A Curious Roommate Ch. 02


"Ooooh," Patrick heard her sigh, and opened his eyes to see her leaning back against the bathroom wall wantonly fingering her pussy. She looked so damn sexy.

Ogling the young virgin rubbing her very wet pussy in front of him, Patrick picked up his own pace, feeling his bloated balls tensing up as his release started building. Camille would rotate between closing her eyes and enjoying her own ministrations on her pussy, and sneaking peeks at Patrick furiously stroking his now enormous cock. The room was quiet except for the sounds of heavy breathing and the rubbing of slick flesh as they both masturbated in front of each other. Camille was sliding two fingers inside her slick pussy. Her pussy lips were engulfing her fingers and knuckles each time she slid them in. Her hand was covered with her own juices.

She opened her eyes to see Patrick staring into her eyes. At that moment it seemed like they had created a deep emotional and sexual connection. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, until Patrick grunted and threw his head back.

"Urrghh!" he grunted.

Camille looked down at his cock to see the slit at the top of his cockhead spread wide open. And then it happened.

"Urrghh!" Patrick groaned again as the first rope of cum shot out three feet across the bathroom, landing across Camille's right thigh.

"Oh shit!" Patrick groaned continuing to stroke his cock as the second rope of cum shot out landing across both her feet. She looked down to see her feet soaked in the gooey white liquid, and for some reason it turned her on. She leaned her head back and slid another finger inside her slick pussy as her orgasm took control of her body.

"Ooooohhh!" she moaned as her body shivered succumbing to a mind-shattering orgasm. Her knees grew weak, and all of a sudden she found herself on the floor as her body rocked through a series of orgasms. As she rolled around on the floor in orgasmic bliss, she felt something on warm on her back. She opened her eyes slightly and saw that Patrick was still stroking his cock, shooting off thick ropes of cum into the air, which were landing on her back and all over the floor. The sight of his enormous cock shooting off those thick ropes of cum triggered yet another orgasm straight through her body.

Patrick sat back down on the toilet with both hands milking the last drops of cum out of his still swollen cock. It felt like he had just shot a bucket full of cum all over the floor. Yet his balls still felt bloated as he sat there stroking his cock in post-orgasmic bliss. He opened is eyes and looked down in front of him to find Camille squirming on the floor with her fingers still inside her pussy. Her pussy lips looked so distended, and he could clearly make out what looked to be her cunt juices flowing down her thighs and all over her hand. The smell of her sex permeated around the bathroom. He surveyed every curve of her slender body as she lay there on the bathroom floor. As his eyes reached her delicate face, she opened her eyes and their glazes met. The sexual tension within the room was thick. Patrick was sitting there on the toilet, cock still in hand, and Camille lay there on the floor covered in cum with three fingers still buried deep inside her wet pussy. It was the moment of the truth. What would they do next?

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