tagNovels and NovellasA Dangerous Legacy Pt. 09

A Dangerous Legacy Pt. 09


I shook off the strange feeling and took in my surroundings as the full weight of the nightlife of the witch resort on Thunder Island hit me. The air reeked of debauchery as moans filled the evening as well as a few shrieks I had no care to investigate.


I ignored Pierre as I took it all in. Splashing came from the hot tubs, giggles, moans, and laughter rang out all around, but there was near pandemonium at the wolf chess. Of all the dark things calling to us in the night, the subtle lights illuminating the large chessboard drew my attention. Wolves posed with headgear denoting which piece they played stood statue-still, all but for two.

A wolf whose headdress designated him a rook was currently thrusting deeply into a pawn, bent over, writhing in her pleasure. They were both beautiful creatures in their prime, hell, everyone on the island was, but to see them was sheer erotic poetry. The outfits they wore covered little and were designed for easy penetration. Wolves moved with inherent grace the witches did not, it struck me. We had used magic to make us graceful, but the wolves were creatures of pure magic and it showed in everything they did. Never had I seen what poetry two wolves giving one another pleasure could be, and looking away was near impossible.

Around the chessboard witch and wolf alike watched with the same focus I did, and I saw the crowd reflected my flare of arousal. Oh, that was no good, I moaned to myself. I didn't want to have anything in common with the rest, but this was a feast for the eyes. A voyeur always struggled with the arousal of watching others and the guilt of watching. If I knew the wolves were perfectly willing and not forced into the game, I would be free to enjoy, but I felt a sliver of shame at my desire.

"Oh." I jumped at Julian's light touch on my arm. "Are they...are they forced to do that?"

The crisp fabric of his evening suit brushed my bare skin and made me shiver in the pressing humid heat of the ocean air. "Think of this island as more a modern example of serfdom. The wolves who participate in wolf chess choose to do so, none are forced. They are forced to be here and work, but they can choose what work they do."

After the pawn wailed in orgasm the rook withdrew, and resumed standing straight and still. Beneath his loincloth his unsated arousal was plainly visible, but his eyes were hard and distant. She struggled off the board and other discarded "pieces" helped her. Above the board on two cushioned platforms witches sat, the real players of the strange game. The woman called out her move and her pawn captured another.

Her pawn was female, the losing piece male, and this time it was the female wolf who pinned her conquered partner down and rode him. A dark tremor ran through me at the sight. I knew I should look away but I just couldn't. the male wolf had already been aroused, doubtless the winning piece numerous times. My eyes went to the female riding him, trying to hold back her own pleasure. How did she do it? He was magnificent, and his cock looked so hard. My own body clenched in need as I thought of riding any one of my lovers.

"How is it played?"

"Like regular chess," Andre said behind me, his breath on my ear making me jump.

"But when one piece is driven from the board, he or she is made to orgasm. They only cum when they are knocked off," Pierre said, crowding my other side.

I tried to speak but it came out a strangled moan as the male pawn howled with orgasm, and being a wolf it seemed to go on and on. I held my breath as I watched, entranced, and my wolves remained close but did not interrupt the moment. After an eternity the male pawn left and stumbled aside, and the female stood up though she panted with obvious arousal. Her witch waved her hand the trailing remnants of the male's orgasm disappeared from dripping down her leg. The surreality made me shake my head.

The male witch playing smirked and called out his move and a knight took a bishop, both male. I cleared my throat, but of course my wolves knew by a million tells how much this aroused me. I had always been a voyeur, and while the idea of wolf chess had seemed odd and off-putting, the reality was powerfully arousing. They had chosen this path, and pleasure was being given out, and so I felt free to enjoy.

Andre's hands slid onto my shoulders and I jumped with it, my mind completely on the board.

"But that means whichever piece wins the game is left unsatisfied?"

Pierre chuckled. "This is why king and queen are both played by a male wolf. Whoever wins will be auctioned off to the crowd."

"And male wolves fetch a higher price, particularly ones who have proven stamina," Andre murmured.

I turned to them in horror. "Auctioned?"

"Before we reach puberty it is decided to what place or line we'll be gifted, Anna. We are possessions in the eyes of witch law." Julian was bitter.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't be enjoying this." I turned away and found my nose in Andre's chest.

"Only you can decide what you feel is right. Anna, there are many corners of the world where witches congregate, and our home will be one such place, it is the curse of rule. You must be familiar with all the entertainments of this world. They will come to expect you to enjoy such things, and offer such entertainments." With a hand on my chin Andre turned me back to face the board, and I felt lost in madness for a moment.

"Remember, it's one thing to be aroused by what you see, another to take away a person's will," Julian whispered.

"Surely it's the same," I countered.

At that moment a bishop looked our way as he flipped up the skirt of another pawn. His eyes met mine as he thrust in and I whimpered. In his eyes I saw arousal, fear, and hope. It was terrifyingly beautiful even as his gaze invited me into the erotic moment.

"Indeed it seems those who volunteer like to be watched," Pierre said softly, a smile in his voice.

The strange wolf continued to hold my eyes as he pumped into the female wolf. His expression was one of sensual promise, the oldest look any man had ever given any woman, but more than that it was hope, and sharp desperation honed into an offense. He'd heard our conversation.

In that moment, even as my body softened, swelled, and heated with arousal, something in my soul clicked into place, like a puzzle piece sliding home. This was the strange feeling I had sensed on the air, the little piece of fate I couldn't explain. He was beseeching me, this strange wolf. In his mind I was queen, a great power, the only power that could free him. He might enjoy the feel of the supple, lithe wolf body he sank into, but he wanted true freedom.

"This has to stop," I said aloud, though more to myself than my pack.

"The game?" Pierre asked.

"These laws, these customs." I broke free of them and walked a few steps, whirling to face them. "These idiots, most of them have been alive long enough to have lived when absolute monarchies ruled. Perhaps it's time they remember what that meant."

"Anna?"Julian asked.

Andre smiled. "The words of a true queen."

"Oh, stow it, Andre. I don't give a shit who my ancestors were. I only care that I seem to be one of the few people with a lick of sense on this damnable island!" But it was a lie. I had made my decision. Come what may, these people believed me to be a power to reckon with, and by any god, I would be.

With that I stalked over to the chessboard not caring if my pack followed me. There was a murmur from the crowd and they parted, leaving chairs in the center for me and my wolves. When I sat my lovers joined me, having followed, and the murmur grew louder before the witch who presided over the players swept her hands apart dramatically, calling for silence.

The two witches "playing" stood up straighter and instantly a wolf came, bearing a tray of wine. One could argue it was good to be the queen, and I couldn't help but think for a moment on the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt, how every Cleopatra had hungered for power and met a bad end. There was a cautionary tale in there, but thank the gods I'd more admired Catherine the Great. The best lesson she taught me was make the people love you. If I just started bandying about orders somebody would rape me, knock me up, and the second that kid was born I'd be swimming with the fishes. So I had to be subtle and not aggressive, not an easy task in my current mood.

I ruminated over this as the game progressed. Each wolf "chess piece" glanced at me, wondering. I supposed they knew why I was there, even if no one else did. When a witch playing made a move that would prolong play, passing up a chance to check, there was anger in their glances up the ladders.

I sipped at my wine and tried to ignore all the speculative eyes on me. The rough queen, the prodigal bucking the system now sat at an exhibition worthy of Rome, a prime example of everything I'd so far objected to.

For the moment, it pleased and suited me to make them think I was sampling their world. And Hell's Bells, I could not watch the play on the board and remain unaffected. I felt dirty and creepy for being aroused, but resigned myself to it. Once my plan was enacted, I would take my pack back to our bungalow, and ease the burning fire that had risen.

At last the male witch won, and it was the bishop who'd implored me that delivered the winning blow. He had no revulsion of men, nor any great love, and claimed his victory by stroking the cock of the opposing king with his hand until the king came, wailing.

Then the bishop stood and joined his witch to bow to the applause. The remaining players on the board fell upon one another in an orgy that distracted much of the crowd. Those not entranced, and I admit it was hard to pull my eyes away, were looking eagerly towards the victor and the bishop.

Julian leaned over and explained the process coming up to me. "They bid with money. The money will be charged to the witch's account and go to the island's upkeep."

"I thought our money was no good here."

"As you've learned we cannot create something that did not exist if it upsets the balance of the world. Money is like that. So they still need to purchase things from humans who will only take money. The island depends on things like this to buy the food we eat, and all the other sundry." Andre nuzzled my shoulder and I shivered, well aware my nipples were harder than I could ever remember.

No doubt my wolves smelled my arousal, as well as the arousal of everyone there. The wolves around the witches seemed slightly drunk on it, all of them appearing awfully soft and sensual for the deadly predators they were. Even mine seemed affected, and six hands covered my bared flesh, enticing and distracting me.

The judge made a joke about the wolves which the witches laughed at. I did not frown nor did I smile, and did not even consider laughing with them. He opened the bids after explaining the prize was an evening with the wolf who had proven himself to possess the greatest stamina of any on the island. It took all I had not to snort as I glanced at my own wolves and seriously doubted the claim.

Looking back I discovered the bishop about to be auctioned had found me, his eyes pleading, but still there was that forceful masculine promise. If I weren't fully committed to loving only my wolves, sharing my body with only them, I would love to take this one up on what he was offering. He was tall and lean, broad shouldered, his body that of a swimmer's, sleek and powerful. His hair was brown and hung to his chin, parted in the middle. His skin was tanned deeply, making his light eyes fairly glow. Covered in a sheen of sweat he appeared to be one of the most primal of female fantasies.

It would give me joy to execute my plan.

My wolves bristled when my hand went up when the bidding got going. Everyone commented, murmuring, and the judge paused for a moment, then acknowledged my bid. Andre leaned in to whisper into my ear, "What on earth are you doing?"

"Wait and see, my love," I whispered back and upped my bid.

All too soon it became clear no one wanted to counter the queen, and I won. The man I had won like an object nearly sagged with relief.

"Do as I say, and in a moment this will make sense," I promised my wolves as I rose.

The crowd parted as I walked, most witches walking off with their wolves playing grab-ass, the only way I could put it. What we had all witnessed was organized eroticism. What they left with was free and immature. A few more lingered to speak with the judge of securing the services of another chess piece, many of them with frowning wolf packs waiting in the shadows.

There was one witch, the one I'd bid most heavily against, and he seemed to hate me. Everyone else was perplexed, awed, or curious, but this one who was tall, golden, and looking like Hollywood's Spartacus, openly hated me. I gave him a finger wave and dismissed him as if I didn't care, but in the morning I would ask Valerius who this man was, and how much of a threat he might be.

"My queen, I am most honored by your bid. This is Jericho," the judge said.

I held out my hand to Jericho and tried to smile in a non-sexual way. "Jericho, I am pleased to meet you."

He bowed and looked confused.

"I'm American, Jerry, just shake my damn hand," I said in a stage whisper.

He rose and awkwardly shook my hand.

"Thank you," I said to the judge. "Now, if you will excuse us?"

"Certainly, there are others who need my attention, majesty." He bowed and slunk off, and I tried not to twitch at the title.

"So Jerry, may I call you Jerry?"


"Good. Now, quickly, are you in love with anyone?" He stared at me agog. Sighing, I folded my arms, anxious to conclude this business and return to my loves. "Are. You. In. Love. With. Any. One?"

"Olivia," he sputtered out.

I nodded and smiled. "And is she here?"

He pointed to a blonde who'd been a knight, weaving on unsteady legs from the board, one of the final players.

"If I wish her too, do I have to pay?" I asked Andre.

His eyebrows shot up to his hairline. "It's a standard fee."

"Very good, thanks." I turned and strode to the judge, placing a hand on his arm. Immediately he dropped his current conversation as the spurned witch bowed slightly.

"The blonde one, Olivia. How much for her as well?"

The judge was a witch, but unlike most he did not appear to be between twenty-five and thirty-five, instead he appeared a wise man of his mid-forties, his rich dark hair silvered at the temples, long and pulled back into a smooth ponytail. "Your majesty, she will join you with my compliments. You may keep them both forty-eight hours."

"Good. Olivia!" I called to the blonde.

She broke off from the group and when she saw me her blue eyes went wide and she dropped to her knee. "Your highness."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, this is pretty damn awkward for an anarchist."

"What?" My wolves, Jericho, and Olivia all echoed.

Well, that was the downside of having not discussed our pasts. It was going to be awkward explaining to all and sundry their new ruler was a woman raised by humans to believe in no rulers. Just wait until we got to the agnostic talk, I thought with sudden mirth. "Never mind, now is not the time. Come with us, please."

"Of course, majesty."

I walked the entourage back inside, through the hotel full of staring witches and wolves, and back out. Once we were far enough down the covered beach walk that there was no one close, I stopped.

"Okay, here's the deal. With what will happen over the next two days, not a single one of you is to breathe a word to anyone, is that understood?"

Five puzzled pairs of eyes met mine, even as they nodded. "Look, Jerry, Liv, sorry, I like nicknames. Anyway, join us in our bungalow. You'll have your own room. Come and go as you please, do as you please, enjoy being together without interruption. If anyone asks, I'm making you fuck for my amusement and fucking you both like a demented rabbit."

"But you won't?" Liv asked, confused.

"I can barely keep up with my pack. I don't have the stamina of a wolf and five of you would kill me. Plus, I don't like how you're treated like objects. However, I'm the new kid around here and I can't rock the boat too much. I need the rabble to think I'm enjoying their vices, playing their games, even if I can't stomach it. Hence why no one can ever know."

Jerry put his arm around Liv and hugged her close, smiling at me brightly. "Thank you, majesty."

"Call me Anna. Okay, let's go."

I led them to the bungalow and asked Pierre to show our guests to the attic room, Julian to turn on the a/c and close the doors, and Andre to take Diego out for a bathroom run. Once the air conditioning was running I asked Julian to toss together some snacks for our guests and I went up to meet them in the office and spare bedroom. Jerry and Liv moved the desk and chair up to the attic and I passed over the Murphy bed in the closet and used the conjuring box and got them a bed, nightstand, and everything they would need, and Pierre assembled it with Jerry's help.

Julian brought up some snacks and wine and I promised I'd order a late night room service meal for all. I heard the door below click closed and the scrabble of paws. Andre and Diego were back.

"Do you two need anything else?" I asked as Julian and Pierre left, standing in the hall.

Liv was wide-eyed and giddy. "How can we thank you?"

"Express your love to one another as often as possible the next two days, that's all I ask."

"Wait!" Jerry called as I turned to join my men. "Majesty...I saw you...watching. You like to watch."

I squared my shoulders and turned back. "So?"

Liv hugged Jerry tight. "We like to be watched. It's why we volunteer for the chess game."

Jerry nodded. "Perhaps we can express our thanks that way. You could watch us. We would be honored."

My soul felt a keening cry, like a sudden avalanche in my stomach. I knew I stood on a tightrope over the chasm between desire and morality. If I watched, would I be the very thing I was fighting? Would the men think me less?

Liv and Jerry were so beautiful, and I knew I would enjoy the show. Truthfully my arousal had flagged on the walk back, but even now it was roaring to life.

"I'm trying to fight against the objectification of wolves," I said, pleading.

"This has nothing to do with how society views us. You helped us, and there is something we can do that we will all enjoy, given freely. Will you watch us?"

I cast a pleading look to Julian and Pierre. "We won't judge you," Pierre said softly.

"You're not the only voyeur," Julian added with a smile.

"Only if my pack may join me," I finally said as I turned back. "Please, come downstairs then where there is more room."

Everyone followed me down and I ruffled Diego's fur, then ordered him to go into his attic room. Diego whined, sniffed at the new people, and ran off once I gave him a treat. Julian explained to Andre what had been worked out and I saw the same knife edge of desire in Andre's eyes that I felt, making me relax. They would not judge me, particularly not when Julian and Andre shared my proclivity.

I settled on the sofa and Andre and Julian sat on either side. Pierre turned down the lights and then dragged a stool from the counter over and sat behind me. In front of us on the floor, the lovers embraced lightly, nervously giggling even as they kissed, hands on one another's face as if they had been long parted.

They were a beautiful pair. His hair was long and dark, lightened slightly by the sun, and hers was a lighter version, wavy and wild. Both were deeply tanned, muscled, and statuesque. Their headgear was gone but he still wore his loincloth and she her small banded top and skirt. For a moment I had to look away as the look between them was private, one of deep, true love.

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