tagNovels and NovellasA Dangerous Legacy Pt. 06

A Dangerous Legacy Pt. 06


Chapter Eight

Julian was not what I expected. As he stripped me and laid me on the mattress covered with at least three sheets on the floor, he explained being an Omega meant his patience was nearly infinite, it had to be. He was furthest from his beast, meaning the least ruled by animal instinct.

But the man was a monster. He massaged my back and then proceeded to cover every inch of skin with smoothing hands, a delicate tongue, and little nips of teeth. I was half mad with desire and he just made me roll over and do it all over again on my front.

Twice my breasts were treated to heaven, and twice my pussy was made dripping wet, aching, but no relief given.

"Anna, watch me." Too weak to move I watched as he stood and pulled his t-shirt off. He was so lean, perfect in his own way, his skin colored like honey in the sun.

His pants buttoned up and he undid them slowly with a bare little swivel of his hips that would put Chippendales out of business. He peeled them down with the same teasing slowness revealing his long cock and that light blonde fur above, then his legs.

Goddess, I had always loved legs and each of them had legs for days. If I had the strength I would have forced him down in my place and driven him nuts slowly, but he had made me melt.

Julian knelt on the mattress and slowly covered me. As his lips found mine he slid in as smoothly as silk. Goddess, he was long, longer than Andre, but not as wide. After Pierre, his long length was a relief, I wasn't stretched nearly so wide, but I felt every last inch sink in deeply. Even face to face he touched my womb when our hips met and I gasped.

Slowly he pumped as I tasted him and clutched his broad shoulders. Hunching his back he found a marvelous rhythm that dragged his wiry curls across my clit and managed to hit every spot inside me that made me even hotter, wetter, more and more needful.

If I had the strength I would have pumped my hips, made him go faster, but I could only take what he gave, and he gave it good. Clinging to him all I could do was gasp every time he sank into me, moan when he pulled out. I slid my legs alongside him weakly, my feet on his magnificent calves, and simply took him into me again and again and again. He was sweating so hard it dripped onto me and, taken over by madness, I licked it from his cheek.

Finally he growled and I heard the wolf in him, and then he began to move faster. Over and over he plunged, darkness crowding my mind, my body tightening, and then we came together. He too swelled and the feel of it with my climax took me harder, deeper, and I cried out his name as we locked together.

Julian shivered, moaning as he started to come, and captured my lips. Between our pressed bodies he worked a hand and even as I begged him to stop he began to lightly pinch my clit, forcing me to come again. And again, all the while he filled me so sweetly.

After it all, he laid gently down on me and I took his weight gladly.

"Have I died and gone to heaven?" I asked when I could at last speak. "I never believed in it before but now I do."

He kissed me, the press of his lips soft, the feel of his tongue a gentle possession against mine. "Anna, I prayed every night for a woman like you. I can't believe you're here."

"I am here for good," I assured him, and we held each other for a while.

When I felt strong enough I climbed the stairs to my room with his help and while Julian went to prepare dinner I took a quick shower and then laid down for a nap. Diego joined me on the freshly cleaned sheets, it seemed Andre had done some laundry. Cuddling with the dog was nice, and as soon as I touched him I felt my energy coming back.

As I drifted to sleep, I wondered if this was part of what it meant to be a familiar. Now it made sense that Alessandra had asked me to choose one. A witch...huh. The next thing I knew I woke up with him cuddled close as Pierre came in.

"Anna? Dinner will be soon. We'd better eat before the sun goes down. We'll have to change then, we can't help it."

"That's fine, you all make beautiful wolves. Um, you won't freak the dog out, will you?"

"It won't be as controlled as during the day, but no, right boy?" He drew close and let Diego sniff his hand. Diego gave him a lick and laid back down, tail thumping slowly as he rolled to show belly.

"Do I need to wear anything special for when my 'aunt' comes?"

"I would recommend a dress, no bra, no underwear, something loose and comfortable."

"Interesting. I'll be down shortly."

When he left I used the magic box to conjure a dress like that, a soft purple with long sleeves, a deep v-neck to nearly my navel, but a light belt that would secure it beneath my breasts. The skirt was long and it was like a dress from any of Kate Bush's videos, which I'd loved since childhood.

I left my hair loose, wore just two small sapphire stud earrings, and put on ballet-inspired slippers that matched. Adding just a touch of mascara and some lip tint, I stared at my reflection as Diego came to watch me brush out my hair.

He followed me down and I gave him a Milkbone, finding my lovers in the dining room.

"Well, I feel grossly overdressed," I said as I saw them all wearing loose fitting t-shirts and gym shorts, feet bare.

"You're dressed perfectly," Andre said, eyes drawn to my hard nipples so plainly outlined by the thin dress.

Pierre leapt up to get my chair for me. "It's easiest to have loose clothes for the change. Since we already transformed this morning, tonight it will be slightly more challenging."

"Is that always the way?" I asked as Andre began serving us. Dinner was pot roast and vegetables, with bakery bread heated up and fresh butter.

"No, not always. When you have your magic you can aid us, make us stronger," Andre said.

"What happened to the leftovers?" I asked, staring at all the new food.

"We don't have to hide how much a werewolf must eat, now. We ate them while you were napping," Julian replied.

"Sheesh. Well, glad we have the money now, I guess the grocery bills will be large."

They just smiled and we ate. I was nervous as hell, not knowing what to expect, so I ate my meat and a bite of bread, but could do no more.

"How old are you guys, really?"

Andre set down his fork patiently. "We are brothers, born around ten forty something in northern France. Our mothers are pack to the Villichase line. At twenty five we were sent to the council who gave us to your line, Inrisdotti. The previous pack serving the Inirsdotti had bonded and died along with Sigrid's predecessor."

I smiled even though the date of their birth stunned me somewhat. "It's a shame I didn't know you guys back in my school days. History would have been easier. Tell me about your lives."

Pierre pushed away his clean plate and reached for his wine. "It was an odd childhood. Our father treated our mothers like a harem, and since none of us could inherit his property we were kept separate from our human half siblings. Still, we were educated and treated well.

"When we first joined your line it took two generations before Sigrid accepted us and earned the legacy. A Viking maiden, she had grown up with slaves and regarded us as such."

"But she loved you enough to pass the test?" I asked.

The men nodded, and Pierre spoke. "Times were different then. A Viking could marry a slave with no stigma, provided they renounced Christianity or any religion other than the Norse gods. She treated us well and it was important to lend each other protection.

"It was a good life but back then it was a true war. There were creatures involved that no longer exist, every day was perilous."

"How did Sigrid die?" I asked.

Julian cleared his throat when the others looked down at the table. "She fell in love with another man, the man sworn to marry her daughter. She was not supposed to go anywhere without one of us for protection, but she snuck out to meet her lover. A dark one found her unguarded and slew her. After we killed him we went into Alessandra's home."

"Where she has treated us slaves still, even into this modern day," Andre said sadly.

"Well that does it," I pronounced, glad to see their startled looks. "We have the money; I'm hiring paid servants. From now on you are officially free to come and go as you please. None of you has to work, work if you wish on whatever you wish. I only want you to be happy." They looked at me as if I were mad. "What?"

"Anna, do you realize we have no say? That is the bargain between our people. For your magical aid we can deny you nothing." Pierre's voice nearly shook.

I sat back and smiled. "Then for the love of all things holy, promise me there is chocolate somewhere in this house. I think I need it, badly."

Julian smiled and jumped up to head to the kitchen. He brought back a chocolate cake, baked God only knew when. Andre rose and grabbed plates from the china hutch as slices were cut and served.

"I mean it," I said as we all sat back down. "Love carries no obligations. I only want you to be happy. I prefer it's with me, but I want you to get what you need in this life, and I will do my best to give you what you want."

"How are you so wise?" Andre asked with a disbelieving smile.

"The first lessons I learned in life were on the nature of love. What it wasn't and how it could be twisted and perverted. I long ago decided to take those lessons and only love in the right manner."

Andre cocked his head in a very canine-like manner. "How did you grow up?"

I paused, fork hanging in midair. I was ashamed of my past, with good reason. Too many times in my adult life I had let my guard down, told a lover the truth of my childhood, and watched them retreat, branding me damaged goods. I'd spent my entire life feeling like I didn't fit in anywhere. It was why I had grown strangely comfortable as a human statue in my adult years: living carried risks, a hard lesson from childhood. Being a nearly inanimate object was safe.

"My mother abandoned me to my father. It was a hard life, a very hard life. I didn't know about my real mother until I was almost thirty. I'm almost completely ignorant of this new life. If it's all right, I'd rather not say anything more."

They gave my sympathetic looks, but it made me feel worse. I dug into my cake, concentrating on it, trying to fight the shame that still burned inside me. Did love mean the same thing to them that it did to me? If they knew who I really was, would they run like all the others? If they were tied to me, would they grow to hate me because of it?

That was what had set off my "retirement," one too many lovers leaving me. I wasn't used to affection nor normally comfortable with it. The new me seemed to take it well with these men, but being forbidden from discussing the past had been freeing. Learning to love again, and in a way so different than I was used to, had healed many wounds in my soul I didn't even know I had.

I set my fork down halfway through the cake. "Alessandra will be here soon. I think I need some time alone."

"No," Andre said.

"Pardon me?" I said, rising.

The men all rose and Andre reached over and grabbed my arm gently. "There's something we need to tell you. Werewolves...we are magic. There are many gifts we have and one is to hear the thoughts of humans. Until the ceremony tonight, you are human. Anna, whatever it is you think would make us turn from you in disgust...nothing can."

Hey could read my mind. I'd wondered. It made sense, I realized, even as I fought panic to be so exposed. "Everyone else I've ever told has."

"Not us," Pierre said softly.

"Never us," Julian added. "To answer what you thought earlier, yes, love is to us what it is to you. Unconditional, and we love you," Julian added.

"Do you?" If they could read my mind...I went back to the memories I tried so hard to forget, but they were clear as day.

It was all there, all the things people had found off putting about me. All the abuse of slaps and punches from people who should have protected me. The foul breath and grabby hands of men brought home by my step-mother who drank herself into a coma nightly every time my father got fed up and left for a spell. The things I'd had to do to survive living on the street, hustling and stealing. The fights where it had felt good to pummel someone bloody after a lifetime of playing the victim. Growing up to take those power games into the bedroom with men like my friend Julio.

Still, I wanted them to see it all. That short span of the last failed love ending and discovering my real mother. The pain of her continued rejection, retreating into myself until I felt the bolts of my soul rusting in place. I couldn't say I felt I was truly a victim nor an evil person, but some mix. No one had ever seen any of this and loved me still.

I couldn't fight the fear, the trembling, wondering if they had told the truth. To my shock I was suddenly surrounded by them all, three pairs of arms holding me. They knew. They'd seen. They hadn't run off. I stood there, dazed, disbelieving.

"And now you know how we feel," Julian said, laughing.

"What a fine...quartet we make," I said, fighting tears as they pulled back.

"Go, now you can take the time you need alone," Andre said. "We have to prepare as well. Without your magic at dusk it will be...difficult."

"Alessandra will be here in thirty minutes," Pierre added. "We'll see you then."

After visiting the bathroom I walked to my office and heard them clearing the table. I realized I was treating them as servants but couldn't bring myself to go back in to help. Diego trotted in with me, bone in mouth, and curled up on the little bed I kept there for him as I sat down. I began to write, escaping into the fantasy of speculating on history, denying present reality.

It felt like only a few minutes when the doorbell rang. I heard Pierre greet her and I started to type faster to finish the scene I was working on. There were murmurs as the men joined her and I rose from my seat, still typing when the knock came.

"Coming," I said, and hit save.

Andre waited for me, sweating slightly. I took his arm and he led me to the living room where Julian and Pierre were moving furniture aside. Alessandra wore a dress similar to mine but thicker, and was bent down drawing on the wood floor in chalk. She completed a circle and glanced up.

"Still love them?"

"Hello to you to, auntie dear. And yes, more than ever."

She looked to Andre. "Hold back your change until the transfer, otherwise she will become one of you."

"I remember." Andre's voice was strained. He dropped my arm and kissed me softly. "For good luck," he murmured.

Julian and Pierre approached me and did the same, then went to stand by Andre, putting a hand each on his shoulders.

Alessandra had drawn a pentacle on the floor. "Lay down, spread your limbs inside the star," she commanded.

I did so, smoothing my skirt and spread out my limbs. She moved quickly, placing candles at the five points my limbs and head made. Sitting back on her haunches, she waved her hands and they lit and even I had to admit it looked cool.

"Is everyone ready?" she asked.

"Y-yes," I said nervously as the men chorused "Yes" with confidence.

I lay there staring at the ceiling while Diego hovered out of the corner of my eye, sitting and watching the strangeness silently. Alessandra began to chant in what sounded like an old Germanic language, the words lyrical and stuttered yet poetic.

A slow burn began to cover my skin and yet I felt cold and shivery. Her hands wove a pattern and pulled back suddenly, and I felt bereft. Somehow, I just knew, my soul had been pulled from my body. Then her hands shaped a large circle and swirled it, and as I watched there rose a glow around her body, muddy purple. The circle drew from it, glowing deep blue, and I could see it was tied to me by a silver cord. As it all came into sharp focus the bright color shot towards me from her palms.

My soul returned, invisible, with something else. It burned. I nearly screamed with it as my bones felt aflame, my organs heated, every part of me felt immolated and yet as solid as lead.

"Now!" Alessandra cried and I felt the magic around me as if it touched me like wind. It came from her, from the men, from me, and I was burning up with a fever. It hadn't been real pain but an echo of the sensation, but now it was receding, but I felt so damn hot.

Three howls split the night, even Diego joined in with his dog version, and Alessandra knelt at my head. "Rest now," she said, waving a hand over my face, and it all went black.


I came awake to candle light. Turning my head slightly the candles at the pentacle were gone but more lined the furniture, still pushed aside. Suddenly a wave of dark arousal hit me, the fever returning, cutting through me.

If I had thought that week my desire had reached its highest pitch, I'd been dead wrong. Suddenly I was just...horny. That wasn't the right word because what I felt was pure animal instinct. Animals didn't feel horny, or so I guessed, they just felt the heavy press of nature and thousands of years of evolution telling them to mate. That was what heated my veins now. The most base instinct filled me with more right than a modern human should claim. The need was immense.

I needed something, anything, I couldn't wait. Moaning, I brought my hands to my breasts, glad for the thin dress. I was so sensitive and my nerves flared to life, the sensations so intense.

"She's awake," Pierre said softly, and I heard shifting.

I didn't care. They were close but not close enough. I pulled at the neck of the dress and forced a breast out, cupping and stroking it. I needed relief more than anything and my other hand pawed at my skirt. Why the hell was it so lo long?

I settled for stroking my pussy through the thin material. God, it would be so easy to come, and I needed it so bad.

"Anna, let us," Julian said softly, laying to my left and taking my hand from my pussy.

"No! Please!"

"Not yet," Pierre said and removed my hand from my breast as he lay on my right.

My body bowed with need, I tried to throw them off. "Then touch me, fuck me, do something! I'm going mad!"

"It's the magic," Andre said, kneeling at my feet. "It's the bonding. We need to bond your life force to ours."

"Hurry up then! I need you!" I cried, struggling, but Andre pinned my legs as he slowly lifted my skirt. Even that caress took me deeper into madness.

"Please. I don't give a shit about magic, immortality, nothing but you. For god's sake, help me, I'm burning up!"

That just won me a chuckle and I whimpered, thrusting my hips, trying to seek relief.

"Now," Andre said.

Pierre took my hand and began to suck my nipple through my dress. Julian cupped my other breast and flicked the naked peak with his tongue. Andre clamped down and began to suck at my bared clit. The feelings they aroused were familiar, but infinitely more intense than I had ever experienced. The magic made each and every nerve feel electric, and where their mouths touched me I sizzled.

Impossibly I came instantly, screaming wordlessly, shaking, pinned down by them. Where our flesh touched my fevered flesh cooled, and it felt like heaven. Still I needed more, and even as I was still pulsing with orgasm I was begging. I tasted magic and felt it riding me with the heavy press of humid air, and my body burned with it.

The second the shivers stopped they moved, and Andre shifted to sit behind me and pulled me up somewhat against him. Pierre kissed me and ripped my dress so both my breasts were bared, his hand claiming one. Andre nibbled behind my ear and strummed my other nipples and I closed my eyes, surrendering.

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