tagIncest/TabooA Daddy's 'Forced' Situation

A Daddy's 'Forced' Situation

byLen Bee©

Sometimes even the most difficult obstacles can be overcum by an active imagination.

For the fifth time that day I found myself with a raging hard-on. My four luscious daughters were either playing in or laying beside the pool, and I found myself once again dreaming about each of them. How fantastic would it be to get any one of them into my bed and feel my hard cock sliding in and out of them?

My name is Len Clinton, and no, I am not related to that lying bastard, Slick Willy. But I do share his almost endless, limitless horniness. And I am especially hung-up on my four beautiful daughters. I am 44 years old and a single parent every since a particularly nasty divorce with my ex-wife Jill nine years earlier. And believe me, living with these four luscious and very curvy young females without grabbing one or more of them and ravaging them has been very difficult indeed.

Oh, I know they are my daughters. The fruits of my loins. And, I'm well aware that such thoughts in today's society are most improper. But that is beside the point because I am also human. And I am subject to the same frailties that attack every other human of the male persuasion. My daughters are both beautiful and extremely sexy. Hence the fact that I find them attractive beyond belief.

Amanda, the oldest, is a 21 year old beauty. She was voted Homecoming Queen last fall at nearby Southern Methodist University where she is finishing up her Junior year. She is 5'6" tall, weighs around 115, and had the nicest, most perfectly proportioned figure I have ever seen on any woman. Her breasts are smaller than my ex-wife's, but they are still 35 or 36 inches and solid B cups, maybe C. Her waist is slender, swelling into extremely nice, almost womanly hips. I noticed that her naturally blonde hair actually shimmered in the sun, cascading over her shoulders as she sat up on her lounge chair, her legs spread wide and her feet on the ground on either side (directly facing me), and spread more sun-block oil over her belly and sides.

Jenna and Trisha, or Jen and Tee as I more often called them, are both 20 years old, and also incredibly beautiful. They are identical twins, and had originally been an "accident," being conceived just a few days after the doctor told me it was okay to begin having sexual relations with my wife again. That was several weeks after Amanda was born. For more than a week I had really poured the sperm into Jill's always-willing cunt before my horniness had been adequately addressed. The twins were the result of that period of torrid, almost unending sex, with Trisha being just 21 minutes younger than Jenna.

They are a little taller than Amanda, standing 5' 7" in their bare feet, and they might weigh 118 pounds each. Their figures are not as pronounced as their older sister's yet, but they are still striking. They have smallish 33 or 34 inch busts, really slender waists, and nice, slender hips. They are both honey-blonde, an obvious cross between Jill's very blonde tresses and my own light brown hair.

Paula, at 18, was the baby of our family. She is 5'4" tall, and goes around 116 pounds or a little less. She entered puberty a little later than normal at 16, and now is a budding woman after a painful yet almost startling growth spurt and transformation. It seems that, almost overnight, she changed from an almost homely caterpillar into a most beautiful butterfly.

Her breasts are still developing, but are already filling her 32C bras and halter tops. Her waist is also slender like the other girls, but she still has just a hint of baby fat. And her hips have swelled nicely and will probably go around 34 inches now.

But it is her face, her lovely face, that instantly captures the eye's attention. She has deeply alluring, pale green eyes that seem to penetrate through anyone she talks to or looks at. Her other facial features instantly remind any teenage boy or adult man of what a perfect woman should look like. And girls her own age often suffer a quiet, jealous rage as she attracts all the boys around her.

Four hot foxes frolicking all around me and I, their father, couldn't touch. The mores of our modern society forbid my doing anything more than looking and maybe sneaking a feel or two as they climbed on my lap or hugged me for whatever reason. It made me furious! Incest was one of the few unforgivable sins of society, and I was not allowed to go there. Mores suck, big time!, I thought to myself.

All four of the girls are virgins, I am sure of that. They had all witnessed the near-endless infidelities of their mother as she snuck one lover after another into their house and our marriage bed while I was busy busting my ass to make a living. When I did discover what was going on I tossed her slut-fucked ass out on the street with a divorce that gave her virtually nothing. And shortly after that legality was history all four of the girls professed to me their intentions never to succumb to the temptations of sex until they were either married or living on their own as a single adult.

But I now had the hots for any and all of my daughters. Damn it all, there had to be some way I could get into their pants, bust their cherries and use their bodies, and not have them hate me afterwards. I would give anything to be the guy who plucked their cherries and taught them about sex.

The answer to my "family" problems came to me a few nights later. I was in my study and on the Internet, reading sexy stories about incest, when I came across one about a burglar caught in the act of his crime. He didn't want to kill the husband, wife and 18 year old daughter, but they had seen his face, and he was not going back to prison ever again. Then he decided to make them commit incestuous acts that he video-taped, and he kept the tape with threats to distribute it to their church members just to insure their continued silence about his crime.

Could I do the same thing, only with a twist? Could I create a crime like that and then take advantage of it? The more I thought about it, the hornier and more excited I got. Sure it was possible, and it would be downright easy to do. All I had to do was find the right guy, and I already knew who that guy was... * * *

Maury Ackerman is a professional photographer and video maker. I had used him hundreds of times over the years for company work, either doing a clients bidding on a contract or making public relations stuff for the firm. And I found out about his "sideline" one day when I showed up unannounced at his studio to chew his ass over some obvious mistakes in one of his contract jobs.

There was no one out front in the lobby, so I made my way back into the heart of the building. I found Maury jacking off as he adjusted a tripod-mounted video camera. The scene he was shooting involved an adult man and a girl that could not have been anywhere near legal age. The guy was currently taking her in the ass, but it was plain to see that her pussy had also been thoroughly reamed out during the last few minutes. And while I stood their and watched the man pulled his gigantic prick out of the girl's ass and started coming all over her back and cheeks. Then he rammed it back in, stroked a few times, and pulled out again to shoot more sperm into the air and onto her back.

When Maury had become aware of my presence I could tell he was more than a bit nervous. This was obviously child porn, pure and simple. I had witnessed enough in ten minutes to put him and his male model in jail for ten to twenty years. He offered me the girl for as long as I wanted her, but I declined. He offered me a lot of other things, but I just let him know that I knew. Then I chewed him out for his mistakes, gave him the tapes, and walked out. * * *

The next day I put my plan into motion. I went to Maury's studio and explained to him how we could square things up between us. I laid out my entire plan, and carefully explained his part in it. Then, after he agreed to participate, I handed him a brown paper bag with his props inside. As I was leaving he helped me load two professional video cameras and a bunch of assorted video gear into my car.

When I arrived home I unloaded all the gear and set it up, positioning the cameras at wide angles in the living room and putting the bright lights around the room. The girls arrived home from school right on time and immediately asked what all the stuff was for. I explained that I wanted to make some home movies of all of us so that I could capture some of the many happy feelings we all enjoyed in our house. It would be something I could carry into my old age with pride and love. This was on a Thursday.

That evening I did shoot some videos of all of us having fun doing various things. We played board games after the girls had completed their homework. Then each of the girls came over and sat on my lap as we finished out the evening watching television together. * * *

The next day I was almost too excited to concentrate on my work. I left the office early, went home, and checked out the video gear. The girls had already arrived home from school and had left to go to various girlfriend's houses. They were back in time for dinner, and I had ordered Chinese delivered for everyone. After dinner we played around some more, and the time seemed to drag by. Finally it was time for everyone to go to bed.

At 11:30 p.m. I got out of bed, dressed only in my boxers. I snuck down the stairs and met with Maury. He was already sitting on the sofa and waiting for me after having snuck in through a window I had left unlocked in the laundry room. I saw that he was wearing thin driving gloves as per my instructions so there would be no fingerprints left should the cops somehow become involved. And he had already collected the silverware from where I told him it was stored. Everything looked good. I asked him if he was ready and he said, "Sure, lets do it."

I snuck back to the top of the stairs, turned around, and shouted, "Who's down there. What are you doing down there?" At the same time I flicked on the room lights and saw Maury, now wearing a knit hat low over his ears and just above his eyes, pointing a gun at me.

"Alright, buddy, you caught me," he said loudly. His voice had to carry into all of the bedrooms. "But I have a gun, and you don't. Get your ass down here, and bring everyone who's up there with you. Hurry up, or I'll just start shooting."

The girl's bedroom doors were already opened, and they were all looking out at me. They were all dressed in delicious, low-cut baby-doll pajamas that always managed to send my cock into instantaneous raging-steel-nail-pounding hard-on condition. I motioned for them to come to me, and we all went down the stairs together.

"What do you want from us," I asked the burglar? "You'll have to kill me right here and now if you try to harm any of my girls."

"Chill out, asshole, and you and your little harem all sit down on that couch... NOW," he shouted. We all quickly moved to sit on the couch. Jenna was on my lap.

"You see, asshole, you caught me inside your house. Yeah, I was stealing your things. But your problem is that you caught me, and now I have caught you. I don't want to kill any of you, but you have all seen my face. You could tell the cops who I am. Pick my picture out of the mug books they have there. I ain't going to do any more time in the joint, so if I can't figure something out pretty quick, I'll have to off you one at a time."

The girls were beginning to understand what was going on, and they all began to cry. I tried to comfort then. "Take it easy, girls. I won't let this guy hurt any of you."

"Oh, yeah? That's a really stupid thing to say to them, seeing as how I am holding the gun. If I decide to pop you, you get popped. End of discussion. Say, what are these cameras for," he said as he seemed to take notice of the two video cameras for the first time.

"I was making some home videos of me and the girls. They are valuable cameras. Go ahead and take them."

"Oh, I won't steal them. Too damn big and bulky, and too hard to fence. No, but they do give me a great idea of how I can leave here without killing any of you and not worry about you going to the cops. You see, you and the little ladies are going to make another home movie. You are going to ball all four of your cute little girls right here and now. Really fuck their asses off, if you know what I mean. And you better look like you are enjoying it, too. Lots of smiles, kissing, sucking, stuff like that. Then I leave with the video and the stuff I have already got. You go to the cops, and I make sure these videos end up on the shelves of every porn outlet in the country. And I know just the guy who can arrange that."

"No way, you fucking pervert," I yelled at him. I could never do that to any of my little angles. Not in a million years."

"No," he said, shaking his head slowly from side to side. "Well, don't say I didn't offer you an out." With that he stepped closer and raised the handgun, aiming it right at me.

"NO. WAIT!!" Amanda screamed. Then she leaned over to me and whispered, "Dad, we have to do like the man says. He'll shoot you and all of us if we don't."

"But honey..."

"Daddy, Amanda is right," Jenna said in an equally low voice. "You have to have sex with us. We don't have any choice."

"Well, what's it going to be, asshole?

I looked at Trisha and Paula, and I could see they agreed with the other two. "Girls, can you ever forgive me after we do this?"

With that all four of them tried to put their arms around me at the same time. "Daddy," Amanda, stated for all of them, "there will be nothing to forgive. We have to do this if we want to live. And we know you will be gentle with all of us. We have to, Daddy."

"All right, you damned pervert. What do you want us to do," I asked Maury, er, I mean the burglar?

"Simple enough. First, draw all the shades in this room. Then turn on the lights and start the cameras rolling. Then you sit on the couch and each girl will come over to you, strip off her pj's, and kiss you passionately. You feel them up tits and pussies, and start getting them hot. Then I'll tell you what to do next."

The girls pulled the blinds down as I clicked on the lights and then put two tapes into the cameras. I centered each on the couch and turned both of them on to the record mode. Then I walked to the couch and set down. The girls lined up to my right, and, with the burglar's nod and a reminder to all of us to smile, Amanda walked over to me. She stood in front of me and, with a big smile, lifted her top over her head and tossed it to the side. Then, still smiling broadly like she was really enjoying this, she put both thumbs into the waist-band of her bottoms and pushed them and her panties down to her ankles, and stepped out of them.

I couldn't believe it. Here was my oldest daughter, standing naked in front of me in all her natural glory, smiling, and barely two feet away! Her tits were so beautiful and so perfectly matched. They jiggled slightly as she came forward, bent down, and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I responded quickly, slipping my arms around her and bringing her onto my lap. Then I squeezed and fondled both of her boobs.

Our passionate kiss continued as I pinched her nipples lightly and caressed the tits some more. Then my hand slipped down over her belly and between her legs. She moaned as she spread them wider, and my hand cupped her warm, nicely furred mound. My middle finger slipped into her rapidly moistening slit and I fingered her. I found her clit and flicked it several times, feeling her shudder with a mild orgasm in my arms. Then I could see Trisha start forward, so I slipped my arms from around Amanda and gently let her slip to the sofa next to me.

Trisha was also smiling wonderfully as she stopped in front of me and took off her pj's. Then she was on my lap, and I was kissing and fondling her. I stroked her breasts, then moved my hand down and fingered her. I had to flick her clit a lot longer than Amanda's before I felt her shudder and shake in a severe orgasm. She groaned and gave out a low squeal as she peaked, then she fell limp against me. I shifted her to the couch as Amanda moved to make room.

Jenna was next, and she was a perfect repeat of Trisha's performance. Paula was the real surprise. As I fingered her tender young pussy and let my thumb rub over her sensitive clit during a really passionate kiss she began to orgasm. But it continued on and on, even after I stopped rubbing her and just held her tightly. Four straight minutes or more of orgasm from a teenage girl. Damn, what a sight! What a feeling!

Maury, er... The burglar said we all did well for Act I. He then ordered me to stand and strip off my boxers. I did as he instructed, my erect 8 inch penis slapping my belly as it was suddenly released. Then I sat back down on the couch between my four daughters, two on each side.

He instructed me to start with Amanda while the other three girls slid to the floor and sat around us, observing our love making. "I want you to take her in the traditional missionary position after some foreplay. Got that?" Yes, I replied.

Then I slipped my arms around my oldest daughter and kissed her passionately. She returned my embrace and kiss with her own passion. Together we laid over onto the couch and our nude bodies pressed together from thighs to hips to breasts to lips. My free right hand felt all over her body, squeezing her butt cheeks hard and sliding my fingers up through her crack and over her rear hole. She shivered and kissed me with more passion as I did this.

Then I forced my hand down between us and into the V of her legs. I cupped her entire mound, allowing my social finger to fully explore her entire crease. She was already dripping wet, and I couldn't wait to feel my heard cock sliding up inside this beautiful creature. I then sunk my finger inside her hole as she shuddered in another orgasm. I felt her hymen, and pushed my finger through the opening to begin the tearing process. She moaned with the new mixture of pleasure and pain, and her hips began to hump against my hand involuntarily. She definitely wanted more, and she was ready for me now.

I lifted my body and shifted hers until she was on her back with her legs spread wide. I got my knees between her legs and reached down to grasp my penis. I felt her hand on mine, and she whispered, "Let me guide you into my body, daddy. I want to feel your manhood as you make me a real woman.?

What could I say to that? My lovely daughter's hand encircled my cock as I removed mine. I shifted my hips downward and felt her place the head against her opening. Then, I bent down and kissed her with all my passion as I hunched my hips forward, driving my cock deep into her pussy and tearing through the remainder of her cherry. A couple quick follow-up strokes and I was buried to the hilt inside my daughter. Her surrounding tightness was almost more than I could stand, and it was all I could do not to shoot my load into her right then.

Somehow I managed to hold off. In a minute or so I began to stroke slowly in and out of her. Her moans became continuous. I asked her if it was painful, and she replied, "Noooooo. It feels like heaven. It's soooo wonderful. Please, go faster..." I increased the speed and force of my strokes, knowing I could not possibly hold out for long with this kind of stimulation on my sensitive cock. Soon, it couldn't have been more than three or four minutes, I felt myself pass the point of no return. I plowed her cunt hard and deep as I felt myself begin to shoot. She began to cum at the same time, and we both bounced and shuddered with the combined force of our mutual releases. I felt her cunt grab onto my cock, seemingly milking it of everything it had to offer. I felt seven or eight different spurts of cum shoot into her body as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life!

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