tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Cumslut is Born Ch. 01

A Cumslut is Born Ch. 01


Chapter 1: First Taste

This was it. Today was the day. Julian was about to do what he had longed to do for years. Julian was a standard hetero 40-something, to everyone on the outside. Julian loved to look at porno in private. He and his wife's sex life had done what most of them do after 20 years or so, but he still had the desire. So he supplemented their once-every-few-months flings with porno. A few years back, he started to take an interest in shemales. There were some beautiful ones out there, and Tumblr was a veritable endless journey through them. He began to build a real desire for his very own tranny experience. And the culmination of all of those years was going to burst open today.

On a business trip to Oakland, he had had a slight layover in Vegas. During this layover, he did what Julian normally did in Nevada. He threw a $20 at the dollar machines, and hoped for something big. This time, it happened. Jackpot!!! $10k! He was given one thousand, and the rest would come in the mail he was told. But he had money in the bank. He could 'float' himself a loan! As Julian boarded the plane to Oakland, he was jittery, knowing exactly what he would do.

In Oakland, a quick zip through the terminal, car rental stop, and the hotel went by in a blur. He was in Oakland and it was Saturday around noon. Once in the hotel, he began searching in Google. 'Shemale escorts', 'Tranny dates', etc. etc., when finally, he found an ad on Craigslist. Tonya Devine was his name. He had his own website, with pictures. Tonya was a beauty. He had nice looking breasts, a pretty feminine smile--the kind that just looked nasty--and his favorite feature, a nice-sized lump in the crotch area. He called Tonya. He was very sweet, and agreed to come by. They settled on a price, and he was on his way.

After what seemed like an eternity, there was a solid knock on the door.

Julian tried to look casual as he approached the door. As he opened it, there stood a luscious beauty with gorgeous tits, wearing a skimpy skirt, super high heels, and a red-lipstick smile that just screamed PLEASURE.

"H-- hi!" Julian managed, as he stepped aside, and awkwardly waved Tonya in.

"Hello Julian. Well, what do you think?" Tonya said slyly as he spun around and threw his jacket on the first bed.

"Wow!" Julian said, after a deep breath. He fumbled for his wallet. "Let's get the money part out of the way first. Here's $1000 as we spoke about. And here's an extra $2000 if you stay all night." He needed to touch Tonya so bad, he knew he better pay him first.

"Oooooo kay, um, well let's talk, what exactly will I be doing all night? Is anybody coming over? Is it just you and me?" Tonya asked as he sat down on the first bed.

Julian nervously spoke his piece. He had rehearsed this for years. "Tonya, it will just be you and me."

"Well, $3,000 is a pretty nice take... Are we just talkin', penetration, oral, or do you want to get into anything kinky? Because I do kinky--all types" Tonya said as he was starting to smile more.

"Let me be honest with you Tonya, all I want to do is be your mouth slave all night. I will suck you and suck you good, any way you wish. I have dreamed about sucking cock for so long, and I want one in my mouth all night," Julian said nervously, as a pauper would say before eating a seven course meal.

Tonya's eyes lit up. "Really?" he said as he laid back on the bed and fanned his arms out like an angel's wings. He smirked and looked up at the ceiling. "Let me get this straight. I walk out of here tomorrow with $3 thousand, for fucking your mouth all night?"

"That is right. You can fuck my mouth any way you like--you on top, me on top, me tied up, I want to try it all. And I want to drink as much cum as you can give me!" Julian was starting to slobber, and nervously wiped his chin.

"Okay sweetie, that sounds great. Let's get comfy," he said as he put the money in his purse and set it on the dresser. He slowly unhooked his top, and freed his two beautiful breasts. Julian stripped quickly, and watched Tonya slowly slip out of the skirt, leaving the heels on. Julian eyed the lump in Tonya's panties. It looked so sexy as it laid to the side on his hip. As Julian sat on the edge of the first bed, Tonya stood up, and slowly pulled down his panties, revealing his beautiful circumsized cock. He kicked off the panties, and slowly strode over to Julian, so that his cock was mouth-level.

"You likey?" Tonya asked coyly.

Julian looked up at Tonya staring down at him. Tonya moved a bit closer, his semi-limp cock just in front of Julian's mouth. Without a word, Julian gently reached up to the limp cock, and pulled it up and out of the way. This left Tonya's sack hanging right about chin level. Julian moved in, and gently started licking Tonya's sack. He took both balls in his mouth, just as he had dreamed of doing for years, and gently sucked in the whole sack, swishing the balls around. This was so much better than he could have ever imagined it.

"Ooooh that is so nice! You said you were going to suck cock, not balls, naughty boy" Tonya said in a relaxed tone, as he leaned forward to give better access to Julian.

Julian kept his ministrations to Tonya's scrotum. His balls were so delicious to swish around. He knew that over the course of the evening, he would be drinking as much of the contents of these as he could. Tonya began to gyrate his hips, as Julian held his stiffening cock by the head, and continued to swish around the salty sweet goodness of his balls.

"Here sweetie, this will be much easier another way," Tonya said as he pulled away, his balls leaving Julian's mouth with a 'Plop'. "Lay down" Tonya instructed.

Julian laid back as he grabbed a pillow and put it under his head. He positioned himself so that his head was in the middle of the bed. Tonya climbed up on the bed, gently pulled Julian's arms down to his sides, and stepped one heel right beside Julian's head. He squatted forward, steadying himself with one hand on the bed above Julian, and slowly placed his other heel on the other side of Julian's head. He then lowered his hips.

"Open up sweetie!" Tonya giggled, as he grabbed his cock by the head, raised it up, and lowered his sack right into Julian's awaiting mouth.

Julian was so turned on by this. It was just as he had dreamed of all these years. He was able to suck Tonya's balls so much deeper this way. Tonya's cock just hung there, right over Julian's face, as he gyrated his hips. He could smell the musky sweet smell of Tonya's manhood. Julian swished, sucked, and massaged Tonya's balls with his tongue. This was really turning Tonya on. His cock was hardening, and Julian was getting excited to taste it. Tonya kept gyrating his hips. Julian sucked Tonya in deep, and reached his tongue out behind Tonya's sack, and gently began to apply tongue pressure while swishing back and forth.

"Ooohh nasty boy!" Tonya moaned deeply, as he trembled slightly.

After a few minutes, Tonya sat up, rotating his pelvis forward, his balls singing deeper into Julian's mouth. He reached back with one hand and grabbed Julian's stiff cock.

"Wow, you really like my balls..." Tonya grinned as he spoke, and started gently stroking Julian.

After awhile, Tonya's beautiful cock was standing at attention. Julian knew it was time, and the two looked at each other knowingly. Each had a cock, and each knew that now was the time for sucking.

"Sweetie, that was the most attention my sack has ever gotten," Tonya said as he gently kissed Julian on the lips.

He rolled over, crawled to the head of the bed, and arranged the pillows so that He could sit up against the headboard. He spread his legs, and his cock pointed at the cieling, with a slight lazy downward bend. Julian slowly crawled across the bed. This was it. Time to taste cock. He trembled as he crawled across the bed. His heart rate was increasing. He was so excited, his ears were almost ringing.

"Sweetie, is this your first time?" Tonya asked coyly.

"Yes, but I have dreamt of it for years," Julian answered, trembling.

"You look so excited! Just be gentle, and watch the teeth. I am sure you will do fine" Tonya coached.

"I just want to give you a gentle, slow sucking that will last all night." Julian said as he lowered his face to Tonya's man-parts.

"Don't worry if I cum sweetie, I can do it many times tonight." he said.

This made Julian almost jump for joy. He wanted to taste cum so bad, but he knew, at his mid-40's age, that once he came, it was usually over for at least a few hours. Tonya was much younger, and didn't have this problem. He gently wrapped his finger and thumb around the base of Tonya's cock, and lowered it to mouth level. He flicked the head with his tongue, and tasted Tonya's salty slit. Ooh, this was so good. Dreams were coming true for Julian. He started sloppily licking Tonya's cock, drenching it with saliva. As he was doing this, he reached under Tonyas balls and cupped them with his other hand. He gently squeezed and massaged the balls. Tonya gyrated and moaned deeply.

Julian opened his mouth, and encircled the head of Tonya's cock. He closed his mouth and began to suck. He could feel Tonya's pulse in the puffy head. He massaged the head with his mouth, and gently started pushing his tongue deeper into Tonya's cock slit.

"Oh OH that's good! There is no way this is your first time--Ooooohhh!" Tonya said, in a slightly higher pitch this time, as he started to gyrate. He gently placed his hands on the side of Julian's head.

Julian hadn't sucked an actual cock ever. But he had practiced on his wife's dildo many times. He had a cock, and he knew what he would want, and he perfected his skills over the years, and also tamed his gag reflex. So in a way Julian was very experienced. But this was the first real one.

He began to suck deeper, feeling Tonya's hands and hips working together to get his cock deeper. He took his hand and slowly started stroking the base of Julian's cock while pumping his head back and forth in sync. He could feel the veins in Tonya's cock pulsing, and the heat from his balls and crotch was increasing. This was so much better than Julian had ever dreamed sucking cock would be. He continued massaging Tonya's balls, and slipped a finger behind his balls. He began massaging this area, and this was causing Tonya to gyrate.

"Ooooh Ooooh OOOhh! that's it! sweetie it won't be long now!" Tonya was so turned on by this cock lover, and he was right on the edge.

Julian kept sucking deeper. He was sucking in and out on about 2/3 of Tonya's length, and stroking the rest with his hand. He couldn't wait for the cum. He took his hand off of Tonya's balls, reached behind his own head, grabbed his hair, and started forcing his mouth even quicker up and down Tonya's shaft. Tonya leaned back on both hands and started twitching his hips. It wouldn't be long now.

"Ooooh Oh OH! oooooh OH OH OH! OH! OH GOD! OH GOD! baby, BABY! Here it COMES!"

His cock shot straight up, and a shot of thick, hot cum shot right into Julian's mouth. It tasted salty and sweet. Julian raised his head so that he was massaging Tonya's cockhead in his mouth, and extended his hand stroke to the full length of his cock, gripping his shaft so that the skin was stretched up and down with each stroke. Tonya was cumming so hard, twitching his hips.


Julian kept this up, as his mouth was filled with the sweet, salty goodness. Tonya came so much it was incredible. He kept obediently pumping his cum while bracing himself with both hands on the bed, drilling his cock into Julian's mouth. Julian wanted more More MORE. He greedily sucked the contents of Tonya's balls, Tonya twitching at each spurt.

Tonya slowed down, and gently grabbed Julian's head. He laid back, and slowly pumped Julian's head back and forth. Cum was lazily leaking out now, as Tonya's twitches became slower and weaker. Finally he pulled Julian's head back, his hard cock falling out onto his belly.

Julian had kept almost all of the cum in his mouth. He crawled up beside Tonya, laid back, and swished it around in his mouth, while looking lovingly up at Tonya.

"Whoooooeee! That was amazing. I though I sucked good cock, but that was fantastic!" Tonya said lazily, as he watched Julian swishing his cum around in his mouth.

Julian opened his mouth and showed Tonya his cum.

"Oh, you nasty little cum slut! You like cum? I have plenty of it. We can fill up your nasty cum slut mouth many times, don't you worry." Tonya said with a nasty, nasty grin.

Julian swallowed the warm, soft, silky cum and just laid there for a minute, basking in the scent of the cock and balls that was all over his face. He was so happy and felt so fulfilled. He was in love with cock. Moreso than with anything he had ever been in love with. He sat up and leaned over to Tonya, and placing a hand on his breast, flicked his nipple and grinned up at Tonya.

"Thank you," he said, as he looked up at Tonya with a deer-in-the-headlights stare. He loved cum. He loved cock and he loved cum. More than anything he had ever experienced in his life. He just wanted more and more and more.

"I think it's time to tie you up, and teach you to be my cock slave, boy." Tonya said in his deep, nasty voice.

--To Be Continued

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