tagErotic HorrorA Dark and Deadly Lover

A Dark and Deadly Lover


Carla sighed in frustration as she scanned the packed nightclub. He just was not here, she growled silently. Every man she looked at did not attract her in the least, too skinny, too heavy, too blond, too redheaded. Not that she had any problem with the later; she was just in the mood for a dark haired lover tonight.

Weaving her way through the mass of undulating bodies as they danced, drawing angry or jealous stares from the women, ogling drools from the men, Carla ignored them all. She was hungry and she was on the prowl and tonight only a dark haired man was going to satisfy that hunger.

Her outfit demanded attention, a black leather skirt, tight and high exposed her long, long shapely legs and thighs. A bustier, shoved up her breasts, begging for a man's touch, but not just any man's touch, as her gaze continued to scan the mass of flesh.

A young man approached her; he could not have been any more than a fresh drinking age, twenty-one, twenty-two, his face coming up only a few scant inches from her own. His breath reeked of beer and Carla took a step back, her eyes flashing in anger.

"Want to dance?" He asked, his voice slurred, his hand already coming up in an attempt to ensnare her tiny waist and Carla took another step back.

"No." She answered bluntly and his face turned into a scowl in a fraction of a second.

"I want to dance with you, you're pretty." He told her angrily, and again his hand came up. Carla smacked it away, wanting to rake her long nails down his too boyish face.

"I said no." She shot back, starting to sidestep his now pawing hands, his knuckles scraping over her ample amount of exposed breasts.

"You're a fucking tease, you cunt!" He growled loudly, drawing the attention of a few dancers that surrounded them.

"Something you'll never find out." Carla told him in biting sarcasm and once more started to move around him. Despite his drunken state, he quickly managed to cut her off again, his hand coming forward, this time to attempt to reach beneath her skirt, his lips curling into a lusty yet angry grin.

A hand shot out between them, clamping completely around the boy's wrist as though it were a small twig and twisted backward, causing the younger man to howl out in pain as he started to sink to his knees.

"She said no." A deep, vibrating voice sounded beside her and Carla looked from the boy to the owner of that voice, her eyes rounding in surprise.

Her hero was just exactly what she had been looking for, tall, towering over here by at least a foot or more. His shoulders blocked out the flickering lights that shone overhead upon the dancers, oblivious to the action going on around them. His skin was deeply tanned, his face incredibly handsome, almost too handsome to be real. He had what looked like jet-black hair, curling around and framing his face, coming just below his collar and turning lightly under. Over a packed muscular body he wore a black shirt, unbuttoned just enough to give her a peek at the same dark, curling hair that covered his wide chest and tucked tightly into a pair of snug jeans, his waist outlined, showing Carla that he was lean but just as muscular there as well.

As her gaze continued to travel downward in a few scant moments, she hovered around the bulge at the juncture where his thighs met long legs and thought to herself that he did indeed have a nice package hidden behind the heavy material. Those jeans hugged his powerful thighs and legs almost like a second skin and as her gaze moved up again, she found a pair of the blackest, smoldering eyes staring back down at her.

"Find everything?" He asked, his voice deep, drawing her gaze like a magnet to a full lower lip, expressly made, it seemed to kiss a woman, pleasure her in various ways and she smiled softly.

"I'm not sure." She answered him seductively as those dark eyes flashed before the young man's cry called his attention back to why he was there.

"Go home, boy, sober up." The deep and sultry baritone hissed as he released the younger man's hand that then slithered away, his proverbial tail tucked between his legs.

"You saved me from a very ugly situation, can I buy you a drink?" Carla asked, her voice husky and again those eyes flashed in her direction, his only response was a slight nod of his dark head in acceptance.

Carla ordered a glass of red wine, her hero ordered a straight whiskey and then she led him toward a secluded area of the club, reserved for the owner's special guests, of which Carla was one. Back here the music was not so loud, the lights even dimmer as she rounded a sheer curtain, her dark stranger following close behind.

Carla sat down upon the upholstered seat, patting the cushion beside her before lounging back, hooding her eyes yet watching him carefully as he took a small sip of the whiskey before sitting down.

"How can I thank you?" She asked, her voice low, enticing his gaze again.

"You just did." He answered as though he were not interested in her in the least, yet something inside told Carla that he was very much aware of her and she smiled inwardly at the thought.

"No, really, I owe you." She stated, lifting one foot, propping her heel upon the edge of the seat, showing him her full assets freely and that she wore no underwear beneath the skirt.

That black gaze moved slowly downward, seeing her glistening female lips, cleanly shaven, inviting, swelling slightly and he gave a small grin, taking another drink of the whiskey. Carla noticed with some frustration that it was not to steady his nerves at what she was offering him.

"You're playing with fire, young lady." He told her softly and Carla heard the clear warning in his voice.

"Maybe it's a fire you can put out." She shot back, shifting her foot over slightly, her pink folds separating in another silent invitation. Her gaze shifted to his jeans again, seeing if what she was doing caused that already large bulge behind the material to grow and to her utter astonishment, it had not.

"Trust me, you don't want that or the consequences that goes with it." He warned her again and watched her lick her bright red colored lips.

"Trust me, I can handle it." She shot back and heard his soft chuckle. He was so smooth, so calm it caused her frustration to grow ten-fold.

"You're what I've been looking for tonight." She stated, her voice heavy with lust and the dark eyes lifted back to her hot gaze, and Carla saw another flash of something in their depth. She shivered despite the heat she felt inside, the heat he was creating just by simply looking at her like he was.

"Well, you've found me." He grinned smoothly, noting as he dipped a finger into his drink that her wide-open pussy glistened even more, telling him that she was definitely horny and willing to take he was so obviously trying to talk her out of.

"Could you live with the consequences?" He asked her softly, his gaze coming back to her face to gauge her reaction to his question.

"I can't get pregnant, I take the pill." She told him bluntly and again, he smiled softly.

"That wasn't exactly what I was talking about, but it's good to know." He told her, thorough amusement in his voice.

Carla lifted her leg, placing it into his lap, gently pushing the sole of her boot against that bulge of his and his eyes fired at her action. Reaching down between her own legs, Carla ran a fingertip over her wet pussy folds and lifted it back to her mouth, popping the finger between her lips and sucking at her own taste.

"You're blunt, I'll admit that." He laughed again and suddenly as she pressed her foot harder against him, his hand shot out, wrapping tightly around her ankle as if to stop her action upon him.

Carla gasped, as his eyes seemed to glow with fire as he looked at her again and then slowly, he began pulling her across the seat, wrapping her leg around his back, keeping her open to him. Her heart leapt inside her chest with the fire in his eyes and once more, he dipped a finger into his drink and then slowly, his hand came down, tracing his whiskey-coated finger over her throbbing folds and Carla arched toward him.

"That feels good." She murmured softly wishing he would put that large finger between her lips so that she could suck it inside. And as if he were reading her mind, he pressed between the folds. His finger moved over her swelling clit, his knuckle pressing tightly against her, hearing her moan in pleasure.

"Please, put it in." She gasped as that finger now traced around her flaming entrance, teasing her mercilessly, heedless of whom might pass through or by the curtain to see what was taking place.

"Are you sure you want that?" She heard him ask, his voice barely above a whisper now and Carla could only nod in agreement.

In the next instant she gave a loud gasp of both surprise and pleasure as he drove that large finger into her heat and it suddenly felt as if the secluded area closed in on her. No longer could she hear the bumping music in the background but only her heartbeat, pounding loudly in her ears. Her chest tightened slightly as his finger moved in and out of her in delicious slowness and she could hear the sluicing sound as he worked her thick lubrication around inside her. She felt a burning wetness going over her and when she opened her eyes, discovered that he was pouring the small amount of whiskey he had left in his glass onto her.

Carla glanced around nervously to see who might be watching, and gave a startled gasp as she realized she was no longer in the nightclub. Or at least it did not appear that she was. There were now four walls surrounding them, soft candlelight flickering over the deep red paint that covered them. And she also discovered, to her complete disbelief, that she was no longer dressed. She now lay flat of her back, one leg pressed up against the back of a plush sofa, the other dangled over his knee as he continued to make love to her with his hand.

The whiskey numbed her slightly as he continued to pump his hand back and forth; pushing deeper and deeper inside her and Carla felt the most delicious warmth spreading inside her as he worked her into a near frenzy.

She felt herself tighten and in another few drives she climaxed, crying out in pleasure as she rode her first wave with her dark lover.

He withdrew his hand, only to take hold of her hips, pulling her upward to her knees and as she looked down, Carla could see that her once satisfied and thoroughly drenched pussy was only a breath away from his face.

Carla's heart was beating like mad inside her chest as she felt his hot breath fan over her damp flesh and her body tensed slightly in anticipation of what he was going to do like this.

A low moan passed her lips as he pulled her forward, his hands cupping around the backs of her thighs, spreading them apart. She screamed out in torturous delight when his mouth closed over her, his tongue licking at her lips and pressing between them to find her clit, causing her to shudder in convulsions.

He licked a few more times, then curled his tongue into a spear shape, driving it up into her flame, one, two, three times and then flat again, licking roughly over her entryway and clit again then back to the spear.

When he felt her muscles start to tighten again, he opened his mouth wide, the back of his throat starting to suck deeply and when she climaxed this time, stabbing pain rocketed up from her pussy to her brain, yet made her orgasm almost mind-numbing.

Gasping, bright lights flashing behind her closed eyelids as he continued to suck, Carla had never felt anything so powerful in all of her life. And now, knowing he was going to fuck her seemed that much more exciting yet fearful at the same time.

The pain continued at her quivering folds as her hips bucked almost wildly against his mouth until every last drop of her passion was gone from inside her. And when he pushed her back, Carla felt slightly light-headed at the power of the climax she had just experienced.

When he looked down however, and saw blood at the corners of his lips and fear gripped at her as she realized it was her own blood that she saw.

That dark head rose a fraction, those black eyes flashed up at her again, pulling at her in silence as he lowered her onto her back once more and Carla found that she could no longer move under the affects of that searing gaze.

She heard his zipper slide down and he then took hold of her hand, guiding it to his now hard dick and she tried to jerk away in trepidation and fright. He was massive, rock hard, pulsating and Carla knew he was too big for her. Her eyes rounded, her mouth opening to protest but no words would form as he gave her another grin.

Carla could not take her hand away from him, wrapping her fingers around his steel rod, squeezing gently, running her sweaty palm over his full length and swallowing past the lump that had formed in her throat.

"I did try to warn you, little girl." He whispered softly when he moved atop her, crushing her beneath his weight and Carla could feel the bulbous tip of him against her entrance knowing she had been the one to put him there.

And then his mouth closed over her own, swallowing her scream of intense pain as he shoved in, burying deeply inside her, stretching her small opening around his massive dick.

And just as quickly, the pain ended when he started to move, filling her, as she had never before experienced. Carla could taste her own blood upon his lips and that was exciting as he drew back, that head nearly slipping out before driving himself back down time and time again. He was stretching her even more as Carla felt him still growing inside her, feeling him pass beyond her limits yet sending a charge of electricity through her system with each downward stroke.

His head dipped down, his mouth covering one of her breasts and for a second time Carla felt that sharp stabbing of pain and then the sucking. She climaxed for a third amazing time under the delicious torture he was putting her through but she was starting to feel rather lethargic, weak as he continued pounding into her.

His head moved to the other breast, his teeth sinking into that one as well, just above the dusky pink nipple. A moan of sudden pain escaped from deep inside her throat as her breast grew solid inside his mouth. And then Carla could feel his tongue working, pushing up beneath the nipple, as if he were forcing more blood through her veins and straight into his mouth.

Carla realized too late what was happening, as she felt more and more of her life draining away beneath this dark man. And at last he lifted his head, her life-giving fluid staining his lips, a drop or two gathered at the corners of his lips.

"I did warn you." He repeated softly, almost sadly.

"Don't let me die, please." She begged, tears spilling from her eyes, as his thrusts grew harder, rougher, deeper until she felt him stiffen atop her. And even as her eyes started to dim in death, the power of his release gave her one final climax. Her body convulsed violently beneath him until she gave one last deep gasp and then darkness engulfed her.

Carla's eyes shot open, finding herself still upon the seat in the nightclub, only alone and fully clothed. She sat up quickly, smoothing down her skirt after looking down and seeing that it was hiked nearly to her navel. Her body began to shake over the dream she had just had. Relief began to spread over her and her breathing increased slightly as she realized that indeed it had been a dream, she had not perished at the hands of the dark lover.

Carla gave a self-chastising grin that she would have a dream of a sexy and incredibly delicious looking vampire that not just given her the best fuck she had ever before experienced, but had drained the life from her in the process.

Something glistened upon the table in front of her and Carla looked down, her breath catching suddenly in her throat. A heavy crystal glass sat empty upon the table and her hands shaking, Carla reached over to pick it up, sniffing at the contents it had once contained and her eyes rounded in shock. It was whiskey.

"Oh, my..." She gasped and in another round of terror, reached up for the top of the bustier and jerked it down, exposing her breasts and gave a stifled cry of anguish as she saw the puncture wounds upon each breast. It had not been a dream; she had been fucked by a vampire and then killed by a vampire.

Standing, Carla was unsure what to do next. She felt a sudden surge of energy when she came to her feet fully, her body flushing slightly in heat and a powerful sensation began to fill her, as though a small electrical current was rushing up and down her body. Carla smiled in genuine amusement to know that her dark lover had literally sucked and fucked the life out of her and only when she had begged not to die, he had given her a second life. A life that would now be filled with what he had done to her.

Carla's lips parted into a full-blown grin as she swept aside the curtain where she had lain and fucked the most alluring and seductive man she had ever met. He was here somewhere; she could feel him, watching her, waiting to see what she would do with her newfound life. And then a hunger was building inside her, a hunger that could not be quenched this time by lust although that would be an added bonus in her mind.

Looking around, scanning the undulating bodies still moving to the music on the dance floor, Carla spotted just what she needed. The young pup that had accosted her before she had run across her dark lover and she smiled as she approached him slowly. Hoping the alcohol he so obviously had in his system would not affect her when she took him to the dark corner. He had wanted to fuck her before and this time she was going to let him.

His eyes widened in disbelief as Carla reached him, and without a word, she took hold of one of his hands, pulling him, guiding him toward the secluded seat just as she had done before. She could feel the blood pumping through his veins as she flicked aside the curtain and her hunger increased by leaps and bounds.

"Fuck me." She demanded and his pants dropped, his hard-on clear but sadly lacking. Carla did not care however. She knew that her dark lover was still out there, still watching and waiting. What this young pup could not do for her sexually, her dark lover would, incredibly satisfying her beyond her wildest imagination. But first, she needed to quench the hunger that drove her.

Carla shoved him backward roughly; his eyes rounding in shock as she hiked up her skirt, her clean pussy beckoning him like an addict to a drug. She straddled his legs, reaching down to pull her moist lips apart for him to see her and Carla felt one hand upon her hip, urging her downward, letting him guide his own tip to her and she descended onto him, impaling her weight over his puny and horribly unsatisfying dick.

Carla smiled slowly as she heard his sharp intake of breath when she leaned forward and her teeth sank into the tender flesh of his throat and began to suck. And while his hips continued to rocket up and down, Carla greedily drained his pathetic life, his last action was one massive thrust upward, his cum shooting inside her now in sporadic spurts as he began to slump backward against the seat, dead.

Sucking and fucking, that was going to be her new motto in life and as she pulled herself from the young man's now deflated dick Carla left the secluded booth. She saw the black eyes smiling at her in amusement almost immediately and another kind of hunger filled her, a hunger that only her dark and deadly lover could ever possibly appease.

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