A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 08

byPaul Pines©

"What was it like to be inside my wife?" I grunted.

I could see his eyes lift, as he thought back to the feeling. "She was so wet, it was like liquid sunshine. She's always wet for me [he watched me convulse as he said that, knowing full well that Sally is never wet enough for sex with me without lubricant], but today was something special. She was slippery-wet, and when I entered her she just drew me in. I couldn't get enough of her, but she was so excited that I came quickly. Just couldn't resist her charms."

I was right at the edge of orgasm, and thinking back now I know I was a pitiful sight, naked and hard and jerking off and grunting and shaking and dripping cum off the tip of my penis. Ted smiled, arose and walked toward the door.

"She said she wants to get together soon -- it was way too long this time, and I fully agree. She's probably sleeping now, so be quiet when you go in there. She worked hard, and deserves her rest."

I promised my wife's lover that I would be quiet when I went in to see her in their bed, and I thanked him for taking such good care of her.

"Oh, it was my pleasure. Thank you for sharing her. Bye."

The door closed behind him and I sat there, shaking and jerking off. He was so comfortable with it all: comfortable taking my wife, comfortable walking back and forth in front of me completely nude, and even comfortable sitting and telling me what a great time he had with her while I masturbated in front of him. He never insulted me, never called me names, but no name-calling could equal the humiliation I felt during that conversation. Nevertheless, it was good of him to throw me those crumbs; I still felt ashamed, but I did not feel completely left out.

Once I could stand up, I went quietly to the bedroom. Sally was asleep, facing away from me, the sheet pulled up to her neck. I went around to the far side of the bed where I could see her as she slept. Not wanting to disturb her by sitting on the bed, I laid a towel down on the night table and sat there. I looked at her face: the image of satisfaction, with a gentle smile across her lips.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes. She saw me sitting opposite her, stroking myself, and her smile grew.

"That was really fun," she said. "I haven't ever been that wet before."

I tried to respond, but only gasps came out as I jerked off, looking at her. She pulled the sheet down a little, exposing her breasts and nipples. She looked down at them and said, "He really likes these."

Leaving her tits exposed she closed her eyes, and soon her breathing slowed and deepened; she was asleep.

For the next hour I quietly masturbated as I looked at my happy, satisfied, sleeping wife and the breasts and nipples which her lover really likes.

It may not be what every man dreams of, but I would not trade the crumbs they threw me for anything in the world.

Cuckold Paul

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