tagMatureA Cure For Mondayitis

A Cure For Mondayitis


Ryan Matthews walked into his office and was immediately struck with a severe case of Mondayitis. He placed his suitcase on the green couch which was placed against the left wall of his office, pulled a file out of it which he put back in its place in the filling cabinet on the right hand wall, before trudging over to his desk. With a sigh he sat down and pulled the monthly report in front of him and started up his computer.

As the local manager for Essam Reality, a nation wide real estate agency, Ryan's life had become one monotonous blur. It seemed he was always at the office, and when he wasn't he was at home, going over files and accounts, doing chase up work with clients and liaising head office which was in a different time zone. Marking the first of the month, today he would spend the entire day analysing the report he had been given, calling people into his office to check figures, before pushing it off to head office for review. He resigned himself to the inevitable and focussed himself on the task at hand.

Ryan had not been at it very long when there was a sharp knock at the door

'Ryan?' a female voice came from the doorway.

'Mmm?' Ryan replied, looking up from his report.

His most senior sales manager marched into his office like a woman on a mission. She was in her mid-forties, her short blonde hair cut in a neat bob and frozen in place by what he could only assume was the entire contents of a hairspray can. She wore the green company jacket over a crisp white blouse, a matching green knee-length skirt and black stockings covering her legs.

'This is the second Monday in a row she's been late,' Julie said, cutting straight to the point. 'You're going to have to say something to her.'

Ryan sighed. Julie considered herself to be in charge of the other staff, having been with the company the longest, even long then he had been. Being considerably older then him also, she considered her input to be of the utmost benefit of the successful running of the company. While Ryan valued her opinion, he wished she wouldn't give it out so frequently.

'I assume your talking about Katie?'

'She can't just turn up when she feels like it. She was ten minutes late on Monday last week, and she was twenty minutes late this morning. It's becoming a habit.'

Katherine Nielsen was the newest member of the team, having joined the company only a month ago. Her application had been exemplary and so was offered the job as a clerk, filling in for the receptionist during lunch hours, assisting with rental applications and general office work. It wasn't a hard job, but it was a nine to five one. He frowned, concerned.

'Have you said anything to her?'

'I told her to straighten up and make sure she gets here on time last Monday, but obviously it went in one ear and out the other.'

'Alright, tell her to hang back after work and I'll have a word with her. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.'

He looked back down at his report, but was interrupted by Julie clearing her throat.

'Something else?' he queried.

'While you have her in with you, you might want to also discuss appropriate attire. The length of some of the skirts she wears is completely inappropriate for the office.'

'Thank you Julie,' he responded and returned to his report, his tone making it clear that she was to leave him alone now. For once it seemed to work, because when he looked up again she had gone.

It seemed the day had only just begun when he looked at the clock and saw it was five to five. Ryan removed his glasses and pinched the ridge of his nose, searching for the right words to say to Katie. She was a bright girl, friendly with clients and office staff, well mannered, and had enormous potential. He had interviewed her for the position, but hadn't seen very much of her since then. He tended to get inundated with phone calls, reports and complaints from the moment he entered the office until the moment he left. He settled on the usual "I'm paying you from nine to five" speech and checked his work schedule for the following day.

He was interrupted a short time later by a tentative knock at the door.

'Mr. Matthews? You wanted to see me?'

Katie was standing in the doorway, looking meekly in at him. He was amazed by how much more grown-up she looked then she had at the interview, only six weeks prior. His memory of her had been a young woman, dark hair tied back in a conservative ponytail, eyes hidden behind thin-rimmed glasses. Her white blouse had been freshly ironed, and her black skirt modestly ended below her knees. She conducted herself well throughout the interview and Ryan had welcomed her aboard enthusiastically.

The Katie who stood before him now was dazzling. Her hair hung freely down past her shoulders, shining even in the dim office lightning. Her eyes were no longer hidden by glasses, the brown orbs radiating warmth and eagerness to please. She wore the company green polo shirt, but it seemed to be a size too small for her ample breasts, as they seemed to strain at the material. Her black skirt fell several inches short of her knees, which were unclad by stockings, unlike most of the other female staff members. Her legs looked incredible, leading down to a pair of black high heels. She stood waiting for him to speak, her denim bag slung over her shoulder, ready to go home.

Yes, Ryan thought, a good dressing-down is exactly what I'd like to give her. He then berated himself and pushed the idea firmly away. He dragged his eyes away from her body and looked her in the eyes.

'Yes I did. Come in Katie, take a seat.'

She nervously made her way into his office and sat on the chair opposite him, putting her bag on the floor next her and crossing her legs, which caused the skirt to rise up another inch. Ryan readjusted himself and told himself to behave. At nineteen the girl was over ten years his junior, but his stiffening cock didn't seem to care. He cleared his throat and tried to remember the speech he had planned out.

'Mr. Matthews,' Katie intervened. 'I'm sorry I've been late the last couple of Mondays. I'm studying externally at SAU, part-time of course, and the weekend is when I get most of my course work done. It's coming up to the end of term, so I've got assignments due, and I've been staying up later then I should to try and get them finished. Come Monday morning I'm racing around because I've overslept. I'm really sorry Mr. Matthews, I know it's inexcusable, and you should definitely dock my pay for the times I have been late. I do work during my lunch breaks to try to make up for my lateness, but I understand that it's not the same. I promise I won't be late again.'

It had all flowed like a well-rehearsed speech, one that she had been agonising over for some time. She had taken responsibility for her actions, was looking at him with such sincerity that he felt bad that he had been planning to tell her off. He sighed.

'Just don't make a habit of it, okay Katie? You're a brilliant young woman. I'd hate to lose you.'

Katie smiled sweetly at him.

'Thank you, Mr. Matthews. I won't let you down.'

They both stood up and he escorted her to the car park, locking up behind him. He looked around as they walked, trying to keep his eyes off her firm arse and smooth legs, but they always ended up back there.

'So,' he said, searching for some small talk. 'Are you going out tonight, or straight home?'

'Straight home I'm afraid. I've got a five thousand word essay due on Thursday that I've got to get finished.'

'Working all day and studying all night? You must have a very understanding boyfriend.'

'No, no boyfriend. Guys my age don't interest me much. I prefer men with a bit more maturity.'

He stopped just as they reached her car and tried not to think too much about what she had just said, but he couldn't help noticing the way she blushed as she fumbled for her keys.

'Thanks for walking me to my car, Mr. Matthews,' she said as she got in her car. 'See you tomorrow.'

Ryan watched as Katie pulled out of the company car park and gave him a little wave as she drove off.

Oh dear, Ryan thought as he walked to his own car, not good.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ryan paid much closer attention to Katie over the next few days. She arrived early each morning, and greeted him with a special smile which had him ducking behind objects to hide his arousal. He was glad he had forgotten to speak to her about her skirt, as watching it slide up and down her legs throughout the day was a pleasant distraction from the mind numbing repetitiveness of his job.

Julie seemed in high spirits after he had taken her advice and spoken to Katie, as if his taking her advice further assured herself of her own importance. She made a point however looking inauspiciously at Katie's skirt whenever he was around, in a kind of stage whisper to him. Ryan tactfully chose to ignore her. He found that not only was Katie a beauty, but a brain as well. She was articulate, well read, imaginative and inventive. She single-handedly reorganised the filing archive filing into a coherent system, while assisting the other staff members in any way she could. The customers seemed to love her too, and she would happily chat with them and see to their needs while she was on reception, keeping them engaged and satisfied while they waited for their appointments.

It was with great surprise therefore that on Friday of that week he walked out of his office to find Katie crying her heart out, being consoled by the female staff members while Ryan's lead property manager had a rather loud diplomatic conversation with someone on the phone. He was heartbroken to see her so vulnerable and made his way over to the group as she started to calm down and wipe away the tears.

'Katie, can I see you for a minute?' he asked.

He walked back to his office and stood by the door as Katie gave the group a watery smile of gratitude and walked inside. He closed the door behind her and got her to sit on the couch. He sat on the opposite end, keeping a much distance between them as he could.

'What happened?'

'I'm sorry Mr. Matthews. I was on reception and I took a call from a client. He was ... well he was unhappy about the offer he got on his house. Very unhappy. He seemed to think it was our fault, that we were pushing for a quick sale just so we would get our commission. He got a bit abusive...'

She started to tear up again and Ryan sat watching for a moment, trying to fight down his natural urges to comfort her. He slide over a bit and put his hand on her shoulder.

'It's okay,' he said, patting her on the shoulder in what he hoped would be construed as nothing more than a friend comforting another friend.

Katie gave a sudden sob and turned into him, pressing her head against his chest. He resisted touching her further until she started to cry in earnest. He cradled her in his arms and gently rocked her.

'Shhh,' he soothed. 'It's okay. Just let it all out.'

He waited patiently as Katie got herself under control, enjoying the sensation of her being pressed up against him. Her hands had slipped onto his leg and the gentle rocking was causing her hands to slide up and down his thigh. The perfume of her hair was intoxicating and he found himself closing his eyes and allowing himself to be in the moment.

'Your heart is beating really fast,' Katie said with a slight giggle.

She looked up at him from beneath his arms, straight into his eyes. The tears were gone, but her face was still flushed. She shyly looked away from him and he hastily let her go. She remained nuzzled up against his chest and looked back up at him.

'Mr. Matthews,' she whispered, and Ryan felt his cock swell in response.

'Thank you,' she murmured, as she stretched up and kissed him.

Her lips were soft and gentle, as if unsure of herself. Ryan groaned and took hold of her once more, tangling his hands in her hair as he urged the kiss into something more passionate. Katie readily responded, as if she had been waiting just as long for this moment as he had. He removed one hand from her hair and brushed it along her side, tracing the contours of her body. Katie in turn slipped her hand further up his leg until she reached his cock.

Ryan broke away from the kiss and gasped as Katie unzipped his trousers and felt her way around to under his briefs. She pulled his cock out through the opening and lent over. Grasping it firmly in her hand, she gently tentatively licked the head. Ryan groaned his approval, and Katie continued to lavish his cock with her tongue, flicking it over the tip before continuing with long sweeping stokes over his shaft.

'Oh Katie,' he groaned, placing his hand on the back of her head and gently pushing it down, trying to get her to take it into her mouth.

Katie complied and he felt his cock slide into her waiting mouth. He bit his lower lip in an attempt to keep from moaning too loudly. Katie was relentless. Her head bobbed up and down enthusiastically, her tongue continuing to caress his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. He bucked his hips up wildly to meet her, and felt her gag as he ploughed too deeply for her to handle. He held back, but felt her urging herself to take him deeper and deeper into her throat in response to his bucking. He knew he wouldn't last much longer at this rate and was about to tell her so when there was a knock at the door.

Katie and Ryan separated like a shot, Ryan dashing to his chair and Katie to the one opposite him. He straightened his tie and smoothed over his hair, and saw Katie doing the same. She looked extremely red in the face and her eyes were red and teary once more, Ryan immediately regretting being so rough with her. From an outside perspective though it would simply look like she had started crying again from recanting what had happened. He took a deep breath to compose himself and hoped he didn't look too red in the face.

'Yes,' he said, trying to keep his voice even. He looked down in time to realise he had forgotten to zip up his fly, his still raging cock sticking out of it. He pushed his chair further under the desk to hide it is as Paul opened the door.

'Sorry to bother you, Ryan. I've got Mr. Dennings on the line, the client who Katie was talking to earlier,' he added giving Katie a sympathetic smile. 'He's insisting to speak to you.'

'Okay Paul, put him through.'

Paul hastened back to his desk and Katie got up and followed him. Once she had made it to the door, Ryan called out to her.

'I hope you learned something from the experience, Katie,' he said carefully. 'And just remember that you don't have to take that kind of thing unless you're okay with it.'

Katie gave him her special smile and walked away, leaving him to deal with a very angry client, and Mr. Dennings too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a very long weekend, during which Ryan had thought of nothing but returning to work to see Katie, it was finally Monday. She had left dead-on five Friday afternoon, so he hadn't had an opportunity to talk to her about what happened. He arrived at the office at half past eight to open up, and awaited Katie's arrival.

At half past nine he was interrupted by Julie tapping on his door and letting herself in.

'Ten minutes late and she's wearing the shortest skirt yet,' Julie snapped indignantly. 'Obviously your little chat with her last week didn't do any good. She should be sent home to change into something decent.'

Ryan's cock stirred to life, safely hidden by the confines of his desk.

'You're right Julie,' he said, nodding in a serious manner. 'Obviously I wasn't hard enough on her the last time.'

He suppressed a smile as he thought about how much harder he'd be the second time around.

'Tell her to hang back again at five. If she's going to take some of my time, I'll take some of hers.

Julie nodded approvingly and Ryan followed her out of his office to steal a peak of the offending skirt. He found her at one of the filling cabinets, sorting through some paperwork. Today she was wearing a silky green blouse which hugged her bountiful breasts, and her black skirt only came halfway down her incredible thighs. She gave him a dazzling smile when she spotted him and quickly checked around to make sure no one was watching. She then turned her back to him and slowly bent over to open the bottom draw of the cabinet.

Ryan groaned softly as more of her legs became visible as she lent over. Finally she stopped and he caught a glimpse of lacy black material hiding beneath her skirt. Ryan stood frozen, not trust him to make a single movement for fear it would lead him straight to her. Almost as soon as she had bent over however, she was upright again. A file clutched firmly in hand, she walked back to her desk without a second look in his direction. Ryan quickly returned to his office and hoped the day would fly by.

At five to five Ryan received an expected visit from John Michaels, and old friend from school. He asked Julie to get Katie to wait for him in his office while he talked to Michael in the reception area, trying desperately to get rid of him. Unfortunately John wasn't making it easy. He was looking to buy, and since he had been friends with Ryan at school, he expected the VIP treatment. Ryan watched as one by one the staff members left, Julie giving him a nod on the way out as an indication that she had done as he asked, and that Katie was now waiting for him in his office. Finally at ten past five he was able to get rid of John, after promising him a meeting on Wednesday and he locked the office door behind him as he left. He did his best to calm himself and not get his hopes up as he walked back to his office. Once in the doorway however, it seemed he was in luck.

Katie was sitting on his desk waiting for him, her skirt hiked up high on her thighs to allow her to have her legs slightly parted. The top two buttons of her silken blouse were undone, revealing the black lace of her bra. She smiled at him coyly.

'You wanted to see me, Mr. Matthews,' she said, blushing slightly as she spoke.

Ryan groaned, her demeanour turning him on as much as her body was. He stood his ground, determined to have his say first.

'Katie, something has to be done about you,' he said, trying to put as much authority into his words as possible. It seemed hollow as he cock was making his trousers into a tepee, but he continued regardless.

'Your skirts are not an appropriate length for work,' he continued, gazing at her unclad legs. 'Someone else might see something they shouldn't.'

Katie smiled and blushed.

'I see your point,' she conceded.

'So from now on, can you please wear skirts of an appropriate length, or trousers, while in the office?'

'Of course, Mr. Matthews.'

Ryan let out a sigh of relief as he prepared to move onto the next issue. He was, however, interrupted by Katie

'So, since this length is inappropriate,' she continued, standing up as she spoke. 'I shouldn't wear it in the office?'

She reached behind herself, unzipped the skirt and shimmied it down her long legs, stepping out of it when it reached the floor.

She was wearing the tiniest pair of panties Ryan had ever seen. Black lace and sheer black material barely covered her shaved pussy. Her legs, uninterrupted by clothes, looked longer that he had ever seen them, her three inch black heels adding to the effect. Ryan stared brazenly at her legs, finding it incredibly sexy that she was now blushing uncontrollably in response to his unwavering gaze.

'You know that blouse is rather inappropriate too,' he said with a grin.

Breaking to a grin of her own, Katie undid the remaining buttons and slid the blouse from her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. The black lacy bra was as small as her panties had been, barely containing her heaving breasts which rose and fell deliciously with each breath she took.

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