tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Dark Winter Storm

A Dark Winter Storm


Chapter One

It was a cold and snowy night the week after Christmas; Isabelle was walking quickly through the storm to reach her house. She imaged starting a fire and pouring herself a glass of wine and curling up with her latest romance novel. She had the next five days off of work, and she had stocked up on food the day before. She could easily stay home the next five days in comfy jammies and just relax. Only two more blocks to go she thought to herself. She hurried on.

Finally she reached her door, got her keys out and opened it up. Suddenly someone came from behind her. He pushed her in the door and shut it behind him. She gasped when she was pushed down and the floor face down. A large foot was placed on the small of her back and a large bag plopped down next to her head.

A deep male voice said "So Isabelle, we have 5 days together, I have been looking forward to this."

She gasped, the voice sounded familiar, but she couldn't place it. How did he know she had 5 days off?

She could hear rustling up above her. Then a chuckle.

"The weather forecast is for snow for the next 3 days, we are expected to get almost 2 feet, some places even more. No one will miss us. No one will even be leaving their house."

Strong hands reached down and pulled her up. He pulled off her hat and coat and gloves. He grabbed her sweater and wrenched it off of her. He grabbed her hands and pulled then behind her back and she heard a loud metallic click and felt cold metal around her wrists. She was pushed over to the sofa and up against it with her head on the back. "Stay there" he growled.

She heard him moving around, and then she heard the door opening again, then closing. The lights were switched on and the drapes closed. She was trembling in fear, she really wanted to look at him but was afraid of moving. What was he going to do to her? Would he kill her? Would he rape her first?

Suddenly the hands grabbed her again, and she gasped a bit in surprise. She felt the hands at her waist unhooking her slacks and then they were pulled off too, she was clad only in her undergarments. He flipped her over and she got her first glimpse of him. He smiled down at her.

"Hello Isabelle. How are you?" He smirked and left her sitting there while he moved around the room. He started a fire in her fireplace and went into the entryway and started to go through his bags. He had some food, some clothing and put that away into the kitchen. Then he rummaged through another bag, and pulled out some rope.

Her brain was whirring rapidly, it was her boss Joshua. She had been flirting with him for months, but he barely even knew she existed. He was single and very good looking and all the girls at work flirted with him. He was maybe a 5 or 6 years older than her. What was he doing here?

He approached her again and whipped out a pocket knife. She tried to shrink away, but he didn't let her.

"Now, now Isabelle. You have been flirting with me for months, no time to be shy now. You see Isabelle, I am not a normal guy, I don't date. I fuck. I like to be in control and take what I want. I want you, and I know that you want me too. You have that look all over your slutty face every time you look at me at work. I have been thinking that you will make a great new slut for me. I have been in between sluts for awhile now. I figure 5 days in enough time to start to train you. I have arranged for myself to have the same amount of time off as well. "

He cut off her bra and panties, and she shivered as the cold steel of the knife rubbed against her legs and breasts. He went back to the bag and retrieved something else. It was a collar, made out of leather with several metal rings on it. He attached it to her neck and then tied the rope to it. He went to his bag once more and grabbed two big metal bowls. They looked like dog bowls. He yanked her rope and she fell off the couch on her knees. She tried to stand up but he yanked again and she fell down on her knees once more.

He laughed, "I think you had better crawl my dear". She kept falling over since her arms were cuffed behind her back, but eventually figured out how to shuffle along on just her knees.

Once they were in the kitchen he put some food in her bowl and water in another and set the bowls on the floor. "Better eat up" he said as he fixed himself a plate and sat down at the table. "We have a long night ahead of us."

She really didn't want to eat out of bowls on the floor, but she was hungry, and at this point she didn't want to disobey. He was very scary and she still didn't know what would happen to her. She wasn't a slut, really had only had one boyfriend, and she hadn't enjoyed sex all that much. She was very confused at the moment. She ate a few bites but that was all she could muster. He grabbed her bowls and his plate and put them into the sink again. Without saying anything he grabbed the rope attached to her collar and yanked her back out of the kitchen into her small bedroom. He pushed her facedown onto the bed again and then sat behind her. She felt him unhook her handcuffs and she sighed in relief. But then his strong hands were tying her hands to the headboard. He yanked her ankles apart and tied those to the footboard. He gave her ass a slap and she yelped.

She heard rustling sounds, he was undressing! He crawled up behind her again and bent over her. She felt him hard against her back, and he bit her shoulder lightly. He whispered in her ear, "I am going to fuck you now; I know you might not enjoy it this time, but I have to have you." She tired to prepare herself as she heard the sounds of the wind outside. It was howling.

She felt something tingle inside of her, and felt herself go a little warm. Something about the words did arouse her, just a little. She gasped when she felt his cock rub against her cunt lips. He pushed her ass a bit forward and pushed.

He chuckled when she let out a little moan. "Maybe you will like it after all little one."

To Be Continued...

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