tagLoving WivesA Cuckold's Diary Ch. 15

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 15

byPaul Pines©



On July 2, my wife Sally had another date with her lover, Ted. After we returned home, Ted and I had an IM conversation about the day and about their relationship. He generously gave me permission to reprint the transcript here.

Yes, there's a little sex in it, but mostly it is a discussion of my relationship with my wife and HIS relationship with my wife.

The only thing that needs explanation is the scene at lunch. We always get a hotel suite for their dates, so they can be alone together in the bedroom and I can sit outside the bedroom door and listen. After a few hours together they come out and have lunch in the dining area of the suite. I used to eat with them, but recently I feel too submissive to eat or even to sit as an equal with them at the table. With their permission I now sit on the floor by the table while they eat. Since they only throw on a shirt or a robe, their genitalia are exposed to me from my vantage point on the floor. I try to masturbate quietly and not disturb their conversation during their meal.

If you do not enjoy the idea of sexual denial and humiliation, you will not enjoy this chapter.



Otherwise, comments welcome!


Cuckold Paul


Ted: are you there

Paul: hi - I'm here now.

Ted: hi again

Paul: Sorry, Sally was just going to take a nap and we talked for a minute first. Hope you had a good time today.

Ted: I had a really delightful day. she was magic to me today

Paul: You have a few minutes? I won' keep you long, given your long lunch :-)

Ted: heheheh I am doing invoices for the 1st of the month

Paul: Could I ask you what positions you used fucking her?

Ted: missionary and cowgirl

Paul: Cowgirl?

Ted: woman on top

Ted: riding

Paul: got it. What positions were you in each time you came in her?

Ted: missionary is the way I really cum best

Paul: Could I ask you what it felt like to fuck her, to cum in her?

Ted: she was very slick as usual if I pumped fast I could hear our juices together]

Paul: oooh...

Paul: and where were her legs?

Ted: attached to her hips

Paul: :-(

Ted: LOL

Ted: couldn't resist that one

Paul: very funny. And where were the other ends?

Ted: feet on bed with knees up

Paul: thank you. Could I ask you how she looked when you were fucking her... I was trying to imagine her naked, etc., when I heard you in her.

Ted: I love looking at her beautiful eyes when I cum

Paul: God, I know what you're talking about...

Ted: and she seems so proud she got me off so well. It's a little twinkle she gets

Paul: I can honestly say I've only seen that when she was with you. Never did that with me. Ever. question: you've said you don't ejaculate a lot of semen when you cum. Could I ask about how much you actually do ejaculate?

Ted: we fucked three times, she came twice and me twice.

Ted: her second one was right after lunch. she got right into bed and reached for her vibe and wanted me to hold her and help her get off

Paul: I heard you fuck twice, cum twice... when was the third time?

Ted: before lunch. she just had me hard all the time today

Paul: OMG, this is my wife we're talking about...

Ted: my girlfriend

Paul: Yes, she is. I hope you know that's not role-play - not anymore, for sure. Could you answer my cum question... please?

Ted: not much right now until I get the surgery, maybe a teaspoon and it does not come out with any real force behind it.

Paul: Understood. I thought you didn't ejaculate at all.

Ted: no, there is a little, but after the first time is VERY little

Paul: I'll tell you why I asked. Actually, two things I want to share, then I won't keep you...

Ted: ok

Paul: First, I really appreciate your accepting my sitting on the floor and staring at the two of you during lunch. I had just heard you cum in my wife, and facing your cock was intensely humiliating. I didn't want to touch it, and in fact I was trying to understand why it (or any cock) makes my wife wet, but there it was, and there I was. It was very difficult hearing you moan and groan, and especially hearing you cum, and then seeing what was inside her blew my mind.

Ted: she was especially good to my cock today

Ted: she had me hard almost the whole time

Paul: Then while I was staring, a large drop of semen formed right at the tip. It stayed there for about five minutes, then dripped down the way only semen does... gooey and stringy. I can't stop thinking about your semen - your sperm - in my wife. That's why I asked about you cumming. It was gross, and humiliating beyond anything I can express.

Ted: it all felt quite nice to us

Paul: So I heard.

Paul: Item #2 happened during our discussion on the way home.

Ted: what happened?

Paul: We were talking about what she said last night, which literally kept me awake all night... "Coming to PA taught me that I don't hate sex."

Ted: no she does not, she was having a good time.

Paul: We talked a lot about that - very relaxed, not putting on a show. She said she really did hate sex with me for as far back as she can remember.

Paul: Hate is a strong word.

Paul: So I asked her what happens in 2009, since she said she doesn't want to have sex with me for a year.

Ted: when she wants more she goes for it and also when she is finished , she is DONE

Paul: Ted, she never, ever wants it with me. That's what she said today. She said as long as she has the right to change her mind, she doesn't think it makes sense to say we'd have sex next year. "Unless you're somehow magically going to do it differently next year."

Ted: a year is a long time

Paul: I'm a little crushed, very excited, and amazed that she was actually telling me what she believes. Right before she went up to take her nap she said, "you're never getting any again."

Ted: wow she really did have a good time today!

Paul: yes, she did. She had a really good time. I was worried that you'd be upset or unnerved by hearing that she said that to me.

Ted: I can still look forward to having sex with her again in less than two weeks

Paul: she is, too. fyi, that's technically when she would get her period, but she thinks the chances are slim that it will happen right then.

Ted: I hope we are lucky and all is ready for that date

Paul: Last question: can you get some idea of how it feels to me to sit outside the door and listen, and think that I may never feel that again in my life... because you taught my wife what good sex is - and what it isn't?

Ted: I can't imagine how that feels, I know that she and I have a deep sexual connection and you can't have that. on the other hand you have her love and support always. only a very complicated woman could do this

Paul: I agree, and I love her for it. I'm ashamed that you know what you know about her, the intimate details that I've never been shown, but I'm glad we have each found this.

Paul: You're not supposed to know what my wife's body looks like, and feels like. You're not supposed to know how to help her orgasm. You're not supposed to fuck her... and she's not supposed to have your sperm swimming around inside her right now...

Ted: but I do and I love it and so does she

Ted: something you have to face every day

Paul: Those beautiful eyes you looked at when you came... she just looked at me with them, and told me I'm never getting any again.

Ted: a totally different message

Paul: Thanks, Ted. I won't take any more of your time, but I needed to share those things with you. I can write about them as "Paul", but you're the only person who knows who I am... and what I am.

Ted: I think others gain by your sharing

Ted: you are probably helping several others right now

Paul: yes, they do. But I gain by your willingness to cuckold me and to talk about it with me. I am truly grateful... and grateful for how you treat Sally.

Ted: we all are seeming to get just what we ant from this. sounds like a successful arrangement to me

Paul: I heard you orgasm in my wife today... I won't ever forget that.

Ted: you have heard it before and actually watched it

Paul: But when we were sharing her it was one thing. Now it is more difficult than you might imagine.

Ted: she has stopped making any mention of doing anything to give you a thrill when we're together.

Paul: You were right when you said it was the two of you. Sex is only for the two of you, and only behind a closed door. All I get is the sounds, and staring at your cock when you and she have lunch. And no, she's not interested in giving me any thrills. She's very happy I like this, and she's getting more comfortable doing what she wanted to do years ago - cut me off completely.

Ted: I am more than pleased with the situation and want to continue looking into her eyes while my cock is spurting into her pussy

Paul: you just completely fucked with my head.

Ted: it is what she and I enjoy together

Paul: I know. But when you smack me in the face with it you really help me accept this.

Ted: I don't think your cuck friends or wannabes fully understand this kind of thing


Ted: how you are feeling and how she and I really feel. many are only thinking sexually, not a total thing

Ted: they are not at the place we are

Paul: All I can say is that when you tell me it's more than a sex thing, that it's a couple thing, you drive me into a very dark but exciting place. A FEW cucks really know this, but I truly appreciate your doing this TO me.

Ted: I'll bet very few have a 10 year history

Paul: that's true. VERY few.

Paul: and very few have been cut off completely.

Ted: they are still into getting their rocks off watching her fuck some big cock

Paul: and, to be honest, choreographing the whole thing. That's something you've been very good about... helping me stop choreographing, let go and enjoy being hurt by what Sally and you share.

Ted: we wanted to have sex our way not yours. You are no longer part of our sex

Paul: Since May 20 it's official. You are right. And it's possible that I may NEVER be again.

Paul: could I ask you how it felt to cum in her?

Paul: what it felt like to you?

Ted: you will think about this many more times than just when we are together. you will think about it when you look at porn, when you talk to other cucks and when you see her naked

Paul: AND when I see her at work, and when we go out to dinner, and when we're with our kids, and when everyone says what a loving couple we are.

Ted: you are a loving couple, don't forget that. But you are NOT a fucking couple

Paul: I know that. And I'm amazed how much Sally wants it to be that way for the rest of our lives.

Ted: you have a wonderful woman who loves you deeply, enough to be honest with you about her needs

Paul: But you know how much baggage she has had to drop to get here, and you are responsible for letting her feel comfortable letting it go. I hope you know how much she appreciates you. Not to replace me, but you have given her something she would never have known. And you have helped her drop something she HATED.

Ted: it is all good

Paul: yes, it is. thank you!

Ted: I gotta get on finishing the invoices. Have a good day and tell my girlfriend I had a fantastic time - but she was there and knows that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul: will do. see you soon.

Ted: bye bye

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