A Dark Desire


"Not Guilty" were the words that emanated from the judges mouth as I sat there before her. Finally, months of court proceedings were over. Now I just had to sign a bunch of records and I would be free to go. Debbie stood up in the court room and began screaming and cursing at me in front of every one. Tears streamed down her face as she continued to scream at me. Her husband Dan tried to calm her down but he had no success. Finally the police officers in the court room took her by her arms and led her out of the court room. Her husband Dan followed her as she continued to scream at me while looking over her shoulder. "Murderer" she kept chanting. "Murderer, murderer, murderer" She continued to scream as she sobbed heavily.

I looked at My wife Deanna and hugged her. I knew what happened was emotional but my wife supported me because she believed in me. It was an accident when I backed out of my driveway that fateful day three months ago. Debbie and Dan's two girls ran behind my car instantly as I began to back out and I just couldn't stop. I cried myself to sleep for several weeks replaying the events that had occurred as I accidentally took the life of two beautiful young girls.

It was a long three months but finally a witness spoke up to support what had actually happened. No matter what I did or where I went after the accident I could not escape Debbie or Dan as they made my life a living hell. I think it was harder on Deanna as her and Debbie were close friends since school. Everywhere I went I had to put up from the verbal abuse from Debbie. I actually believed that she really hated me now. Even her husband Dan would get on my case. Twice he found me when I was outside and alone and he kicked my ass silly. Dan was bigger than me and he just over powered me with every punch he threw.

Each time I received abuse from Debbie and Dan I would turn to my wife for support. As every day went by I began to despise them. I was actually getting very pissed that they were being so mean. Sure I accidentally killed their daughters, but I apologized over and over. No matter what was said in court they didn't believe it. I was innocent. They didn't want to hear that though.

Still after I was found innocent the abuse continued. Deanna suggested that maybe we move out into the country to get away from everyone but I didn't want to. I didn't want to be a baby and run away and hide. I was innocent. I didn't have anything to run and hide from. Day after day I had to hear Debbie's voice screaming at me how she hated me and she wished I would die. She even told me that she would run me over if she ever saw me out while she was driving.

I finally had enough. I couldn't take her anymore. I couldn't take Dan anymore for fear of having the living shit kicked out of me. As I laid in bed at night I began to come up with a plan for revenge. A real bad plan which could possibly land me in a serious shit load of trouble.

I began to watch my neighbors more closely. I began to learn what time Debbie left for work and when she returned home. I did the same for Dan as well. I remembered where Dan worked and I knew there was a very formal event that he and Debbie were going to attend. That's when I was going to get my revenge.

Saturday came and I watched as Dan and Debbie got into their car and leave. I knew they would be coming home before they went to their social engagement. I jumped over the fence and walked through their back yard. I walked up onto their porch and looked around to make sure nobody was watching me. To my luck not a soul was around. I tried the handle to the door but it was locked. I walked over to the window on the porch and pushed the screen up. It rose up without any difficulty and I stepped into their living room. I pulled the screen back down and began to look around. I looked through the living room and kitchen. I went to the room their daughter's shared. Not a thing was touched as everything remained just how the children had left them. Next I walked into Debbie and Dan's bedroom.

Suddenly I heard their car pull up and I heard their car doors slam. I turned quickly and hid in their closet. I could hear their key turning the lock of the back door. I dropped my roll of duct tape so I quickly ran out into the bedroom to pick it up. I scurried back into the closet leaving it open only a crack. I heard the door close and I could hear Debbie and Dan talking. My heart was beating so hard I thought that they would hear it. Sweat began to form on my brow as I knew I was now guilty of breaking and entering. I was already past the point of no return and I knew I had to take care of business.

I was kind of surprised when I heard them talking about me. I heard Debbie that she was afraid that her relationship with my wife was in jeopardy but that she didn't care because her family came first. Then I heard Dan saying how he really wanted to kick my ass again but this time for good. Next I heard the television turn on. Debbie told Dan to watch the game while she showered and got ready for the evening.

Debbie walked into the bedroom and picked up her robe off of her bed and walked back out. I heard the shower running and I knew that she would be returning soon. After about twenty minutes the water shut off and I heard the shower curtain open. A few moments later I heard Debbie walk into her bedroom. Debbie walked over to her dresser which had a large mirror behind it. She flipped on a switch and an overhead light turned on. She stepped into a pair of what looked like three inch slipper heels and sat down on her chair.

I watched through the cracked open closet door as Debbie began to comb through her hair. After an eternity she finally finished. Her hair did look very nice. Next, Debbie stood up and opened her robe. My mouth almost hit the floor of the closet as I saw her breasts naked for the very first time. I was looking at the nicest set of 38d breasts ever. For her being 38 years old she was very well in shape. My eyes continued to scan her naked body from head to toe. Her ass was so sexy as she sat back down into her chair.

I watched as Debbie reached out onto her dresser and picked up a small bottle of what appeared to be some kind of lotion. I watched as she poured only a drop onto her finger. She raised her hand to her breast and began to massage the cream into her nipple and aerola. She did the same to her other breast. As I stared at her hard upturned nipples I noticed that I had something that was beginning to get hard also.

Next I watched as Debbie reached out and picked up a bottle of nail polish. First she began to paint her finger nails a sexy shade of red. She carefully stroked the nail polish brush across her nails. She blew gently on them to assist in the drying process. Next she bent down and began to paint her sexy toe nails. As she bent down she afforded me a fantastic view of her magnificent breasts as they hung down freely. Soon she finished painting all ten of her sexy toes. She just sat there for a few moments to allow the polish to dry.

Debbie got out of her chair and walked over to her dresser. As I continued to peek out of the closet I saw that she had some black material in her hand. Again Debbie returned under the single light that hung down from the ceiling. I watched as she put her arms through the straps of the sheer black lace bra. She seemed so sexy as she tucked her breasts into each cup. She looked at herself in the mirror for a few moments. She turned sideways and looked at her profile. This position gave me a good look at her sexy ass. My cock was throbbing and I wanted nothing more that to release myself and jack off.

Next I watched as Debbie stepped into her garters, positioning the material so it rode high on her sexy slender hips. Again Debbie sat down on her chair. She lifted a foot and stuck her foot into her stocking. "Wow" I thought to myself as I watched her pull on a pair of toeless stockings. She rolled the sheer material up her sexy legs and attached them to her garters. The sight of her naked toes sticking out of those sexy stockings almost caused me to blow a load in my pants.

Debbie again stood up and began to step into her panties. As she pulled them up her long sexy legs I relaxed that she was putting on a thong. I watched as the small strip of material disappeared into her ass crack. Next I watched Debbie get up and walk over to her other closet. She returned to her dresser and took a royal blue blouse off of a hanger. Debbie slid her slender arms through the sleeves and began to button it from the bottom up. She left only the top button unbuttoned. Next Debbie picked up her mini skirt off of the bed and stepped into it. "My god" I thought to myself. "She is so fucking hot." My cock continued to throb as I watched her tuck in her blouse and button and zip her mini skirt.

Again Debbie got up and walked over to her other closet and pulled out a pair of five inch black open toe high heels. She set them down on the floor and stepped into them. She placed the straps around her ankles and then stood up. She looked magnificent. Next she reached onto her dresser and placed a small gold chain around her sexy ankle. She placed a gold rope around her neck and then another chain on her wrist. She continued to adjust herself in front of the mirror and finally she was finished after she sprayed herself with perfume.

"I'm done Dan now come get ready" Debbie shouted. She walked out of her room looking so hot and sexy. As she passed Dan in the hallway I could hear him whistle at her. "Later Danny, Later."

"We don't have time for that right now" Debbie said as she walked into the living room.

Suddenly Dan appeared in the bedroom. My heart began to race. I was startled as I saw Dan walk right towards me. "Oh my god, this must be Dan's closet" I thought. Suddenly the closet door opened. I swung as hard as I could and I plastered Dan right in the face knocking him to the ground. He was almost completely knocked out as I caught him before he made too much noise from falling to the ground.

I dragged Dan over to the king size bed. First I placed duct tape over his mouth to prevent him from screaming. I took the duct tape and taped his wrists together behind his back. Next I taped his ankles together to make sure he couldn't get up. Finally I taped him to the head board poles so he could not escape. Finally I had revenge on Dan. If Dan only knew my revenge was just beginning.

I stepped behind the door as I heard Debbie walking down the hallway towards the bedroom. Debbie walked in and a shrieking scream escaped her mouth. Debbie ran to her husband and that's when I slammed the door shut. I had her trapped now. Debbie froze and spun around. "What the fuck are you doing" Debbie screamed as she reached down to help her poor beaten husband. I walked over to the bed and grabbed her and pulled her away from her poor beaten hubby. "You mother fucking ass hole, what are you doing"

"I hate you, you mother fucker." Debbie screamed. I spun her around and "SMACK." I smacked her right across her face.

Debbie was startled but still continued to scream at me. "I hate you, you mother fucker, I hope you burn in hell you murderer." Again I smacked her across her face. Tears were now streaming down her cheeks. I pulled her over to her dresser where the light hung down from the ceiling. I undid my belt with one hand and pulled it off my waist. Debbie continued to struggle to get away from me. She continued to scream at me swearing the whole time. I pulled her wrists together and wrapped my belt around them tightly. I took the other end of my belt and tied it around the light that hung down from the ceiling. Debbie continued to try to kick me but again I smacked her face.

Debbie was now sobbing heavily as I had her arms completely tied up over her head. She couldn't get away from me. I looked over at Dan and saw the rage in his eyes as he struggled to free himself. I returned to Debbie and again I smacked her face. Finally she stopped screaming because of the pain. She continued to cry as tears dripped off of her cheeks and onto the floor.

I walked behind Debbie and looked at Dan. I lowered my face to Debbie's hair and inhaled. "MMMM Debbie you smell so nice" I said. "Fuck you ass hole" Debbie replied. Again I lowered my head to her hair and I lightly kissed her ear. Debbie began to squirm to free herself. I walked around to the front of her and slapped her face harder. Suddenly Debbie was still. Only the tears from her eyes moved as they rolled off of her cheeks. Again I moved behind Debbie so I could watch her husband. I lowered my head to her neck and pushed her hair aside and I kissed her neck.

"Please don't do this" Debbie begged as she continued to cry. "Oh god no please don't" She cried. Again I kissed her neck and shoulder. I reached around her and placed my hands on her stomach. I began to caress her stomach through her dark blue blouse. I slowly inched my hands higher towards her breasts. I cupped her breasts in each hand and I heard Debbie breathe in sharply. She continued to cry and call me names as I gently cupped and squeezed her breasts. Looking over her shoulder I could see Dan struggling. I actually believed that if he was able to free himself that he would kill me.

I began t kiss Debbie's neck while I fondled her breasts. Debbie continued to cry as I grabbed hold of her blouse in each hand. Suddenly I pulled sharply and all of her buttons popped off. I looked at Dan and saw his rage. Again I reached up and cupped her breasts. I could feel her nipples through the sheer material. I felt them harden in the palm of my hand.

Looking over her shoulder at Dan I asked Debbie "am I turning you on?"

"Fuck you, you mother fucker" Debbie replied. I let go of her left breast and reached up and slapped her face hard. I returned my hand to her breast. "I asked you a question Debbie, am I turning you on?"

"No" Debbie replied. While looking into her husbands eyes I asked "well sweetie, if I am not turning you on then why are your nipples hard?" As I squeezed her breasts I could feel her nipples becoming larger than life.

"Dan" I said. "Am I turning your wife on?" Dan was furious and mumbled through the duct tape that was over his mouth. I moved my fingers towards the hook of her bra which was located in front between her magnificent breasts. I unclasped her bra slowly. I heard Debbie moan softly. "No, please don't do this to me, I am begging you" Slowly I pulled the sheer material away from her breasts causing them to sway with perfect grace.

"Baby I am going to ask you one more time, Am I turning you on?" This time Debbie remained silent as I continued to fondle her now naked breasts. I stroked her hard nipples between my fingers causing them to grow even larger. Looking at her husband I said to him "See Danny boy, I am turning your wife on."

"I bet you don't turn her on like I do" I said as I continued to stare into his eyes while I fondled his wife's breasts. Dan was full of rage He struggled to free himself but to no avail as I used plenty of duct tape to keep him held down.

Next I slid my hands down Debbie's stomach and then down over her hips. I felt the soft stockings that covered her sexy legs. Debbie's breathing was becoming deeper as I continued to caress her thigh's. I slid my hands up her legs over the top of her stockings and under her skirt feeling her hot flesh that was exposed above her stockings. I slid my hand across her ass only briefly. "Please don't do this" Debby screamed as she continued to sob.

I walked around to the front of Debbie as she stood there with her wrists tied to the over head light. Her now buttonless blouse was still on her but completely opened in the front. Her bra too was still on but was unhooked and hanging at her sides. Her breasts with hard nipples were completely exposed to my gaze and her husbands.

I reached out and placed my hands on her sides next to her breasts. I slowly slid my hands down to her hips and then down to her thighs. I continued to slide my hands down her stocking covered legs until I was on my knees in front of her and my hands were on her sexy feet. I took her right foot and lifted it from the floor. "Baby you have such sexy feet." I said. I turned around and looked at her husband.

"Doesn't your wife have sexy feet Dan?" Suddenly a tear fell from Debbie's cheek and landed on her toe as I held her foot out slightly. Her toes looked so sexy as they were completely free of her stocking except for one small strap between her big toe and the second one. I slowly pulled off her sexy five inch heel and lifted her foot to my face. I inhaled the scent of her partially naked and partially stocking clad foot. Her scent was intoxicating. I could see her tear drop that was on her big toe so I opened my mouth and slid my tongue across it to lick up her tear. As my tongue continued to caress her naked toes I looked up and now saw a very different Debbie. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted back a little bit. I began to suck on her toes feverishly. I could hear a slight moan escape her lips. I could feel Debbie pulling her foot from my face. "Please stop it" Debbie said again. I placed her foot back into her sexy shoe and stood up.

Looking at Dan again over his wife's shoulder I said "Has Danny ever loved your feet like that. Debbie stood there silent and motionless. I reached up again while standing behind her and slapped her face again. "I asked you a question bitch, has your husband ever sucked on your toes before?"

"NO NEVER" Debbie screamed. I leaned down and bit her neck. "Am I turning you on Debbie" I asked again as I looked over at her husband. "NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS YOU MOTHER FUCKER" Debbie screamed loudly.

I stepped back a step and lifted Debbie's skirt. Her thong was in her ass crack so I slapped her ass cheeks hard twice. SMACK, SMACK. Again Debbie grew silent but I could hear her breathing was now erratic. I moved closer and reached around and cupped her breasts with both of my hands. "Now Debbie, I want you to look at your husband and tell him that I am turning you on." Debbie stood there silent as her husband struggled to free himself. Slowly I reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt. "PLEASE NO" Debbie moaned as I slowly began to raise her skirt.

"Tell your husband that I am turning you on" I repeated. "Your not, now please stop and let us go" Debbie mumbled. I raised her skirt high enough for her husband to see. I looked over her shoulder at her husband. "Dan if I am not turning your wife on then why are her panties wet? Dan could not deny the fact as he saw first hand how wet the crotch of her thong was. I reached down between Debbie's legs and cupped her wet thong covered mound. I could feel how swelled it was. I could feel her pussy lips through the sheer material. I gently squeezed Debbie's mound causing her to moan loudly. "See Dan, I am turning your wife on."

I reached back behind Debbie's ass and unhooked her skirt and unzipped it. Immediately it fell to the floor at her sexy feet. "NO PLEASE STOP NOW!" Debbie shouted. There stood Debbie in front of her husband only in her thong, stockings and heels. Her blouse and bra were still on as I had no way to take them off without untying her wrists. I didn't want to remove them anyway as they added to my excitement.

I walked around to the front of Debbie and admired her sexy body under the one single light that shone down right on her. I dropped to my knees in front of her. I began to kiss and lick her sexy legs through her stockings inching ever so slowly higher towards her knees. I kissed her thighs as I reached behind them to caress them. I placed my hands so a couple fingers were touching the lace tops of her stockings while a few fingers touched her hot flesh. I was now kissing her inner thigh's. I could smell her musky scent as I looked at her thong covered cunt.

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