tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Dark and Stormy Night

A Dark and Stormy Night


It was late afternoon on a hot August day. As I went into the bar with a group of friends, I could see thunderheads building off to the west. We grabbed a table and ordered a couple of pitchers and a plate of nachos as we watched the football game on the bar's big screen.

About an hour later I noticed another group come in and grab a table across the room from us. They were a typical looking group of twenty-somethings out for a beer and a few laughs after work—a lot like my group. There was one woman in the group that definitely grabbed my attention. It wasn't that she was fashion model beautiful. If anything, she was a little plump, but it was all in the right places. There was just something about her that radiated sex to me. I stayed on track with our conversation, but I really couldn't keep my eyes from returning to her every moment or two.

After another half hour most of our group had to leave to get home, and I was left sitting with one remaining couple, Art and Lynn. We ordered one more beer, and Art left for a quick pit stop.

"You seem pretty distracted by someone at the table across the room?" Lynn asked.

"Oops. Busted," I responded with a laugh.

"Which of those young ladies strikes your fancy?" she asked.

"The brunette with the short hair," I responded.

"Oh, you mean the one with the big boobs and the dress that is hiked up half way up her thighs."

"That would be the one."

As I spoke, they all began to get up and leave.

"It looks like an academic point," I said as Lynn and I watched them start for the door.

"Not necessarily. It just so happens I went to college with this evening's girl of your dreams. I think an introduction can be arranged."

As the group passed our table, Lynn exclaimed, "Suzie great to see you, I didn't know you were back in town."

Suzie paused and her eyes got wide as she greeted her old friend. Hugs and kisses followed, and Lynn convinced her friend to join us for another beer. Introductions were made, and the usual small talk followed.

When the second round of beers was gone, Lynn announced that she and Art had to leave, and they promptly did so, leaving Suzie and me with the table and half a pitcher of beer.

"Good for one more?" I asked.

"It would be a shame to waste the beer," she responded.

Since the place was crowded we moved to the bar to let another group have our table.

While we engaged in the usual who do you know, what do you do small talk, I was still obsessing about how sexy this girl was. She was sitting on a bar stool with the heel of her pumps hooked on the rail at the bottom of the stool, and as she occasionally swiveled around on the stool, her dress continued to slide up her very sexy legs.

I guess I was being a little too obvious about my enjoyment of her legs, because she finally said, "Enjoying the view?"

I responded, "Mmmm. Yes. You have great legs." I guess I blushed a little, too.

Her eyes smiled in response over the top of her beer glass as she took another sip. She set the beer mug down and crossed her legs, which pulled her dress up even farther.

"Good," she responded. "I like it when a man is lusting over my legs."

"Pleased to be of service," I said with a lustful smile. "Are here any other parts of your body you would like me to lust over?"

Suzie giggled in response and then stuck her chest out. "How about these?" she asked.

"Oh, I am sure I can help you with that," I responded as I let my eyes linger over her tits.

"Hmm. I know how to make this even better for both of us," she said as she slipped down off the barstool. "I'll be right back," she said over her shoulder as she headed for the ladies room. Watching her walk away, I decided that she had kind of a broad ass, but it was very sexy the way she swung it back and forth as she walked. My mind wandered to the idea of hanging on to that broad ass while I jammed my cock in her pussy from behind.

When she returned, I realized she had shed her bra. Her dress wasn't particularly tight, so as she walked across the floor you could see her tits bouncing and swaying under the cloth of her dress. It was very sexy, and I had a half a hard-on before she got back to the barstool. As she climbed back on the barstool she leaned toward me and rubbed her left tit softly against my arm. The sensation was delicious.

"That is so much better don't you think?' she said, leaning back against the bar with her chest pushed out so her nipples showed plainly though the fabric.

"It's really a shame," I said.

She responded with a quizzical look.

In response I explained, "It's a shame we are sitting here in this bar, because I can't do what I would like to do to your tits."

"Oh, and what would that be?" she asked.

"Well first I would just cup your breasts in my hand and massage them. Then I would put my face between your tits and nuzzle them while I continued to massage both of them."

"And then?" she asked as she squirmed a bit on her bar stool.

"Then I would put my lips on one nipple and then the other and suck on them, or maybe even nibble on them with my teeth a bit."

"Mmmmm. Nice," she said with what almost looked like a shiver. "Is there more?" She leaned back again and I could see her nipples had swollen in response to our conversation. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

"Of course," I responded. "Next, I would let you rub your tits against my bare chest."

"And then?"

"It depends on whether you have any panties on."

"Not since I want to the ladies' room, I don't."

"In that case, I would move my lips down your body until I got to your pussy, and I would eat you until you were screaming."

"What makes you think I would scream?"

"You just seem like the type."

"Oh, and what type is that?" she asked as she leaned back. Both of her heels were hooked on the lower rung of the bar stool and her knees were spread at least a foot apart.

I didn't respond. Instead I just looked at her legs and she smiled in response.

Finally I said, "The type who likes to show her body off to men she has just met."

"And that is the type of girl who screams when you suck on her clit?"

"Oh, I am sure of it. Would you like me to prove it?"

"Mmm, yes."

Just then there was a peal of thunder, and the lights went out.

"Looks like closing time," I said.

Suzie grabbed my hand and put it on the inside of her thigh. Then she pushed it higher up under her dress, until I could feel her pussy. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and begin to slowly rotate them. She was so hot, wet and slippery. I alternated between slowly sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy and pushing them all the way in and rotating them. Every time I spun my fingers, she jumped.

She let me keep it up for about a minute and then said, "Lets go. If you keep that up, I will scream, and people will notice even if it is dark."

I threw enough money on the bar to cover the tab and a tip, and we walked toward the door arm in arm, trying not to trip over anything in the dark.

When we stepped outside, it was warm and wet. Even though it was dark, the temperature was still in the upper eighties, and the air was damp. Between the cloud cover and the power failure, it was very dark.

She pulled my head down for a long wet kiss. As we kissed I slid one hand down and caressed her soft round ass through her dress. She pulled back and said, "Lets go to my car before it starts to rain." All this time the lightning was flashing off to the west, but much closer than it had been a couple of hours earlier. The thunder was rumbling and crackling, as we waited for a break in traffic to cross the street. Suzie casually unbuttoned three buttons on her dress. The next time the lightning flashed I realized that her tits were barely covered by her dress. I kissed her again, but this time I slid my hand into her open dress and massaged one of her breasts. By the time the kiss ended, I had one of her nipples between my thumb and finger and she was groaning a bit.

Just then there was a flash of lightning followed almost immediately by its accompanying thunder, and the heavens opened with a downpour of warm rain.

"Let's run for it. My car is two blocks away," she said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me across the street through the traffic, which had slowed to a crawl.

We ran down one block, turned a corner, and halfway down another when she turned again into an alley. "My car is in the lot behind this building," she said.

By this time we had quit running, as we were both soaked to the skin. It was pitch black in the parking lot, except when the frequent lightning flashes lit things up like daylight. We walked to her car and kissed again. This time I pulled her dress up so I could hold her naked ass in both hands. I pulled her up hard against my crotch, and I could feel my rock-hard dick rubbing against her naked pussy. Both of her tits were hanging out of her dress, which was now unbuttoned all the way to her waist. I leaned back, keeping my crotch firmly pressed against hers and went through the ritual with her tits that I had promised at the bar.

First, I fondled both tits, just kind of mashing them and massaging them with my hands. They were big and soft and so delicious to play with. Then I drew lazy circles around each tit with my fingertips in ever-tighter circles until I reached her nipples. As I pulled on the nipples of each tit with my thumb and forefinger, Suzie pulled her hips back and began to use both hands to massage my rock hard cock through my trousers. Then she quickly released my belt and zipper and pulled my cock out of my trousers to continue her hand job. All the while, it continued to pour, and flashes of lightning regularly illuminated the scene. We were probably both groaning from the sex, but you couldn't hear much over the thunder.

I leaned forward and pushed my face between her tits. Then I sucked one nipple into my mouth while I continued to pull on the other one with my hand. I swirled my tongue around the nipple and then pulled it between my lips and began to suck on it. Suzie groaned and pushed her chest against my head. She wrapped one hand around my head, pulling it into her chest, while her other hand continued to stroke my cock.

There was a brief break in the lightning and thunder, and I heard her say, "Lets fuck. NOW!"

As we peeled off our clothes, the storm resumed with a vengeance. Suzie waked to the back of her car and leaned over the trunk pushing her sweet-looking broad ass out to me.

"Fuck me. NOW!" she demanded.

I stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock up and down her slit. When I hit her clit she jumped like she had been hit by the lightning. Then I slid my cock into her cunt. FUCK, it felt good. Her pussy gripped my cock and was slippery at the same time. I started to pump in a long, slow regular pace. After a couple of minutes of fucking at this measured pace, Suzie began to gyrate her hips so that my cock was twisting in her pussy as I pistoned in and out.

I knew that I couldn't last long if she was going to do that, so I pulled my cock out and slid it up and down her slit again, lingering on her clit. "Ohh!" she screamed as I hit her clit. "Stop that and fuck me!" I put my cock back in her cunt and began to fuck her really hard. If it hadn't been for the noise of the thunder, the sound of our bodies slamming together would have been heard a half a block away.

Even with the thunder, I could hear Suzie crying. "Oh FUUUCK, your dick feels good. Don't stop. Keep it up. Oh! Shit, that is good."

Suddenly her orgasm hit her, and her cunt clamped down on my cock. As she screamed, I lost all control. I felt the first spurt of cum shoot up through my dick and then as each successive rope of cum shot through me, I banged her ass again. All the time I could feel her cunt clamping on my dick.

We both lay spent—her face down on the trunk, with me on top of her with my shrinking dick still in her pussy. It seemed like the thunderstorm had climaxed at the same time as we had, for the lightning stopped, and the only thunder was far off in the distance. We stayed in that position for several minutes, and then the security lights for the parking lot came on. I pulled out and she turned, facing me, leaning back on the trunk. We were both naked and soaking wet.

"Would you like a ride to your car?" she asked.

"No need. It's the red pickup on the other side of the lot," I responded.

"Oh," she said with a laugh. "Shall we try your rig next time?"

"How about tomorrow night? I hear there is another storm predicted," I said as I began to pick up my soggy clothing.

"It's a date," she said as she climbed into her car naked. "By the way, you still don't know if I am that kind of girl."


"The kind that screams when you suck on her clit."

I smiled in response and said, "See you at seven tomorrow night. I will be sitting at the bar. Maybe we can find out then."

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