tagLoving WivesA Dark Caribbean Delight

A Dark Caribbean Delight


My Name is Jan. I am 35 years old and have been happily married to my husband James for the last 4 years. In all the time of knowing James I had harboured a secret, a dark secret of desire. This is my story of a dream come true an awakening of passion and the changes that it brought about that would change our relationship forever.

It was late autumn and James and I had been planning a holiday. We had looked on the internet for a last minute deal for some sun before the long winter set in. Flicking through pages of deals leaving shortly one caught our eye. It was a fly cruise to the Caribbean touring the Islands to the East. It sounded just right an all inclusive ten days of lying in the sun sipping cocktails and visiting far off Caribbean islands.

We booked up and immediately shot off to the shops to get bikinis and summer clothing. I thought to myself as I stood in a designer boutique "What the hell I will not meet anybody I know so I'll treat myself and my husband to the tiniest sexiest bikini I could find. (I also brought a sarong to cover up if I felt too conspicuous.)

The holiday was here in a flash and before we knew it we were flying over the Atlantic and landing in Miami. We stopped the night in a hotel before boarding the ship the next day. The ship itself was amazing all plush and luxurious. We had never experienced anything like it. Our cabin had a balcony looking out to sea and the service was outstanding people could not do enough for us.

On our first night we settled down at the bar before dinner. A talk dark man serving at the bar took our drinks order "Welcome madam, sir. My name is Thomas but call me Tom. What can I get you Guys?" Tom was tall, dark brown skin and eyes and very well built. I would say he was about 25 years old. Best of all his smile was white as snow and filled his face. He was quite simply gorgeous and I was smitten with his charm and good looks. "Where are you from Tom?" I asked "I am from St Thomas madam in the Us Virgin islands hence my name. We will visit there in three days time. My home is the most beautiful place in the world." We sat for a couple of hours chatting to Tom before dinner and felt quite tipsy by the end of the evening. I confess I hogged Tom's attention for that time probing him about his home what to do, where to go, and about his life on the ships.

When we finally returned to our room that night feeling very relaxed James turned to me in bed and said. "You where quite taken by Tom weren't you." Being a bit drunk I confessed that I did fancy him. "I didn't know black men were your thing." James asked. "Well doesn't every bad girl fantasise about having black, you know what with the downstairs reputation and all that." I can't believe looking back I was so candid and honest. But that night James got so horny with me. We kissed passionately and James slid down under the bed sheets to kiss my pussy which was already hot and moist thinking about Tom. As he lovingly kissed and licked at me I closed my eyes and imagined it was Tom that was so expertly pleasuring me.

The next couple of days continued with our regular time spent chatting to Tom over drinks and enjoying the cruise and all the sites it had to show us. It was like living a different life away from home away from all the chores and hassles of working life. James and I where like honeymooners again making love every night relaxed and happy in each others company. But every night I would fantasise that it was in fact Tom that was fucking me. Dreaming of his big firm muscles holding me his dark eyes fixed on me and a big white smile on his face as he enjoyed my body, and of course his thick long black meat inside me. It was the hardest bit to imagine as my husband James had only six inches and I craved to be fully filled by a thick rod to fuck me fully and completely.

Each night Tom would compliment me on my clothes and how I looked. He was so attentive and kind knowing just how to make a girl feel special. Always with that big warm welcoming smile. On the third night we where to be visiting St Thomas Island the next day. I asked Tom if he would be visiting family or have any time off. He said that his family had mostly moved away but he would have the day to himself to drink rum and relax for the day as he had saved up his time off so he could always be free on the days he was home. "You must enjoy the best parts of the island not just what the tours show you." I will take you both to the best rum distillery and the best beach if you like." I looked at James and he nodded "Great are you sure Tom it is your day off and all. We do not want to impose ourselves on you." Said James my heart sank as he spoke. "No Please James and Jan it would give me such pleasure to show you my beautiful home, you will be my guests for the day." "Ok" I blurted out before James could say anything more that might put Tom off the idea. That night I lay in bed excited at the prospect of being in Toms' company for the whole day and privately with his attention fully on us."

The next day came and in true Caribbean style the weather was hot. I put on my skimpy bikini and sarong and we set off to meet Tom. As we left the ship an old open top Cadillac pulled up along side the ship honking its horn. It was Tom. We jumped in with me in the front and James in the back. Tom was wearing only a pair of shorts. His muscles where so defined and smooth I could not keep my eyes off him. Looking down to his shorts I saw a distinct bulge of a sleeping snake curled up and restrained by the thin material. I immediately felt my crouch moisten and get hot.

We drove to the Rum distillery in the hills over St Thomas. Tom was well known and welcomed by all. We sat at the bar and were served fresh banana and rum cocktails. To say that they where strong is an understatement. "Good?" Said Tom "Yes I spluttered very good any more of those and I'll be on my back." Tom looked into my eyes and simply winked with that big smile of his. He was different today the formality had gone and he was relaxed. He laughed a lot and was far closer with us putting his arm on James back as we walked and hugging me often. When he did I caught his scent a musk hormonal scent that drove me wild with desire. "You will have to watch your woman James she looks so fine and the men on this island are very viral we only have to look at a woman to make them pregnant." I was relaxed by the rum as was James "Better not take that sarong off then Jan." "What like this you mean?" I said as I stood and slipped the sarong from my waist to expose my tiny thong bikini bottoms. The bar clapped and whooped. James laughed and clapped along. "Come on you two before you get in trouble. The men here will service your wife James if we stay any longer." "So let's stay then he looked at me laughing."

We left in Tom's car and drove to a near deserted beach. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen, surrounded by palm trees and the sand white. "This is my place." declared Tom holding out his arms. Tom had a simple hut just off the beach. "Sit and enjoy the beach while I fix you a special treat."

We swam briefly stopping to kiss in the cooling clear water. James pulled the straps from my top down and released my breasts to the cool sea. My nipples rigid to his touch stuck out proud. We then returned to the beach to find Tom had prepared us a coconut with the top sliced off and filled it with rum and coconut milk. It was fabulously refreshing and made us all the more relaxed.

It was getting towards midday and the sun was burning at our pale skin, and my bare breasts that Tom had been transfixed on as we drank. "Would you like to take a break in my home?" Tom stood. "I could do with a few minutes in the shade." said James. As we walked to Toms home James put his arm round me. "This is the most fantastic day of my life. What about you?" "I agree I don't think it could be better." I pulled James close to me and smiled at him. "I can think of one thing." James stopped and looked me in the eye and nodded towards Tom as he walked away from us to the house. I looked at him puzzled "Come one Jan I see the way you look at him you want him so bad. Well we will never be here again most likely and I want you to have the best holiday ever, a fantasy holiday come true. If that means giving you to Tom then that's what I want. To be honest I have always wanted to see you with another man." My world stopped still. Was this a test of my fidelity or did he really mean I could carry out the one sexual fantasy I had held since a teenage girl. "Thank you" I kissed my wonderful husband and felt his hardness press against me. He did want this.

We reached Toms simple shack like home. Inside was a small kitchenette and lounge with a single bed and sofa. It was very basic but very sexy knowing what I would be doing in it. James sat on the sofa. I sat on the Bed and patted the bed to invite Tom to sit with me. "Tom you have been so kind to us this last few days and giving up your day off to show us the very best day of our lives. We can't thank you enough."

"Jan it is my pleasure to share my island and my home as simple as it is with you. You two are nice people not like some that come on cruises. I feel close to you both and I have loved spending time with you James and your most beautiful wife."

I reached over to Tom took his head in my hands and kissed him. Our lips touched and I melted into him. He responded to me and we kissed long gently and deeply.

When we stopped for breath Tom looked to James. James simply nodded and mouthed "its ok." Tom looked back to me and smiled the biggest most beautiful smile. The tension was broken and we laughed.

My hands grabbed him back and pulled him into me his chest was strong and tight my hands roamed over his body. I bolt of lightening ran through me as I felt his big dark hands touch my breast and gently his soft palm rubbed over my nipple which was tight and pert. Kissing still I run my hand down to his shorts and felt the tip of his cock had sprung out of the top of his shorts. Pulling back and looking down in shock I saw that at least an inch of his cock was showing proud of his shorts. The head of his cock was swollen and hot to my touch. Pushing him back I tore at the buttons on his shorts to expose his full length. To my delight he was not wearing underwear. As I pulled the shorts down the full magnitude of his cock was clear to me. I sat back and looked to James who was simply sat watching us. He too was surprised. Toms Cock was at least 9 inches long but best of all thick and veined. I had only seen a cock like it in porn movies and on horses. "Are you pleased?" He asked. The look of desire in my eyes said it all.

Taking his cock in my hand I rubbed its full length up and down closing my hand around it my fingers barely touching as they spanned his girth. Pulling his foreskin up and down, I gently wanked this magnificent cock. My hand pale and white contrasted against his dark weapon. It was everything I had dreamed of. Desperate to taste it I lowered my head and slipped my tongue up the length and around the tip. A gentle groan came from Toms lips. Encouraged I looked up into his big brown eyes and deliberately and slowly opened my lips and took the tip of his cock in my mouth. His eyes closed in ecstasy as I continued to take as much of this magnificent tool in my mouth as I could. I felt his hand on my head as he played with my hair. Then another reached down behind me and toyed with the thong back of my bikini. His big fingers probed and pulled at my thong until my up turned butt was exposed to him. He pulled the thong aside and run his fingers gently over my hot pussy. The feeling was so naughty here I was in front of my husband being fingered by a big black stranger as I sucked on his rigid rod. I looked over to James and saw him rubbing at the bulge in his trousers.

Tom's fingers needed no help to find my entrance as I was dripping wet with desire. His big fingers toyed with the folds of my pussy driving me crazy. I feverishly sucked on his cock wanking it harder now like the little slut I had become this day. Tom's fingers slowly circled my lips and then slide easily into my hot wet pussy. His finger felt like my husbands cock as it slide in and out of me. It was like being fucked by him.

I realised at this moment that I was groaning and moaning in pleasure the vibrations of my noise tingling through Toms cock was doing the trick. I tasted the salty pre cum leaking from his tip on my lips it was sweet nectar to me. I continued giving Tom head like a pro sucking licking and teasing his cock and balls. Taking each of his heavy swollen dark balls in my mouth in turn and teasing them with my tongue before returning to his shaft tickling the throbbing veins on the underside of his thick heavy rod, then taking him inside my mouth as deep as I could, his big cock like finger fucking my pussy faster now.

Before long his thighs began to tremble and he grabbed my head and began to hump and fuck my mouth. I was helpless as he used my mouth as a pussy. Then tensing and gripping my hair tight his body jerked, his balls tightened in my hand and twitched. A moment later a wave of hot cum filled my mouth in spurts hitting the back of my throat as I struggled to swallow. Almost choking I pulled back as jet after jet of sticky cum hit my face and tits covering me. "I am sorry Jan It has been so long." Tom exclaimed. "I can see." I looked down and surveyed the site of cum coating my tits and hanging in big globs from my nipples.

Looking over to my James I had cum coating my lips and face. I must have looked a state. But he was mesmerised and smiling. He pulled open his shorts to show me his cock red and swollen in his hand. He took his cock in his hand and began to wank himself.

Turning back to Toms cock I put on a show for my husband of licking and cleaning his rod which had not even softened. I was so hot now that I needed his cock inside me. Pushing him back on to the bed I straddled the monstrous beast and took it in my hand. Teasing the tip of his sticky cock over my clit and then placing it at my entrance. I slowly edged down onto his cock. Feeling my pussy stretch and open up to him. The head of his cock suddenly popped inside me. Stopping for a moment to catch my breath then I began to lower my self inch by inch down his long thick shaft. He was filling me so well stretching my pussy lips around him. Bit by bit I kept going until I felt my arse rest against his thighs. He was fully inside me. My eyes were closed the whole time. I had never felt so filled and stretched by a cock before. Gently at first I began to ride him grinding into him and rocking on his cock as it filled me was ecstasy. My clit was pushing in to his groin and before I knew it I was Cumming. My body shaking as heat spread from inside my full pussy up through my body in a convulsing wave I began to shake all over I heard a voice shouting out loud and realised it was mine. "God, Jesus, yes fuck, god, fuck, ooohhhh yesssssss" My words surprised me as the lewdness of my language was so basal but then the feeling was so animal.

As my orgasm subsided I opened my yes to see Tom smiling his big smile back at me. I was sweating and flushed red in the cheeks. I loved this feeling so much. I felt a release of emotion and began to roughly ride his cock pulling up and down from the tip to the base of his rod I fucked him. His cock so big inside me it almost hurt as I banged down on each stroke. "Oh Jan you are so sexy." Said Tom smiling all the time. From behind James watched as his thick black shaft entered my pale pink pussy.

I grabbed his cheeks kissed him our tongues probing and twisting. "Then fuck me good and hard Tom..." Pulling off him I knelt on the bed facing my James my arse shoved up high in the air.

Watching my husband jerking at his cock filled me with passion. I felt a tongue at my pussy opening as it slid into me. Tom was tongue fucking my pussy and teasing my clit. James was sat watching me intently his hand wanking fast at his cock. Pre cum ran from its tip he must be so close to Cumming. "For gods sake fuck me Tom I pleaded." I felt his big hands grab my buttocks tight and pull me back and in one smooth stroke he entered me again. "Ooohhhhh Yes that's good I moaned" Tom started to fuck me rough and hard pounding my poor swollen pussy. My breasts hung beneath me in front of James swinging back and forth with each pounding stroke of Toms cock their nipples protruding lewdly.

As I watched my husband as his expression changed and his cock erupted into the air spraying cum over his bare stomach and hand coating his fingers. I had never seen his cock look so beautiful I so wished to grab it and suck it clean for him. But I was being fucked good and hard. Tom was pounding me his thighs slapping against my arse with each forceful inward stroke of his cock. My pussy lips where stretched around his shaft gripping it. His pace increased rapidly to a blinding beating of my arse his cock ripping into me. I was in heaven. My pussy was being used by this black man I had barely known a couple of days whilst my husband watched and wanked at the spectacle I was showing him. My fantasy was being fulfilled as Tom pounded and stretched my insides. My head was spinning with desire and the feeling of his cock impaling me.

Tom's voice cried out "Oh Jan" His body tensed and he beat a final blow of his cock deep inside me as he let loose a torrent of cum into me. His ejaculation splashed inside me hot and fast. It was too much for me the sensation of this big black cock filling me with its cum. My orgasm spread through me as I cum on his pumping cock my pussy muscles twitched and gripped at his cock. I had never been so filled and so hot. I was his slut for him to use and cum inside right here in front of my husband. I dropped my head and shook violently collapsing onto the bed crying out in ecstasy. Tom continued his assault on my pussy pumping load after load into me as I convulsed and orgasmed under him and on his spurting cock. He cum so much that I felt it leak from me as he continued fucking his spunk into me. Running down my inner thighs and creaming around my stretched pussy thick and sticky.

There was a silence. I realised that none of us had moved or spoken in a few minutes just the sound of panting. Toms cock had slid from me and I lay in a pool of cum running from my gapping still spasming pussy.

Tom stood and left the room. I looked over to my James. He stood and walked to me I could not move. "I love you darling you have never looked as beautiful as you do right now." He kissed me tasting the cum on my lips, laid down with me and held me. "Am I a slut? I asked" "Shhhh came the reply" I felt his cock slide into my used hole slick with cum and my fluids. Slowly I felt myself contact around his much smaller cock. We were laying there spoon style. James playing and rubbing my breasts. Tom reached the door and stood and watched. I smiled at him as my husband fucked my wet cum filled pussy. Quickly he tensed and cum inside me adding his fluid to the already full load of Tom. I feel to sleep my husband behind me his shrunken emptied cock still inside me. Tom Lay in front of me and held me.

When I woke Tom said we had to get back to the ship. I did not want to go I wanted to stay here with the two of them for ever just fucking and sucking them both. But reality was here and we dressed quickly and drove back to the ship. Tom kissed me and thanked me before going aboard as he could not be seen to be having a relationship with passengers. We got on board and went to our room. Once their James stripped me naked. I was about to take a shower when he said "No" laying me on the bed he lowered his head to my sore used pussy and licked me tasting the salty cum of his and Toms. Turning him around into a 69 position I took his cock in my mouth sucked and wanked him. As I did I told him how good Tom had felt how his cock had filled me so well and how when he cum it felt like a hose going off inside me. Before long thinking about Tom I cum on my husbands tongue grinding my wetness into his face. His balls tensed in my hands and his cock exploded once more into my waiting mouth. Licking and cleaning each other we fell again to sleep.

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