tagGroup SexA-Cup Lust: Small But Hot

A-Cup Lust: Small But Hot


I wrote this story at the request of a reader as a gift for his "A-cup" wife... who needed to know that some men find tiny titties very sexy. The names, of course, have been changed!

* * *

Rick snapped his cell phone closed and put it back down on the round high-top table. Gary and Danny looked at him enquiringly. Rick leaned in closer to make himself heard over the after-five hubbub in the bar.

"That was Kelli," he said. "She's in town, just a couple of blocks away. She's going to stop by here and give me a ride home, save me having to take the subway."

The other two men nodded and went back to what they'd been doing. Gary was slowly swirling his key ring around his finger on the table top where he'd dumped it out of his pocket along with his wallet and cell phone, carefully keeping the fob out of the droplets of beer beading on the polished wood. Danny was looking at two young women who had their heads close together, sitting at the bar, sipping wine and talking earnestly about something that demanded all their attention.

Rick surveyed his two companions. Gary was Rick's boss. Although Gary was slim and not particularly tall, Rick could see why Kelli had once said she thought he was attractive. There was something about him that women seemed to like. Rick had noticed that the female staff in the office seemed to find excuses to let a hand rest on his arm for an extra second when passing him a file, or they noticed a stray piece of lint that they had to pick off of his jacket.

Rick turned his appraising eyes to Danny. Young Danny, who still had the powerful athletic build of the college football player that he'd been until only a few months before. Once again, Rick couldn't help noticing the size of Danny's large hand as it dwarfed the beer glass he was holding. Kelli had remarked on the size of Danny's hands, too. What was it she'd said? "Big hands, big feet; you do the math!" She'd laughed off her own observation, but Rick felt sure that Kelli had often wondered if the rest of Danny's body was in proportion to his large hands and long, thick fingers.

"What the hell," thought Rick, "It's Friday night."

"Listen guys, I've got an idea," he said to Gary and Danny. "Kelli's coming to pick me up. Why don't I ask her to give you both a ride, too. We can pick up some more beer on the way, and stop off at our house for a couple more drinks. It's not as if we've got to work tomorrow. What do you say?"

Gary and Danny looked at each other then back at Rick.

"Well," said Gary slowly with a wry grin, "Seeing as how we'll be riding with the city's sexiest taxi driver, how can we say no?" He reached over and punched Rick lightly on the shoulder to show that he meant no offence.

"Sounds like my idea of fun, too," added Danny. He drained his glass in a single gulp and signaled the barman for their tabs.

Before too long, they saw Kelli pushing between the groups of noisy drinkers as she searched for her husband. She caught sight of him and her face lit up with a smile. As usual, Rick felt a surge of pride as Kelli came towards their table. It never failed. Several men stopped their conversations and let their eyes follow her through the crowd. Kelli's dark, wavy hair tumbled sensuously to the shoulders of her conservatively cut but attractive jacket. The matching skirt came to just above her knees, and Rick's gaze drifted down to the leather pumps that accentuated her long, shapely legs. Tall, slim, beautiful, he thought. And very, very sexy.

Gary and Danny obviously thought so, too. They stood as Kelli reached their table, and Rick was aware that both men were enjoying the sight of this beautiful woman as much as he was.

Kelli kissed Rick on the cheek, then wiped the trace of lipstick away with her thumb.

"Hi, darling," said Rick. "I've invited Gary and Danny back for a couple of beers. You don't mind, do you?"

Kelli raised her eyebrows in mock exasperation. "Oh, great," she said. "I'll sit there watching three guys getting drunk, talking about football and totally ignoring me. Is that it?"

Rick raised both hands defensively. "No, not at all! We'll pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and we promise not to talk football!"

Gary backed him up immediately. "We won't ignore you," he said, giving Kelli his best disarming smile. "In fact, we'll be perfect gentlemen!"

Danny grinned and raised his right hand, putting his left hand on his chest. "We promise!" he added. Rick noticed that Kelli's gaze followed Danny's hands for a split second longer than was necessary, and she was beginning to grin back at him.

Gary took Kelli's hand in his, his eyes twinkling. "Well, maybe not PERFECT gentlemen," he said. "What fun would that be?"

Kelli laughed and shook her head in amusement. "Come on guys. Your carriage awaits!" * * * Less than an hour later, all four of them were in Rick and Kelli's living room. The guys had popped the tops off their second beers from the case they'd picked up at the drugstore. Rick was a little surprised to note that Kelli was already starting on her third glass of wine which was unusual for her. True to their word, the guys allowed the television to remain dark and silent. Rick had put several CDs into the player and everyone was nodding or tapping their toes to the beat. All three guys had shed their suit jackets as soon as they'd arrived, as if signaling that the weekend really did start here.

They felt at ease with each other and the conversation and jokes floated back and forth above the sound of the music.

Suddenly, Kelli stood up.

"I want to dance!" she said, and began swaying to the rhythm and shuffling her feet. "Well, come on. Someone dance with me!"

Rick, Gary and Danny smiled at her, but none made a move to get up out of their chairs, or in Gary's case, get off the sofa. But they all smiled back at her, enjoying the sight of this slim sexy woman swaying to the beat.

Kelli reach out and grasped Gary's hand. "Come on Gary! Dance with me!"

Gary tried to protest but Kelli was insistent. He put down his beer and stood up. Immediately, Kelli stepped in closer and put her arms around Gary's waist, resting her hands on the small of his back. Gary glanced over at Rick with an enquiring look. Rick shrugged and smiled as if to say it was okay with him if it was okay with Kelli. Reassured, Gary laid one hand on Kelli's shoulder and the other on her back.

Rick could see that Gary and Kelli were about the same height. Kelli laid her cheek against Gary's as they swayed together. Rick couldn't help noticing that Kelli was moving her hips in subtle circles as she pressed up against Gary, and he could imagine the pressure of his wife's mound brushing against Gary's groin. Rick began to experience the stirring of an erection awakening in his pants.

And then Kelli stepped back from Gary and turned to Danny. As the two figures parted, Rick could see the outline of Gary's cock pressed against the front of his trousers. If he could see it, then Kelli must have felt it as it had thickened and grown against the friction of her crotch.

Gary sat down and tried to hide his obvious arousal as Kelli reached to Danny and took his huge paws in her small, soft hands. "Come on, Danny! You can't sit there!"

She pulled him to the center of the carpeted floor and looked up at him as she put her arms around him, pulling his large body close. Rick and Gary watched as Kelli resumed her sensuous dancing, stepping from one foot to the other, rotating her hips. With the difference in their heights, Danny groin was about level with Kelli's belly. Danny's eyes were closed as he gave in to the sensation of this beautiful woman moved against him.

The CD changed and the sultry music was replaced by a more uptempo tune. "Mmm! I love this song!" said Kelli shaking her dark wavy hair from side to side.

"Hey, Danny!" said Gary. "Sound like the music they played at that 'Gentleman's Club' I took you to during the convention!"

Kelli looked up at Danny whose face was tinged with pink in a mixture of embarrassment and arousal. "A 'Gentleman's Club'? You mean you went to a strip joint?"

"Well, yeah," said Danny with a sheepish grin.

Kelli looked back and forth between Gary and Danny which she continued to sway against the big man's body. "Did you have a good time?" she asked them both.

"Mm, yeah, I guess," said Danny.

"You guess? You were in a room with naked women dancing around you, and you only guess you had a good time?"

Gary shrugged. "I don't know. Sure they were naked, but they were all so... phony, I suppose I mean."

"Phony?" asked Kelli who now had two bright pink spots on her cheeks and seemed to enjoy hearing about Gary and Danny's adventure.

"Yeah," added Danny. "They didn't seem... real. Really big hair, mostly dyed blonde. And, well... there was something else that was kind of a turn off."

"What was that," Kelli prompted. Her hands were now on Danny's buns, fingers spread, squeezing gently and holding him tight against her body as she moved against him.

Danny looked across at Gary.

"It was the big fake boobs," said Gary. "They'd all had boob jobs, and they had these big, hard tits that looked about as sexy as pink basketballs with nipples!"

"I thought guys liked big boobs," said Kelli.

"Nuh-uh," said Danny shaking his head. "Gary and I agreed that it was kind of nasty. I mean, sure we like looking at naked women. We're not queer!"

Kelli glanced over at her husband with a wicked grin and winked, as if to say she could tell Danny wasn't queer because the evidence was pressed against her belly! Rick felt his erection continue to grow, both at the sight of Kelli and at the sexual turn of the conversation.

Gary picked up the thread. "Look, neither of us like big fake tits. A lot of men are like us. We agreed that we prefer small, feminine, natural breasts. Just ask Rick. I'll bet he agrees."

They all looked at Rick. Kelli had a quizical smile. "Gary's right," confirmed Rick. "It's much more of a turn on to see sweet little breasts like Kelli's. She wears an A-cup if she wears a bra at all."

"Rick!" said Kelli with mock annoyance. "Giving away my secrets!" But she continued to sway provocatively against Danny. "Oh wow!" said Gary. "A-cup! Danny and I said, if only some of the dancers at the club were A- cup honeys!"

"Right," Danny agreed. "That would be a massive turn on!" He was stroking his large hands up and down Kelli's back.

Rick glanced at Gary. If anything his erection had grown rather than diminished since he had sat down, and there was an undeniable bulge in the front of his slacks. Obviously the discussion of Kelli's sweet, small breasts was having an effect on him. Rick glanced at his own lap and saw the familiar shape of his own thickening shaft lying prominently against his thigh.

"So you horny guys all want to watch a woman with tiny titties strip off and dance, asked Kelli. "Is that right?"

The three men exchanged sheepish grins, but nobody denied it. Kelli turned and looked at her husband. Her face and neck were suffused with pink. The wine, the sexy talk, the sheer giddy excitement seemed to have Kelli enthralled.

"What do you say, Rick? Should we let these two poor guys see what they couldn't see at the strip club?"

Rick could hardly breathe. Slowly he said, "If you'd like to, then it's alright with me." There was a lump in his throat that was almost as big as the one engorging the front of his pants.

Kelli giggled and put her hands on Danny's chest and gently pushed him away. He let go of her reluctantly and took a step back. Rick could understand Danny's reluctance. Without Kelli pressed against him, his erection was plainly evident, tenting the front of his pants. If the bulge was anything to go by, Danny really was blessed with a member to match the proportions of his large hands and feet! Rick realized that Kelli must have felt that thick slab pressed against her while they danced and now understood the reason for her arousal.

Kelli again pushed Danny gently backwards and he sat down heavily in the armchair. He tried to cover his erection with his hands without much success.

"Rick," Kelli called out, standing in the center of the floor, hands on hips. "Skip the CD back and start that track again."

Rick stood up. He was now fully erect, his cock almost painfully confined in his slacks. At the CD player, his back to the room, he took the opportunity to rearrange his manhood more comfortably before starting the track.

He turned and surveyed the scene. There seemed to be an almost tangible sense of sexual tension in the room. Three very erect men and one very aroused beautiful woman. None of them was willing to break the spell, and it seemed none of them was capable of stopping what was about to happen even if they had wanted to.

Rick popped open three more beers, handing one each to Gary and Danny. He then picked up the wine bottle and turned to refill Kelli's glass. As he did so, Kelli put her hand on his and leaned in close. Her eyes were sparkling, her breathing shallow and rapid.

"You don't mind, do you Rick?" she whispered. "It's... it's a fantasy of mine. This might be the only time I can live out that fantasy. It'll just be this once, and you'll be right here. Is it alright?"

Rick leaned forward and kissed her. "Yes," he whispered back. "And I understand your fantasy. It's pretty much mine too. I love you."

Kelli smiled at her husband. "I love you too. Now where's that wine?"

With a trembling hand, Rick poured more wine into Kelli's glass. She brought the glass to her lips and took a long swallow. She took a long, deep breath and expelled it. "Show time!" she said.

Rick went back to his chair. All three men had forgotten their beers. Their eyes were riveted to the beautiful woman swaying in the center of the room.

Slowly, she began to unbutton her jacket. She would undo one button then turn her back a quarter turn at a time, completing a full 360 degrees before facing the men again and starting on the next button.

"Wow!" said Gary. "Only you could get me hot just undoing buttons on your jacket!"

Kelli smiled. All the buttons were undone and she held the jacket closed across her chest. Again, shuffling her feet to the music, she turned her back on her audience and slowly allowed the jacket to slide back off her shoulders and finally down her arms to the floor.

As she turned again, she felt a thrill run through her body as she saw that all three men were gazing with lustful eyes at her breasts, covered now only by the delicate white brassiere. She reached behind her back and let her fingers touch the clasp. Above the music, she could almost hear the men collectively draw in their breath, anticipating the sight of her bosom.

They were completely in her power. Kelli had never felt so in control, so powerful. Three strong, handsome, intelligent men, so overcome with desire for her that they would do whatever she demanded, just for a glimpse, a caress, a taste of her body.

She decided to tease them a little longer. She raised her arms above her head, running her hands through her dark hair, letting it tumble back through her fingers to her bare shoulders.

Kelli slid her hands down her sides to her hips. Swaying her hips a little more provocatively, she undid the button at the waistband and began to slide the zipper down, slowly, slowly an inch at a time.

She noticed that all three men were almost unconsciously grasping their erections through their trousers as they watched her push the skirt free of her hips and let it slither down her long, perfect legs. She delicately stepped out of the skirt that had puddled round her ankles and pushed it aside with the toe of a leather pump. Other than a thin gold chain around her neck, Kelli was now dancing in only her white bra and panties and the fashionable leather pumps that emphasized her toned calves and thighs moving sinuously to the beat.

"Come over here, Danny," she said. "I need some help."

Danny glanced at Rick and Gary, then stood up and took a step towards Kelli. She turned her back to him and leaned back until her shoulders rested against his rib cage.

"I can't seem to get this bra unhooked. Can you help me?"

Danny let out a groan. He reached down and began to fumble with the clasp of Kelli's bra as she lifted her arms up and back until her palms were holding Danny's face. She stroked his cheeks above her head as Danny finally unhooked the brassiere. Kelli lowered her arms, shrugging free of the shoulder straps, and the flimsy little white bra fluttered to the floor.

Gary leaned forward for his first view of Kelli's bare breasts, the gently swelling mounds capped with perfect pink nipples. "Oh, yesssss..." he sighed.

Kelli looked up over her shoulder at Danny. "Go on," she murmured. "You know you want to."

Danny put his hands on Kelli's hips, then slid them up her body. He covered her tiny tits in his massive hands, spreading his fingers and rotating his palms over her nipples. Kelli rubbed the back of her head against Danny's chest and reach down behind her. Gary and Rick saw Danny's body lurch as Kelli grasped his penis, kneading the hard log of flesh through the material of his trousers.

Suddenly she turned and reached up on tiptoe to kiss Danny briefly on the lips. "It's Gary's turn," she smiled. With a groan, Danny returned to his seat good-naturedly, but muttering something about 'blue balls'.

Kelli grabbed Gary's hands and pulled him to his feet. Rick could see the pink glow had spread down from Kelli's cheeks and now enveloped her shoulders and the upper swell of her breasts a sure sign of her sexual arousal as he knew from experience.

Kelli kept hold of Gary's wrists, gently restraining him from reaching for her titties. "Not yet,"she said. "First you've got to help me, like Danny did."

Gary nodded. Again Kelli realized that here was a man who would do anything she asked for a chance to touch her body.

"Kneel down in front of me," she ordered. Gary obeyed instantly.

"Now Gary," she said, "I want you to take down my panties." As Gary reached for the waistband of Kelli's little white briefs, she put a forefinger on the end of his nose. "Nuh uh!" she added. "Without using your hands!"

Gary looked up at her in puzzlement. Kelli moved her fingertip to Gary's lips. "Put your hands behind your back and use your mouth!"

In a second, Gary leaned forward gripping the waistband between his teeth. Kelli ran her hands through his hair as he pulled and tugged at the panties. He had to keep moving his head from side to side, pulling her briefs down a little more each time. He managed to pull the elastic waistband down clear of her hips and at last, from their chairs, Rick and Danny could see the triangle of dark curls appear above the descending white nylon.

Rick trembled with vicarious excitement. He could see Gary's face was almost touching Kelli's pussy. He knew that Gary must be able to inhale Kelli's sweet musk, an aroma that he, Rick, found so intoxicating. Finally the panties slid down Kelli's firm legs to her ankles.

Time for your reward, Gary," said Kelli. She took his hands and lifted them to he breasts, covering the backs of his hands with his own. But Gary remained kneeling. He leaned forward and enveloped Kelli's pussy with his open mouth. Kelli cried out, parting her legs slightly. She let go of Gary's hands that continued to knead her pert breasts and grabbed the back of his neck, grinding her mound into his face, whimpering and panting.

Suddenly, Gary stood up, his face glistening with Kelli's moisture. There was no stopping him now. He lifted her in a single movement and placed her kneeling on the couch, facing the cushioned back. She looked back over her shoulder at Gary, who was rapidly stripping off his clothes. Kelli made a mewing sound as Gary finally wrenched down his boxer shorts and his engorged cock sprang free, leaping from its confinement to snap stiffly against his slim belly. There was a moist bubble of pre-cum forming on the angry purple knob.

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