tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cycling Adventure Ch. 01

A Cycling Adventure Ch. 01


Laura trains at a circus school I go to. She is fit with bigger muscles than most girls, but I like that. She has small to medium size breasts and shoulder length brown hair. I had always thought of her as very straight but about two months ago was to be reminded that it is wrong to make assumptions about people.

That evening we were unlocking our bicycles after our respective classes. She had been tumbling and I had been doing acrobatic balancing. Laura handed me a card that advertised the, "World naked bike ride" on June 10th. She went on to explain that as everyone else would be dressed the same no one would be bothered about looking. Seeing Laura in a new light, I covered my surprise.

"I don't know about that. I would quite enjoy looking at you!" I said.

"I'm sure you would!" Laura laughed.

I suggested that maybe I should get in some practice before the event so I wouldn't spend the whole time looking at her and end up crashing! To my surprise, Laura agreed.

So a couple of weeks later I followed her home after the classes to her flat where as soon as we were inside we both undressed.

Needless to say I was soon rock hard. I moved in to kiss her softly on the lips.

"Not to quick." She cautioned. "No fucking unless you turn up on the day."

I didn't try to argue, 6 weeks might seem a long time to wait when were already naked but I decided I could handle it.

Those six weeks were torture however! I would see her every week and most weeks spend some time naked in her company. I got as far as licking her nipples till they were both as hard as rocks and eating her out - hoping that her orgasms might make her relent and allow me into her wetness with my cock before the naked ride of a different sort but never got beyond a hand job.

Come June the 10th I had just got back from the Dutch Acrobatic Festival, late on Friday evening. Temperatures were soaring and I was absolutely knackered. However I woke up early and hoping that no one would take photos identifying me in the papers set off for Hyde Park Corner.

When I got there Laura was already naked in the area set aside for undressing and generally getting ready for the ride. I had a large bottle of sun screen as this was the first really hot weather of the year I had been out in and there were parts of my anatomy I really didn't want to get burned!

I waved the bottle at Laura and asked, "First or second?" "You do me first." She answered.

I proceeded to do so, not neglecting her nipples and shaved pussy area. was oblivious to all the people also getting ready for the ride and took the opportunity to play with her clitoris till Laura hissed, "I will get you for that you bastard!" but she was laughing as she said it. Sure enough before the ride I was covered in white and using the sun screen as a lubricant Laura was making sure my privates were adequately covered. Seconds before the call came over the tanoy that we were going to set off in 5 minutes I exploded over the grass.

Laura cleaned me off with a tissue and I put on my cycling shoes, Sandals with cleats to clip in the pedals. Strangely I felt more naked than I had without the shoes on.

That evening we fucked each other's brains out. But only after showering to get rid of our respective stale juices mixed with the now sticky sun screen.

Starting with her hair I massaged her scalp as I worked the shampoo into her locks. Then taking the soap I worked down her body, feeling her nipples harden as she pressed her buttocks into my groin. I worked my way down as far as where she had I am sure shaved that day.

Next I worked my way up from her feet and pressing myself against her front this time squeezed her ass for several minutes before letting my fingers stray to her hole. Now it was time to play with her clitoris and I did this with one finger entering her till I felt her vaginal muscles clamp around it.

Eventually the hot water ran out so, I took a towel and dried her off before getting her to lay down on a clean towel. I then got out the massage oil with ylang ylang essential oil in it and started working on her back.

I love massaging a woman's body even when it has nothing to do with sex. I felt her body relax as I worked the muscles in her back and then her glutes. Next it was the legs working up from the feet and ankles to the thighs, feeling the heat between her legs.

An hour later, having finished the back I had to wake Laura up to turn over so I could do her front. I continued with the legs, which I pulled apart just enough to enjoy the view between them.

"You pervert!" She laughed.

"Guilty as charged" I Replied as my fingers got as close as they could to her pleasure centre without actually touching her outer lips. I carried on then, working on her completely flat stomach, then her chest above the breasts. (I am actually trained in aromatherapy and apart from getting closer to her vagina than I normally would was doing my standard massage routine.)

Almost two hours after I started the massage I finished doing her head and asked Laura if there was anything else she would like me to do.

"Well you did miss out my breasts." She answered with a smile that on it's own would be X-rated.

I set about rectifying that omission. Soon her nipples were erect again and abandoning any pretence of being professional I bent down to take one between my lips. I sucked then licked round her areola as I squeezed the breast with my hand.

Once I had done my bit for equal opportunities and paid attention to Laura's left tit as well as the right I headed south. I started by kissing the inside of her thighs and only started on her labia when Laura lifted her hips up pushing her vagina into my face.

The combined tastes of her freely flowing juices and the massage oil was a heady mixture which I lapped up before pushing my tongue deep into her tunnel. I alternated this with licking and sucking her swollen bud of a clitoris which was just asking for some attention. It was not long before I felt Laura's hips buck again and for the first time I actually felt someone's cunt muscles clamping round my tongue.

I could have continued with this foreplay for hours. I was just loving every single aspect of Laura's body. She had other ideas though and told me in no uncertain terms.

"I want to feel your cock inside me."

Who was I to argue? I asked Laura if she wanted me to use a condom.

She laughed before answering, "If I don't want to wear anything for cycling, I certainly don't for sex!"

I placed the tip of my rock hard member, already oozing pre-cum against her opening. Laura pulled her legs back over her head, her ankles by her shoulders. I took hold of her ankles and entered her well lubricated vagina. She was really tight, I guess, partly because of all the exercise she does so I only went in a little way at first but with each push I discovered more of her love muscles.

Soon my balls were banging against her ass as our pubic bones collided. Had it not been for the very public hand job earlier I would have exploded long before I got close to having a fuck. As it was Laura was furiously working her clitoris as she approached her second orgasm when I felt my own impending release.

Wave after wave of my juices jetted their way to the back of her opening. Just as I thought I was spent I felt her orgasm start to milk the last of my seed.

"That was amazing!" I breathed. Laura wasn't finished yet however.

"I am hungry and I know just what I want for starters!" She said, again with that X-rated smile.

To be continued...

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