tagLoving WivesA Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05a

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05a

byPaul Pines©


We know there are a lot of stories out there which have no basis in reality, and some of them are fun to read anyway. But we also know that we get a real charge out of reading real-life "adventures"; knowing that someone's wife really is going out with other men does it for us!

So, here is our latest real-life adventure; we hope you enjoy, because we sure did!

Compliments to Sally, condolences to Paul are all welcome; flames cheerfully ignored.

Paul & Sally


After my wife Sally's last date with her lover, Ty, she came down with the flu (no, it was not related), so we only had a chance to make love once after her date. Following the flu was her period, and since it was only three weeks until her next date, we had sex only once more - just four days before the date. I think it was a "mercy fuck," but I wasn't arguing.

Their date was last Tuesday. When we got up that morning, she asked what I was going to do all day; Tuesday is my day off. I said I'd probably stay around the house and masturbate, thinking about her and Ty that evening!

Sally suggested that a more constructive use of my time would be to go to Victoria's Secret and buy a new negligee for her. She said she had special plans for the evening: since we were going straight to Ty's house, she thought she's wear *only* the negligee, and a long raincoat over it. She asked me to choose something that would turn her lover on as soon as he saw it; she said she knew she could trust me to choose well.

Before she left for work, she told me she would "beep" me on my pager when she wanted to say hi, and when she wanted me to know that she was thinking about him. She said she'd beep me with a "3", so, of course, I asked her why a 3. She smiled a wicked smile, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Because he's three times better than you."

After she left, and after I finally pulled my hand away from my cock (she doesn't allow me to cum for 4 days before her dates, so I'm "in the right frame of mind"; that means I just masturbate without end), I went to VS. The salesgirl thought it was SO wonderful that I was choosing a negligee for my wife for no particular reason - not a birthday, anniversary, etc. I didn't think it would have been appropriate to explain exactly WHY I was buying it for her, so I just left it at my being wonderful. I don't know if she noticed that I had to sneak behind a rack and readjust myself a few times, but the thought that I was choosing the "gift wrap" for her body was really more than I could take.

The negligee I chose was plain black silk, with a little lace at the bodice. I bought matching black panties, and got out of the store before I embarrassed myself. It was fortunate I left when I did; as I walked through the mall with my package, my beeper went off... with a "3". At the same moment that I was thinking about her lover undressing her, she was, too!

I carpooled the kids all afternoon (that's what a "day off" means in suburbia), and every once in a while the beeper would remind me that this ordinary day had the potential to turn into an extraordinary night. I was in a continuous state of arousal, which I tamed just long enough to shuffle the kids from place to place without getting in trouble. Finally, it was time to go.

Sally put on the negligee. She looked absolutely, totally stunning. It was not obscene, but quietly, beautifully sexy. I wanted to touch her so much, but I was not allowed; I bought the wrapping, but the gift was for Ty. She threw a loose-fitting dress over her negligee, and we headed out.

About 10 minutes from his house, we found enough of a break in the traffic for her to remove the dress and slide the raincoat on over her shoulders. She also put on the "Sweater Pumpers" I had gotten for her - custom-sized nipple rings, in sterling silver. Watching her work the rings over her nipples, and realizing that she was doing this for another man, made me so horny and jealous I almost cried.

When we arrived at Ty's home, Sally took a deep breath, wrapped her raincoat around her, and walked to the door. He met her on the front step, and they kissed - something between passionate and polite, given the public location. We went inside, and Ty offered her a glass of wine. They stood and talked in the kitchen for a few minutes, and she kept the coat buttoned. When they came into the living room, she undid the buttons and allowed the top to fold open. "Oh, my goodness!" was his reaction.

The first two times they met, Sally and Ty talked for a long time - literally for hours - before anything even remotely sexual occurred. This time, inspired by the beautiful sight of her nearly-bare shoulders and the way the silk lay against her breasts, he just could not keep his hands off her. As they spoke about what was new in each other's lives, he gently massaged her shoulders, and then gradually extended his reach to her breasts. It wasn't long before he was gliding his hands over her entire breasts, and he looked puzzled as one of the nipple rings came off in his hand.

Sally explained that I had gotten them as a gift for the two of them, and he looked delighted. Sliding the negligee off her right breast, he took her nipple in his fingers and tried to slip the ring back into place. Her nipples were already hard and swollen, so he had no success. I suggested, with a catch in my voice, that the rings went on easier if the nipple was wet. Without a moment's hesitation he leaned over, took my wife's nipple in his mouth, and licked and sucked it until it was sufficiently wet - although also a good deal harder! I watched, hardly able to breathe, as he gently slid the ring back into place, and then held her breast in his hand to admire his work. He looked so comfortable touching my wife's intimate places, and she enjoyed it tremendously.

After a minute of his "adjusting" the other ring, Sally arose and said it was time to go upstairs.

When they got to his bedroom, Sally asked me to pull down the covers for them. Even though it only took a few seconds, the thought that I was preparing the place for these lovers to lie together was exquisitely exciting - and the thought that one of these lovers was my wife was unbearably humiliating. I prepared their bed, then sat in the chair on the othe side of the room.

Sally just about tore off Ty's clothes, and he never even got the negligee off her. He pushed her panties to the floor, and their bodies wrapped around each other as if they had been created for just this. Almost immediately, Ty got on top of her and guided his penis into her. I wondered how well that would work, as Sally always takes a while to build up enough lubrication when we make love; to my great surprise, he slid right into her, and as she wrapped her legs around his back, I saw moisture dripping from her vagina. Obviously, it didn't take her as long to get excited when she is with him, and all I could think about was that three times better also meant that her body only needed one-third the time to prepare for his cock.

They fucked slowly, with Ty moving from side to side, trying different positions and different thrusts. I watched the two of them glowing with pleasure, as they looked in each other's eyes and felt each other's body. Sally is not particularly vocal in bed - I think that's the result of having three children at home - but her little gasps and moans of pleasure, coupled with the movements of her body to draw him deeper inside her, were fantastically exciting for me as well as for her lover.

After a long time (who knows how long?), I heard Sally encouraging him to cum in her. He tried to resist, but I could see her moving her body to excite him, and that did it. He pushed his penis all the way inside her, and lay almost perfectly still while he groaned through his orgasm. I watched in awe as she gave him such pleasure and he gave her his sperm... I tried to picture the semen traveling from his body, through his penis deep inside her, and into her vagina. I thought all those thoughts about being cuckolded, and they were correct: another man ejaculating in my wife was as humiliating, and as exciting, as anything I had ever imagined. Like the first time all over again, I watched another man take my wife - and my wife give herself to him - willingly, joyfully, freely, and completely uninterested in her husband who was in the same room.

After the final spasms of his orgasm subsided, Sally picked up her favorite vibrator (which I had been asked to plug in and leave ready by the bed), and touched it to her clitoris. Ty wrapped his body around her, took her nipple in his mouth, and slid his finger into her vagina. The combination was just perfect, and I heard her whisper to him, "I love the way you touch me." In just a few minutes Sally was about to cum. I watched her use her free hand to hold his mouth to her nipple, and as she came she held him tightly to her. In the middle of her (lengthy) orgasm, he stopped sucking on her breast and looked at her face, watching her expressions as she came. Doing that was one of the most intimate things he did that night, as I realized that this man now *knew* Sally - not just in the Biblical sense, but knew what she looked like when she came. Very few men know that look, but now he saw it from the vantage point of her lover. As I know my wife, so does he.

While I sat in a chair, across the room.

Her "aftershocks" continued for several minutes, and as soon as she caught her breath she dropped the vibrator, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him deeply. It was just a minute before he rolled over on top of her again, and when she willingly spread her legs, his cock found its place inside her. I went to sit on the floor, next to the bed, to watch them from a closer vantage-point; when I did, Sally acknowledged me for the first - and only - time that evening. She reached out her hand, and when I took it in mine, she let me hold her hand while her lover fucked her. I could feel the tension, the pleasure, the excitement through her hand, and I thought how so few people would understand the pleasure I got from holding her hand while she gave her body to another. Then, while she held my hand, she looked in Ty's eyes and said, "I love how you feel inside me." It was not just the most exciting moment of the evening; it was one of the most exciting moments of my life!

Ty began to pump harder, and Sally began to... to what? It was something between a sigh and a moan, but I cannot describe it other than to say that we all understood that he was making her feel VERY good. I knew she would draw her hand away soon - it seemed only right - but before she did, she held out three fingers for me to see, and then she wrapped them around my outstretched hand. I got the message: Ty really was three times better, and I was witness to it happening right before my eyes. As my own cock tried to leap off my body, she pulled her hand away, wrapped it around his back, and squeezed him with her arms, with her legs and with her pussy, until he came. I sat on the floor, not two feet from them, as her lover groaned and jerked and spasmed and once again made my wife his own.

When he finished ejaculating in my wife, he rolled off her and they lay together and talked softly. The softness was appropriate, both because of the tenderness they had shared and because the conversation was, clearly, private - and private did not include me. The whole time they talked, their hands roamed lovingly over each other's body; not exactly sexual, but then again, what would you call it when he kept stroking her breasts, and she his cock and balls? Ty looked fucked out and happy, and I think he figured his night was over, but Sally had other plans.

After about 15 minutes of talking and touching and, increasingly, some passionate kissing, Sally got on top of him. She continued to kiss him as her pussy began caressing his cock. To everyone's amazement, it responded to the kiss of her "other lips," and began to harden. When she felt it, she reached between them and guided it into her vagina. I think she knew it would be a challenge to make him cum again; from my vantage point beside the bed, I could see her working every muscle to turn him on. She offered him her breasts, which he held and kissed and sucked; she said when she did that, the electricity flowed from her nipples to his cock. She didn't know whether playing with her breasts turned HIM on, or whether it turned HER on so much that he felt it, but in either case, the result was magical: he began to hump back, sticking his cock as deep into her as possible, meeting every thrust of her body. Suddenly, he wrapped both his arms around her neck, drew her mouth to his, kissed her deeply, and erupted in the loudest, most intense orgasm of the night. He threw his head back and his whole body went stiff, with only his hips moving as they pushed his cock and his cum into her. He groaned so loudly that it brought me out of my trance of watching them, and made me realize what had just happened before my eyes: for the third time tonight, my wife had given her body to another man, and brought him to the top of the world. Yes, she would go home with me, but she would take with her millions of her sperm, and she would leave him with the feelings of her body and the taste of her kisses.

A few minutes later, Sally got up and quickly dressed - if you can call pulling up the negligee straps and finding her panties "dressing" - and she went downstairs. I was still fumbling to pull up my pants over my straining erection, and Ty was finding his clothes, so we were alone together. All I could think of to say was, "Thank you for treating my wife so wonderfully in your bed." "Oh, it was my PLEASURE," he replied.

On the drive home, Sally talked about how wonderful he was, and how much she enjoyed all of it. She thanked me for choosing the negligee, and told me it obviously worked; from the very first moment her hand brushed over his cock, while they still sat on the couch in the living room, he was hard as a rock!

"And you know what I just realized?" she added. "Last time, he came in me three times. This time he did it again. In between, you only came in me twice. So, he's not only three times better, but he's cum in me three times more than you have, too!"

She said she really liked that, and asked how it made me feel.

I said, as I drove my wife home with her lover's sperm swimming around inside her, that I liked it, too.


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