A Dance


Molly giggled, pulling his body down onto hers. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust her pussy up towards his swollen cock.

Dan reached down with one hand to direct his cock inside her warm opening, and they both gasped as he gained entrance.

Moaning as she felt his cock fill her body, Molly thrust her hips up towards Dan, pushing him into her entirely. She could feel him against the back of her body, and tightened her muscles around him. Molly lifted her face towards Dan, her lips brushing against his as she pumped on his cock, her soft cheek rubbing against his rough one. She could feel her body pulsing around his member, and his hips moved more swiftly against hers, the bones knocking together as the thrusts grew rougher.

Just as Molly's pleasure was at a climactic point, she felt Dan stiffen against her. He grunted softly, his arms tightening around her and pulling her chest towards him. Her breasts were crushed between their bodies as he shook, his cock spasming inside her body and his cum shooting into her. He collapsed onto her, breathing heavily into her ear, as she squirmed lightly underneath him.

"Did you finish?" she asked him, softly.

He nodded against her neck. "I'm sorry," he whispered throatily.

"It's okay," she said, rolling him over slightly to reach down and rub her clit between her fingers. Molly rubbed it hard, clenching her muscles around her empty pussy, imagining that Dan was on top of her again instead of next to her.

Molly's body tensed, sensation running down to her toes and back up her legs to the crevice again, and she gasped aloud as her orgasm hit. She rubbed herself against Dan, next to her, as she came loudly. She opened her eyes and stared at the stars as the climax came to its peak, and then relaxed.

"You are so great," Dan said into her ear. "I think that I'm falling in love with you."

Molly looked over at him and smiled widely. "Really?"

"Yeah," he said.
"You want to go out, sometime?" she asked.

"Definitely. How about tomorrow? Dinner and a movie."

"That sounds great."

Dan rolled on top of Molly's nude body and nuzzled her neck, kissing her and hugging her close.

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