tagErotic HorrorA Dark Taste of Paradise Ch. 02

A Dark Taste of Paradise Ch. 02


Samantha sat up in bed with a start. The shrill cries of a Lizard-Cuckoo echoing from the nearby forest interrupted what she imagined to be the best, most restful sleep she had experienced in some time. Raising her arms high above her body to stretch, Sam let out a deep yawn. As she did, the sheet she had been holding over her shoulders fell to her lap, exposing her breasts to the warmth of the day. A breeze blowing in from the ocean filled her room with the salty, crisp smell of the ocean. Sam inhaled deeply, allowing the salty sea air to fill her lungs. As she exhaled, she closed her eyes and fell back onto the bed with a satisfied grin on her face.

As she lay there, Samantha took a mental inventory of the events of the previous night. Meeting Lucy, swimming in the pond, the cavern...

And Carlos.

The thought of Carlos, and the things he did to her, flooded her senses. At once, she could see his naked body in the water. She could feel the soreness between her legs from his large cock.

And his taste.

"Oh yes," she said to herself as she ran her hands along her body, "I can still certainly taste you."

Samantha opened her eyes and forced herself out of the bed. Judging by the amount of light flooding the room, it was well past morning. A robe hung from the corner of a chair next to her bed. Sam slipped her arms through the sleeves and walked out onto the balcony. The sun was high in the air and the sounds of laughter and splashing could be heard below. Samantha leaned over the railing and surveyed the scene below.

As she expected, there were perhaps twenty people in or around the pond. Unlike the day before, nobody was wearing clothes today. Men and women of all ages mingled unashamedly naked. Near the entrance to one of the grottos, Sam could see a couple holding each other closely. The woman had her arms wrapped around her man's neck, and her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. Sam couldn't see the woman's face, but the gentle motion of their bodies in the water told her everything she needed to know. What is it about this place, she wondered to herself jokingly.

A dull pain in her wrist caught Sam by surprise. Looking down she saw the faintest tinge of purple under her skin. She turned her arm to see that the bruise went completely around her wrist. At first she was confused, but the events of the previous night brought her back into focus.

Carlos had grabbed her by the wrist when she tried to join Lucy and Julia in their grotto. She knew he grabbed her with enough force to stop her, but to leave a bruise so quickly concerned her. She moved her wrist and wriggled her fingers, searching for any increase in pain, but she found none.

Julio yelled up at Samantha from below.

"Good afternoon, Miss Samantha. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, I slept great Julio, thank you!"

"Are you hungry? Would you like anything to drink?"

At the mention of food Sam's stomach suddenly grumbled loudly.

"Yes please, I'm starving!"

"Ok ma'am, I will have some food brought to your room. And to drink? Perhaps a pitcher of sangria?"

"Yes, that would be wonderful!"

Julio nodded with a smile and whisked himself inside to carry out his task.

Sam left the balcony and walked to the bathroom where she found her phone sitting by the sink. Touching the screen, she was surprised to find that she had more than a dozen missed messages, and almost as many missed calls from her mother.

"What the fuck mom," she said, "I told you I'd call...you...wait...what...the fuck?"

A look of surprise and shock overtook Samantha's face as she looked at the date on the phone screen. It was Tuesday.

Samantha had arrived at the house on Sunday afternoon. It was early Monday morning when Carlos had told her, ordered her, to go to her room and get sleep.

Samantha had been asleep for well over a twenty-four hours. Suddenly the swell of texts and missed called made sense. She had promised her mother that she would call her every day to check in, and apparently she had slept completely through a day. Sam pressed the info button on the top of her screen which brought up her mother's contact information. As she hit the call button there was a knock on the door. Before she could make it a step to the door her mother answered.

"Hey mom. Yeah, I...Yes, I..."

Sam walked quickly and opened it to find Julio standing there with a large tray of food. Other people stood behind him.

"Mom, hold on...I'm fine mom..."

Wordlessly, Sam motioned him inside and walked out towards the balcony. She motioned Julio outside and pointed to the table. Julio understood and brought the large tray out to her. Another man followed him with a large pitcher of sangria, a bucket of ice and a glass. Sam continued to pace around the balcony, trying to get a word in to her mother.

"I know mom, I...Yes I know you were..."

Another man came into the room with two large suitcases. The sight of this stopped Samantha in her tracks.

"Mom, hold on...Mom...Let me call you back."

Sam hit the end button on her phone before her mother could object. Quickly she walked back into her room.

"Julio? What is this? How did you get the rest of my things?"

Julio didn't say a word, but quietly handed her an envelope. Sam took it from him and turned it over. Her name was written on the front in beautiful lettering.

"What is this?" She asked. Julio remained silent.

She opened the envelope and pulled out a single piece of paper. Unfolding it she found a letter written in the same elegant lettering.


I am very glad that you accepted my offer to visit my little slice of cielo. My cousin Carlos is also apparently very delighted. I don't know what you did to him, but he won't stop talking about you. Unfortunately, I have been forced to send him away for business, but he should be back in a week. He has asked that you stay at the home and await his return. I've taken the liberty of having your luggage brought to you. I've settled your account at the hotel, and your money should be deposited back into your account soon. I've also taken the liberty of having your rental car returned and all charges refunded as well. If you need to be taken anywhere, Julio will drive you. If you decide that you do not want to stay, simply let Julio know. He will take you to the airport and my private plane will take you wherever you desire. Of course, my cousin would be very upset if you did. If you do decide to stay, then the house and all of its amenities are yours to use. If you want anything, simply let Julio know.

Enjoy Cielo,


Sam stared at the letter for a few moments with a stunned look on her face. Then she looked at Julio, who continued to stand there silently smiling. She then returned her gaze to the letter, then finally back to Julio.

"How...how did she do all this?"

"Oh, I can assure you Miss Samantha, Madam Dayanara can be extremely...persuasive."

"But, she got all these people to refund my money?"

"Is that what the letter says?"


"Then rest assured, Miss Samantha, it is done. Is there anything that I can do for you at this time?"

Samantha simply stood there, a blank look on her face.

"Miss Samantha?"

"Sam," she replied, "call me Sam."

"Ok, Sam. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"No," Sam replied as she slowly turned and walked back out to the balcony. As she walked the letter slipped from her hand and fell to the ground. Reaching the table she scooped a large helping of ice into her glass and filled it with sangria. Sam brought the glass to her lips and drank half the glass. Pulling the chair away from the table, Sam sat down and placed her feet on the table. She set the glass back down and let her head fall back, closing her eyes to think.

A flood of thoughts filled Sam's mind. This is crazy, she thought. Why had Carlos arranged all of this? The sex was...well, the sex was fucking amazing, she admitted to herself. But what about Julia? What was she going to say? For that matter, would Julia even care? She sure didn't seem to mind when Carlos took her to his own grotto. Of course, she was having her own fun with Lucy...

Sam brought her head up and looked into her room. Julio was still standing there.

"Julio, is Lucy still here?"

"Lucy? Oh, your friend from the other night? Oh no, Miss Sam, I'm afraid she's left already."

Damn, Sam thought to herself as she let her head fall back again. She would've loved to spend more time getting to know her. She hadn't even exchanged contact information with her. Sam let her feet fall from the other chair and stood up, grabbing her glass as she walked to the railing. As she peered out at the ocean in the distance, Sam weighed her options. She had no reason to hurry home. Apparently she was being allowed to stay as long as she wished. And what would she be rushing home to? A failed marriage? The inevitability of having to find a job? Looking out over the lush tropical landscape and the ocean beyond, Sam knew that she would probably never visit a place as wonderful and mysterious as this. Turning, Sam downed the remainder of her drink and set the glass down on the table.


"Yes ma'am?"

"How often does this happen? I mean, does Carlos have guests stay like this a lot?"

"Oh no," Julio replied, "This has never happened before. We get many visitors, but no one stays more than a day or two."

"Why is that?"

"Well, Madame Dayanara prefers...variety."

"Variety?" Sam asked.

"Yes ma'am, we usually don't allow guests to stay longer than two nights. Madame Dayanara's rule."

"But she's ok with me staying as long as I like?"

"Yes ma'am. In fact, she wished for me to tell you that she would be very delighted if you were to accept her offer. She told me that she hadn't seen her cousin this happy in many, many years. If you should choose to stay, then I am to answer to you, and to you alone." Julio took a business card from his shirt pocket and handed it to Sam. It was almost blank except for a single phone number. "This is my personal number. If you need anything, at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me. Day or night."

A slight blush fell over Sam's face. She was certainly not expecting this level of accommodation from Julio.

"There's one more thing, Miss Sama...Sam. A gift for you from Carlos."

Julio handed Sam a small, ornate wooden box. A small clasp held it closed. When she unhooked the clasp and opened the box, she let out a slight gasp.

On a bed of blue satin lay a luxurious golden necklace. At the bottom of the necklace was a gold amulet, slightly larger than a silver dollar. The bottom of the amulet was ordained with a design that resembled a pair of bird's wings. Above the wings, where the birds head would be, sat a large red ruby. A second, smaller ruby rested at the bottom of the medallion, clutched in the talons of the bird.

"It's...beautiful." Sam said.

"It is, isn't it?" Julio said approvingly. "Carlos wished for you to have this. It is a symbol of his family line. Please wear it at all times."

A surprised look fell upon Samantha's face. "I'm sorry, but why?"

"My dear, Madam Daya has many guests at her home, and some of them are quite powerful. None as powerful as her, of course. Nonetheless, those guests that matter will recognize this necklace and they will give you the respect that is owed to a family guest."

"But what if they don't recognize it?"

"My dear," Julio said with a grin, "if they do not recognize the necklace, then they truly do not matter. Those who do not matter are not here long enough to be a concern. Now, is there anything I can do for you before I take my leave?"

"Yes," she responded as she handed the box to Julio, "will you put this on for me?" Sam turned and lifted her hair off of her neck.

Julio removed the necklace from the box and unhooked the clasp. He walked up behind Sam and placed the necklace around her neck. When he latched the clasp together Sam let her hair fall down around her shoulders, and she turned to the mirror to admire her new gift. The amulet looked as though it were made just for her. The size was not too large, but not too small. As she admired the image in the mirror she allowed her fingers to trace the chain from her neck until her fingers passed over the ruby. As soon as she touched the stone she felt a sensation surge through her body. It was a feeling of...belonging. She belonged to Carlos. Not a physical belonging, as though she were his property. It was an emotional feeling. She couldn't understand how it was that she felt this way about a man that she barely knew, but as her finger traced the outline of the stone, she realized that she didn't care.

Samantha went onto the balcony and turned the water on in the shower. Untying the knot on the robe, she let it fall to the floor. The sun was making its way closer to the horizon, but the warmth still felt good on her naked skin. She knew that she could be seen by the people below, but she no longer cared. With the amulet around her neck she felt confident. She felt powerful. But mostly, she felt protected. Sam felt as though she could leap from the balcony, and somehow, someway, Carlos would magically appear from thin air to catch her.

After a long shower, Samantha selected a sundress that matched her new jewelry, and then she proceeded out of her room and down to the bar. A different bartender was working tonight, a short stocky man that she had never seen before. After a moments thought, Sam decided to go easy tonight, and she ordered a gin and tonic. The bartender did not say a word, but simply nodded his head and walked away. A few seconds later, he reappeared with her drink in hand. Before Sam could say a word about her tab, he turned again and walked away.

"Forget it sweetie," a woman's voice from behind said, "you should know that your money is no good here now."

Sam did not need to turn around to recognize the woman's voice. A smile formed on her lips as she felt Julia's hand glide softly from Sam's right shoulder, along her back then coming to a rest on her left shoulder. The softness of her touch caused goosebumps to form on Sam's back and arms. Without saying a word, Julia moved Sam's hair off her shoulder and leaned in to give her a soft kiss on the neck. The touch of Julia's lips on Sam's neck caused a stirring in other, deeper places.

Julia sat at the empty chair next to Sam. Without having to say a word, the bartender quietly walked up and placed a glass of crimson red liquid on the bar in front of her. Julia gave him a courteous nod, which he responded to in kind before disappearing once again into his work. Julia closed her eyes and lifted the glass to her nose, inhaling a deep breath. When the fragrance hit her, she let out a small shudder of satisfaction before she brought the glass to her lips. Julia downed the drink in one quick swallow. A small bead of liquid escaped Julia's lips and trickled down to her chin. Julia scooped it up quickly with a finger and licked it off, relishing the flavor. Sam watched this with a mixture of curiosity and desire.

Jesus, she thought, she even makes drinking look seductive. For a fleeting moment, Sam thought that the liquid bore a striking resemblance to blood.

When Julia finally opened her eyes, Sam swore to herself that she could see a hint of the red flames that she saw that night with Carlos. When Julia blinked her eyes, the red was gone, replaced by a deep blue.

Julia looked down at the amulet around Sam's neck. A satisfied grin appeared on her face as she traced the chain along Sam's neck.

"So, my love, I see that you had quite the effect on my lover?"

A sudden rush of embarrassment washed over Sam as her face turned a deep shade of red. Sam tried to look away, but Julia placed her hand on her chin and turned her back so that their eyes met once again.

"My love, really, you have nothing to be ashamed of. The fun that Carlos and I enjoy is simply that, fun. We amuse ourselves while we wait for new ways to satisfy our...appetite. But for Carlos to give you this," Julia said as her finger ran down to trace the outline of the amulet, "this is serious. You have certainly left an impression. Just like I'm sure he left an impression in you."

"What is so important about this amulet?" Sam asked.

"My dear, among our circles, Carlos is a very powerful man. He commands respect wherever he goes. This amulet signifies that you are his equal. You are to be his."

"And what if I don't want to be his?" Sam asked.

"Did Madame Dayanara tell you that you are free to leave if you wish?"

"Yes, she did."

"Yet you're still here?"

"Yes, it appears so."

"My dear," Julia said, "You want to be his."

Sam sat back in her stool as the reality of what she was doing hit her. Yes, she did want to be his. She could not understand why, but she felt it. Deep in her soul. She did want to be his. She needed to be his.

Sam turned back to Julia. "Uh, one other question. You said 'among our circles'. What circles are those?"

"Oh, my dear, I think that is something that Carlos will tell you all about when the time is right."

"What are you guys like the mafia or something?"

Julia tilted her head back in a loud laugh. "Oh no, my love, we are nothing like that. The mafia has nothing on us, believe me!"

Suddenly Samantha began to wonder in what she had decided to get herself involved. Sensing her concern, Julia placed her hands softly on Sam's cheeks and pulled her closer until their lips met. She kissed Sam softly, slowly, and then broke off the kiss to whisper into Sam's ear.

"My love, you have nothing to worry about. You play your cards right, and you'll never have another care in the world, for the rest of your long life."

Samantha leaned back, still feeling the tingle of Julia's touch on her cheeks and lips.

"Now, if you'll excuse me," Julia said with a devilish grin on her face, "I see something that whets my appetite."

Julia got up from her seat and walked across the bar to a table at the far end. Looking over, Sam could see the couple that she watched in the water earlier. Julia sat at the table like an old acquaintance, but Sam could sense confusion on the couple's faces. Julia said something to them both, and suddenly a sense of calm fell over them both. Within minutes, the trio was talking and laughing as though they had known each other for years. Sam watched Julia own the table with a keen interest. Watching Julia interact with the couple was fascinating. With ease, Julia stood up from her chair and walked around to stand between the man and the woman. Without saying a word, she reached down, took them each by the hand, and stood them up from their chairs. She then turned and led the surprised duo from the bar and into the house. Before they disappeared, Julia looked over to Sam, gave her a wink and blew her a quick kiss. Sam let out a laugh, and then waited a few more moments before calling the bartender over.

When the bartender came to a stop in front of her, he did not say a word again. He simply stood there, awaiting her order.

"Shot of Jameson."

With a nod and a grunt, the bartender turned around and retrieved a bottle. Then he turned back around and took a shot glass in his other hand. He looked down at the glass, then up at Sam, then back at the glass. Without saying a word, he poured the golden liquid into the glass until it nearly overflowed. He then set the shot glass down in front of Sam, placed the remaining bottle next to it, and turned to return to his work. Sam took the glass in her hand and swallowed it down quickly. The liquid burned her throat going down, but a warmth in her stomach quickly replaced it. Taking the bottle, she poured herself another shot, and downed it just as quickly. Once the warmth had filled her, she stood from her seat and walked to the towel rack at the end of the bar. Sam took a towel from the top of the pile and walked out onto the sand where she found almost no one there.

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