shaved from the neck down. The men upstairs don't want any of your cuck body hair touching their bitches."

Keisha walked over to one of the hoses and began spraying those of us strung from the ceiling with cold water. Then with a single key, she began unlocking our cock cages one by one., removing them and placing them on the floor in front of us. A gesture with her head got the "prepper cucks" working on shaving us. I tried to remain motionless as I nervously watched this other man begin shaving my body. This was all taking a very long time, and Keisha kept having to rinse us down as the process continued. She was having us spread our legs so that the razors could get right up to our assholes and under our scrotums. She was serious about having no body hair. This included armpits, legs, arms, etc.

As she was satisfied that an individual had been adequately shaved, she would come over and replace the preppers shaving cream and razor with what looked like a toilet brush and what was apparently soap in a squeeze bottle. We were then indignantly cleaned from head to toe, and finally rinsed with the cold water hose. After all of this, are balls and cocks were oiled and our cock cages were again placed in position between our legs.

This entire process was repeated when we were unstrung and the prepped became the preppers. It was humiliating and objectifying, but it wasn't over yet. When we finished prepping the other half of the group, we were then strung back up to the ceiling wires. So there we all were, about thirty of us, arms above our heads, secured and helpless. Keisha continued the objectification by placing leather hoods on our heads. I looked at the other men around me. They all looked the same, humiliated, hairless and emasculated, like eunuchs in the court of the emperors upstairs.

Keisha dimmed the lights and walked amongst us, touching us and teasing us and laughing to herself. "What is it about you white boys," she chuckled out loud. "Why is it so easy to get you to give your white women up to black men?

She came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked through the slits in my mask and into my eyes. I could smell her sweet breath. "Right now you're white wife is upstairs sucking a black man's cock, and not giving you a second thought. All she wants is that black cock in her white pussy. It's a good thing her husband is such a fucking wimp. Isn't it?" She continued to stare into my eyes. I nodded my head. "Would you like to go upstairs and see what's happening up there?" Again I nodded my head.

Keisha unhooked me from the ceiling. Then she unhooked four others. "You are the luck ones. You will be trained as the party cucks tonight." She raised her voice to speak to the entire room. "Actually, you are all the lucky ones. Your lives will all become more focused on serving your Black Masters upstairs. You will be put on strict diets and exercise routines. You will take turns serving at this house during the evenings and on weekends. I will replace these horrible plastic cages with permanent chastity piercings. I will teach you how to behave as the anonymous slaves that you are becoming."

"When you put on these hoods, you are not the husbands of the women upstairs; you are the property of the Black Masters... just like those women are. But you are not permitted the same level of privilege that they are. They are adored as sexual pets while you will not even be permitted an identy. You are never again to look them in the eye. You will not speak in their presence without permission; you will serve them, obey them and dedicate yourselves to them. Now... party cucks, follow me. The rest of you... no speaking amongst yourselves. I want absolute quiet."

Keisha led myself and the other party cucks out of the room. She gave us some additional etiquette tips, and loaded us each with something to bring upstairs. Two of the others were given silver trays, another was told that he would serve as bartender at the upstairs bar. One other was given a wooden box, strapped around his neck and waist, filled with a collection of different snacks, cigarettes, etc. I was given a large silver cup, like a champagne bucket.

"You'll learn what this is for upstairs," she told me. With that, we all headed up to the party, heads bowed and silent.

The site we beheld was amazing. My legs became unexpectedly weak as I saw Kelli from the corner of my eyes. Her head was bobbing up and down on one of the other Master's cocks. A young blonde woman was behind her licking on her pussy. Ron was in the living room fucking a mature and gorgeous brunette as another woman sat on her face and kissed Ron deeply on the mouth. Two of the women held up the brunette's legs keeping her pussy wide open for Master Ron. There was a sea of flesh everywhere, with women on women, women on men, and to my surprise, a two person camera crew filming everything.

As we stood trying not to lift our head to get an even better look, one of the Black Masters walked back in from the kitchen with a white woman on each arm. "Hey," he announced, "the cuckies are up. Keisha, which one is the piss cuck?"

Keisha tapped my head. "This one Reggie. Cuck, kneel before your Master and present him your cup."

Now I understood the silver cup's intended use. I knelt before Master Reggie and lifted the cup to his waist. He put one hand on my head, the other on his large cock and urinated a hot stream into my bucket. The smell overwhelmed me as it wafted up to my nostrils. When he was done, he unsnapped two snaps which held a piece of leather in place over my mouth. He then presented his cock to my lips for cleaning the last little dribble of piss that beaded on its head. He then walked away from me without saying a word.

Keisha tapped me on the shoulder, "There's a large, stainless steel pot in the garage. Go dump it in there." I obeyed. When I returned I saw that there was clearly another role that the party cucks would play. I quickly noticed two of them were positioned between the legs of the women at the party, licking and sucking warm black cum from their spent pussies. Keisha tapped one of them and indicated to him that she was just about ready for him to move on to the next woman.

I looked to where she was pointing and it was Kelli. Apparently, the Black Master that she was sucking off decided to finish by pushing his black cock into my wife from behind. She lay on her back with her mouth locked onto that of another woman's mouth who held her hands as they kissed. The Black Master clenched his teeth and unloaded inside her. He pulled his massive cock from her pussy and a strand of cum trailed between the two lover's body parts. The film crew, two young black men with a camera and a light, was right there, filming everything.

The Black Master chose one of the women to lick his cock clean, but Keisha walked the other cuck over to go down on my wife. She put one hand on the back of his masked head, unsnapped his mouth piece, and held him in place between her legs. I stared at them lost in a numbing eroticism. I was shocked back into reality Keisha's black hand slapped against my face.

"Keep your fucking head down," she whispered angrily into my ear.

"Piss cuck, come here," commanded the Black Master that had just fucked Kelli. I crawled over to him and presented my cup. He finished pissing and I cleaned his cock head without being asked. I was getting used to my new job. I scurried off to the garage to add the content of the cup into the large steel pot.

The Black Masters had mostly exhausted their immediate need for pussy. They took seats around a large screen television to watch a boxing match while the women took subservient positions around them on the floor. While the party cucks were expected to serve the men and women alike, I was only receiving piss from the Black Master. The women would go into the bathroom to pee.

I looked over at Kelli. She was kneeling next to the man that had fucked her with her head on his thigh. He had his hand on her head, playing with her hair like a pet. "Is one of these cucks your husband," he asked.

"I don't know," she answered absently as she stared adoringly at his rock hard abs, her fingers touching his chest. She didn't know and she didn't care.

"You are a good piece of ass," said the Black Master. "I think you are ready for another fucking."

He positioned Kelli on her hands and knees in front of him. He had one of the women go down on her to get her lubricated, and had another begin licking his cock to get him rock hard for her. He pushed the woman going down on Kelli from behind unceremoniously out of the way and pulled his cock from the other woman's mouth. It stood like an ebony scepter, waiting to find purchase in my wife's willing body.

With his large, strong fingers, he pushed the lips of her pussy apart from behind. Kelli smiled, her eyes closed. He positioned the head of his large black cock at the tip of her labia, and he held her motionless with anticipation. He allowed the first couple of inches to open her up. Her mouth formed a circle and she exhaled and held her breath momentarily. Then he began short thrusts with only the first couple inches of his cock. Gradually he added more length.

"You like that, bitch?" he asked.

"Yes, so much," replied Kelli.

He put his own thumb into his mouth and he covered it with saliva. He looked up at Ron. "This bitch's ass feels like virgin territory. Did you ever take her?"

"No, too fucking tight. You'll destroy that ass with your cock," replied Ron.

"Well, we've got more," he laughed. "Cuck," he shouted, looking to one of the serving cucks, "get me some lube."

The cuck ran to the bar and returned with a bottle of lubricant. The Black Master held his cock in place, about halfway into Kelli's pussy, dribbling the lubricant down the base of her crack so that it covered her asshole and dripped on his own cock. He began slowly working his finger into her asshole. He matched the slow thrusts of his finger with matching slow thrusts from his cock inside her pussy. He poured more of the oil down her ass crack and then started working a second finger into her hole. She seemed to be wincing with pain, but then her expression turned back to pleasure as he worked back to the thrusting motion that he had been doing when only the first finger was inside of her.

"Tell me what you want, bitch."

"Your cock... in my ass, please, Sir."

"You want to be my little ass-fucking whore?"

"Yes, please."

He slid his cock deep into her pussy before pulling it out to position it against her now slightly gaping asshole. He poured more lubricant along the length of his cock. There was a pause, every eye in the room on Kelly and this beautiful black man. A slow thrust from his hips and he started to enter her. Tears started forming in Kelli's eyes.

"You sure you can handle this, bitch?"

"Yes, please... please fuck my ass. Make me a better whore for you."

"That's my girl." He stroked her hair. "You do this for me, and you'll be special. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Yes, please."

He slid his cock further inside of her.

"My special bitch."

"Ohhhh," moaned Kelli. Was she still in pain?

"You're doing great." He poured more of the lube onto his cock. "Your body belongs to us, just relax and let it happen."

It became clear to me that Kelli's moans were moans of pleasure. She got into a rhythm with her hips and a smile appeared on her face. One hand of massive black fingers stroked her hair as the other found its way below her waist and started rubbing her clit. This only intensified her pleasure.

The Black Master revealed a smile of his own as he tipped back his head and let loose his seed in Kelli's ass. He pulled his cock out slowly and kept stroking her hair.

"Come here, baby." Kelli crawled turned around and stood on her knees to put her head against his chest. "Did you like that? "

Kelli said nothing, but with her head buried in his chest she nodded affirmatively.

"Keisha, I want my mark on this one. Take her back and get her tattooed."

I wasn't sure what was happening. Keisha took Kelli by the hand, stood her up and walked her out of the room.

"Piss cuck, pay attention to your job, not the women," shouted this same Black Master. He stood in front of me and presented his cock. He peed a long, warm stream into my cup and then demanded that I clean his cock. I tasted Kelli... maybe for the last time.

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