A Dark Heart


Oletha lifted his cock and raised herself up on tip toe to press the fat head against her wet pussy. She pushed down and felt him opening her up so sweetly. This is what was meant to be! As he sunk deeper inside the pleasure built until it overwhelmed her control of her leg muscles and she dropped onto his body driving him deep inside her.

"OH! OH... fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck," she muttered to herself as she tried to recover from the burst of bliss. His cock fit her pussy so well! His ridges and bulges caressed her inner surfaces as they were evolved to do. She couldn't recall ever feeling this full or sex feeling this good! "I think I'm going to have to keep you all to myself. This is too good to share!" she sighed.

Nate's mind was sensation. Nothing else existed. Sex had never felt like this before! There was the oddest echo effect where he moved, feeling his own pleasure, then hers would crash through him a split second later in response to his moving. It made him want to move more but he had very little control over that, chained down as he was.

"No, no, no... we're going slow. I set the pace. We'll make this last all night!" she purred.

She leaned forward and rested her palms on his chest as she rocked her hips, enjoying the sparks passing back and forth between them.

Nate was going insane. It felt so good but she was being such a tease when there were so many stronger sensations to experience. Besides, he couldn't be here all night! Jo was waiting for him.

"Kiss me!" he begged.

Smiling, Oletha slowly leaned forward over his body, bringing more and more of her skin into contact with his. All that extra surface area in contact meant more delicious sparks passing between them.

When her mouth found his she kissed him almost desperately, thrusting her tongue into his mouth only to find it wrestling with his equally bold tongue.

She was completely unprepared when he arched his back and flung his wings out, only to wrap them around her to hold her tight against his body. It felt odd to Nate, having a second set of arms, but they reacted and felt like arms so he'd make use of them. He pushed their ache from his mind as he clung to her as tightly as he could.

"Wha-" she gasped then her jaw dropped open as Nate used his hips to drive his cock up into her at an almost brutal pace. Their bodies slapped together faster and faster.

"Nate! Sto- Fuck! Wait! Ahhh! Gah- FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!!!" she babbled as intense spikes of bliss stabbed through them both.

He couldn't have stopped himself had he wanted to. His body was like a runaway train, desperate to reach its destination. He felt her body reacting the same way only her pleasure was coming off the rails.

"AAAAAAAHHHH! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK! CUM! CCUUUMMMIIINNNGG! NNNNNAAAATTTEEEE, FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMEEEEE!!!" she screamed, overwhelmed by the sudden explosion of pleasure. He gasped as his release raced up only to crash over his senses.

He held her against his body as tightly as he could with his sore wings and felt his hot cum firing into her again and again.

Oletha's eyes flew wide as she felt him filling her depths with his essence. While she was expecting that, she wasn't expecting the wild magic in his cum or how its energy was explosively spreading outwards from her core to saturate every cell in her body. Succubi and Incubi cannot feed from each other! That was a universal truth, except for this moment, right now, when she was being energized at the level she'd never felt before and still he pumped his wild magic into her body. She began to feel oversaturated by the abundance of energy pouring into her.

"Stop! You have... to stop! It's... too much!" she cried weakly as her muscle tone collapsed.

He caught the panic in her voice and roughly pulled free, splashing the final two shots onto her ass.

As they breathed heavily, Nate relaxed his wings, letting them expand out to rest on the floor. She sagged on his chest and slipped into an exhausted sleep. Her glamor snapped back into place and he found himself covered by a fully clothed human. He suddenly realized her clothes were part of her glamor!

Nate was wide awake and his mind was buzzing. He cautiously looked at her and... no allergic reaction. Her exhaustion was a surprise but thankfully not such a traumatic effect.

He had so many questions, but Oletha wasn't the question answering type of woman it seemed, as seen by his shackles. So, first things first, the chains needed to go.

He discovered he could just reach the satchel with the clawed finger on his left wing if he stretched it out to its fullest extension. He slowly and quietly dragged the bag closer until he could get his shackled left hand into the bag. He encountered a keychain clipped to a ring just inside the lip so he carefully unclipped it and used his wing once more to lift the keys up so he could look at them. He spotted the cuff key and moved the ring back to his hand. Working from touch alone he finally managed to get the key into the cuff and popped it loose. The freed chains hit the floor and he froze but Oletha remained asleep. He transferred the key to his other wing and moved it to his right hand to repeat the action of unlocking the cuff. Again the chain fell with a loud noise but the woman on his chest didn't react at all. She just continued to breathe deeply.

Moving slowly, he shifted to the side and moved her to the leather surface of the bench as he eased himself off and undid the remaining cuffs. Finally he was standing next to the sleeping woman free of his restraints. He considered putting the cuffs on her but he didn't feel comfortable with the idea.

He looked down at his... alien body which felt so... comfortable. Even his wings. It all just felt right! This was... who he was.

While he still had many questions, Nate had the answer to one of his biggest. He now knew why all his relationships ended as they had and it wasn't a happy answer at all. He was the source of their change and that made him feel ill.

He also understood what it meant. While his heart still longed to find a lifelong mate, it wouldn't, couldn't be with a human woman. He could have sex with them once or twice, and it seemed he needed to do that to feed, but it would never be for love. That... hurt.

But there was some relief in his discovery as well. One of the things that troubled him was something his circle of friends actually envied. They'd called him Don Juan, Casanova, and one friend even called him 'a black Hugh Hefner'. He wasn't sure what to make of that last comparison.

To him, his behavior had always seemed like fickleness. He moved from woman to woman like a honeybee to flowers. He'd despised that about himself before, but now he understood. It was the nature of an Incubus. It was how they fed... how he fed!

Still, the longing for a soul mate lingered. Perhaps it was from his upbringing. His adoptive parents were a perfect example of a happily married couple. He probably got this desire from them- He blinked as he wondered if his adopted parents were... no. He smiled as he recalled his mother's favorite Chanel perfume and that awful cologne his dad wore. Definitely human.

He looked back at the sleeping woman on the bench. For a life partner, he supposed a succubus was an option but clearly not this one. She was just too... possessive. Truthfully, she intimidated the fuck out of him. He had her scent though so maybe he could find another.

He flexed his wings and shuddered at the pain so he tucked them back in against his back and sighed in relief as the load reduced considerably. He'd have to exercise them to build their strength up. He wasn't sure how he was going to do that if he had to keep it secret. He believed Oletha's warning that he would be killed if anyone found out. So much for showing up at Hallowe'en parties as his true self!

Taking a deep breath he turned his mind to more immediate concerns. His next task was to get back to his human disguise. He closed his eyes and recalled the action of tripping the... spell? Shit, magic, that was another hard to accept concept.

Ah, there it was. He pushed and felt it snap into place. He looked human again... but naked. He frowned. He looked to Oletha. She obviously knew how to include clothing in the switch but he wasn't going to try to wake her to ask. If the spell was just an illusion why did his change destroy his clothes? Fuck! He needed answers but he'd have to wait.

He gathered up the tatters of his clothes and put them back on. He looked like an extra in a post-apocalyptic zombie movie.

Steeling himself he walked over to the curtain and took a deep breath. This was the last hurdle. What did she say? Ah, right. The moment he accepted what he was, the curtain would let him pass. Did he? He couldn't deny the fact that he wasn't just a human male anymore. He placed his palm on the soft surface and tried to relax.

"I'm an Incubus."

The curtains rigidity vanished and he gently swept his hand to the side and stepped through the gap.

His cellphone was still in the basket so that went into an intact pocket and he made his way through the dim rooms to the velvet rope leading back into the special presentation gallery. Acting like he belonged there he calmly unhooked the rope to enter then walked into the room. The presentation hall had much fewer guests now but those remaining were looking at him in curiosity and amusement. He ignored them and spotted Jo with the attractive model type she'd been talking to before he left with Oletha. He suddenly wondered how long he'd been in there.

The dark skinned beauty leisurely glanced in his direction and froze as she saw him walking towards them. Her eyes narrowed and he suddenly got the impression that she and Oletha might have been working together to separate him from Jo. He watched the beauty turn to Jo and say a few words. Then she was striding away on her long legs towards the velvet rope. Well, that answered that question.

He inhaled deeply as she passed and hastened his step as she smelled nothing like a Succubus. Her scent raised the hairs on the back of his neck. He looked back at her and she was giving him a puzzled look as she reached the rope. Her eyes suddenly gleamed oddly in the reflected light of the red exit sign and he was immediately reminded of cat's eyes. Another chill ran down his back.

"What the hell happened to your clothes?" Jo asked with an annoyed expression.

His mouth opened then closed with a frown. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He needed to distract her. "What's up with you being all flirty with the hot model?"

Jo gave him a grumpy pout. "I almost had her agree to have a threesome with Bev and I, but you drove her off."

He glanced back over his shoulder. "You were better off without her."

"Are you kidding me? She was totally hot and it sounded like she was into some pretty freaky shit!" Jo lamented.

Nate felt an uncomfortable twinge. "I'm sure she was," he said distractedly then gave his head a shake. "Can we leave?"

"Yeah, fine," she sighed.

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "I wouldn't have guessed that Bev would be into a threesome."

Jo looked away as they walked. "Yes, well... I guess we'll never know now."

They collected their coats and Jo's backpack from the coat check. Nate was grateful for the coat due to his new ventilation. Then he realized he wasn't actually cold. He knew it was cold but... he didn't feel it. Troubled by this latest discovery, he waited for Jo to put her art pad back into the backpack and sling it up onto her back. They were both lost in thought as they left the building.

Outside, they saw the rain had stopped but their breath puffed out as steam in the chill night air.

As they stood on the top step they noticed an old woman climbing up towards them. All she was wearing on this chilly October night was an old, worn Slavic peasants dress and an angry scowl. She kept her eyes on Nate as she climbed, ignoring Jo entirely.

When she reached the step below Nate's, the ancient woman stopped to peer closely at him as he looked back with raised eyebrows.


As the grumpy and disappointed old woman climbed back down the stairs, Jo's mouth was open with delighted mirth and her eyes were almost tearing with suppressed laughter. She covered her mouth with her hands but a burst of laughter finally escaped.

Nate gave her a dirty look. "Man! Only in New York," he griped.

Dropping her hands Jo beamed a wide smile at him. "The night is young and so are we. What shall we do now?"

He opened his jacket to show off his tattered clothes. "Well, I'm in a zombie costume already. Why don't we head over to Jillian's party?"

Jo's eyes widened. "You got an invite to Jillian Barrow's Hallowe'en party and you dragged me to this crappy art gallery?!? You bastard!"

He cracked a grin then rolled his eyes with fake weariness. "Ok, fine you can come along too."

She grabbed his hand and dragged him down to street level to catch a cab, excitement in her eyes.

"Wait, what's your costume?" he asked.

She hooked a thumb towards her backpack. "Starving Artist!"

"Ahhh! Clever."

She did a little curtsy to accept his praise then continued to wave her arm to attract a cab. As she did, she glanced at him. "Seriously though, how did you get an invite to the boss lady's exclusive annual par-tay?"

Nate shrugged. "She liked our work on the Evan's campaign and... liked how I fit the khakis I wore on the day we presented it."

Jo's eyes widened and she burst out in a loud laugh. That seemed to catch the eye of a passing taxi as it screeched to a halt. They jumped in. Glancing at his phone Nate gave the driver the address of the closest 24/7 drug store and they screeched away from the curb. He'd give him the address to the party after he'd picked up some protection. He wasn't going to take any chances with 'frail humans'.

Jo leaned in close with a wicked grin. "So tonight with Jillian, are you going for 'Trick' or 'Treat'?"

He looked down at his clothes and thought he'd already had quite enough 'Trick'.

He also realized he was damn hungry.

"Treat. Definitely treat."

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Cool story - it begs to be continued....

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Great Story!

No need to wait for Halloween. More of this story will be very welcomed.


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Good story

Great story. I would like to see more about him and find out why his mind was bound.

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I love this universe

I love this universe!!! I can't wait till more posts with Baba Yaga are posted. I can't wait I'm so excited, I'm a big fan, keep it up!!!

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This is great.

I don't understand the negativity in the comments. Maybe from folks who have never read a BurntRedStone entry before . But to the supposed other "fans", how was this not cohesive? It's just a short Halloweenmore...

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