tagLoving WivesA Cuckold's Diary Ch. 03

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 03

byPaul Pines©

The Game

"It's just a game," I thought to myself, as I watched my wife having sex with her lover.

For our 16th anniversary, Sally gave me the present I have wanted for years: she said she would "look into the possibility" of going to bed with another man, while I watched. To make a long story short, we found a great guy - witty, intelligent, good-looking and totally into making Sally feel wonderful. We met him once for lunch and drinks, and four times after that (the last one being last week) for sex. If you'd like the details of our earlier meetings, we have written about them: the stories are called "A Cuckold's Diary" and "Thank You, My Wife."

The "game" we play is cuckolding me. Three weeks out of every month, we treat each other as equals - with love and respect, and with pleasure! But a week before each of her "dates" with Ted, Sally becomes... his. Of course, she is not really his; she doesn't want to run away with him, and she doesn't want to stay with him. But in our "game," she is his; from a week before their date until he says good-bye and leaves the hotel room, my wife gives herself to him, and not to me. No sex, no tongue-kissing, nothing; her body waits in anticipation of him. She will often masturbate during the week, thinking about her "date," but sex between us is out.

Now, a "game" can mean a lot of things. It can be a couple of kids tossing a ball for half an hour, or it can be the Super Bowl, where the "game" is damn serious. As I watched my wife in the hotel room last week, I was pleased to see that she is taking our "game" very, very seriously. And I wondered - at what point of her desire, her excitement, her sex with another man, do we go from playing "the cuckold game" to playing a game with her lover, while she cuckolds me?

For example: Sally had suggested to Ted that she meet him at the door wearing nothing at all. He rejected this idea, saying he did not want to be denied the pleasure of undressing her. But, he suggested that she not wear any panties. She happily complied - as we got everything ready in preparation for his arrival, she slid off her panties, handed them to me, and said, "I won't be needing these today." I folded them and put them away, pausing to savor the scent of her excitement which had soaked through them.

Ted was about a half-hour behind us, so Sally sat on the couch and read while we waited. I couldn't read - I could barely breathe! - so she had me sit in a chair opposite her, where I could look at her and think about what was going to happen. As we sat, she gradually spread her legs for me, and I could see her light brown pubic hair above the tops of her stockings. At one point she spread her legs wide, and asked me if Ted would like the view. I looked at her, and realized that her pussy lips were completely swollen and red, as if she had already had sex. I told her what I saw, and she said she wasn't surprised; she was already wet inside. She allowed me to run my finger along her pussy lips, and I found she was telling the truth. Bodies don't lie: she wanted him inside her.

My wife's pussy was wet and puffy as she waited for her lover. But it's just a game, right?

When he arrived, she sat on the couch and spread her legs for him. He wasted no time moving over to her, to kiss her and finger her. He undressed her in a flash, and I saw her shudder as his tongue slipped into her mouth and his fingers into her sex, right there on the couch. It had been a week since a man had done that to her, and she was ready for it to happen - ready for it to happen with him.

My wife shuddered as her lover kissed and fingered her. But it's just a game, right?

When they got in bed, she dove for his cock. He is at least an inch longer than I am, and the head of his penis is large and flared out like a mushroom cap, where mine is the same width as the shaft. She *loves* the shape and feel of his cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy - she told me that after their first time together, as soon as she saw that I would not be upset by how much she likes it. Ever since then, she has referred constantly to "that wonderful head," and how responsive it is to her touch and her mouth. Within a minute, Ted was moaning and gasping as she stroked him, licked him and deep-throated him like a woman possessed. I watched him shudder as she slid his whole penis into her mouth, and when it was all the way in her, she looked at me with her big, beautiful eyes, then slowly closed them in ecstasy as she sucked on him.

I think about that often these days, when she and I kiss. I watched her slide another man's penis in and out of her mouth, kissing it with the lips that are kissing me. But it's just a game, right?

She got so excited as she sucked him that she started panting and shaking. She began stroking him with her hand, and she moved up beside him so they could kiss. They kissed deeply, passionately, and while she jerked his cock, his hands were all over her body, caressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples, sliding his finger between her legs. Even from across the room, I could hear the liquid noises as his fingers moved in and out of her pussy. She gasped as he touched her inside, and she responded with deeper kisses and faster strokes. Lying beside him on the bed, her body humped toward him, trying to draw his cock into her, she looked like she was in heat. His fingers glistened with her excitement as they grunted and moaned, mutually masturbating each other closer to the edge. Suddenly, Sally threw both her arms around his shoulders, held him to her breast and said, half-pleading and half-demanding, "I want you inside me."

My wife wanted her lover to fuck her. But it's just a game, right?

Ted knelt between her legs, and she pushed her hips against him, trying to draw him into her. But he had other plans; he told me to hand him the massage oil, and he began to massage her belly, her breasts, her shoulders. He was driving her crazy, and he knew it; every time he leaned toward her a little, she drove her hips up against him. She began pleading, very softly: "Please, oh please, put it in me." When he spread the oil over her thighs and worked it between her lips, her words came out in short gasps, as she forgot everything (including me) and concentrated on getting "that wonderful head" in her vagina. I took the opportunity to move my chair up beside them, and I was treated to the sight of his erection pointing at my wife, and my wife's pussy reaching for it like a kid grabbing for the brass ring.

My wife didn't even notice me, as she begged her lover to enter her. But it's just a game, right?

Finally, she succeeded. Slowly, slowly he slipped inside her, and her pleas turned to a gentle, continuous moan of pleasure. Her legs went from grasping at him to spreading wide, giving him complete access to her sex. He took his time with that first stroke, playing her desire and the sensations to turn her on completely. When he was all the way inside her, he began to fuck her - slowly, deliberately, and with his cock so hard that she felt it: "My God, it's so hard, it's so big, it's so deep!" she gasped. As the pace of his strokes increased, I watched my wife experiment with ways to get her legs farther apart, to get him even deeper inside her. Not waiting for him to hold her legs up, she grabbed them herself, pulling them up and apart. Her efforts were rewarded, as he evidently reached someplace where no one had been before: her sounds - not cries, not groans, but something like whimpers of surprise and delight, mixed together - were sounds I had never heard.

She must have heard me groan beside the bed, because she turned her head toward me and looked at me with a look of absolute pleasure. "Paul, he's *so* much bigger than you are," she said in short, breathless words. Ted took his cue, and began fucking her hard and fast; her eyes widened as he filled her, and she smiled and said, "And he's made me so wet - I can't believe how wet I am inside. God, he is so much *better* than you, too!" That was the last attention she paid to me until they were done, as she turned back to hold him and kiss him, and fill his mouth with her groans of pleasure.

I watched my wife pull her legs apart for him. I heard the liquid noises of her pussy, as his cock slid in and out. I heard sounds from her that I have never heard when we made love. And she looked in my eyes, and told me he is better. But it's just a game, right?

At the height of her passion - when she was whimpering and groaning and gasping for breath - Ted withdrew his penis, and lay down beside her. He took the vibrator (that's the way she cums best), turned it on and put it between her legs. He held it there for a while, until she took it from his hands. As she used it on herself, he touched and kissed her *everywhere* - her lips, her cheeks, her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her legs. She responded by holding him tightly against her body with her free arm, and pushing the vibrator ever harder against her clitoris. She reached a point right before orgasm, and to my amazement, she held herself there for what seemed like an hour. Her whole body was rigid, and every touch of Ted's hand or mouth caused a mini-orgasm to shoot through her. Finally, with him sucking and kissing one nipple, and his hand between her legs, she came. She cried out (which she *never* does in a hotel room), her body tightened, and then she convulsed so hard Ted could barely hold on - but he did. She came for the longest time, and as she "came down" from her orgasm, she let go of the vibrator and held him tight, kissing him deeply while the aftershocks flowed through her body.

My wife came - as hard as she has ever cum - in Ted's arms. But it's just a game, right?

After holding him for a few minutes, she pushed him back on the bed, and her mouth dove onto his cock. She sucked him briefly - he was already hard as a rock - then straddled him. She reached down, took his cock in her hand, and guided it up inside her. Now she was in control, and she played his body like a virtuoso. Fast, then slow; deep, then just the head inside her. She slid her breasts up and down his chest, then offered her nipples to his mouth. I don't know what she did to his cock, but his groans and shudders became louder and more constant, and every once in a while he would shake, and they would look at each other and smile; obviously, they were both feeling something that I could not even imagine. Once I asked them what it was they were smiling at, and they said - almost simultaneously - that it was none of my business.

Sally fucked Ted for a while - 15 minutes? An hour? Suddenly, she started moving faster and deeper, driving her body down onto him with a power that I could feel across the room. She looked in his eyes and said, "I want you to cum in me now." I watched her work his penis with her body, stroking it up and down, and side to side. I watched her press her body against his, to make sure he felt her excitement through every inch of her skin. I watched him try to resist, try to hold off, but no one could have done that. After just a few moments he gave in to the lust, and cried out, "Oh, OH, OOOOOHHHH I'm CUMMING!" I cannot possibly describe the groans he made, the look of pure pleasure on his face, or the huge spasms of his whole body as he came in her; all I could do was watch, and try to picture the sperm that was filling my wife as he ejaculated in her. Together, they reached the point they both longed to share.

I saw my wife fuck another man. She loved it at least as much as he did. But it's just a game, right?

A lot more happened that day, but that's enough for now. I leave you with two things which happened a few days later, which really made the experience perfect. First, late one evening, while we were doing chores around the house, Sally looked at me and said, "You know, it's really exciting to think that I have a lover."

Later that night, she checked her e-mail. She found this note from Ted:

Dear Sally,
You cant imagine how high I was flying all day and even on the trip home. Wonderful time wonderful time, outstanding time. So happy that I could enjoy your body and you mine.


And she responded:

Dear Ted,
Glad you felt the same way. I can't believe how comfortable this feels and how I now look forward to our get togethers. Your hands are terrific, and I can even now feel them as they glide over my skin. I tingle at the thought.

Sweet dreams, S

But it's just a game, right?

Sally and Ted would love to hear your comments and compliments, and I would like to hear from fellow cuckolds, cuckold wannabees, and anyone who wants to add to the exquisite humiliation of watching my wife have sex with someone who is better than I am!

Paul (and Sally, and Ted)

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