A Daddy's 'Forced' Situation

byLen Bee©

I withdrew my cock slowly from her well-fucked pussy as I came to my knees. Then I watched my cum spill out from between her lips, the single most erotic sight I have ever seen. Amanda looked up at me and whispered a, "Thank you," as she rolled to her left and got off the couch.

Trisha came over, got on her knees on the couch beside me, and kissed me deeply. "Daddy, I hope you make me feel as good as you just did for Amanda. I am so hot right now after watching you two that I can't stand it," she whispered in my ear as our deep kiss finally broke.

"I will, my little darling," I assured her. With that I helped her assume her position on the couch and I laid down beside her. I slowly began to feel her breasts and body as we passionately kissed. The excitement of touching another of my beautiful daughters so intimately got to me, and my semi-hard cock began to stiffen rapidly. Trisha reached down, grasped my member, and began to tug on it. Feeling her small hand on me like that was almost more than I could take. I again lifted my body and she got into position below me.

Maury spoke up. "Not that way, asshole. You take this one from behind. Fuck her doggie style, She should get a kick out of that."

So we shifted positions until she was on her hands and knees before me. My cock was raging hard and bouncing with my pulse directly behind her beautiful ass. I clearly saw her tiny pucker-hole and, for just an instant, I thought about entering her there. But then I felt her hand reaching up from between her legs and grasping my cock. She directed me to the entrance of her vagina. I nudged it forward past her lips and right to her girlhood barrier.

I rubbed my free hand across her back, told her to brace herself and get ready for a little pain. Then I grasped her hips with both hands and pulled her back as I pushed forward. My cock sank balls deep into her extremely tight pussy. Trisha buried her face into the pillows and gave out a muffled scream. I held still, waiting for some sign from her that the pain had abated. Finally her moans seemed to change from pain to pleasure, and I began to stroke her slowly. I heard her whisper, "Oh, yessss," and knew she was ready for more. I lengthened my strokes and speeded up my delivery, keeping my hands on her hips and pulling her backwards as much as I was pushing myself into her. Her moans became louder as I watched her virginal blood and juices cover my shaft. I reached up and grasped her right tit in my hand, squeezing it and then pinching the nipple firmly before returning to her hips and continuing in earnest with our fuck.

Trisha came really hard five distinct times as we fucked. That she was thoroughly enjoying our sexual coupling was obvious from her mewing and the words like "yes, daddy", "fuck me" and "fuck me harder, daddy" I heard her softly say.. I managed to last much longer this time than I did with Amanda. But in the end, I felt the familiar sensations beginning to rapidly build. Trisha, I'm getting ready to cum.

Are you ready, Tee? Cum with Daddy, Trish. I felt myself let go, and Trisha did not disappoint me. She experienced her most intensive orgasm as I pumped my load deep into her body. Her elbows gave out, and her upper body collapsed as I was still shooting into her. When I finally finished cumming she was as limp as a rag doll.

A few moments later Amanda came over and helped her off the couch as Jenna came over to me. "Oh, Daddy. I hope you can make me feel like that. I'm so hot right now, I feel like I am on fire between my legs." Then she kissed me deeply, her tongue attempting to probe and massage my tonsils.

We broke that kiss reluctantly and Jenna shifted her position until she was on her hands and knees, facing away from me. I moved closer until the head of my cock was sliding between her legs along the entire length of her crack. "Do me quick, Daddy. I can take the pain alright."

What an angel! I positioned my cock near her pussy when she brought her hand back to grasp my cock and start feeding it into her body. I told her to brace herself. A few seconds later I shifted my weight forward, and my cock slid effortlessly into my daughter's body. She gasped and buried her face into the same pillow that Tee had used. But less than a minute later she raised her head and told me she was ready. I began stroking slowly, but quickly speeded up when she thrust her hips backwards almost violently. "Take me harder, Daddy. Fuck me harder, pleaseeeeee..." I started pounding my little daughter just as hard as I could from that point on.

I was fully engrossed in filling Jenna's pussy from behind with my hard cock when I heard Maury's raspy voice break into my concentration. "You are boring me, asshole. Pull out of her cunt and fuck her asshole."

Oh, Maury, I could kiss you, I thought to myself as I withdrew my cock from Jen's cunt and repositioned it over her anal sphincter. "Now relax, Jen. This will hurt a bit, but it will be extremely pleasurable for you if you just relax and let it happen."

Then, after spitting on her ass and rubbing it all over her back door opening, I proceeded to push the head of my cock into my daughter's asshole. I could feel it's never-stretched tightness, and I knew I had to be hurting her really bad. Still, I was going to get in no matter what...

The head of my cock finally made its way through her back door's tight portal. I didn't stop there, instead continuing to push inward until my entire length was buried inside her. She was screaming into the couch pillows, and I could see tears streaming down her cheek as her head flopped to the side. I held still, and a lot quicker than I would have thought, she started moving her hips forward and back. Then she began moaning like never before as the pleasure she was now feeling overwhelmed her pain. I had never felt such tightness around my cock before.

I began to move in and out of her butt hole as she raised herself up onto her hands and really began pounding her body backwards into me. Her moans turned to low screams of pleasure as she succumbed to feelings more intense than anything she had ever felt before. I glanced over at Amanda, Trisha and Paula, squinting through the bright lights, and observed that they were all openly frigging themselves hard and squeezing their boobs as they witnessed my anal penetration of their sister. I looked over at Maury and he had his cock out and was jacking off, his hand literally flying up and down his shaft as mine continue to disappear and reappear out of Jenna's ass.

The overwhelming intensity of the entire scene, combined with the wonderful pleasure I was currently feeling, sent me over the edge. I felt myself begin shooting my load deep inside my daughter's body. She reached her peak after half my load was inside her, and she screamed out loudly before collapsing onto the couch. I finished cumming and slowly withdrew my cock before I realized Jenna had fainted from her intense pleasure. I moved up over her and touched her cheeks, and was rewarded with a moan as her eyes fluttered open and a smile took hold.

Amanda and Tee helped her off the couch as Paula threw herself into my arms. "Will you do it to me in the ass too, Daddy? I want it there so bad. Oh Pleaseeee?" Then we were kissing passionately as I began my foreplay with my youngest daughter, my baby.

Maury broke in again. "Have the little bitch lick and suck your cock, but don't blow in her mouth, understand?"

"Hey, man," I said. "I just pulled my dick out of my other daughter's asshole, and you want Paula to suck it now? No way! It's filthy, damn it all!"

Paula spoke up and said, "It's alright Daddy. I don't mind. Really." And before I could react she had dipped her head and engulfed the head of my cock. Then she did her impression of a Hoover vacuum cleaner, sucking so hard that any softening I might have undergone after cumming inside Jen was quickly replaced with solid steel. Paula had me so hard so quick that I could not believe it. And in five minutes she had managed to lick my shaft and balls clean and had me ready to blow my load down her throat. I would have to ask her where she learned that particular technique sometime.

I was getting a little tired by now, and just sort of flopped onto my ass on the couch. Paula's licking had kept me as hard as I had been with Amanda, so my cock was sticking up straight. My youngest daughter saw my position, looked at my dick, and didn't hesitate. She swung her leg over mine, scrunched forward me, and grabbed my cock. She raised her ass up, brought my cock under her until it was lined up with her tender virgin pussy, and began to lower herself onto it.

I was not in any condition to protest. Tired as I was, the last part of my dream was about to come true. I felt my baby daughter center my huge cock in her tiny pussy hole. Then, without any hesitation, she relaxed her legs, literally impaling herself on my dong. She suppressed a scream as she flopped almost limply against my chest. And I was assailed by the tightest, hottest, most receptive pussy I have ever had the pleasure of entering.

I didn't have to do any work with Paula. After no more than a minute she began moving her hips back and forth. Then she slowly began to raise them up and down. Within just a few minutes she was lifting herself up until just the head of my cock was left inside her tight love canal, then dropping down to impale herself all over again. And I managed to stay busy feeling her beautiful little titties and pinching her nipples.

Her stroking continued for the longest time, and I just knew there was nothing left inside me to give her. But then, incredibly, I felt that old, familiar stirring deep inside my groin. And, almost before I knew it, I was holding tightly to her hips and giving her a load of cum that would make any teenage boy proud.

Paula must have felt my dumping my load inside her because it set her off. She started screaming and bucking her hips wildly up and down, impaling herself with such force that I couldn't believe she didn't injure her tender pussy. And her orgasm was a record breaker, lingering for several long, pleasurable minutes until she finally went limp in my arms. And my now limp dick slowly slid out of her to finally flop against my thighs.

I turned to Maury. "I hope you are satisfied now, you perverted asshole. You have your guarantee that none of us will ever say anything to the cops about your burglary. I hope you are damn-well satisfied." That was my code phrase to Maury for him to shut down his activities and get out of the house. "Take your damn booty and get out."

"Sure I will, dick-head. I've got what I want. Hope you sleep like a log when I'm gone." With that he took the tapes out of the video recorders, put them down into his sack of booty, and left through the kitchen door into the back yard. As he went outside all four girls piled onto me on the couch. They were all talking at once, hugging me and telling me I shouldn't feel bad about what happened. After all, it wasn't my fault he forced me to do what I had done. They understood I did what I had to just to protect them from his gun. I almost felt a little shame. Almost... Shit, I was too damn tired to feel much of anything except pure satisfaction. And now for Phase Two...

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you like happy endings, stop reading here. There is no more sexual contentin the remainder of this story. But the naughty is punished, as it always must be...


It was 4:45 p.m., and Len, for the hundredth time, was glued to the small combination television-VCR screen on the L portion of his desk. His secretary was gone for the day, which meant his privacy was assured because clients never called or dropped by this late in the day.

He realized that he was the luckiest man in the whole world. Not only had he pulled off the "perfect" crime, but he had a clear, detailed video of that erotic event. And, what was even better, because of his Phase Two efforts his daughters now routinely came to his bed of their own volition for comfort and love. He had managed to convince each of them that it was now permissible for them to continue to enjoy each other sexually since they had originally been forced into the act. It was actually beneficial for them all, as part of the healing process, to make voluntary love rather than have it forced upon them by a stranger with a gun.

His pants and boxers were bunched around his ankles as he jerked himself off to images of him and his daughters fucking, sucking, and having a very good sex time on the video. He was so engrossed in the video and his own building pleasure that he failed to hear the knock on his outer door. He was totally unaware of his own office door swinging open and the two men standing there. As they entered he caught the movement and tried to stand, only to trip on his own pants and fall against his desk, racking his prick painfully. He finally regained balance, pulled up his clothes, and sat down in his chair. As he was zipping up his trousers he demanded to know who they were and what the hell they were doing entering his office without knocking?

I'm Detective Walker, and this is Detective Williams. We have to talk to you about your daughters. We just came from the university and Southern High School where we and a police woman questioned your daughters. They told us about how you were forced to make love to them at gunpoint, and why you couldn't report the crime to the police.

Len quietly breathed a sigh of relief. It was obvious that the girls had heeded his warning and not mentioned all the hundreds of subsequent times he had loved them in his bed after the burglary. These cops just wanted to get more info on that crime. He could lie his head off and they would never find the burglar.

"Mr. Clinton," Detective Walker continued, "are you aware that three of your daughters, Amanda, Jenna and Paula, are pregnant? The highschool nurse reported Paula's condition to us because she thought it might have been the result of a rape, which is the reason we are here. Your daughters all say you were their only lover." Len felt his stomach squeeze. He never thought about using any kind of protection while making love to his girls. It just hadn't crossed his mind in the excitement of his passion. How stupid could he have been, dumping load after load of sperm into their young, fertile wombs, and not expecting to make babies at some point?

While Len was occupied with Walker, Detective Williams walked around the desk to look at the video still playing on the desk. "Hey, partner, you better have a look at this! I think our loving daddy here might have some serious explaining to do. This is the video the burglar shot of him screwing his daughters."

Walker hurried around the desk and saw that it was indeed the video made at the scene of the crime. "How did you come by this, Mr. Clinton?"

"I er... It was sent to me. Delivered by a messen... I mean, in the mail. In a plain brown envelope with no return address... I figured the burglar sent it to me in order to make sure I kept quiet about his crime."

"Yeah, that might be the truth. But, you know what I think," Walker stated? "I think you instigated the entire so-called crime so you would have an excuse to ball your daughters. I think you are a royal pervert, and I think we can prove that in court. You are under arrest, Mr. Leonard Clinton, for the rape of your daughters. You have the right to remain silent..."

Len was laughing heartily as he walked out of the courthouse, his hand on his attorney's shoulder. He had never felt better in his entire life. "Yes, sir, Charlie, you really earned your substantial legal fees today. How you made that jury believe all that crap was magical. You really had them under the spell of your silver tongue. I feel like cele brating. How about getting a drink at Riker's across the street?"

Charles Frederick Longstreet, Attorney at Law, stopped suddenly. He brushed Len's hand from his shoulder with an exaggerated move of his own hand. "Clinton, I did my job in that courtroom, as distasteful as it might have been. I got you off because you could afford my fees and I was able to twist the truth around and make it seem plausible. But you and I both know you are guilty as sin of raping your daughters. And now you will get them back from foster care, and they will probably once again share your bed with you. That makes me sick. But right now my job is over, and I certainly do not wish to associate with you any more. Go have your celebration, but don't expect me to join in."

Suit yourself, Mr. Attorney-At-Law. Me, I'm going across to Riker's. And I will have two drinks, just the same. Hell, I might just get plastered on this fine, glorious day." With that, Len Clinton turned abruptly to his right, walked between two parked cars, and stepped out into the street. As he did so, he turned his head and shouted, "You sanctimonious bastard, I didn't do anything you wouldn't have wanted to do if you were in my..." That was as far as he got. A city bus, accelerating from its stop at the far corner, never had a chance to stop or swerve. It impacted Len Clinton at thirty-five miles an hour, instantly crushing his body and sending it flying diagonally into the on-coming lane where it impacted the front grill of a speeding Volvo delivery truck headed in the opposite direction. Leonard Clinton was dead long before his body finally came to rest on the hard blacktopped street.

Charles Longstreet witnessed the entire accident. He shook his head softly and said to himself, maybe, just maybe, justice was served after all. And maybe I will stop in at Riker's and have that drink...

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