tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Damsel in Distress Ch. 03

A Damsel in Distress Ch. 03



All parties involved are over the age of 18.

This is a story more focused on the characters and plot so there may be little to no sex scenes in a few chapters as I want to develop the characters themselves.


A pale light shined through the room and into Cedric's eyes. He stirred in his sleep and twisted and turned the other way. He was on his side and half awake as he reached to grab the velvet blanket. Cedric began to remember the day before just as he was jolted awake.

"Rise and shine!" Boomed a loud yet familiar voice. Cedric peered through the hair covering his squinted eyes and looked around him at his surroundings. He was in Rowland's chambers with clothes thrown about and the window open looking out the land. The stone walls enclosed a wooden floor with a rug and a bear skin on the ground. There stood a triumphant Rowland with his hair clean and his beard shaven to a crisp clean cut. He was in cloth garments and a dark green vest. "We have a lot to do today and you need to get ready."

"Wuh?" moaned Cedric still trying to stay awake from his previous exhaustion from the night before.

"Well you are my wife now and you have your new responsibilities. I'll explain to you while your new hand maidens come in." And as Rowland said that, he clapped his hands and 3 young ladies entered the room. They wore mediocre dresses and a bonnet and sheepishly entered the room keeping their eyes diverted from making eye contact. Cedric moved to cover his penis but Rowland waved his hand and said "Relax, they already know and they won't tell a soul. Isn't that right Anne?" A young woman no older than Cedric nodded in agreement and went back to work bringing in clothing. She gave Cedric a small smile and he smiled back as she ducked her head down nervously. She had curly brown hair in a messy bun and a heart shaped face. Anne had soft green eyes and had a sense of meekness and shyness to her.

"As I was saying, you have new powers and responsibilities now being my wife the first being my second in command if I were ever to leave. You also now have to be on your best behavior as people will always be looking at you and up to you. Not to mention you must now practically be and dress like a woman at all times. We also have the King coming in today to meet with me and by extension you so these ladies will help you with everything. I will be going downstairs to meet them so when you are done getting ready, come downstairs." And before Cedric could say anything, Rowland had disappeared out the door. Cedric felt a little uncomfortable now being so intimate with 3 ladies who now knew their secret.

"It's alright, you can trust us. Can't he girls?" Anne reassured him in a caring voice. The other ladies nodded their heads and gave him their best smiles.

"It's not that. Well not entirely," Cedric said as Anne leaned in, "It's just that this is all so new and I don't know if I even want this."

"Oh, I see Cedric - or should I call you Gwen?"

"Either is fine, but I probably should get used to the name."

"Well how about I call you Cedric until you finally know what you want. How about you just wait and see how it all goes. And in the meantime, you can just see how it all feels. But for right now, you need to clean up and get dressed," she said as she held up a bucket of water. Cedric nodded and grabbed the bucket in her hands and dabbed his hands in and splashed his face with the water and began to run the water over his body and hair with his hands. He once again became nervous now noticing the girls glance down at his small cock and his cheeks turned a bright beet red. He finished with that and dried himself off with a rag. Cedric took the clothes on the bed and began to put them on. First he stepped into a pair of white cotton full briefs and he felt his cock begin to stir. He turned around but it was too late, the hand maidens had seen his once flaccid cock begin to turn hard. He heard their stifled giggles and he turned his head to the floor as he wanted this all to be over.

"It's okay Cedric, we won't tell anyone. I'll be your vault." Feeling a little better but not by much, Cedric took deep breaths and grabbed the dress. It was a soft green and went down to his ankles with little patterns of flowers as decoration around the collar and sleeve that went to his wrists. It had a nice cotton feel to it and it flowed about his legs. He next put on some white sheer thigh highs and a pair of nice white 3 inch heels. He turned back to Anne and he gave a little twirl that lifted the dress up.

Anne grabbed his hand and dragged him into the powder room and sat him down on the chair. The two other girls quietly followed and brought a wooden box along with them. They set it down on the desk and brought out a few makeup appliances. The ladies then proceeded to apply lipstick and some blush to Cedric's face.

While the ladies worked, Cedric had something on his mind and Anne could tell. "What's wrong Cedric?"

"It's just that last night, Rowland accidentally called me Mary. Is there anyone I should be jealous of?" The girls exchanged nervous glances and went back to working on him. "What? What's wrong?"

"Mary is- or was his last wife. She was about no older than you and was married to him when he was younger as well. She died of a disease about 10 years ago and he hasn't been the same until-"

"Until what?"

"Until you, he used to be very solemn and quiet until he met you yesterday. And to be honest, you remind me of her yourself . . . " It got quiet after than and they didn't speak for the rest of time. When they were done, the handmaidens got up and left with Anne giving him a peck on the cheek before leaving. Cedric walked down the cobblestone steps with a click and a clack on each step.

Cedric walked through the dining hall's doors to see a large open table with Rowland sitting across from two people. The room had large drapes falling from the ceiling and torches to light it all up. The first person sitting across from Rowland was a rather large man who wasn't fat but had a plumper belly than most. He had a big black beard and a hearty face. The man was probably slightly older than Rowland and he had a look of jolliness to him. He was undoubtedly the king as he had a crown atop his head and he wore a black vest and brown clothing underneath. Next to the king sat a young lady about the same age as Cedric, if not older. She wore a light blue dress and had her legs crossed in a feminine fashion. She had long black hair in a french braid and an ovular face along with light blue eyes.

Rowland was the first to notice Cedric and stood up to be polite. He walked over to meet Cedric and gave him a kiss. The kiss was like their first where it was firm and passionate. Rowland stepped back to introduce him. "This is my beautiful wife Gwen. Gwen this is King Simon and his daughter Elizabeth."

"How do you do my King?" Cedric said in his best feminine voice.

The king held out his hand to be kissed. "Wow, you told me she was beautiful but you didn't do her any justice. You better watch out or I'm going to have to steal her from you." he finished by laughing but he was the only one to give as much as a chuckle. Cedric pulled away from Simon's rough hands and turned his attention to Elizabeth.

"Hello there Gwen, I guess we'll get to know each other quite well from the looks of it," Elizabeth remarked.

"Yes, I've heard these two are quite close. So we'll be spending lots of time together." The day carried on as the men discussed politics and strategies while Cedric and Elizabeth talked of more personal things.

"So Elizabeth, is there anyone that you fancy?"

"Uhh, not in the traditional sense."

"That was a weird answer so let me rephrase it, is there anyone that you might be sleeping with?"

"What? No, not really. I mean- no"

"Ah-hah! Who?"

"I'm not telling!" The two had bickered and it was not long until it was evening again. The king and his daughter retired to their chambers and Rowland and Cedric were to do the same.

"Coming dear?" Rowland asked.

"In a minute, just finishing up down here." Cedric replied. He ended his dinner meal and started upstairs. He wanted to say goodnight to the king and his daughter so he stopped by their chamber. He saw that the door was slightly ajar and heard some commotion so he guessed that they were awake so they wouldn't mind him stopping by. But right as he reached the door, he heard a familiar sound. The sound of a males' lusting grunts. Cedric peeked his head in to see Simon on top of his daughter thrusting into her on top of the bed. He was grunting in sync with his powerful thrusts. Cedric's jaw dropped in amazement at the fact the King was fucking his daughter and by the looks of it, she was loving it. Her face was in bliss and he could tell why as Cedric's eyes glanced down at Simon's 9 inch erect cock sliding in and out of her pussy in doggy style. Cedric's own penis began to grow and he knew he should leave before he was caught outside their chambers. Cedric quietly tip-toed back to Rowland's room and entered through the door and very careful to close it quietly.

"Ah, there you are. You ready to retire for bed?" Rowland glanced down at Cedric's slightly noticeable erection. "I see you're ready for something else too . . . " and began moving towards Cedric. Still in awe of what just happened, Cedric just stood there and was surprised by Rowland's lips. They met this time in a tender embrace and their tongues explored each others mouths and massaged each others tongues passionately. The two made their way to the bed undressing each other along the way. Cedric pulled off Rowland's shirt and ran his hands over his large firm chest and along his sides. Rowland pulled down Cedric's dress and began kissing and nibbling up Cedric's slender stomach as laid Cedric down on the bed. Rowland undid his belt and pulled down his pants to reveal his semi-erect 7 inch penis. He spit on his hands and lathered up his penis. Before Cedric could turn over, Rowland stopped him. "No, I want to look at your face while I fuck you." Rowland pulled Cedric's panties to his knees and hiked Cedric's legs onto his shoulder. Rowland smirked at him and with that, he thrust his penis into Cedric's ass. This time, the penis hadn't been completely lubed it like last time so it began to hurt. The friction caused immense pleasure inside his asshole as he felt like he was being filled up but it also caused a burning sensation. Rowland's thrusts were less forceful this time compared to last night and was much more tender but painful.

"Ohh god!" Cedric moaned as if his loins were on fire.

"Oh fuck yes!" Rowland groaned as his pace quickened. Each thrust became more and more passionate and forceful. Cedric's pain began to fade as pleasure quickly took its place. His small erection was bursting out and pre-cum leaked from the tip. The two fucked furiously for a few more minutes before Rowland cummed in Cedric's ass. Rowland groaned and slipped out of him. Cedric whimpered at the thought of it being over before he could come but Rowland had other plans. Rowland leaned down and stuck his tongue in Cedric's asshole. And slowly but surely, licked all the way up from the inside of his asshole, to his balls, and up the shaft of Cedric's penis. This sent Cedric over the edge as cum spurted out of his cock's head. Cedric got up and took off his clothes and put on his silk slip from the night before. The two climbed into bed and Rowland held Cedric in his arms as Cedric leaned on his firm chest until he slowly drifted off to sleep.

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