tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Dark Surprise Ch. 01

A Dark Surprise Ch. 01


You are jolted awake by the force of what must be a very big or at least freakishly powerful unknown man slapping his pelvis against your bare ass. His weight is extremely heavy against you – it feels like he's compressing your entire body each time he lowers himself brutally down on you; you feel him use his entire sweaty body to fuck you as hard as he can. The slapping against your bare ass is so hard you can actually feel it more than the cock inside you. The continuous slapping noises of his pelvis slamming into your ass, which is slightly elevated by the old pillow you feel unevenly shoved under your stomach, are surprisingly loud. Flat on your face you begin to slowly become aware of your surroundings. You're face down on an uncovered mattress. The material is scratchy on your cheek, forehead and nose. The room is fairly dark but you make out the only thing between you and the cold concrete floor is this thin mattress. With every thrust you're reminded how your body, not bedsprings, are taking the brutal pounding of the stranger behind you. Judging by the sweat you feel dripping on the small of your back, he must have been fucking you like this for some time. How could you have been out of it that long?? The mattress irritates your face and you start to turn your head. Without delay you hear a voice behind you, "She's waking up! Go back to fucking sleep you whore!!" and with that you feel a strong slap in the face, followed by a dull thump to the back of your head.

You wake up you have no idea how much later. You slowly open one eye and look before opening the second, scanning the room for him. Looks to be clear. You look around the room, and realize your neck is sore as you try to look down toward your feet. There is light coming in from the only small window you can see. Obviously a basement. Your eyes confirm what you already felt as soon as you woke up. Your wrists and ankles are bound in rope. The knots are extremely tight, you quickly discover, and this isn't ordinary rope. It reminds you of something a crewman would have tied up his anchor with on an old ship. Heavy duty and not very comfortable. You try twisting your wrists but the burn is almost instant. That's not going to work.

You remember what you think could have easily been a dream – the weight and sounds of a powerful man slamming his cock inside you as hard and fast as he could with no regard for you. But it was real you quickly affirm – you can feel how swollen your pussy is – evidently it wasn't a small cock but you don't quite remember it – you just remember the noise and the pressure and you can feel even now how your ass is sore just laying down in bed. As you bring your chin down to examine your body, even in the faint light you can see what appears to be dried cum all over your tits, your stomach, and you can feel it on your inner thighs. He must have been doing this for a while.

You hear a noise up stairs.

"Shit!" you think – your heart gets a wake up call and starts to race. You struggle with your restraints, but again the ropes are just too tight and it's clear you aren't going anywhere. "Who the fuck would do this? How the fuck did I get here??"

The basement door opens. You instantly close your eyes and try to calm your breathing but you're almost positive he can hear your heart pounding in your chest.

You hear him walk down the stairs. Each step growing more loudly. His steps are so deliberate it almost sounds like he's stomping – you quickly glance over to catch a glimpse of the stairs to see his body from the waist down. You instantly notice the camouflage pants and the military boots. With this next step you turn back away, closing your eyes, pretending to be asleep.

You hear him walk up on you. You hear him breathing. He knows you're awake. You hear a "clank" beside you as he tosses down a plate on the table next to you.


You lay motionless, scared.


You open your eyes to see a man in a ski mask pushing a half of sandwich up to your mouth. He smashes it on your face until you relent and open your mouth and begin to hungrily take bites, chewing and swallowing as fast you can.


He pulls away the crusts before starting to pour a glass of water down your throat. You drink, realizing how thirsty you are, when you start to think "crap this may be how he's drugging me!!" The thought causes you to shut your mouth and you feel the luke warm water pour down the sides of your face.

"Fine don't drink. I don't give a shit."

He looks down into your eyes, cruely, through his ski mask. Despite all of this, you can't help but notice how incredibly muscular his uncovered chest is – perfect abs, and your favorite, huge, tan arms. Both heads of his triceps clearly visible, biceps look like they're full of blood even when they're not flexed. His entire upper body is just ripped. As you look down, you can see how thick his thighs are under his camos. This guy just looked powerful and you actually find yourself a little turned on, laying completely exposed and helpless, naked, covered in the cum of things he has already done to you. You start to think again about the pounding and glance down just for a second at his crotch, looking for a bulge, some hint of the cock that fucked you. He doesn't miss anything.

"Hah! I saw that! Despite all this you're still trying to eyeball my dick!! He said you were a whore deep down. Guess he was right. Lucky me!"

Wait what did he say? Who's he?? Someone else is involved in this?

Your thoughts are interrupted by his voice.

"You want to see my dick? Fine. I'll be back.

You can sense the shitty smile under the mask. Your heart starts to pound again not knowing what he's going to do.

He turns his back and walks over to a dark corner of the basement. You can't see exactly what he's doing but you're again distracted by how muscular he is – your eyes are captivated looking at the muscles in his back, shoulders and arms. Your eyes lower to see his round ass under his pants. You're guessing it's solid muscle as well.

He turns around walking back toward you. You realize again that you're completely naked and vulnerable, not being to cover up anything. Not able to move.

As he comes more into the light you see he's carrying a wash basin with a wet towel draped over the side. You look down at the dried cum covering your upper body and thighs. He sees you glancing down.

"What you think I'm coming over here to wash you? Hah – that's funny. Not a chance! Why would I clean off such a work of art? No I'm afraid you will continue to be cum on for the indefinite future and I can assure you it's not getting cleaned off. I want to be sure you can still smell it..."

You look back at the wash basin.

"That's right – it's time for YOU to clean ME. You are going to learn to worship my body. It starts with cleaning me – every INCH of me until you know my body's every part and it stays in your head, even when I go upstairs. The thought of my body is going to turn you on when I'm not here and all you can think of is me, and all you can smell or see is my drying cum on you after each session. It will become an obsession for you and you will come to look forward to the things I do to you."

He pushes the plate to the side, setting the basin down on the table. He leans in over you reaching for your right hand, placing his crotch within a foot of your face as he bends over. You feel the ropes around your right wrist start to loosen and you quickly free your hand. You're tempted to punch him in the groin, but knowing you're still restrained and knowing, at least in part, his strength, you decide against it.

He moves to your left wrist, freeing it as well. You bring your hands together, wringing off the itchiness of the marks left by the rope.

"Sit up!"

You do as you're told, your ankles still bound and legs still spread wide. He bends down to take off his boots before climbing onto the mattress, standing with his back toward you. He fiddles with something in front of his pants and without warning they fall to his ankles. As he steps out of them you are face to face with his tan ass. You were right – it's solid muscle. You can see the striations as he kicks his pants off to the side. He sits down between your legs, the top of his ass just inches from your exposed pussy. You can actually feel the heat.

"Now wash!"

You reach over to the table, turning at the waist, dipping the towel in the warm water, squeezing it out, before resting it on his neck. You begin to wash his neck, his upper back, his shoulders. As you work the towel over his muscles, your eyes follow, tracking and taking in his perfect body. To keep yourself sitting upright, you reach forward to grab one his shoulder, your hand finding his huge trap extending from his neck. You are amazed at how absolutely hard it is; you've never felt muscles like this and your primal instinct reacts as you find yourself scooting an inch down toward him, resting your slightly moist cunt on the warmth of his upper back. You feel your pussy twitch instantly.

As you continue to wash him and work his way to his huge arms, you find yourself gripping and squeezing them as you notice yourself slowly starting to grind your pussy into his lower back, at the very top of his ass. You re-wet the towel and wrap your hands around his broad body to his chest. As you work your way down to his rock hard stomach you start grinding faster into this back. Finding yourself fully wet at this point you notice the change in your breathing and drop the towel entirely. You begin just running your hands over his chest, his abs, grinding faster into him. Dry humping this huge piece of muscle sitting between his legs, your body starts to subtly shake as you feel an intense orgasm coming on. He senses it too and starts to push back into you. When he does your body explodes and you cry out as you try to squeeze your thighs around him and are reminded of the rope binding on your ankles. You are surprised at yourself as you feel your body shudder with aftershocks.

"Pick it up! Pick up the fucking towel!"

You quickly regather your wits and reach down to find the towel draped over his erect cock.


You instinctively start to stroke his cock through the towel and can't believe how rock hard it is – it perfectly fits your hand as you wrap your fingers around it, your thumb and middle finger barely touching. Before you can get in a rhythm he violently grabs your wrist, pushing the towel in your hand down to his balls, and you begin to gently rub them, feeling the weight of both as they rest in your hand before moving to his inner thighs.

You work your way back up to his dick and can't believe how turned on you are, having not seen his cock but stroking it all the while, having no idea what his face looks like, who he is, or where you are.

Before you can ponder further, he starts to lean forward as he stands up in front of you. You let your hand fall away.

"I didn't fucking say stop. Now clean my ass...and my dick!"

You know exactly what he's asking for with no further explanation and find yourself willingly shoving your face between his firm ass cheeks, burying your tongue greedily in his asshole as you reach around and grab his perfect dick and start to stroke it, letting the towel drop. You feel the warmth of his dick in your hand for the first time without the towel and you become aware of how sopping wet your cunt is as you continue to lick his ass, stroking his cock faster and faster.

"That's right whore clean my asshole. Stroke that fucking cock."

You squeeze his dick harder in your hand and you are again amazed at how truly rock hard it is – you squeeze even harder and it doesn't give even a little. You pump your hand up and down as you feel his ass cheeks start to squeeze rhythmically around your face.

Without warning he turns around and for the first time you're face to face with his dick. He slaps your hand away, grabbing a fistful of your hair, as his other hand starts to vigorously stroke his own dick, pulling your face close so the head until his cock is right in front of your eyes. He wipes some precum on your cheek and pulls back as you see a thin line of cum extending from your face up to his cock.

"Here it cums, bitch!"

You hear him let out a slight grown and close your eyes as you feel his hot cum shoot all over your face. One, two, three, four shots. He grabs the back of your head tighter and pushes the gooey head of his dick all around your face, spreading the cum evenly over you, leaving your entire face glazed. Your nostrils feel violated with the pungent smell of his semen. As you start to open your eyes you look up at his towering over you, tan, his dick glistening in the light. You look up further to him glaring at you through his mask with a piercing look before he takes a hand and shoves you back down on the mattress by your face. Without saying a word, he proceeds to tie you back up; you don't really even protest or fight. You're too horny having not cum a second time. Your pussy is throbbing and you can feel the wetness running down the bottom of your ass crack as he stands up, and without saying a word, grabs his pants and boots and walks away. You glance over to see his muscular ass retreating and heading back upstairs, leaving you panting, beyond horny, with your pussy twitching. You start picturing your captor back in front of you, picturing his rock hard cock in your face. You'd give anything to turn over, call him back down, to show him how you've jacked your ass up begging him to brutally fuck your cunt. Like a dog on all fours. In heat. Needing his cock.

Guess he was right; he is getting into your head.

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