tagErotic HorrorA Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 02

A Dark and Deadly Lover Ch. 02


Daray St. Johns laid his head back against the cushions of the overstuffed sofa, closing his eyes, and sighed almost wearily.

"You looked relaxed, Daray." A very familiar female voice stated as she entered the private office.

The music pounded loudly, vibrating across the floor before she closed the door, the private room soundproofed so any occupants could not hear what was going on in the club on the other side of that door. That fact and also so that the clubbers could not hear what went on in the office as well.

His dark eyes opened to only tiny slits and although he kept his head reclined against the cushions; he could see her crossing toward him, her gaze locked upon his face. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman Daray had ever seen before, with her long, flowing blond hair that came to just the top of her rounded hips, swinging back and forth as she crossed the room toward him.

Her face seemed almost angelic, with large blue eyes that never wavered from his face; her lips full and pink as she gave him a slow smile, knowing he was watching her. Behind those liquid blue eyes however, Daray knew there lay no angel. Quite the contrary.

Inside this utterly breathtaking woman's body lay a monster, a monster that had purposely sought him out, seduced him only two weeks before he was to marry his childhood sweetheart. And after he had collapsed in spent passion, barely conscious she had coaxed him onto his back, nuzzling his neck with soft, warm purrs of bliss and contentment.

And then pain, blinding white pain at first followed quickly by a heavy lethargy as she began to drain the life-giving blood from his body. Not enough to kill him, which she could have so easily done, but enough to quench her hunger, and to keep him alive to appease her lust for all of eternity.

For over one hundred years, Daray St. Johns was frozen in a body that would never age, never grow ill, or never die unless it was at her hands. Bound to her by blood and even a hint of fear that she held his life so easily in her hands. The threat always just below the surface that if he did not please her when she commanded him to, she would kill him.

Anise Dupree stopped in front of him, staring down at his incredibly handsome face and felt her blood heat to a boiling point. She could not believe her good fortune at finding such an unbelievable human being in Daray so many years ago. Not only was he wickedly handsome, but also when she had seduced him, she discovered that his looks were not the only treasures his body held.

He had given her the most amazing afternoon of pure, raw and hot sex that she had been searching for so many, many years. Her body had been craving a man like Daray for centuries and at last she had found him. Her decision to turn him into one of her kind, binding him to her, had been made the moment he sank that luscious length of his body inside her.

Anise straddled his hips, sitting down astride him and leaned forward to begin almost savagely assaulting his lips beneath her own. She knew he had gone out tonight to feed; she could taste the fresh blood he had drank still upon his lips, the telltale scent of a woman upon his face, the faint hint of perfume upon his clothing.

"Was she good, Daray?" She asked, pulling back slightly to speak and those dark eyes opened fully at last to gaze back at her.

"Yes." He answered her honestly and a flash of jealousy flashed through her body as the blue eyes darkened like an oncoming storm.

Her anger sprang to life with him as she once again sought his mouth, her tongue forcing him to part his lips, hearing the small grunt of protest at her action. She scoured the insides of his mouth with her tongue, exploring each and every recess she could reach, wiping out all traces of the other woman she could find.

Anise bit down hard on his lower lip and she felt him wince in pain. Her heartbeat quickening inside her chest, as she could now taste the blood from the cut she had just given him. It drove her to near insanity to have more from him and she began to suck harshly at the wound until he pushed her back and away, his eyes glaring up at her in anger.

"Just a little, Daray, please." She begged softly, her hands coming up to cover his upon her arms, forcibly pulling them away and pressing them back against the cushions on either side of his head, pinning him for the moment.

"You damn near killed me the last time, Anise." He hissed on a breath and she gave him a rueful grin.

"Your blood is like an aphrodisiac to me, Daray, sweet, full of life and vitality but I promise, I won't hurt you this time." She told him softly, knowing before that she had barely been able to control herself when she began drinking of the sweet nectar from his veins and it had taken him literally weeks to recover.

"But first I want you inside me, Daray. I want to feel the power of your feeding tonight, you're always so gratifying after you've fed." She breathed heavily, releasing his hands and quickly attempting to unfasten the waistband of his jeans.

Her blue eyes bored into his and just as he, with his own donors, was unable to look away, spellbound by the unseeing lure she controlled him with when she wanted him.

Anise stood after unsnapping and unzipping the heavy material, and taking hold of his hand pulled him up from the sofa to stand in front of her. While she held his gaze, she unbuttoned his shirt, peeling the black material over his wide shoulders, never growing tired of seeing such magnificent muscle structure as Daray possessed.

She tossed the shirt onto the back of the sofa, Daray standing perfectly still while she continued to undress him. Hooking her thumbs into the jeans' waistband she began to lower them, her control of him holding and her lips and tongue began to follow each and every inch of his body she exposed, leaving a wet trail down the length of his frame.

Anise lifted each foot, removing his slippers followed by each leg of his jeans, sliding the socks off as she tugged the jeans free of his powerful legs and discarding them onto the sofa as well.

"Such perfection..." She stated huskily, planting a soft kiss high upon each thigh, his incredible length only a breath away from her lips.

Taking hold of his hand, she gave him a gentle tug, urging him now to the floor in front of the sofa. She felt her own desire flowing heavily from between her thighs as she let her gaze travel up and down his frame after he had stretched out on the soft carpet. Those black eyes blinking, trying to fight her hold upon his mind as her own scanned his perfect and purely male frame from head to toe.

Anise breathed deeply as her hands moved to his chest, her fingers tangling painfully in the dark hair that covered his flesh there briefly, smiling at the feel of his heart hammering beneath his ribs.

"I will please you this time, Daray." She whispered softly as one hand began traveling downward, over rock hard abs, and lower still until the coarse pubic hair wrapped around her fingers until she grasped the treasure between his thighs.

"Anise..." He tried to protest, his voice strained in slight fear as he felt her shift her body downward but she quickly cut him off.

"I won't take your blood from this, Daray, I promise." She eased his mind, giving him a soft squeeze of comfort.

And as she lowered her head, she kissed the very tip of his large cock gingerly. In the next second she sucked him inside her mouth, feeling his hips arch upward slightly in pleasure.

Anise's head began to bob up and down as his eyes closed softly, unable to stop the pleasure building up inside him as she worked her mouth around him. Her lips clamped down around his base tightly, her cheeks caving in as she slowly pulled back up his length, sucking even more as she reached the tip, urging him to harden for her. And as she lathered his head with saliva, her long fingernails raked gently on the sensitive underside of his cock, causing him to shudder in response each time.

Anise used her tongue to toy with the tiny slit at the head, delving in and then sweeping back around as she heard his breathing quickening. And then she pulled him deeply into the back of her throat using the muscles there, swallowing time and time again until he sprang to life for her. His soft moans of pleasure echoed in her mind as she continued to work around him, her own need growing hotter and hotter as the feel of him growing even larger with each passing moment until at last she had him solid and pulsating.

Anise had to release him from her mouth then, completely unable to hold his full rod, and she again straddled his hips. Reaching between them to take hold of that amazingly long and thick muscle to guide him to her saturated entrance. And then slowly she started to lower her weight around him.

"Hmmmm..." She groaned as the swollen head passed through her opening, noting she had to use more force to get him past than normal.

Slowly she continued to drop around him, sheathing his manly sword inside her flaming cavity inch by delicious inch, filling her completely and fully. Her engorged folds reached her hand and she released her hold, using what length she had of him inside her to keep him immobile.

With a deep breath, Anise impaled herself upon him fully, gasping in almost agonizing pain as he struck her interior wall, her body shaking slightly as she waited for her cave to stretch around him.

And then she began moving, her heavy lubrication making him even slicker, her muscles slowly accepting his size as she rode him up and down. The pain was no longer a factor as that bulbous globe that was his tip raked against her walls as she pulled upward, shuddering as wave upon wave of nerve-racking pleasure rippled through her body with each stroke. Anise was always completely astounded even after all the time they had been together how extremely pleasing it felt to have Daray buried deep inside her like this and it was something she would never, ever grow tired of.

Reaching behind her, she gently pushed his legs still further apart, allowing her to drop down around him even more, their pelvic bones grinding together as she humped her hips forward against him a few times.

"Ah!" She screamed aloud in rapturous relief when her first orgasm exploded around him, her interior muscles clamping around him tightly, feeling her heavy nectar coating him additionally as she convulsed atop him.

Spasm after glorious spasm washed through her body and while smaller waves spread out to her extremities she began moving again. Her hands now clamped around his upper hips, on her knees, Anise began her impalements down upon him yet again, driving her hips over him in a near frenzy to obtain that ecstatic mixture of pain and mind-numbing gratification.

"Oh...uh...uh!" She panted heavily, feeling yet one more climax building inside her. This one she knew as it grew was going to be even more intense than the first.

"Oh, sweet... fucking... push, Daray!" She commanded as the dam began to implode and as his hips shot upward, blinding white whites flashed before her eyes. His cock crashed against her interior wall, bending at a slight angle, too large for her to hold fully, the bulging head curved slightly to hit that one spot inside her that caused her to internally explode.

Anise could not be still with this orgasm, her hips bucked and rocked almost violently atop him, she could feel her muscles expelling the heaviest flow of passionate creams she had thus far emitted with him. It felt as though her heart had actually stopped beating inside her chest and she was having a very difficult time breathing as rocketing seizures gripped at her body for what felt like an eternity.

At last only small shockwaves rippled through her system, her chest heaving to fill her lungs with air, stunned at the power behind this climax. Anise had to rest for a moment even though she desperately wanted the feel of his own relief filling her, mingling their passions, their rich creams dancing in that final pinnacle.

Leaning over, bending his still rock hard spear backward with her movement, Anise lay against his chest. He was long enough that she could hold him inside her this way even though he was slick with her juices. His head buried deeply inside her as she tightened her muscles to keep him there, enjoying the feel of the blood pulsating beneath his taunt flesh.

Her mouth only a breath away from his throat now and her lips sought and found the pounding vein at his throat. She snaked out her tongue, tasting his flesh, feeling the blood rushing through his vein and she could not stop herself as she opened her mouth wide, her fangs bared and she bit down.

"Uhhhh!" He gasped as her fangs buried themselves into the side of his neck, the shock and somewhat erotic feel of her sucking action causing him to react, his hips drove upward as the hot flood surged up his length and ultimately reached the exit. The power behind his detonation inside her sent Anise on a final journey of rapturous gratification.

Anise moaned in ecstasy as Daray filled both her belly and her flaming core with his enchanting bodily fluids, her third and final climax increasing her hunger for his blood to an almost blinding intensity. Her hips pumped against him, her muscles milking his cock for every last ounce of cum she could get while his blood burned hotly in her mouth until she could swallow.

"S...stop..." He stammered weakly beneath her, his hands lifting to her shoulders in an attempt to push her off of him, to stop her before she killed him.

"Anise...please..." He begged softly and that plea struck her fully, realizing what she was about to do again and instantly she jerked away.

"I'm sorry, Daray!" She cried, lifting her hands to either side of his face, her bloodstained mouth, hovering just above his own.

Anise lowered her head, pressing her lips lightly against his own, silently asking him for forgiveness yet feeling at the same time that she would never be able to get enough of this man beneath her. The taste of his sweet blood almost more than she could withstand. The delicious flavor lingering in her mouth, heating her body even as she felt him slip into unconsciousness from the loss of blood and weak from filling her now satiated pussy so incredibly.

Anise slid from his unmoving body to her knees, slightly smoothing down her skirt, having hiked it up so she could take him. His cock slid from between her pulsating folds, glistening with their combined fluids and she could not stop herself from leaning over him, using her mouth and tongue to clean away the combined cum from his flesh. Daray neither moved nor uttered a sound as she licked and lapped away at his now soft treasure even as she lifted him gently to cleanse the heavy orbs beneath.

When she finished, she could not stop the smile of pleasure from crossing her lips as she stared down at him for a long moment. Her hand reached up to caress his strong cheek, her fingertips tracing over the full bottom lip, lightly touching the cut she had given him earlier. The question of ever growing tired of him surfaced in her mind and as her gaze once more moved over his nudity, Anise knew the answer was a resounding no.

She reached over him, sighing as she pulled one of the many afghans off the sofa to cover him lightly and stood, not really wanting to leave his side yet knowing she would have to shortly. With yet one more sigh, Anise moved to her desk and picked up the phone, pressed only one number and spoke.

"Daray needs put to bed." She stated coldly into the receiver and within a matter of seconds, two of her security personnel from the club entered the office.

Without a word to either themselves or to Anise, they lifted Daray's unconscious form from the floor, their only emotions showing strain as they hoisted him upward and quietly carried him away, disappearing behind yet another closed door to do as they were commanded.

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