tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Dare Gone TOTALLY Right Ch. 01

A Dare Gone TOTALLY Right Ch. 01


So, my fellow readers, here is the story: My girlfriend, Marissa, and I (Tiffany) were bored and decided to search the Internet for something different so I typed in "erotic dares". Truth or dare had always been a big part of anybody's life but this brought the game to a whole new level. What caught my attention was that one of the girls decided to not to wear underwear or a skirt while she worked at night in a pay toll booth. Marissa had fabricated her own dare in her mind and dared me to go without panties for a day as we went to normally crowded places. I decided to take on the dare. My girlfriend left that night saying she was going to let me choose what I wore and that she would meet early tomorrow morning to make sure I was in uniform. She hinted to wear something very sexy and revealing so that it would make the dare more interesting. So I stripped off my clothes and went to bed naked very horny for what tomorrow would bring.

So I woke up that morning very horny and decided to masturbate a few times. That was the best masturbation I have had in a long time and I couldn't have been hornier for the dare. I got up, took a shower, walked around the apartment with the towel around my neck and had some breakfast. I then looked for the shortest skirt that I owned which covered only half my butt and barely covered my pussy when I stood still. "I said oh this is going to be perfect," I said giggling to myself. It was schoolgirl plaid and today's weather called for a 25 mph wind so I definitely thought this was going to be a tough experience where I couldn't let my guard down. I looked for a cute turtleneck that matched and looked in the mirror and thought, "Damn I am a hot school girl again. I definitely think I'm going to turn a few heads" and giggled to myself a bit. The doorbell rang and I answered it to see my girlfriend in a police outfit saying:

"You're under arrest for indecent exposure" saying pulling up my skirt exposing my shaved pussy and giggling. I pull my skirt back down and invite her inside. You mind if I steal some clothing. I am going to pass walking around in this outfit in the mall." She strips, exposing the fact that she was without undergarments as well. "I'll borrow a thong and bra since I know you won't be using them anyways," she says with a good laugh and a very cute wink. "Good selection the turtleneck with that skirt. That was the skirt from catholic school days right? It was probably longer on you back then," she says laughing again as it does cover little to nothing and she gives my exposed, plump butt a good slap. "But seriously it's a very windy day, love. You sure you're going to be alright? We can do this a different time."

"No baby I definitely think this would be a great experience for us both." I say with a wink and trying to pull down my skirt a bit to adjust my butt so it's not sticking out too much.

"So are you ready then?" she says as she opens the door. The wind pours in and blows my skirt up exposing my wet pussy again. I think to myself I definitely got to be more careful. We get in her car and we drive off. I feel myself getting wet with anticipation of what is to come and all the indecent things I am going to be doing with the help of Marissa, my partner in crime. "Hey you are dripping on my leather seats, baby?" I look and to my surprise my erotic fantasies have gotten the best of me. She pulls the car over and eats my pussy out before I even have the time to react.

"No stop! Not right here baby," I say and try to fight to desires and lusts of her tongue pleasuring me. She only strengthens her resolve and pinches my clit. I know I am really moaning loud and I was lucky we were in such an empty park because someone might have called the cops thinking something worse was happening. I finally cum all over her seat and say, "I'll clean that up later."

"No, you'll clean that up now," she says opening my door with a big smirk. "This is our first stop, babe. So be sure to really bend over when cleaning your love juices up." I know anyone behind me got a really good look at my swollen pussy lips and plump ass.

"Can I get back in the car now, baby?" I ask with a very cute sad face. She confirms the seat to be dry and clean and invites me back in. We then head off to the much more populated places and to the much more erotic pleasures. I think that the erotic pleasures that today will bring will not come close to anything I have done before.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/05/18

Looks titillating...

...since you did not go very far with your tale, I only gave you four stars, but this has potential. Hope I'm not disappointed.

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